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This is a Ballina & Districts Pioneers Project for the Centenary of Federation 2001

This work is dedicated to the pioneers of yesterday, who had the courage to venture into the wilderness, going forth into the unknown of their to-morrows, and endure the harshness of the land and progress. And to those who have heritage of yesterday, preserving past knowledge for the future generations. Thank you. [Margaret Kennedy]

Aboriginal people had established camps along the coastline of Australia long before Europeans had established a colony . Coastal Aborigines of the Lower Richmond River area were of the Bundjalung tribe and frequently visited the foreshores for fishing. Being nomadic, the Aboriginal people visited many areas for hunting and fishing. Captain Cook had reported seeing natives along the foreshores of Australia.


Captain Henry James ROUS discovered for The Government, The Richmond River, in the Royal Naval Frigate H.M.S. "RAINBOW" and had reported the presence of Aboriginal people on the foreshores of the Richmond River.


Richard CRAIG (Unconfirmed information) born: Ireland c1813 - parent: William Craig. - Occupation: timber cutter,drover, explorer. A free son of Irishman, William Craig, who was transported to Australia for sheep stealing in Ireland. Richard Craig travelled to Australia with his father. At age 16 years was caught stealing cattle and sent to Moreton Bay c1829. Escaped from Moreton Bay and lived and travelled with the aborigines. The aborigines had mentioned the Big River up North and Craig saw the abundance of timber on this River, whilst droving. Captured in December, 1831 at Port Macquarie, and due to his bushmanship was sent into the bush to drove stray cattle for the Government.


(Craig may have returned to Field of Mars area where he reported the magnificent stands of cedar he had seen on the 'Big River' to THOMAS SMALL (A son of John Small a First Fleeter) of Kissing Point, a timber yard owner near Parramatta. The ship "SUSAN" had been built by Henry GILLETT at Thomas Small 's yards and was sent from Sydney to Clarence River (Grafton) with cedar getters onboard .


First cedar cutters - Stephen KING, James MAGUIRE (McGuire), and other Cedar Getters arrived from the Clarence River area. They had to cut an overland track through the scrub to the Richmond River area. KING and MAGUIRE(McGuire) used a whale boat, which they had carted on Joe Maguire's bullock dray, to investigate the waterways and terrain of the area. Success! An abundance of timber was found all along the river and creek banks. Steven KING returned to the Clarence River to take his family and other cedar getters like Thomas CHILCOTT, George COOPER, Joseph SHELLEY, and others to the Richmond River onboard the "SALLY", which had been equipped by Mr.Small and another ship called "Northumberland", arriving at a point called Codrington, on the Lower Richmond River Northern NSW,. Pearson SIMPSON & Tom Service,sic (possibly SERVAIS?) headed out on the ship "Bertha"" owned by Lloyd and the Bilby Brothers, timber merchants of Sydney. arrived 3 days after the "Sally" at Codrington and ventured further North entering a bay, now called Shaws Bay, Ballina , named after Ephraim James Shaw,a Cedar Cutter or his wife Elizabeth known as "Granny Shaw". First Cedar cut by Pearon Simpson and Tom Service in the North Creek area near where the present day Ballina Ex.Servicemens Home, and Owen Street vicinity. First Cedar was loaded on "Bertha" and sent to Sydney by Pearson Simpson & Tommy Service (sic).

The first cedar tree to be felled c1842 in the "Prospect" area has been marked and a plaque made for the Ballina Golf Club Associates and placed near the Third Tee of Ballina Golf Club. Mrs. Lorna Lewis and Mrs. Judy Carroll are to be thanked for their efforts in preserving history.



Information relating to Genealogy records and family histories.

STEPHEN KING [c1812-1859]

b: 1812, Canterbury, England - d: 01.10.1859. (49yrs) Ballina - Buried Ballina Pioneer Cemetery‡

Occupation: Brass Caster in England - m: c 1848 Sarah PUTTOCK - p: Robert Puttock & Mary Smith-b: c1816 London, England - Arrived in Australia 13.09.1829 - d: 13.12.1858 (42 yrs) - Buried Ballina Pioneer Cemetery‡

Occupation in Australia: explorer, cedar cutter.

Stephen King was tried for shop-breaking when 17 years of age at Warwick, England on 14 Jul 1828. Duly convicted, with no previous convictions, he was transported to New South Wales on the Ship "John (2)" for a period of 7years penal service. By good behaviour and good fortune he was assigned to James Devlin and worked in the timberyard at Kissing Point, Parramatta. He also worked on Thomas Small's schooners (Thomas Small being Devlin's stepfather) until be became one of their trusted men. Steve King was only a short man being 5 feet 2 inches, with brown hair,blue eyes, and ruddy freckled complexion with a scar on left side of forehead, perpendicular scar at left side of mouth, SK and scar on right arm, 1 K anchor and HN on left, small scar at right temple, circular scar over right eye, left arm broken and crooked. (This description is from ship's records). He received his ticket of leave on 26 May 1834, No 34/427 and was allowed to reside at Pennant Hills. Lived in Sydney at time of Marriage.[C.KINGSTON,QLD]

Travelled to the Clarence River area possibly on the “Susan” c1838. Son James (Jimmy) was the first white child born Clarence River area. During Spring 1842 Steve King with Joe McGuire and his bullock dray to transport a whaleboat and a party of timber getters treked overland to Codrington to look at the Richmond River area. Investigation of the River system proved fruitful. King returned to Grafton for the ship “Sally” for the journey to the “Big River” for cedar cutting. Work was carried out at Pelican Creek (Codrington) but later he moved to Whyralla. The area in which Stephen King chose to camp is called Steve Kings Plain. Steve King was living at East Ballina in 1847/8.

He explored and logged up to the Brunswick River with Johnny Boyd, Tom Boyd, Tom Ainsworth and Joe White. c1851, Stephen King & friend Johnny Boyd went down to the beach for a break and came across an upturned ship. It was the wreck of the ‘George’. When Johnny Boyd knocked on it with a stick they were amazed to hear knocking from inside. They smashed the hull and found two men (Brown & Green). The men had spent two days and two nights in the upturned boat. [M.KENNEDY research]

RICHARD KING [1818-1903 ] Cedar cutter living on Emigrant Creek (near Ballina Northern New South Wales Australia). Richard King Selected on Thursday 19.11.1863 40 acres Emigrant Creek area. Richard was the brother of Stephen King and one of the first selectors of land at Teven. He was listed as a farmer at Emigrant Creek in the Greville's 1875/77 Post Office Directory for Ballina .

Stephen & Richard King Stories Information by Yvonne Szwedyc, Eildon Victoria 3713 - email:


The Patriarch of the McGuire Family was Thomas McGuire an Irish convict who settled in the Campbelltown, NSW Australia area. Further information possibly available: Contact : Campbelltown District FHS Inc. PO Box 57
Campbelltown NSW 2560 - email:



(parents:Thomas McGuire (wheelwright) & Maria Love - Pioneers of Campbelltown NSW Australia) - b:c1822,Campbelltown NSW, Australia. Died 31.07.1885 (63) Ballina Northern NSW. Married at 44 in Sydney c1842 Elizabeth MARIA JOHNSON born c1819 London, England (parent: Captain John Johnson) - d: 17.04.1892 (73) (Elizabeth Maria McGuire). Buried Pioneers cemetery, Ballina ‡

Occupation: explorer, cedar cutter, farmer.

Joe McGuire (Maguire) was one of the first cedar cutters to venture to Ballina with Steve King in 1842. He drove a bullock dray with a whale boat onboard, which was used on an exploratory journey up river from Codrington to look at the Richmond River area during Spring 1842. He was living at East Ballina when Thomas Ainsworth and family arrived in 1847.Ainsworth information A href="". Joe McGuire (sometimes Maguire) built the first hut at Tintenbar.

Issue:1.Margaret McGuire [1843-] m:Charles O'Neill - 2. Joseph McGuire II [1844-1910] First white child born in Ballina area. Married Mary Ann King daughter of Stephen King -

3. Robert McGuire [1845-] - 4. James (Jim) McGuire [1848-1910] - 5. Thomas McGuire [1850- ] - 6. Henry McGuire [1853-1882] - 7. John McGuire [1854-] - 8. Georgina McGuire [1860-] - 9. Mary McGuire - 10. Jane Elizabeth McGuire married William Campbell -11. McGuire (F) became Mrs.McKee - 12. McGuire (F) became Mrs.Boot - Descendants live in the Ballina Shire in the year 2001 AND Descendant Ross Burkhart has McGuire Family Tree Charts


Researching for Campbelltown settlers - Has anyone info. on Thomas McGuire and his properties. Please send info to Marion Starr. Email:


In 1841 Pearson Simpson II (now 23 years old) joined a party of men on the schooner “Bertha” to try their luck in the cedar industry on the Clarence. When they arrived on the Clarence they were told that the schooner “Sally” had gone to the Richmond River, so they decided to follow. SIMPSON GENEALOGY and FAMILY HISTORY by Colin Simpson,Uralba

Arriving at “Bullinah” (Ballina) (which means plenty of fish and oysters) just about Christmas time, 1841. Three days later the “Sally” arrived. The Sally had sailed up the river to a place known as Coraki.

Previously the aborigines on the Clarence had told the whites of good “wudgie wudgie” (cedar trees) that grew further north. This they found to be true. The crew on the “Bertha” with Simpson and Service landed at a place in Ballina, which was later named Shaws Bay, by an early cedar cutter, James Shaw. The party tried to find a more suitable spot, and it was on the banks of what became known as North Creek, that they landed and commenced cutting cedar timber. This was in front of where the Soldiers Memorial Home was built.

After the trees had been felled, cut into lengths and branded, they were put into skids with the aid of levers to the water edge and “Dogged”. The timber was then rafted (with a suitable tide) down to where the schooner was anchored. They built a hut and saw pit closeby.

Towards the end of 1842, Pearson returned to Sydney and purchased a rowing boat. Returned to the Richmond and was able to row from place to place along North Creek.

In 1848, Pearson now decided to follow up stream and eventually entered a small stream called “Towalbyn” - aboriginal, which means creek of ducks. Simpson named it Duck Creek at Uralba. Simpson and Service pushed their way up stream and built a little camp just opposite where the Church was built. The Simpsons were the first settlers at Uralba.

Just up stream (above where the Duck Creek bridge stands) is where the aborigines used to gather for their corroboree.

It was Pearson Simpson who named Duck Creek Mountain and about twenty years later the name was changed to Alstonville in honour of Mr.John Perry's wife Susan ALSTON. John Perry had opened the first Duck Creek store and post office c1870.

In 1855 the village of Uralba was surveyed by F.S.Peppercorn and named the village of Towalbyn. This can be verified by the original maps that are held in Grafton Lands department.

The Simpson family planted the first banana suckers and cane in the district.[BY COLIN SIMPSON, URALBA, 2001 descendant]

"Re Early Settlers at Emigrant Creek or Emigrant Point". by Pearson Hudson Simpson gt.grandson of Pearson Simpson [ letters to L.T.Daley RRHS]

" ..."Frank Morrish and Mark Hancock were to two who erected dwellings there. They were of slabs and shingle roof structure".  (The Hancocks apparently attended school at intervals at the school Mr.Morrish had set up in his barn - teachers Wm.Currie and Robert Chatfield. MK 2001)  ..."Mr.Charles Hancock Junior was the last resident there, whose residence was facing the water with some rose bushes growing in front of the verandah. We visited there once when I was six years old by going across in a rowing boat on a Sunday from Capt.Walker's place on this side. [Mrs. V.Hancock gave my mother some rose cuttings which were brought to Uralba from Emigrant Point]. Mrs.Hancock, mother of Charles Hancock, and others, lost her life through being exposed to weather in an early gale one night at Mobbs bay at South Ballina while Mrs.Tom Mobbs survived. She was the first white woman to be buried in the old Ballina cemetery from the south side, while Mrs.Tom Chilcott was the first woman interred there on the north side"...

GEORGE COOPER SNR [c1806-1884]

b: c.1806,County of Kent, England. George came to Australia as a convict c1829. - Died: 19.12.1884 aged 78. Buried Gundurimba‡. Married 1838,Jane MILLER. (Sarah Jane) - died: c1854. 2nd sp Sarah A Minns.

Occupation: cedar cutter, sawyer

George Cooper and his wife went to the Williams River area in 1838 with Jimmy Pearce, Mr Woodward, Mr Smith and Steve King [ Cedar Cutters who ventured to the Richmond River area in 1842]. Because of problems they encountered there they then decided to emigrate to New Zealand. By this time the young George Cooper had been born. Whilst in New Zealand George Junior was taken by the natives. After his release the family made their way back to Australia. They left Sydney in c1841 on board the “Sally” accompanied by the “Northumberland” and sailed to the Richmond River area. George Cooper and his family finally made their way to the Gundurimba cedar camp. When the cedar was cut out, George Snr decided to move on. In 1855 he made his way back to Sydney where he established himself at Surrey Hills. He started building a home for his family. From Surrey Hills, Sydney, he moved onto Picton. and settled there for some time. The family again returned to Gundurimba, Richmond River area. In 1884 George had an attack of the shingles and passed away.

Issue: 1.COOPER George II [1837-1923] parents: George Cooper & Sarah Jane Miller - b: c1837 Sydney - d: 09.09.1923† - married 17.08.1854, Bullenah (sic) (Ballina) 1st spouse: Mary Ann Wood , parents: Thomas Wood & Margaret Blaney - b: 13.09.1836 - d: 13.09.1879, Buried Gundurimba ‡. 2nd marriage Ann Saul nee Wood (sister of Mary) - Occupation: timber feller, carpenter, store keeper.George Cooper was listed at North Creek on the 1875/77 Greville’s Post Office Directory for Ballina.

George Cooper II camped at Gundurimba while he and his sons built a home. He was a good worker and felled timber for Henry Brown at Bald Hill (Bexhill). George was a cedar cutter. He had a saw pit and he used his two sons to work the saw.

Issue: 10 children: 1.Jane Cooper [1855-1864] Buried Wollongbar cemetery.B† 2. George Cooper [1856-1864] - 3. Ann Cooper [1858-1862] - 4. James Jarrett Cooper [1861-1960] married Mary Sarah Lofts [1864-1909] - James worked with the Cooper family as a tree feller in Coopers Shoot area, settled in Fairy Hill, Kyogle 1901.

5. Mary Ann Cooper [1863-1940] married 1884, Luke Lofts [1846-1918]

6. William Cooper [1864-1957] married Sarah Ann Jordan [1874-1919]

7. Henry Cooper [1867-1950] married: 1st.spouse: .Mary A Loadsman (divorced) Farmers in Alstonville 1890-1891. - Issue: 5 children. 2nd marriage: Alice Falls nee Young.Issue.1 Henry Cooper Listed as elector 1046, 1890-91 Richmond River Electorate as having a residence in Alstonville.

8. Alfred Cooper m Maria Haines -

9. Charles Matthew Cooper [1873-1899] fatal tree felling accident

10. Josuah Jeremiah Cooper [1876-1956] married Mary Taylor Littlechild [1878-1925] - Horseshoe Creek, Kyogle pioneers. [GLENDA MANWARING. Reference book “At the Crossroads” by G.Manwaring]

George Cooper pages mentioned about Memoirs of John J. Cooper (From the "Richmond River Herald", Undated) Copied from the Scrap book of Bella McKinnon Mitchell - Information complied by Valerie Mawhinney nee McGregor , Ulmarra NSW - 


The patriach of the Jarrett family was Abraham Jarrett I born:1795, Kent.England. 57th Regiment of Foot Guard. Arrived Australia 1825 on the “Norfolk” . On discharge from Army moved to Queanbeyan, NSW. Died 1858 Queanbeyan. Ann Jarrett nee Wilbore (sic) (Mother) - b: c1792 - d: 09.02.1878 (85yrs) (from burns)Ballina. ‡. Issue: 6 children.

Sons: No.2/3/4 and 5 ventured North to the Richmond River area.

No 2 son: .JARRETT JOHN [1824-1900] born: 1824,Chatham,Kent,England parents: Abraham Jarrett & Ann nee Willnrow (sic) - d: 1900, Ballina.NSW.‡ m arried: Catherine CLARKIN b: Lurgan, Cavan, Ireland. d:29.09.1879.(Catherine Jarrett)

Occupation: Sawyer, overseer, farmer.

John emigrated with parents from England as a child on the “Norfolk” 1825. Arrived Richmond River area 1858. Selected Gundurimba. A George and John Jarrett selected 40 acres on the left bank of the North Arm of the Richmond River, opposite Bernard Clerkin’s sic (Clarkin) conditional purchase.R2/1.He worked on Fenwick tugs and brought rafts of wood from Boatharbour. His wife and babies lived on the rafts with him.[RRHS]

Issue: 6 children. Anne Jarrett[1858-1887]p: John Jarrett & Catherine Clarkin.married: Christopher Cooper - Cooper - see Cooper -

John Patrick Jarrett [1850-1930]

born: c1850, Brickfield Hill, Sydney p: John Jarrett & Catherine nee Clarkin - d: c1930 married: 6.9.1877 Ellen COLEMAN parents: John Coleman Senior from Sussex England & Irish Catherine Moran - d: 1937, Ballina.‡

John Patrick Jarrett came to Ballina c1868. He was the nephew of Charles Jarrett who was already in the district. Employed by Tom Fenwick of Ballina as a tugboat worker. Issue: 11 children :1. Annie Jarrett (Mrs.Arthurson) - 2. William Jarrett - 3. Harriet Jarrett (Mrs.Graham) - 4. Theresa Jarrett (Mrs.Smith) - 5. John George Jarrett [2001 descendant John G. Jarrett II - Moon Street, Ballina resident - informant : daughter of John G Jarrett II - Mrs.JOAN RANSOM. Balmain, Sydney. email:] - 6. Clara Jarrett (Mrs.Fort) - 7. Alfred Jarrett - 8. James Jarrett - 9. Kate Jarrett (Mrs.Ellem) - 10. Nellie Jarrett (Mrs.Glandville)



NO:4 SON:JARRETT Charles Snr [1829-1908]

born: 30.08.1829, Parramatta,NSW parent:Abraham Jarrett I [1795-1858] 57th Regiment of Foot Guard.

Occupations : Cedar Buyer,Alderman and Author.

died: 7.7.1908 (79) - Pioneer Cemetery Wall,Ballina .‡ - Married: 14.12.1852 Lismore Elizabeth KING [1837-1913] [photo: courtesy Mrs.S.Griffiths nee Freeland, Lisarow.NSW] parents: Stephen King Senior & Elizabeth nee Puttock -born:06.07.1837,Kissing Point,Sydney - died: 24.01.1913,Ballina.‡

Charles Jarrett Senior selected on the Thursday 05.10.1863, 40 acres, County of Rous, situate on the left bank or east bank of Emigrant Creek and bounded on the north by the Government road to Ballina reserved from selection.R2/2Free Selectors listed in the Clarence and Richmond Examiner newspaper of the 5th March, 1867.

Charles was listed as a cedar dealer at West Ballina in the Greville’s 1875/77 P.O. Directory. He first worked for Billy Wright. Later he was known as the ‘Cedar King’. He was a member of the Local Public School Board in 1865, an alderman in 1883 and mayor of Ballina in 1888. Listed on 1884 Chief Inspector of stock report, Dept.of Mines, tabled in Parliament 1885 - 520 acres, “Cedar Vale”, Ballina.

Charles Jarrett employed an Aboriginal chief by the name of Kabra, later known as Kabra “Charlie” a very colourful native who wore military clothing. [Pearson Simpson Letters RRHS]

Issue: 13 children: also reared two orphaned grandchildren.

1/4. Harriett Jarrett married 1873 Thomas McCabe -

2/4. Charles Stephen Jarrett married Amelia Esther Jarrett, daughter of another cedar cutter William Jarrett (no relation?) from Kent England & wife Margaret nee Blaney .Issue: 6 children. [GLENDA MANWARING]

Publican Licence 24.06.1882 issued to Charles Stephen Jarrett and a Billiards Licence 10.10.1885 also granted a booth licence 1885 for sports day in Ballina. Charles S. Jarrett built the “Marine View Hotel’ -Licensee 19.06.1886.R1/3 (Northern Star newspapers. Book by Jean McNaught, Richmond-Tweed Regional Library, Genealogy library, Goonellabah) -

3/4. Sarah Jane Jarrett p: Charles 1 & Elizabeth nee King - married Donald Wells. Started a coach service for Ballina.

4/4. *Mary Jane Jarrett [1861-1936] p: Charles & Elizabeth Jane nee King - b: 02.11.1861,Ballina - d: 02.11.1936. C of E. Ballina † - married: John James Cambridge - p: John Cambridge & Sarah Boyle -

5/4. George Jarrett - parents: Charles I & Elizabeth nee King - married M.H. Latham. Mr. George Jarrett was the music teacher who travelled to his students homes to teach violin. The Gould family children of Empire Vale were taught by Mr. Jarrett. Bill Gould excelled in playing the violin.George Jarrett moved to Sydney in later years. Issue: Son: Edgar Jarrett

6/4. Elizabeth Jane Jarrett parents: Charles I & Elizabeth nee King - married William Burless - 7/4. Jessie Jarrett parents: Charles I & Elizabeth nee King married William Mobbs - 8/4.Matilda Jarrett p: Charles I & Elizabeth nee King - married John Ryan - 9/4 Eleanor Dec.4 mths.old died -10/4. Rachel Jarrett p: Charles I & Elizabeth nee King married John Perry Jnr. son of Member of Parliament for Richmond Electorate in 1894 - Mr.John Perry of Alstonville. - 11/4. Thomas William dec.7 yrs.old - 12/4. Robert Jarrett married Jenny Byrnes- 13/4. Clara Louise Jarrett married Michael Daley ( Irish - Daly) - South Coast family who settled in Alstonville name changed due to Irish Rebellions - A.PRATT). [Informants/descendants: Mrs.Pam Rudgley,Alstonville and Mrs.Jean Buttenshaw, Qld.Year 2001 descendants through * Mary Jane Jarrett/Cambridge]

Cedar Getters: Alphabetically.

BOYD Brothers:

Boyd Family: The patriach of the Boyd family was Thomas Boyd, a soldier, posted to Australia in 1826 from Cork county, Ireland. Stationed in Windsor NSW and granted land in Lane Cove NSW. Sons travelled North to the Richmond River and Tweed River area. Descendants:

BOYD John (Johnny) [1826-1896?] b: 1826, Windsor, NSW. m: Hannah Murphy [ -1859] Issue: Thomas Boyd died 1859 in the wreck of the "Ebenezer" with mother Hannah nee Murphy on the Tweed River at Point Danger.

In c1850 John Boyd, a cedar cutter explored and logged up to the Brunswick River with his brother Thomas aand the King brothers, Tom Ainsworth and Joe White. While he was in the Brunswick in about 1851 or 1852 Johnny Boyd & Stephen King went down to the beach for a break. They came across an upturned ship. It was the wreck of the ‘George’. When Johnny Boyd knocked on it with a stick they were amazed to hear knocking from inside. When they smashed the hull they found two men (Brown & Green). The men had spent two days and two nights in the upturned boat.[ref.Ainsworths Reminiscenses 1847]

BOYD Thomas : A cedar cutter who explored and logged up to the Brunswick River with his brother Johnny, the Kings, Tom Ainsworth and Joe White. Listed on Casino & District Pioneer pre 1900 register. Rƒ7 [M.KENNEDY RESEARCH]

More research needed on these families


Boyd Margaret ? m: 1.? Oloughlan - Margaret Boyd O’Loughlan? p:Edward Wells & Isabella McEarly (McCurdy) [Death certifcate info.on John & Margaret Eyles - Informant: G & M EVANS.SA} m: 2: 1886 in Lismore John Eyles [1848-1915] p:John & Caroline Smith b:19.10.1848 Parramatta. d: 14.07.1915.Buried Ballina.† - see Eyles

Isabella McCurdy (maternal name Boyd) married Edmund/Edward Wells - - Thus the Boyd name in McCurdy family. see McCurdy info.also connected to Lewis family below.

THOMAS CHILCOTT [c1810-1888] born: c1810, England - died: 26.08.1888, Ballina.. Buried Pioneer Cemetery Wall, Ballina. B‡ - Occupations: cedar cutter, sawyer, farmer. married: 18.08.1854, Clarence River area.Janetta Holt. (Reg.V1854,1156418) [1823-1901] b:c1823, Scotland - died: 14.03.1901(73) (Jennetta Eaton Chilcott) Pioneer Cemetery Wall, Ballina. B‡ Thomas and family settled in the Cumbalum area of Ballina, ....

JOHN COLEMAN [1819-1871] and CHARLES (Jordan) COLEMAN - North Creek near Ballina

William Crawford, Duck Creek Mountain -

Crawford branches

Davies/Davis family - Cedar Cutters

DAVIES Emanuel (Manny) [c1812-1855]

b:c1812, Staffordshire,Eng.Occupations: Stone cutter/ cedar/timber cutter d: 31.12.1855 (42) Buried Pioneer Cemetery Ballina. m: 29.03.1841, Brisbane Waters - Mary Ann Campbell [1818-1879] - Marys Occupation: Dressmaker. p: Hugh & Mary nee Graham b: 09.06.1818, Glasgow,Scotland. Arrived with parents and Uncle Duncan Campbelle & wife Susan as unassisted migrants 18.12.1838. d: 18.06.1879,Grafton. Issue: 6 children. [Clarence River Pioneers - Mrs.M.Marsh South Grafton informant for Clarence River Register]

'Manny' Davies/Davis was a member of the first cedar cutters party to the Richmond River area in 1842 [M.KENNEDY, Ballina 2001 RESEARCH]

JOSEPH & JOHN EYLES - Cedar Cutters


parents: John Glascott & Mary Dunnan born: 12.9.1833 County Wexford Ireland died: 09.04.1888 pioneer cemetery,Ballina Married: c1863 Maria King in Tintenbar parents: Richard King & Ellen born: c1847 - died: c1939 (90) (Maria Glasscott) - Occupations: cedar cutters, farmer

Richard Glascott was one of the early cedar cutters at Emigrant Creek. He was listed there as a farmer in the Greville’s 1875/77 Post Office Directory for Ballina. He also had a dairy farm. He married Maria a daughter of Richard King. He was active in all social activities and was friends with Wal McGuire, B Gray, Constable John Henderson, Francis Morrish, Charles O’Neil and others. Richard Glasscott kept a diary from 01.07.1864 to 23.11.1867 and is kept by the family of great grandson, Mr. F. Pickup, Ballina. [M.KENNEDY RESEARCH]. Marlene Lester, East Ballina has published her book on the Glascott Diaries and Accounts of her great great grandfather.

SANDY GOLDING- to be researched



MARK HANCOCK - In South Ballina area c1854

MATTHIAS ISAAC LEWIS - [1816-1885] -

[with thanks to Mrs.A.B.K.LEWIS, Sydney descendant]

born:c1816, London.UK, died: 03.08.1885(69) drowned .Buried Pioneer cemetery, Ballina.B‡ 1st marriage: c1842, Brisbane Waters,Mary Ann (Jane) Tate (17, born c1828 parents: George Tate (occupation:publican) & Eliza Manning - died: 24.07.1876 (51)(Mary Ann Lewis)at Lane Cove. Occupation: cedar getter, storekeeper

Matthias Isaac Lewis arrived in Australia c1835 from United Kingdom.Selected in 1863 South Ballina area. Owned a store in South Ballina which was washed out in floods. Moved to Norton St, Ballina. Matthias was listed in the Greville’s 1875/77 Post Office Directory for Ballina as a storekeeper at West. His wife, Mary, started a small private school for own children and those of the neighbours. Matthias Lewis was a witness at the funeral of;-Thomas William Jarrett, 23.10.1881 and Thomas Walter Cambridge 20.01.1881.

Issue: 1st sp. Mary Ann nee Tate.1. Mathias Lewis[1841-1856] Mathias Boyd Lewis[1843-1911]- Hester Lewis[1844-]

GEORGE ALFRED LEWIS married Isabella McCURDY,parents Boyd McCURDY (CEDAR GETTER/SETTLER) & Esther WILLIAMS,parents *Henry & Sarah Williams..."George and Isabella Lewis had a fine home in River Street,Ballina. The family were church going people,attending St.Marys Anglican church Ballina having donated the cedar fittings and marble christening font. George Lewis donated the first bible to St.Johns, The Evangelist Church North Creek. working in Sunday schools, Masonic Lodges and the Ambulance Service. Gran Lewis had her Ambulance Certificate (which I have) and her son George William Lewis drove the first horse-drawn ambulance in Ballina. He was also the youngest Master for a Masonic Lodge during his time.George William Lewis died and buried 27.02.1908 pioneer cemetery, Ballina. George Alfred Lewis served as Alderman of the Ballina Council 1904-1908. Built a 2 storey building for the Australian Joint Stock Bank and established a cordial factory. President of the Turf Club.Moved from Ballina and was presented with an illuminated address before he left which bore the signatures of many Ballina dignitaries.Son Alfred Joseph Lewis joined the Light Horse brigade WW1. was gassed and injured in France which affected his health. He died 44 years of age when his son Alfred Boyd Kenneth Lewis was just 18 years old.Died Randwick Military Hospital and buried Woronora Cemetery.

THE MATTHIAS ISAAC LEWIS, BOYD McCURDY, HENRY WILLIAMS,THOMAS GRAY, WILLIAM BRYANT, JOHN THURGATE and HERBERT POWELL families were some of the first pioneer families of the Ballina area.

"BOYD McCURDY built his house at 7 Fox Street, Ballina and many a memorable holiday had been spent with Grandma Isabella Lewis and her sister MARGARET McCURDY daughters of BOYD McCURDY at the Fox Street, home.Now Gone, Alas!" [EUGÉNE VENESE LEWIS-MRS.A.B.K.LEWIS, St.Ives, Sydney. 2001]

LEWIS FAMILY - Lewis/Nichols family connections needed by Coralie McDonald, Lithgow

McCurdy family

McCURDY Boyd: Occupations: cedar cutter, cedar dealer, cane farmer [c1847-c1930]

m: c1854 Ester Williams parents: Henry Williams & Sarah Quickstaff (Quickstoff) d: (Ester McCurdy)


1. Sarah McCurdy [1856-1943] m: Henry M. Stone Junior

2. Isabella McCurdy [1858-1???] m George Alfred Lewis - see Lewis above

3. Margaret McCurdy (91) n.m [1860-1951] Lived at 7 Fox Street, Ballina for many years. House now demolished.

4. Esther McCurdy twin [1862-1957] m: Louis Clothier

5. Henry McCurdy twin [1862-1862]

6. Boyd William McCurdy [1865-1???] m: Elva Anderson

7. George McCurdy [1867-1???] m: Esther M. Stone

8. William James McCurdy [1870-1???] m: 1900 Anne Henderson Deane

9. Clara Maria McCurdy [1872-1???] m: Archibald Rayward

10. Donald Charles McCurdy [1875-1876]

11. Allan Quitstaff McCurdy (d:13 years old) [1878-1891] Buried pioneer cemetery Ballina. Memorial tombstone for McCurdy family now in East Ballina cemetery.

12. Gaiford Frederick [1879- ] m: Ann Hamilton

Boyd McCurdy worked cutting and shipping cedar. He was listed in the Greville’s 1875/77 Post Office Directory for Ballina as a farmer at North Creek. B McCurdy grew cane on six acres. By 1881-84 he was in Ballina and the family had eight children living at home, thirteen boarders and one employee in River Street. Boyd McCurdy built a house at 7 Fox Street, Ballina. Listed on 1884 Chief Inspector of Stock report, Dept.of Mines, tabled in Parliament 1885 as owning 44 acres, North Creek, Ballina..

more research needed on these families. [M.KENNEDY RESEARCH]

URALBA AREA.[Margaret Kennedy research]

Christopher MARRIOTT/MARIOTTE/MARIETT [different spellings noted of this name]

The 1837 census has 21 year old Christopher Marriott arriving onboard "James Pattison"(2) as an 1837 convict assigned to Thomas Steel, Port Macquarie. [Information recorded on Extract from Convict Indents from The Genealogical Society of Victoria: Name: Christopher Marriott, age:21 - Indent No: 164 - Year: 1837 - Education: None - Religion: Protestant - Single - Native Place: Nottinghamshire - Trade: labourer. Tried: 2nd January 1837 at Nottinghamshire Quarter Sessions...arrived in New South Wales 25th October, 1837 from England. (Copy of information from Bill Nielsen-Gajhede - Copy available at Richmond River Historical Society, Lismore)

Christie (as he was known) joined the Cedar Getters party of Stephen King and travelled to the Richmond River area.Occupation: bullock driver.

Married: Sara Smith

Settled at Uralba - being Pearson Simpson's neighbour. Mrs. Marriott gave Mrs. Simpson vegetables which she obtained from many a ships crew. Thus the Pearson family property had a wide variety of plants and vegetables due to the planting of same by Mrs.Simpson. Simpson allowed his shed to be used as a storage depot for others. He often fed his horses on waste bananas

[Excerpt from "Reminiscences - Early Pioneering Days by S Barlow" ..."The cedar getter of Duck Creek Camp who, above all others, helped those early pioneers was named Christopher Marriott - "old Christie" for short, the father of Jack and "Cooke" Christie, - John and Christopher Marriott..." copied from a newspaper cutting of the "Record", datedNovember 17th 1922 - courtesy of William Nielsen Gajhede from Miss.Dorothy Crawford from the records of her father, Mr.Ambrose Crawford]

Issue:Henry Marriett [1851-1???] John (Jack) Marriett [1853-1883] Christopher Marreitt [1853-1???] : Christy was a witness at the funeral of:-Thomas Haddon Smith 25.05.1861.

2003 Marriott descendant Bill Park Email:

The Marriott family moved on to settle in Maclean district in the 1900s [M.KENNEDY research]

Francis MORRISH [1819-1881]

p: Francis Ireson & Elizabeth b: 06.02.1819, Wincanton, Somerset,England d: 07.01.1881 (61 yrs.11 mths) ‡ married 20.02.1850, by Rev Coles Child Bridget O’NEIL.parents:Brian O’Neil & Catherine nee Mann bpt: 29.12.1835 St Mary Cathedral,Sydney - d:24.06.1884 (49) (Bridget Morrish).

Occupation: cedar cutter/dealer/carpenter/storekeeper, farmer.

Francis Morrish arrived in Sydney,Australia 25.7.1839. He was a farm labourer according to immigration record and had arrived at Duck Creek (Richmond River area) by 1850. The family moved to Emigrant Point (Burns Point) before the birth of Bernard.

They kept a small store there. He was one of the sureties when Edmund Ross tookover as Post Master in Ballina 1.4.1858. By 1864 Francis was a cedar dealer and was listed as Frank Morris in the P.O. Directory of 1875/77 as a cedar cutter at Emigrant Creek. Although Bridget signedtheir marriage certificate with a cross Francis Morrish valued education and imported teachers, Buffy and Weaver, for his large family.

27.10.1870 he selected 180 acres of land at Duck Creek Mountain which had been called Alstonville since the beginning of 1873. Other portions of land were selected in the names of his two young sons and the area was in excess of 653 acres and ranged from Duck Creek in the Valley up and over the now Bruxner Highway and on past Gap Road.

..."Francis Morrish in the 1870's established the first saw-mill in the Alstonville area"... page 156. "Duck Creek Mountain now Alstonville" by Foreman Crawford .

Following the death of Francis 7/1/1881, two of his sons, Henry and Robert continued to run the saw-mill trading as H & R MORRISH

Issue:1. Frances Elizabeth Morris/Morrish [1852-1917] married Joseph Greenhalgh

2. Henry Morris/Morrish [1853-1918] married Emma Johanna Bryce (Frances & Henry Morrish registered as Morris p50/51 -Morrish Family history) -

3. Bernard Albert Morrish [1855-1927] married Martha Mulvena (Mulvena info.on Hancock page) - 4. Ellen Jane Morrish [1856-1917] married Lawrence Sinclair - 5. Francis Alfred Morrish II [b:1858] no trace of death has been found in Australia. - 6. Robert Morrish [1860-1931] m: Hannah Mulvena - 7. John Andrew Morrish [1862-1911] died unmarried - 8. Elizabeth Florence Morrish [1864-1947] m William Beggs - 9. Charles Arthur Edmund Morrish [1866-] - 10. Annie Morrish [b: 1868-] m: George Victor Whitney Nicholls. Moved to Western Australia. - 11. Clara Violet Morrish [1872- ] m: 1 John Hughes d:1897 (24 yrs) m: 2nd spouse: Edward James Underwood. Moved to Western Australia.


For further information please contact Mr.Gajhede, 99 Heliopolis Parade, Mitchelton Qld. 4053


JAMES SHAW (Ephraim James Shaw - a Scot) was a cedar cutter and listed on the Greville’s P.O. Directory 1875/77 for Ballina as labourer at East. In the Ballina 1881-84 census he had a wife and one child. Occupations: cedar cutter, sawyer, labourer d: 23.05.1886 (72) Pilot Station,Ballina . Buried Pioneer cemetery,Ballina.B‡ . Married: Elizabeth Stephenson (Stevenson) (30) born: 1819c Scotland d: 10.08.1888 (67) Ballina. Buried Pioneer Cemetery, Ballina.B‡. Elizabeth was know as "GRANNY SHAW" of Ballina who was a midwife for the area... James Built his house on the shores of the bay which is named after this family - Shaws Bay.

JOSEPH SHELLY/SHELLEY [1800-1879] born: Birmingham, England. died: 14.03.1879. Buried Coraki. Joseph Shelly was a timber cutter having worked in the Field of Mars , Pennant Hills area. Ventured North to the Clarence River onboard the “Susan” in 1838. In 1842 after hearing about the “Big River” up North travelled with Stephen King’s cedar cutters party to the Richmond River area. They had previously worked at Thomas Small’s Timber yard at Kissing Point near Parramatta, when the news of the timber up North was given by Richard Craig (see History dateline)

STOKER family - cedar cutters -William Webster

THOMAS WOOD, ventured North from Sydney with the early cedar cutters, and finally made his way to the Richmond River area. “Whether Thomas and Margaret both came to Ballina area is unknown. There was a Thomas Wood – cedar getter in the district. Margaret was witness at the twins weddings in 1853 and 1854. Family stories have not extended to how or why the girls came to Ballina. Margaret stayed with her husband in the Bellingen area with only some of the family coming to Ballina. Esther and her husband stayed in the Sydney district of Waverley”. Belligen pioneers. See info on GenWeb[G.MANWARING]

Australia GenWeb - Belligen area - Thomas Wood 1 & 2 information recorded and much more relating to Northern NSW.

THOMAS WOOD, Thomas Wood arrived in Australia in c1832 as a convict onboard “John”. Thomas Houston Wood received Ticket of Leave in 1839 at Port Macquarie and ventured North to the Clarence River then the Richmond River area becoming one of the early Cedar Cutters living with Stephen King, Joe Maguire and others in various places including Ballina. Stephen and Sara King were witnesses to his marriage in 1853. Belligen area pioneers. See info on Australia GenWeb site.[ANN DOYLE, QLD]




Captain John Cambridge died 7 May 1864, at 26 King Street, Sydney. The Following information is from the Richmond River Historical Society and is from recollections of granddaughters Jessie and Mary, Dec. 1979.

"Captain John Cambridge was born on the Island of Jersey. His father was said to be a captain in the French army. His mother, Lady Mary Cambridge was initially disinherited by her family for marrying beneath her but subsequently returned to the family. As far as is known Captain John was the only child. Captain John Cambridge became a master mariner and eventually came to Australia probably in the late 1840s or early 1850s. He was married before coming to Australia and is known to have had two children, Virginia and Mary Ann by his first marriage. The latter who became Mary Ann Mobbs was born in San Francisco, America. I have a copy of his death certificate (which I obtained from the Richmond River Historical Society) and it is printed on there he had 3 sons and 2 daughters. Someone has written by hand the following names:Anne b:1852 (Mrs. Mobb) - John James b: 1854 married Mary Ann Jarrett see Jarrett- Cedar Cutter on this page- George b:1858 - Thomas b: 1861 - Unknown female


John Cambridge (known as 'Jack') Captained the ship "Australasia League" which was wrecked at North Head, Ballina on 05.09.1857.

Ballina Councillor Tom Ross wrote in his book 'They came from the sea' ..."In the late 1800s there were captains - Jack Skinner,Tom Ainsworth, Jimmy Griffin, Frank Freeborn, Jack Jones and Jack Cambridge. Captain Cambridge had made many trips from Sydney to Ballina but will not talk about the 3 months he was blown off course".

"THE BALLINA PILOT" newspaper published by Max and Diane Mercer 1959 , founders of this newspaper, printed the stories from Councillor Ross's book in 1960 issues. Copies available at Richmond-Tweed Family History Society, Ballina.

Pioneers to be cont....

Ballina pioneers register project: www.ancestors.ballina .net/tribute

Disclaimer: Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of this material, due to the fact that it is based on various records, and in some cases vary, it may or may not be, 100% correct.Consequently, no responsibility can be taken for any errors or ommissions that may have crept in. Margaret Kennedy 2001