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(son of Thomas Patterson Sr.)


John was bapt. 17 Dec. 1751 in Muddy Run, Lancaster Co., PA (Rev. John Cuthbertson’s Journal)  He was baptized at the same time as his brother, “Col.” William of McConnellsburg, who most think was the oldest son of Thomas Sr.  Because we know that John’s brother, William, was born on 12 June 1749, then--if John was indeed the second son-- John would have been born sometime between, say, April 1850 and Dec 1751, when he was baptized. 

We know that John’s brother, William, served as a Revolutionary soldier, but of John’s service we have no reliable information.  In my opinion, it is quite likely that he served, but with what company it is impossible to say--“John Patterson” being such a common name. John’s brother, William, is said to have served under Col. Abraham Smythe/Smith of Antrim Twp., Cumberland Co., PA. (See Chapter II.)  John is linked to land dealings with the Smith family of Antrim Twp. (see below), so I personally consider it quite likely that John served at some point from Cumberland County, possibly with his brother, William.  But this is conjecture.

Some more conjecture: I think it possible—even likely—that John and his brother, William, were living by 1778 in Antrim Twp. (a part of which became Washington Twp.), in Cumberland Co. PA.  (This might explain why William was listed on the 1773 Ayr, Bedford Co. tax list, but was absent from those lists until about 1779.)  At any rate, a William and a John Patterson are listed on the 1778 tax list in Antrim Twp., Cumberland Co., PA (PA Archives, Series 3, Vol. XX, pp. 8-114).  In 1779, in Washington Twp., Cumberland Co., PA, these same two men are found:  “William Patterson, blksmith” and “John Patterson, blksmith.” * (PA Archives, Series 3, Vol. XX, pp. 126-246) And both names are found on the 1780 Washington Twp., Cumberland Co. list. (PA Archives, Series 3, Vol. XX, pp. 259-378).  By 1781 both names are gone from Antrim/Washington Twp., Cumberland Co. lists.  If my “hunch” is correct, this is because William returned to the McConnellsburg area to raise his family, and John went “west” to Fayette Co., where he settled and where he died.

Continuing with the reasoned conjecture that John lived in Antrim (later Washington) Twp., Cumberland [part of which became Franklin] Co., approximately by 1778, and until about 1780, is the fact that on 15 Apr 1780 John Patterson purchased a 312-acre tract called “Mill Seat,” located in the “Forks of the Yough & Monongahela”—and he purchased this land from the executors of the estate of William Smith, deceased.  Who were these executors?  Their names were Abraham Smythe (in whose battalion John’s brother, William, served!) and John Johnson [Johnston], “both of Antrim township, Cumberland [now Franklin] County.”  John Johnston was John Patterson’s neighbor in Washington Twp., Fayette Co., and he married Mary Smith, dau of the deceased William Smith. (This “Mill Seat” deed is recorded in Westmoreland Co. Deed Book A, Part 1, p. 221.)


*We know that John Patterson was a blacksmith because Franklin Ellis states this in his History of Fayette County, p. 810. (See “Transcriptions” section of this paper.)   Rev. Proudift states that John’s brother, William, was also a blacksmith (see William’s chapter, p. 22).  Thus pretty much clinches my theory about the John and William on these Cumberland Co. tax lists—both blacksmiths-- being the sons of Thomas Sr.                                                                       


The “Mill Seat” land was perhaps not the first tract purchased by John Patterson in Washington Twp., Fayette Co. On 6 Apr 1785 a 327 ½- acre tract called “Smith’s Squares” was patented by John Patterson, “on warrant to accept 2 Apr 1785.  (See PA Archives, Series 3, Vol. XXVI, pp. 487-492, “Warranties of Land in Westmoreland Co. 1773-1893.”) This tract was warranted by William Latta (no warrant date) and surveyed 20 Nov 1772 “on Order No. 1448 dated Apr 3, 1769, & warrant for 100 as dated June 28, 1770.” (Patent Book P3-268 coordinates D-3, D-4, E-4.  See Early Landowners of Pennsylvania: Atlas of Township Warrantee Maps of Fayette County, PA, by Sharon MacInnes; Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 2005, p. 287)   

John Patterson, “smith” [blacksmith] is listed in Rostraver Twp., on the 1783 Westmoreland County “Transcript of Property with Number of Inhabitants.”  (PA Archives, Series 3, Vol. XXII, pp. 377-426)  John possesses 300 acres, has 3 horses, 3 cattle, 3 sheep, and there are seven white inhabitants on his land.  Note that shortly after this list was made in 1783, part of Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., went to form Washington Twp., Fayette Co. (when Fayette Co. was formed in 1783). 

After Fayette Co. was formed, in 1783, John Patterson is found on the tax lists of this county.  He is on the 1785 “Return of State Tax” in Washington Twp., Fayette Co. (PA Archives, Series 3, Vol. XXII, pp. 546-586)  He is also on the 1786 “Return of State Tax” for Washington Twp. (PA Archives, Series 3, Vol. XXII, pp. 598-636)   John Patterson is listed on the Washington Twp., Fayette Co. census, for every year beginning in 1790 and ending with the 1830 census.  It is presumed that John died some time after the 1830 census and before the 1840 census.

Thus it appears that John Patterson arrived in the area of Westmoreland County that was to become Fayette County, by 1783—possibly as early as 1780.  Since there were seven inhabitants of his household by 1783, John must have traveled to Fayette Co. with his wife and a number of children. 

John had married “Janet” Patterson--also referred to in later records as “Genetedy” or “Gennet” (land records) or “Jane” (her grave at Rehoboth Cemetery) back in Lancaster County. Rev. Cuthbertson performed the marriage on 22 Nov 1773 at the Muddy Run meetinghouse in Lancaster Co., PA.  I believe that the “Janet” Patterson who became John’s wife is the same Janet whom Rev. Cuthbertson baptized 17 Dec 1751 in Muddy Run meetinghouse—on the same day and at the same place where John was baptized.  Janet’s father is listed as “Jo.” Patterson (and I believe her father’s name was John).  This “Jo.”  (John) was probably the brother of Thomas Patterson, Sr.; thus John, this chapter’s subject, would have married his first cousin—a very common practice at that time. However, be cautioned that my conjecture that Thomas Patterson Sr. had a brother named John is based on “circumstantial evidence,” not on primary source information.

Of the four known sons of Thomas Patterson Sr. (William, John, Thomas Jr. and Alexander), only two left wills: William (who lived near McConnellsburg in present-day Fulton Co., PA), and Thomas Jr. (who lived in Rostraver, Westmoreland Co., PA, across the township/county border from Washington Twp., Fayette Co., PA, where his father lived). Since we have no will for Thomas Sr.’s son, John, the names of John’s children must be




deduced from land and Orphans Court records. Even so, I have not been able to find the names of all of the children of John and Janet; census records show more children than I’ve

been able to account for.   (See census transcriptions at end of this chapter.)  In the absence of baptism records for John’s children, and in the absence of a will for John, I have deduced that John and his wife, Janet/Jane, had the following children:


I.                   THOMAS PATTERSON b. 1774-1780 (Thomas’ parents married in 1773; & see 1830 Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD census which gives Thomas’ age as 50-60.) That John had a son named Thomas is deduced from Orphans Court records which refer to “Dr. Thomas Patterson of Hagerstown [Maryland] and Thomas’ wife, Jane. (See list of descendants later in this chapter.)

II.                JOHN PATTERSON That John had a son named John is based mainly on Scotch-Irish naming patterns. John was also the name of his wife’s father, so there were two reasons for naming a son John. Note that Fayette Co., Deed Book Q, p. 301, refers to “John Patterson Jr.”

III.             WILLIAM PATTERSON Fayette Co. Deed Book L, p. 335 contains an agreement dated 5 Mar 1814,  between “John Patterson of Washington township,” and “Wm. Patterson, his son.”  (See “Transcriptions” section of this paper, where this deed is transcribed in full.)

IV.              UNKNOWN SON PATTERSON (See 1790 census in which it appears that John had four sons.)

V.                 UNKNOWN DAUGHTER PATTERSON (See 1790 census in which it appears that John had four daughters.)

VI.              UNKNOWN DAUGHTER PATTERSON (See 1790 census in which it appears that John had four daughters.)

VII.           UNKNOWN DAUGHTER PATTERSON (See 1790 census in which it appears that John had four daughters.)

VIII.        SUSANNAH PATTERSON b. 13 May 1785 (this birth date is from descendant Ray Parsons Susannah died by 1863 (because only her daughter is mentioned in the will of her husband’s brother, Thomas Patterson of West Newton.) Susannah married “Rev.” Robert Patterson about 1807.  Robert was the son of  Robert Patterson Sr. of West Newton, Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA.  Robert Sr. was the brother of Peter Patterson Sr. of Washington Twp., Fayette Co., PA—which probably indicates a close relationship between Peter and Thomas Sr. of Washington, Fayette Co., though I have never been able to find any proof that they were brothers or even cousins.  Robert Patterson (Jr.), Susannah’s husband, died before 1813 (he was not mentioned in his father’s will dated that year). Susannah had only one child, daughter Sarah, who married Dr. Thomas Nichols.


            John’s children apparently grew up in surroundings that were, for the time, somewhat luxurious.  John was a blacksmith and a farmer, but—according to Franklin Ellis in his History of Fayette County (see “Transcriptions” section)—John worked hard and became quite wealthy.  The large stone house that he built was eventually sold to the Houseman



family, and in The Houseman Family of Westmoreland Co., PA by Harry Houseman Frazier (Tiffin, OH: Advertiser Press, 1927), p. 15, is a description of that structure: “Christopher

Houseman did not build the old stone house shown in the Picture Section of this book [p. 172]. It was built in 1797 or 1798 by one John Patterson, who placed his initials “J.P.” on the

stone lintel of the front door where it may be seen today [1937]. It is believed his first house was like most others of the time, a log cabin. The stone house was one of the finest in the township, its massive walls nearly three feet thick, two stories high with a large attic and a good sized wing also built of stone. It is probable that either Christopher or Jacob added this wing, as there are certain marks even now, that indicate a different artisan. It was in this great stone house that both Christopher and Jacob died. It is doubtful if any Houseman descendant has ever built a more substantial and pretentious house for himself, when we judge each in the era in which it was built.”

            John was evidently able to provide for fine educations for his children.  His (presumably oldest) son, Thomas, became a doctor.  His daughter, Susanah, married Rev. Robert Patterson, son of the well-to-do Robert Patterson Sr. of West Newton.

            However, John died a poor man.   Franklin Ellis writes: “He lost all he had” in a glass-manufacturing venture in Perryopolis. (Ellis, p. 810)  On p. 717 Ellis describes this scheme in his chapter on Perry township: “The platting of the new town [Perryopolis, in 1806] had the effect to attract considerable attention to the place, and the discovery of sand suitable for the manufacture of glass induced the organization of a company for that purpose. The project being pushed with energy, and recommended to people in glowing terms, the farmers and other well-to-do inhabitants of this section of country subscribed liberally to this enterprise, as also to the stock of a banking concern which was started about the same time…. From bad management or other causes none of these projects proved profitable to the original stockholders or of permanent advantage to the town. Their failure brought disaster to many public-spirited people who aided them by subscriptions, and Perryopolis never realized the prosperity and importance which at one time seemed assured by the establishment of these enterprises.  The Perryopolis Glass-Works is a name well known in this region…They were carried on by Thomas Bleakley, whose management resulted in disastrous failure and the sale by the sheriff of about twenty of the best farms in this section, their owners having sunk their property in subscriptions to the stock of the glass company.”

            John Patterson’s signature is on the Perryoplis charter, as one of the “proprietors.” (See document on-line at   

            Fayette County deed records show that in 1817 John sold his 328-acre tract in Washington Twp. to Robert Galloway.  In 1820 John lost another 200 acres in a Sheriff’s Sale.  (See abstracts of these sales in the land records below.)

It appears that John’s wife, Jane/Janet, did not live to see her husband’s financial downfall. She died 14 Feb 1813 “in her 64th year.”  She is buried in Rehoboth Presbyterian Cemetery in Belle Vernon, Fayette Co., PA. (Jane’s grave could not be found as of 2003, but J.V. Thompson’s partial transcription of Rehoboth burials in Vol. 7 of his journals, 16 June 1922, p. 71, shows “Mrs. Jane Patterson (wife of John Patterson) died Feby 15, 1813 in her 64th year.”

John was still living 5 Mar 1829. (Orphans Court Bk. 2, p. 252 – 5 Mar 1829 “John Patterson Sr., and John Patterson Jr., admins. of estate of “Thomas Patterson, farmer, of Washington Twp.”)  Based on census records, John died between 1830-1840.  He is


undoubtedly buried in Rehoboth Cemetery, where his wife is buried. However, John’s grave cannot be found there, and he is not listed on any transcription of burials for that cemetery. 

Thomas Sr.’s son, John, the subject of this chapter, was most difficult to research. I think this is because when John went bankrupt, all his family left the area.  A few generations after his death, when descendants of John’s brother, Thomas Jr., began researching the family, not one of these descendants seemed aware of  the existence of Thomas Sr.’s son, John.  They knew of the descendants of Thomas Sr.’s son, William, living hundreds of miles away in McConnellsburg, but they had no idea that their ggggrandfather, Thomas Jr., had had a brother named John who had lived for over forty years on land right next to their ancestor!

In 2005, Patty Gray of California (a descendant of Thomas Jr.) copied a deed that had been found among the family papers—a large document showing the granting of land by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to one John Patterson.  At that time, nobody in the family could understand why this deed (for a tract called “Smith’s Squares”) would have been included in the family records. This shows how easily all traces of an ancestor’s life on this earth can be erased.  It is my sincere hope that the clues provided in this chapter might one day help a descendant of John find his ancestral roots.

For many years, I believed that my ggggrandfather, William Patterson (1784-1856) was the son of the John mentioned in the 1814 land agreement.  I believed that of all John’s children, my ggggrandfather, William, was the only one to have remained in the area after his father’s death.  All of the circumstantial evidence pointed to this being true:  My ggggrandfather appeared on the 1820 census in Washington Twp. after (I thought) having been granted land there by his father in the 1814 land agreement (transcribed below).  Then, when John went broke, I saw my ggggrandfather, William, remove across the border to Rostraver, Westmoreland Co., where tax lists there show William to have been very poor.  Also, the 1850 Rostraver census shows my ggggrandfather William’s occupation as “miller”—and John Patterson Esq., Thomas Sr.’s son, is known to have purchased a tract of land called the “Mill Tract.”  Additionally, it is quite possible that my ggggrandfather William named his first son John.  It is certain that my ggggrandfather William named his second daughter Jane (the name of John Esq.’s wife).  Add onto the heap of this circumstantial evidence the fact that I have accounted for every other William Patterson living in a four-county area, except for my ggggrandfather and for John Esq.’s son William, and….Well, I was quite ready to declare that the father of my William was John, son of Thomas Sr.

Then came DNA.  I got a DNA sample from my brother’s son, and it matched exactly (37/37) with a living male descendant of my great-grandfather’s brother. (This eliminated the possibility of adoption or infidelity in my line, as of my great-great grandfather’s generation.) I then got a DNA sample of a living male descendant of John’s brother, Thomas Jr.  There was no significant match between Thomas Jr.’s DNA and “my” Patterson DNA.  However, there was a 36/37 match between this living male descendant of Thomas Jr. and a living male descendant of Thomas Jr.’s brother, William of McConnellsburg.

This proves that my ggggrandfather, William, did not descend from Thomas Patterson Sr. after all.

I mention this only to stress that in genealogical research assumptions of family relationships cannot be made only on the basis of circumstantial evidence, no matter how




compelling. Making assumptions unsupported by primary source evidence (Bible records, wills, baptism & marriage records, etc.) is folly.

            I have been unable to locate a living male descendant of John Patterson.  I stopped my efforts in this area when the DNA results came in.  At the end of this chapter are some notes (census records, etc.) showing my aborted attempt to trace a living male descendant of John’s son, Dr. Thomas Patterson of Hagerstown. I include these cursory notes hoping the info might help some future researcher.                                                                                                      


Fayette Count Deeds & Orphans Court Records 

Mentioning John Patterson, son of Thomas Sr.

(as abstracted by Mrs. Ralph L. Cox & submitted to

 Patterson & Pattison Association Vol. 2, pp. 85-91


Fayette Co. Bk. L. p. 153. John Patterson esq. tract in Washington Twp., 328 1/2 A. Patent April 6, 1785 conveyed to him by his father Thomas Patterson, April 7, 1797 part of tract grated Edw. Cook, Dec. 29, 1784, Deed to said Thomas April 5, 1788, sold to Robert Galloway adj. Francis Warren Burgess, James Cook, And. Brown, Wm. Nichol, Wit.: Amos Cooper, Susan Patterson. Rec. Oct. 17, 1817.

                Fayette Co. Book E. p. 177. May 6, 1788. John Patterson & wife Janet of Washington Twp. to Thomas Kyle of same patent, April 6, 1785 to Jno. Patterson adj. Wm. Cunningham, Anne Burgess, Thomas Kyle, John Patterson’s. Wit.: Joseph Reynolds, Alex. Patterson. Received May 6, 1788. Rec. Sept. 13, 1803.

                Fayette Co. Book S. p. 267. Jan. 30, 1811. Francis Burgess & wife Sarah of Washington Twp., to Susannah Patterson, daughter of John Patterosn esq. Patent to Edw. Cook Sept. 14, 1796. Wit.: John Patterson, Wm. Patterson, Jan. 30, 1811. Rec. April 14, 1818.

                Fayette Co. Bk. S. p. 268. Sept. 14, 1796. Grant to Edw. Cook, Washington Twp. I w & t of Edw. Cook to wife Martha & son James & & wife Mary, deed Dec. 19, 1809 to Francis Burgess & wife Sary, Jan. 30, 1811 to Susannah Patterson, sold to Charles Ford, Nov. 8, 1817. Wit.: John Patterson, Andrew Crain. Rec. Nov. 5, 1817.

                Fayette Co. Bk. P. p. 435. March 9, 1820. Sheriff convey land in Washington Twp., ad. Land of James Cook, David Wilson, heirs of Robert Galloway, 200 A. more or less, property of John Patterson said Kennedy Nov. 15 1820 convey to John Robinson for money paid,said Kennedy by Dr. Thomas Patterson & Susannah Patterson & John Patterson, guardian of his granddaughter, Sarah, now wife of Dr. Thomas Nichol by whereof said John Robinson became seized of land in trust in behalf of Dr. Thomas Patterson, one undivided 4th part for use of said Susannah & one undivided 4th part for use of said Sarah now married to Dr. Thomas Nichol.

                Fayette Co. Bk. P. p. 436.  said Dr. Thomas Patterson & wife Jane of Hagerstown, Maryland, money paid by Dr. Thomas Nichol to hold the said undivided half part of tract and all right claim, etc. etc. March 29, 1831.

                Fayette Co. Bk. P. p. 438. Sarah Patterson Nichol’s father, Robert Patterson, decd. Recorded June 13, 1832.

                Fayette Co. Bk. Q. p. 303. John Patterson Sr. & John Patterson Jr., adms. Of Thomas Patterson, dec’d., of Washington Twp. Mentioned in Indentures: petition in Orphan’s Court, Oct. term 1826. Quitclaim dated 1817 signed by John Patterson, Margaret Patterson, William Patterson & Hannah Patterson. Rec. Bk. P. pp. 65, 66, 67 [Note these pages are NOT abstracted.] – lands adj. Martin Lutz, heirs of Henry Best, Joseph Patterson [Note: this should be Joseph “Patton,” not “Patterson”] & others. Sold to Sam’l Rodocker, the highest bidder. Who is this Joseph Patterson? See also Joseph in next records.

                Fayette Co. Bk. R., p. 67. George Craft of Fayette Co. Thomas Gibson, surviving partner of Joseph dec’d. Judgement against Joseph Patterson, Nov. 1, 1824.

                Fayette Co. Bk. R., p. 158. March 15, 1827. John Patterson Sr., John Patterson Jr., admins. of estate of Thomas Patterson, late of Washington Twp., Fayette Co. Lands adj. Martin Lutz, heirs of Henry Best, heirs of Joseph Patterson [no, “Patton,” not Patterson”] sold to George Lutz, highest bidder.

                Fayette Co.  Bk. Q. p. 304. Land in Washington Twp., granted to Edward Cook, Dec. 29, 1784. Sold April 22, 1788 to Thomas Patterson Sr., who sold it to Joseph Fulton, April 4, 1802, who sold to Richrd & William Purviance, on April 25, 1812, who sold to Henry Best who died intestate, leaving four heirs – Contrad

Frederick Best whose wife was Polly, Mary, wife of Samuel Rodocker, Hannah, wife of John Kline, Christian Best, whose wife was Susan. Release dated Dec. 28, 1825.



Fayette Co. Orphans Court Bk. 2, p. 145. Thomas Patterson, attorney in fact for John Patterson, one of heirs of Thomas Patterson, dec’d., declined part of real estate allotted by Sheriff so Court ordered administrators sale of same.

Fayette Co. Orphans Court Bk. 2. p. 229. Oct. Court. Thomas Patterson, farmer, dec’d late of Washington Twp., John Patterson Sr., John Patterson Jr., administrators of estate.

                Fayette Co. Orphans Court Bk. 2. p. 266. – June Court 1827. [no other info]

                Fayette Co. Orphans Court Bk. 2. p. 252. Thomas Patterson, dec’d. Oct. 1826, Court – 60 A. adj. Lands of Henry Slotterbeck, Sam. Rodecker, John Patterson & others, late estate of Thomas Patterson, farmer, of Washington Twp.  John  Patterson Sr., and John Patterson Jr., adminis. Of estate. Advertised property. George Lutz, Christian Best, March 5, 1829, John Patterson, esq., John Patterson Jr., disstiller, Jeremiah Patterson & Thomas Patterson acknowledged themselves jointly indebted & Commonwealth of Pa., bond for John Patterson, Sr. and Jr.

Fayette Co. Deeds Bk. M. p. 422. Patent April 6, 1785 to John Patterson esq. – ‘Smith’s Square’ east side of Monongahela then Westmoreland Co., now Washington Twp., Fayette County. 326 1/2 A. John Patterson & wife Jane sold to William Nichol – John Patterson & wife “Genetady” to Andrew Brown, Richard McAllister.

Fayette Co. Orphans Court Bk, 2, p. 232. Sept. 1827. Thomas Patterson family on petition of John Patterson esq. – John Patterson, adm. Of estate of Thomas deceased, late of Washington Twp., Fayette Co. Intestate died seized of land in Washington Twp., adj. Henry Slotterbeck, Sam’l Rodocher, John Patterson p. 246,June Court 1839, William Patterson, dec’d., and others, James H. Patterson acting as exec. of William late of Washington Twp., dec’d.

Fayette Co. Deeds Bk. P. p. 435. Nov 15, 1820. To John Robinson money paid by Dr. Thomas Patterson, Susannah & John Patterson, guardian of his granddaughter, Sarah, now the wife of Dr. Thomas Nichhol. Dr. Thomas Patterson & wife Jane of Hagerstown, Md., Washington County. March 29, 1831 land sold by said Sheriff as property of John Patterson land in Washington Twp., Fayette County, Pa.

Fayette Co. Deed Book P. p. 437. March 1820. John Kennedy esq., land in Washington Twp., adj. Land of James Cook, David Wilson & heirs of Robert Galloway 200 A. more or less which had been lived on & sold by said sheriff as land of John Patterson, deeded by Sheriff Kennedy Nov. 18, 1820 to John Robinson money paid to Sheriff Kennedy by Dr. Thomas Patterson, Susannah Patterson funds of said Sarah Patterson in hands of administrators of her father Robert Patterson (dec’d)* & acting with consent of Eliza. Patterson, guardian of Sarah, sold June 13, 1831. Signed in Washington County, Maryland.

Fayette Co. Deed Bk. O p. 335. May 8, 1819. Thomas and Mary Patterson sold to John & William Patterson & their wives. p. 337. April 8, 1818 – William & Hannah Patterson sold to Henry Slotterbeck.







Census Information, John Patterson “Esq.”


1790 Washington Twp., Fayette Co., PA

Household of John Patterson (p. 27)

2 males >16                             [b. before 1774]

3 males <16                             [b. 1774-1790]

4 females

Note:  From the above it would seem that John Patterson (“Esq.”) had at least four sons and 3 daughters.


1800 Washington Twp., Fayette Co., PA

Household of John Patterson, Esq. (image 6 of 7)

1 male 10-16                            [b. 1784-1790] [son William?]

2 males 16-26                         (b. 1774-1784] [son John Jr.? + Unknown son?] 1 b. by 1774

                                                   & 1 b. by 1783

1 male 45+                               [John Patterson, Esq., bapt. 1751]

1 female 10-16                         [dau. Susannah, b. 1785 per Ray Parsons]

1 female 45+                            [wife Janet/Gennet, bapt. 1751]


1810 Washington Twp., Fayette Co., PA

Household of John Patterson (p. 7 of 11)

1 male 16-26                            [b. 1784-1790; son William?]

1 male >45                               [John Patterson, Esq.]

1 female 0-10                           [b. 1800-1810; unknown dau.]

1 female 16-26             [b. 1784-1794 dau. Susannah b. 1785? Not yet married? But                                                 Parsons says she m. Robert Patterson abt. 1807? So different dau?]

1 female >45                            [wife Janet/Gennet]


1820 Washington Twp., Fayete Co., PA

Household of John Patterson (p. 3 of 9)

1 male >45                               [John Patterson, Esq.]

1 female 10-16             [b. 1804-1810; unknown dau.]

1 female 26-45             [b. 1775-1794; dau. Susannah? Still not yet married? But

Parsons says she m. Robert Patterson abt. 1807? So different dau?]

Note: It appears that John’s wife Janet/Gennet d. between 1810-1820.  (She d. 1813.)


1830 Washington Twp., Fayette Co., PA

Household of John Patterson (p. 17 of 36)

1 male 20-30                            [b. 1800-1810; who’s this? Household help?]

1 male 70-80                            [John Patterson, Esq.]

1 female 20-30             [b. 1800-1810; who’s this? Wife of household help?]  

1 female 40-50             [b. 1780-1790; dau. Susannah? Prob. a different dau.]                                               



Census Information for Thomas Patterson,

Son of John Patterson Esq., son of Thomas Sr.

(This shows my failed attempt to find a living male descendant of John Patterson Esq.)


1830 Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD (p. 21 of 40)

Thos Patterson

1 male                                      50-60 [b. 1770-1780]

1 male                                      5-10

2 males                         10-15   [b. 1815-1820

1 male                                      30-40

1 female                                   0-5

2 females                                  10-15

2 females                                  20-30

1 female                                   40-50 [b. 1780-1790]


1840 Clarksburg, Montgomery Co., MD (p. 1 of 26)

Thomas Patterson

1 male                                      60-70        Thomas b. 1770-1780

1 male                                      15-20        son who was 5-10 in 1830

1 male                                      20-30        probably son George C. b. 1815

2 females                                  15-20        1 of 3 females < 15 in household 1830

1 female                                   50-60   wife Jane ____

Same page: William Nickle, age 30-40


Rockville Baptist Cemetery, West Jefferson Street

Rockville, Montgomery Co., MD

The cemetery presently known as "Baptist Cemetery" is traced to 1823, when a

group of former members of Seneca Church organized the Bethel Baptist Church,

bought a parcel of land on present S. Van Buren Street, opposite Great Falls

Road and a short distance south of present W. Montgomery Avenue, Rockville,

built a church and established a cemetery there.

In 1897 a southerly segment of the land was deeded to the Mayor and Council of

Rockville, evidently to enable the westward extension of Jefferson Street to

Van Buren Street. As a result, it was then necessary to relocate 16 graves to

the Rockville Cemetery, according to minutes of the Mayor and Council of

Rockville of May 4, 1897; in addition to which there were at least 3 other

removals to Rockville Cemetery not mentioned in the Council minutes.

The congregation built a new church in 1908 on S. Washington Street Rockville,

and at that time the then-existing church building on the old site was razed,

leaving the cemetery as the only use of the parcel. The last known interment

in the cemetery was that of William Veirs Bouic in 1896.      

Photos of this site may be seen at:

And also at:

The information here presented is made possible by the kind assistance and

cooperation of Peerless Rockville, [],

an organization devoted to the restoration and preservation of Rockville's past,

the present owner of the cemetery.




PATTERSON, George C.      1815    1889    Son of Dr. Thomas Patterson / Twice a

member of the Maryland legislature

Librarian to U.S. House of Representatives /

Killed in train accident

PATTERSON, Thomas, Dr.   1767*    1848   Tombstone now missing / Librarian to

                                                                                      U.S. House of Representatives.


*transcription error? Thomas would have been born about 1784-1785.


1850 Bladensburg, Prince George’s Co., MD 28 June 1850 (p. 5 of 35)

Eliza Duvall                               43            b. MD prob dau of Dr. Thomas & Jane

Andrew J.? Duvall                        22            b. MD            merchant*

Susanna Duvall             13        b. MD

Sarah S.J.? Duvall                        11            b. MD

Jane Patterson  [b. 1786]   64        b. PA prob widow of Dr. Thomas (John Esq’s son?)

Sally F. Patterson                        25            b. Dist. Columbia

Hellen M. Patterson                        21            b. MD

& 5 other household members not transcribed

*If this is Andrew Jackson Duvall who m. Sarah Bohannon, then he was the great-grandfather of Robert S. Duvall (this info from Prince George’s Co., MD Hist. Society)                       


1850 Eastern Dist, Spotsylvania Co., VA 26 Aug 1850 (p. 24 of 109)

George C. Patterson                        35            b. MD            overseer

P.E. Patterson                          30            b. MD

Virginia Patterson                           1            b. MD [sic]


1860 P.O. Rockville, Dist 4, Montgomery Co., MD 24 Aug 1860 (p. 2 of 86)

George Patterson                        42            b. MD  clerk

Virginia “                                  10            b. VA  [sic]

Henry “                                      8            b. MD  [b. 1852]

(they appear to be living in some kind of boarding house)


1870 Rockville, Montgomery Co., MD 2 June 18970 (p. 9 of 17)

George Patterson                        50            b. MD            deputy clerk

(appears to be living in some kind of boarding house, with servants)


1870 Georgetown, Washington D.C. 6 July 1870 (p. 131 of 286)

Henry Patterson                        18            b. MD  clerk in store

Cannot find Henry on 1880 census


1880 Clarksburg, Montgomery Co., MD NA Film T9-0512, p. 255B

Henry Ricketts              25        b. MD      farm laborer            parents b. MD

Martha Ricketts                        20            b. MD            keeping house   parents b. MD

George Patterson, widower           65            b. MD                          parents b. MD

Note: Mary E. Ricketts buried in same cemetery as Thomas and his son George.

(She d. 10 Dec 1882, age 24 y 9m 26d, w/o J.M. Ricketts)


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