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1 Extractions for destination of: Thiensville, Wisconsin, USA

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To: Thiensville, WI - From the Village of: Bakowa

KLEINMAUS Andreas -[K452]- Age: 33 -From: Bakowa
-DtAr: Tuesday, 10 May 1921 - To: Thiensville, WI -Via: Ham/NY -Ship: Mt Carroll
-Note: Accompanied by wife, Elisabeth 33, and kids, Franz 12, Elisabeth 8 and Johann 5. All born in Bakowa except Franz who was born in Busiasch and Johann who was born in Wauwatosa Wisc. Mother Maria Kleinmaus lives in Bakowa. Going to join brother-in-law, Franz Gelinyk. Previously lived in Milwaukee, 1913-1920.


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