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Family Line of Steve Pick, living US in 2000


Joseph Bancroft, born?, married 10/2/1752 at Bradford, died 28/7/1785 at Far Oxenhope.

To Grace Greenwood, baptised 21/2/1727 at Haworth, buried 21/5/1792 at Haworth

Timothy Bancroft, baptised 14/6/1761 at Haworth, married 1/5/1783 at Bradford, buried 12/2/1837 at Haworth.

To Ellen Mitchell, buried 5/3/1837 at Haworth.

James Bancroft, baptised 9/4/1792 at Haworth, married 31/1/1815 at Bingley, buried 5/8/1872 at Haworth.

To Hannah Butterfield, baptised 9/10/1796 at Bingley, buried 5/12/1871 at Haworth.

Jabez Bancroft, born 13/4/1833, baptised 25/6/1833 at Haworth, died 4/1/1897 at Keighley.

To Deborah Waddington, born 13/1/1831 at Bingley, baptised 24/5/1832 at Haworth, died 22/7/1884 at Keighley.

Eli Oscar Bancroft, born 21/4/1869 at Steeton, died circa 1959 at Barrow in-Furness.

To Sarah Rhodes, born 11/3/1870, died 19/4/1937, buried Utley Keighley.

Harriet Bancroft, born 22/6/1904 at Barrow-in-Furness,married 14/8/1937 , died 1/6/1992 at Barrow-in-Furness.

To Bill Pick.


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