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Family Line of Michael Northrop, living UK in 2002

Joseph Bancroft. baptised?, married 10/2/1752 at Bradford, buried 28/7/1785 at Haworth.

to Grace Greenwood. baptised 2/2/1728 at Haworth, buried 21/5/1792 at Haworth.


Joseph Bancroft. baptised 31/5/1755 at Haworth, 2nd marriage 13/10/1794 at Haworth, buried 14/4/1838 at Haworth.

to Ellen [Nelly] Bradley. born 1770 at Haworth, buried 4/4/1828 at Haworth.


Michael Bancroft. born 16/11/1805 at Hole House, baptised 25/12/1805 at Haworth, married 6/9/1829 at Bingley, died 2/2/1879.

to Ann Shackleton.


Jabez Bancroft. born May 1845, 2nd marriage on 9/5/1874 at Keighley R/Office, died 1898.

to Mary Ann Berry


Joseph Bancroft. born 22/3/1875 at Oakworth, married 9/10/1897 at Oakworth.

to Sarah Ann Scarborough


Edith Bancroft. born 19/1/1910, married 1936.

to Charles Northrop.



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