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    Carissa Thomas:
        - Webpage manager
        - Descendancy: John Coumans Sr. > Simon Coumans
                                  > Lewis P. Coumans > Mary Coumans
        - Researching: Simon Coumans line, and Coumans line in general.


    1842 Huron County Assessment Rolls - North Easthope:
           *mentions John Coumans Sr.

    1867 Bruce County Directory: Greenock Township:
           *mentions the land held by John Coumans Sr,
             John Coumans Jr., and Simon Coumans

    1880 Greenock Atlas:
           *mentions the land held by John Coumans Jr.

    1882-1885 Marriages:
           *Mentions John Coumans III's marriage to Mary McNabb
             in 1882.  Part of a larger site: Marriages in Ontario
            1800 - 1924:
    Bruce County Message Board:
           *An online message board for discussing the Coumans
              family in Chepstow Ontario.

    Chepstow Ontario Canada:
           *mentions John Coumans Sr, J. Coumans Jr,
             and J. Coumans III.

    Events in St. Peter's Church:
           *Several possible Coumans events listed here - under
             the spellings: Cummins, Commons, Kimmann, Commens
             and Commans.
             - The birth of Thomas Commens (2-17-1843) is likely the
                son of John Coumans and Jane Sargeant. Irishmen often
                went by their middle names, so its possible that Thomas
                was John's middle name.
             - Mary Commons, Cummins is likely also the daughter
               of John and Jane Coumans. She is listed as being present
               for the baptism of her daughters Jane and Julie.

    John Coumans:
           *Part of an online family tree created by John Spetz -

    John Coumans 2:
           *Part of an online family tree created by Joy Tennison -

    John Coumans & the Bees:
           *A short story nearly halfway down the page.

    New Brunswick Resources:                 
           *Links to birth, marriage, death records etc for NB.

    Sullivan Family Tree:
           *Part of the Sullivan Family tree . . . mentions John Coumans
              Jr., marrying Helena (Ellen) Lawlor. John Coumans Jr. was
              actually the son of Jane Sargeant and John Coumans.
              Simon was his brother.

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