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Jarlath's Family Line


Joseph Banckroft. baptised? , married 10th February 1752 at Bradford, buried 28th July 1785 at Haworth.

to Grace Greenwood. baptised 2nd February 1728 at Haworth, buried 21st May 1792 at Haworth.


Joseph Bancroft. baptised 31st May1755 at Haworth, married 13th October 1794 at Haworth, buried 14th April 1838 at Haworth.

to Ellen [Nelly] Bradley. born 1770 at Haworth, buried 4th April 1828 at Haworth.


Timothy Bancroft. baptised 24th May 1802 at Haworth, married 23rd December1829 at Bingley, buried 15th April 1869 at Cullingworth.

to Sarah Binns. born 1807 at Bingley, buried 12th July 1877 at Cullingworth.


TimothyBancroft. baptised 13th November 1842 at Haworth, married 25th July 1870 at Bradford, buried 5th May 1900 at Ovenden.

to Jane Greenwood. born 1839 at Wadsworth, buried 21st May 1905 at Ovenden.


John Bancroft. born 5th March 1881 at Cullingworth, married 23rd September1911 at Bradford, died 1962 at Bradford

to Hettie Watson born 26th August 1890 at Nelson, Lancs, died 1982 at Bradford.


Lister Watson Bancroft. born 18th October1923 at Queensbury. married 14th May1949 at Bradford. died 1st January1992 at Bradford



Jarlath Bancroft.



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