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Kezia Darwin Benton Curtis


Receipt Book

Both Items May Be Found At:
The California State Library
                                                             California History Room

Gold Rush Exhibit                                   

Passenger List for this voyage of the "Washington Irving":
From "The Maritime Heritage Project"

July 1: Ship Washington Irving, Plumer. 209 days from New York via Valparaiso 60 days. Assorted cargo to master. 30 passengers:

G.B. Walpole, E. Nichols, A.J. Lastler; T.B. Low; D. Low; S. Miller; E. Lavelle; Josephine Barnola; Anna Baner; Fanny A. Howard; Josephine Robinson; S.A. Rhodes; H.W. Keith; T.E. Broner (Might be Brouer); B. Phillips; T. Olsound; W. H. Perkins; E. Byram; J.H. Barclough; T.W. Robinson; J. Brown; S.T. Kesem (Might be Kesmn); T.J. Davenport; B. Curtis; K. Curtis; C. Krowley; Eliza Fulton

Postcard from 1935.  Store would have existed when the Curtis, Benton and Seeber Families lived in the area.