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July 27, 2013

On the Dreyer Database

A total of 42,983 individual entries each containing the Name, [Surname Soundex], Age, Village, Day and Date Arrived, Destination, Ports and Ship Name. Note that 795 from Batschka and 1,227 North Dakota Banaters-are not included in that total - The Batschka and N. Dakota Names are separated out and may be found under their respective introductions). Altogether these pages contain about 45,705 entries

Most entries contain additional comments about others traveling with the primary passenger or information on who people were traveling to meet.

An estimated 86,677 additional name references may be found in the comments sections, which mean approximately 131,062 names are in this database.

CORRECTION ON NEW ENTRIES:  Note that in the past new entries since the last update have been identified in RED font.  After reviewing the software used to generate this website an error was found in how changes were being tracked.  This has been corrected now and you will notice that there are many fewer markings on entries that have been in the database for some time.  New entries in the database for the first time have their Names in Red Italic and their Soundex code, Age and Village in RED font.

Each Village and Surname web page is cross-referenced.  This hyper-link index to every page of data is found at the top of each webpage to allow the user to jump directly to a surname or a village. After the link index at the top of each page the entries are listed in alphabetic order.

Background colors have been added to quickly identify the page content:

*  Light Blue (cyan) for Village data.

*  Light Yellow for surname data.

*  Light purple for Ships

*  Light gray for city and state.

Names may have different spellings due to the Magyarization of German names, for example Zimmer may be spelled Czimmer.

Please read the Introduction at least once to understand how to locate individuals.


New surname grouping:  The surnames pages have been updated to give the first name that starts a listing. It was also designed to make sure that each unique surname will never fall on more than one page. So once you find a particular surname spelling all of the same spellings will be on the same page.  This is helpful if you want to look at all the Schneiders or all the Muellers, etc.  Pages will still vary as to the number of surnames each one contains, but there are no more pages with over 500 names making the ‘downloads’ a little faster.  Of course city, village, and ships will contain large numbers of entries, but remember each format weather city, village, ship or surname will contain the same content – only in a different order. 

Expanded lists have been added for City (destination), subtitled by village and Ship name, subtitled by date for arrival.
These new listings are sorted as follows:

City lists: Include an index for State or Canadian Province.  If you click on a State or Province code you will be taken to the city in that State/Province with the most extractions listed.  Another index of all the cities in that State/Province is below the State index.  For example clicking on "IL" for Illinois will bring up the list for Chicago.  All of the cities for Illinois are listed below the State/Provide index.  On each city page the names are listed alphabetically by village, then alphabetically within each village. So for Chicago, you will see a village subtitle for people going to Chicago from Albrechtsflor first then an alphabetic list of people who came from Albrechtsflor.  The next subtitle follows for the next village in alphabetical order--Alexanderhausen, and the people from that village will be alphabetically listed there.

Ship Lists: Include an index of all ships by ship name.  People are alphabetically listed in groups on the Ship List (must be careful spelling that).  These groups are in order by date and time when and where the ship arrived in port.  For example the Carpathia first arrived at New York on Thursday, 25 Feb 1904 from Fiume, so you see a subtitle with that information.  The passengers debarking are then listed alphabetically on that date of arrival, etc.

Note that the "City" and "Ship" lists do not contain any new data, they simply present the same data you are already familiar with in the "Surname" and "Village" lists, but the added lists are from a different perspective (time and place).

Cross-reference links near the top of the page for the Intro, Home Page, Cities, Ships, Surnames, and Villages.

I hope these added pages help you see who else was traveling with your ancestors when they came to America, and who else came to the same city from your Banat Village of interest.

Questions and comments about the data may be directed to David Dreyer, or through the Banat List:

Problems with web-pages should be directed to the Webmaster, Pete Schmidt or through the Banat List:

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