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Descendants of Benjamin COLLINS

 1   Benjamin COLLINS b: November 08, 1771 in Weare, Hillsborough Co., NH   d: November 1818 in Wayne Twp., Clermont Co., OH
..  +Sarah "Sally" // b: Abt. 1769  m: Abt. 1790 in Weare Twp., Hillsboro Co., NH d: February 20, 1856 in Clermont Co., Ohio
..... 2   Jane COLLINS b: December 03, 1791 in Weare Twp., Hillsboro Co., NH
..... 2   George COLLINS b: April 22, 1793 in Weare Twp., Hillsboro Co., NH
..... 2   Peter COLLINS b: March 14, 1795 in Weare Twp., Hillsboro Co., NH
..... 2   Edmund COLLINS b: October 06, 1796 in Weare Twp., Hillsboro Co., New Hampshire   d: 1862 in Wayne Twp., Clermont Co., Ohio Burial: Edenton, Clermont Co., OH
.........  +Hannah COLLINS b: Abt. 1801 in Virginia  m: November 07, 1819 in Warren Co., Ohio d: Abt. 1832 in Wayne Twp., Clermont Co., Ohio
.....  *2nd Wife of Edmund COLLINS:
.........  +Nancy RANDOLPH b: Abt. 1815  m: March 03, 1834 in Warren Co., OH d: Aft. 1863
..... 2   Amos Wood COLLINS b: July 11, 1798 in Weare Twp., Hillsboro Co., NH   d: February 1886 in Jay County, IN
.........  +Abigail "Abby" BENNETT b: Abt. 1803 in VA  m: December 10, 1819 in Warren Co., OH d: Abt. 1878 in Jay County, IN
..... 2   Eleanor COLLINS b: March 11, 1800 in Weare Twp., Hillsboro Co., NH
..... 2   John C. COLLINS b: October 27, 1803 in Weare Twp., Hillsboro Co., NH
..... 2   Benjamin COLLINS b: Abt. 1805
..... 2   James COLLINS b: Abt. 1807
..... 2   Judith COLLINS b: Abt. 1810
..... 2   Anne COLLINS b: Abt. 1812

Benjamin Collins is ultimately descended from another Benjamin Collins found of record in Salisbury, Massachusetts, November 5, 1668, when he was married to Martha Eaton, daughter of John and Martha (Snowlandson) Eaton, and granddaughter of John Eaton, the pioneer of Salisbury and Haverhill. After his death in 1818 Benjamin's widow, Sally, married Benjamin Smith on June 3, 1830.

 While excavating for the Willow Run Subdivision in Miami Township, Clermont County, Ohio some workers unearthed the gravestones of Benjamin Collins, Benjamin Smith and Sally.  Sally's stone said, "Sarah Smith, wife of Benjamin Smith and widow of Benjamin Collins, died Feb. 20, 1856 in the 84th year of her age."  Benjamin Collins' stone was broken in half, but the top portion said, "Benj. Collins, died Oct. 31, 1818;..." This appeared in The Valley Post, Thursday, December 14, 1978. The private cemetery was on land formerly owned by Benjamin Collins south of Ohio 131 off Wolfpen-Pleasant Hill Road.

The 1820 census has Jane Collins Stewart age 25-45 with her husband Hall Stewart, George Collins age 25-45, Peter Collins age 16-25 and Edmond Collins age16-25 and wife Hannah.  These were the four children who inherited land from Benjamin.

Benjamin's father, Benjamin Collins Sr. died at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in 1778 from wounds received at the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War. Benjamin Jr. was only 6 years old.  His mother, Elizabeth Page, must have remarried.

Last Will and Testament of Benjamin Collins 1818

Pleas held before the Honorable Joshua Collett Esquire president Judge and Alexander Blair, John Morris and Philip Gatch Esquires associate Judges of the Court of Common Pleas at the Court House in Williamsburgh for the County of Clermont at the Term of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Eighteen and of this State the Sixteenth.

This day the Will and Testament of Benjamin Collins late of this County deceased was produced in Court at the same time came Samuel Perrin and James Stuart two subscribing witnesses thereto who being duly sworn according to Law depose and say that they immediately at request and in the presence of the Testator and in the presence of each other signed their names as witnesses to said Will that the Testator the said Benjamin Collins in their presence signed acknowledged and published the same as his last Will and Testament and that they believed the said Testator to be of sound and disposing mind and memory at the time of signing  acknowledging and publishing the same whereupon ordered said will to be recorded.

Will to wit
In the name of God amen.  I Benjamin Collins of the State of Ohio and Clermont County being sound in mind and memory but being of a low state of health and knowing that all men must die for the benefit of my family do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as follows: first I desire to give up my body soul and spirit to God my creator redeemer and Saviour. secondly I give to my Daughter Jane wife of Hall Stuart about forty acres of Land a part of the tract I bought of Walter Dun laying in the north east corner begining at the original corner and running about sixty poles with Clark's line. nearly west thence south about 95 poles thence east about 61 poles to Starke's survey thence with Starke's line to the beginning to be his and her heirs forever.  Thirdly I give to my son George and his heirs forever about seventy five acres of land laying in the same tract of land I have given to my daughter provided he pays fifty dollars to me or my estate in one year from the date my will does bear the lines being all marked round running from Jane's northwest corner with Clark's line about 128 poles, thence south 85 poles thence 40 poles east thence south 17 poles thence east to Jane's line thence north with his sister Jane's line to the beginning.  fourthly I give to my son Peter and his heirs forever about sixty seven acres of Land laying in the same tract and bounded as follows.  Beginning at a blue ash south east corner to George's lot thence west 122 poles to three beech. thence north 92 poles to a beech. thence east 122 poles with Clark's line to a stake and stones. thence south 85 poles to the beginning. fifthly I give to my son Edmund and his heirs forever about seventy seven acres of Land Begining at the south west corner of George's Lot. thence south 80 poles. thence east 154 poles thence north with Starke's line 80 poles to the south east corner of Jane's Lot thence west 152 poles with Jane's and George's lines to the begining. Sixthly I give to my son Amos Twenty Dollars. Seventhly it is my will that my son [John] should be bound to a discreet man to learn the blacksmiths trade and I also give him Twenty Dollars.  Eightly I lend to my beloved wife Sally all the rest of my Land not disposed of during her natural life to raise our younger children and if need require in order to pay my debts she may sell and convey by Deed unto my son Peter a piece of the west end or rather north west corner in the fork of Wolf Pen Run and at her death that the land I lend her shall be divided equally between my two youngest sons Benjamin and James to be theirs and their Heirs forever.  Ninethly I give to my daughters Elenor Judith and Anne one hundred Dollars each as they arrive at the age of twenty-one years to be given them in such property as will be suitable for house keeping.  Tenthly it is my will and desire that my friend Samuel Perrin and my son Peter Collins do execute this my last Will and Testament and that all my just Debts be paid out of my personal property by them and money owing me be paid collected by them and aplied by them to the best advantage of my children and also my wife to enjoy the balance of my personal property during her life and at her death to be equally divided among my children or their heirs. There is about nine acres of Land laying on sugar camp run between theLand I have given to my son Edmond and Samuel Perrin that I do hereby authorise my Executors to sell and convey by Deed to my son Edmund  provided he will give three dollars and fifty cents per acre and make reasonable payment to my Executors and now I do hereby confirm and forever establish this to be my last Will and Testament revoking all other Wills. In testimony whereof I do hereby set my hand and affix my seal this first day of October one thousand eight hundred and Eighteen.
signed, sealed and         Benjamin Collins  (Seal)
acknowledged in
presence of
James Stuart
Samuel Perrin
Philip Gatch

On motion ordered that Letters Testamentary issue to Samuel Perrin and Peter Collins the Executors in said Will named on their entering into bond in Eleven Hundred Dollars with Andrew Megrue and Conduce Gatch their securities. Thereupon the said executors with their said securities entered into and acknowledged bond in eleven hundred dollars in open Court conditioned as the Law direct the said Executors took the oath required by Law.  The court further order the personal property of said Deceased be appraised and signed by Ambrose Ransom, Conduce Gatch and Zebina Williams under oath or affirmation.

* * * * * * *
Names listed on credits and debits:
David C Bryan;  Martin Marshall;  Cordrey & Babb;  Benjamin Kimble;  Joseph Cole

Inventory made 13 Feb 1819 by Ambrose Ransom, Conduce Gatch & Zebina Williams:

yoke of cattle $40          steer $16                cow $15                   cow & bell $16
horse $25                      4  sheep $8             loom $12                 waggon $60
parcel of barrels $5        wheel $1.50             churn $1                 saddle $10
horse gear $5                 lot  of tools $4.50     5 kettles $24            rifle gun $10
musket $8                     books $2.50             lot of castings $6      log chain $2
bed $12                        bed $10                   bed $8                      frow $1.56-1/4
chest $3                       shovel $7.50             plow $11                  plow $9
box of tacks .37-1/2      warming pan $3        hogshead $1             axe $1.50
scale beam .50  1/2       wheat fan $10           table & 4 chairs $6    cupboard & furniture $10
set of harrow teeth $4      cow $14                 tools: chisels augers etc. $10
grid iron, funnel, chopping knife & steel yards $1
half bushel & peck $1                                   fire bellows, shovel & tongs $2
Total $399.93-3/4

Collaborator on Benjamin's line of Collins: Audrey B. Morris, a descendant of Amos Wood Collins and Abigail Bennett, who in turn was descended from the old Jacob Collins & Mary Ellsworth line.

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