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608. Edward COFFEY (59) was born in 1670 in Ireland (Probably). He died before 1716. His will was made Feb. 14, 1716, proved 20 Nov. 1716 in Essex Co., VA

The first record of Edward Coffey in VA appears in the will of William Mosely, dated January 6, 1699 in which he gives to his "servant Ed. Coffe one heifer of 2 years old." The will was proved in Essex Co., VA April 16, 1700 and on September 10 of that year Edward Coffey received a judgement from the Mosely estate for his freedom, corn, and clothes.

Edward Coffey was likely transported to America during the Williamite Confiscation by Edward Mosely around 1690, or perhaps a few years later.

Edward Coffey is a witness to Thomas Powell's will of Sittingbourne Parish, Essex Co., VA. in which Thomas bequeathed 1 shilling to his daughter Ann Coffey.

Edward Coffey lived in St. Ann's Parish, Essex Co.,VA. In November, 1714, he sold part of his land (bought from Augustine Smith) on Occupation Creek to Thomas Warren. His wife , Ann Ester Powell, is a witness to this transaction. Edward died in 1716 and Ann died in 1744. After Edward's death his widow, Ann, married Robert Dulin and they had two sons .

Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 9, Essex Co VA Wills & Deeds 1714-1717 Page 339, Deed of Lease, dated 11 Nov. 1710 ( sic) Place Powell of St. Anne's Parish, Planter, leases for 99 years to Augustine Smith, Gentleman, 300 in the Parish of St. Marion in the County of Richmond, whereon George and William Procters now liveth. This land in the freshes of Pappa. River in the fork of Lambs Creek, and was formerly granted to Francis Place.

Lease and release, dated 10 and 11 Nov. 1714. Edward Coffey of St. Ann's Parish, Planter, sells John Barbee of the same parish for 5000 lbs. of "lawful sweet scented tobacco" 118 acres, which land Coffee bought of Augustine Smith and is on branches of Occupation Creek, adj. to land of Thomas Warren, on E. side of Chickahomony Path, the land of Col. Francis Gouldman "to corner red oak and white oak corner to Mr. Severley his Great Tract", etc. Signed Edward Coffey, Witnessed by Tho. Ramsey, Saml. Stallord, Robert Parker. Ann Coffey, wife of Edward, relic. her dower rights. Rec. 11 Nov. 1714.

Will of Edward Coffey - "being in bedd of sickness". Date d 14 Feb. 1715/16 - Probated 20 Nov. 1716. To two sons, John Coffey and Edward Coffey, all land to be divided equally , at 16 if their mother is dead, otherwise at 18 yrs. To daughter, Marther Coffey a cow at 16 or her mother's death. To son John a cow. To wife Ann Coffey the balance of persona l property. At her death to be divided equally between "my six children-John Coffey, Edward Coffey, Marther Coffey , Ann Coffey, Austes Coffey, Elizabeth Coffey." Signed Edward Coffey, Witnessed by Sam'll Edmondson and Thomety Seleven. Rec. 20 Nov 1716.
Inventory of Edward Coffey, was witnessed by James Edmonton , Will Taylor, Nicholas Faulconer.

Deed 16 July 1716. John Moseley, Planter, of St. Anns Parish sells John Coffee and Edward Coffee, Planters, of same Parish, for 6000 lbs. of tobacco, 200 acres commonly called Moseleys Quarters, in St. Anns Parish, on E. side of a branch of Occupation, a small branch of Gilsons, adj. land belonging to Mr. Matrum Wright and land formerly belonging to Tho Button. Signed John Moseley. Witnessed by Salvator Muscoe , John Staton, Peter Holland. Rec. 18 July 1716.

Early Immigrants to Virginia 1623-1666, and records of the land office in Richmond, VA lists the arrival of John Coffey there in 1637. The Coffey Cousins newsletter of March , 1993 indicated that John came to VA, perhaps as a crew me mber, maybe returning immediately to where ever he came from. Some researchers believe that this man was Edward's father, but no evidence has been found to support this theory.

F.S. Crosswhite, writing in the Coffey Cousins newsletters of Sep., and Dec., 1990, questions the supposed arrival of Edward Coffey in Virginia about 1690 as stated by L. H. C offey in his book Thomas Coffee and his Descendants. Also discussed is the 1699-1700 document in which Edward "Coffe " appears as a servant of Moseley. In this article he treats in detail the strange M-like mark which figures on the 1716 will of Edward. He had a vested interest in the plantation "_M_oseley's Quarter". The complete essay is reproduced in the CCC leaflets of Sep and Dec 1990.

Edward purchased land from Augustine Smith on Oct. 10, 1707 , in Essex Co., VA. Source: Coffey Cousins newsletter, Marc h, 1993.

On 11 Nov. 1714, Edward and wife Ann sold land to John Barb ee, land that Edward had bought from Augustine Smith on Occupatia Creek. Property contained 118 acres, and sold for 500 pounds of "lawful, sweet scented tobacco." Source: Coffey Cousins newsletter, March, 1993.

The Will of Edward Coffey

In the name of God Amen I Edward Coffeey being in bedd of sickness but in perfect sense and membry thanks bee to God I Edward Cofey do bequeath this to bee my last Will and Testament: - I leave all my land to my two suns John Cofey and Edward Cofey to be divided at 16 years of age if the mother of them be ded otherways att 18 years of age. I also give one cow and her increas to my daughter'Mariner Cofey at tye age of 16 or att her mothers deth also one cowe yerling to my sun John Cofey and her increas. All the tenables stock and bock I give to my wife Ann Cofey till her deth but if she marys then every one of my children to have their parts as they come of age, and after ye deces of my wife all tenables to be equall divided between my six children John Cofey, Edward Cofey, farther Cofey, Ann Cofey, Austes Cofey and Elizabeth Cofey.
As witness my hand and seall this 14th day of Febry 1715/6.

Samuel Edmondson Edward X Coffey
Themethy Seleven Mark

At a court held for Essex County on Tuesday ye 20th day of Novr 1716s The above last Will and Testament of Edward Coffey deed, was presented & proved by the oath of Ann Coffey his wife & Exex. therin named & also by ye oaths of Samuel Edmondson and Timothy Seleven the evidences thereto & is ordered to be recorded & is recorded.

Tes. Thomas Herman DC Cur.
Essex County Virginia Deeds & Wills # 14, page 669.

Edward COFFEY and Anne POWELL were married about 1699 in Essex Co., VA.

The Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, Virginia, page 58, cites their record of marriage is contained in Book D&W 10, page 75.

There is no proof of parentage of Edward. A myth has exploded onto the internet that a John Coffey and Mary Joliffe (variously spelled), are his parents, but no documentation has yet appeared in any of these reports. More information concerning this myth is given below.

Following Edward's death, Ann Powell Coffey married a Mr. Dooling and had several more children.

Some sources for additional information are: CC (Coffey Cousins) newsletter, Mar. 1993; Dec. 1995; Dec. 1996; Karen D . Utley, 1442 Rawson t., Sanger CA 93657; Bettie Albright , 15 Many Ln., Black Mountain, NC 8711; Jessie Coffey, 510 Westview Ave., Lockland, OH 45215 103575.2667@compuserve. com)

On 18 July 1716, Edward and John Coffey, sons of Edward, purchased 200 acres from John Mosley of Essex Co., Mosley's Quarters, for 8000 lbs. of tobacco. Source: Coffey Cousins newsletter of March, 1993.

14 Feb 1716: Edward writes will. 20 Nov: Wills to John, Edw ard, Marther, Ann, Annister, Elizabeth, and his wife Ann, l and, cows, etc. The bond listed Thomas Graves as one of those involved in bonding of wife Ann as administratrix. Land to sons if 16 and mother dead, or 18 if mother living. No mention of which one had to be 16/18, may have been twins . Date is evidently date of filing the will. Source: Coffey Cousins newsletter, March, 1993. Will is recorded in Essex Co., VA Will and Deed Book 14, page 669, dated Nov. 20, 1 716. See also the Index to Wills and Administrations, Library of Virginia, Deeds and Wills No. 14, 1711-1716, Reel 6 , page 689-690.

The John Coffee - Mary Jolliffee - Rebecca Ireland Myth

In 1960 George C. Greer published his reference, Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666. In that work, Greer wrote that John Coffee came to Virginia in 1637 as the indentured servant of one Nicholas Hill.

In 1969, Nell M. Nugent, in her work, Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Vols. I-I II, transcribed the same information, but recorded the name as John Coffin or John Scoffin.

Marvin Coffey, in his work of 1984, James Bluford Coffey, His Ancestors and Descendants in America, wrote that he went to the original records, and found that Nugent had copied the name correctly; e.g., Coffin in one place, and what a ppears to be Scoffin in another. Marvin observed that whatever the name, it is not Coffee or Coffey!

Many Coffee/Coffey genealogists have accepted that John found in Greer's work was the earliest Coffee in America. Some researchers have given him a wife, often two wives; either Mary Jolliffe or Rebecca Ireland.

Records found, in York Co., VA, mention a William Ireland , in that county from 1633-1648. And, there is a John Jolliffee in Nansemone and Isle of Wight counties in 1653 (see Nugent). But, after all of the research, by literally hundreds of Coffee/Coffey researchers over several decades, no one has related any credible evidence that 1) there was a John Coffee/Coffey in that time frame, and 2) that a Mary Jolliffee or Rebecca Ireland ever existed.

Edward is first found mentioned in the 1699 will of William Mosely. The will was proved in Essex Co., VA on April 16 , 1700, and in September, 1700 Edward received his "freedom , corn, and clothes" from the Mosely estate. Mosley transported many indentured persons to Virginia from about 1660 until the 1690's. Edward was likely one of his servants.

Edward Coffee/Coffey remains as our earliest known ancestor in America.

Prior to his death, Dr. Marvin Coffey revisited the Edward Coffey/Mary Jolliffee question at my request (jkcoffee) . He followed up with the this information:

Peter Rigllesworth had a will in which he mentions a daughter Mary. It has been said that this Mary married John Jolliffe but I have seen no record to substantiate it. John Jolliffe appears in the deed records of Nansemond and Isle of Wight cos., VA in 1653 and in Lower Norfolk co. in 1661, the latter being just a renewal of the patent of 1653. I have not yet seen a list of John's children or that he had a dau. named Mary, but I think it likely he did.

The record of a John Coffee(y) arriving in Elizabeth City co. VA in 1637 with a patentee being Nicholas Hill was misread as the original record clearly says "Coffin". I have found no Coffee(y), John or otherwise in early or middle 1600 s in Elizabeth City co., Norfolk co. or any closely surrounding ones, except for a John Coffe(?) on an inquisition or jury in Surry co. in 1669. There was also in the same county an Anthony Koffey(?) on a jury in 1654 and a John Coffer in 1665. The ? after the first two names is not mine, it is of the person recording it from some original. It indicates that this person couldn't read it and was guessing at the spelling. There is also a John Coffin in Isle of Wight co. in 1697 and several Coffers, inclcuding a John about this time.

Going further north in Virginia the records of Northumberland and Lancaster cos. have several Coffins, Coffers and Coffee(y)s in the mid to late 1600s and early 1700s. None of these seems to be a John except a John Coffin or Coffins in 1669-70. In the early 1700s we find Edward Coffee(y) in Essex co. and later his sons John & Edward, Jr. in Spotsylvania and other counties.

In sum I have seen nothing to demonstrate that there was a John Coffee(y) in the area where this Jolliffe family lived or a Mary who married a John Coffee(y). If anyone should have any further records on this matter I would appreciate them corresponding with me as I would like to solve this problem. Finally, it should be noted that even if there were a Mary Jolliffe-John Coffey marriage there seems to be no connection with Edward in Essex co. who was most likely an immigrant and indentured servant, and not a son of some Coffey already in Virginia.

Anne POWELL (daughter of Thomas POWELL and Mary PLACE) was born between 1683 and 1685 in Essex Co., VA. She died bet ween Oct 1744 and Dec 1744 in Essex Co., VA.
Ann's will was made 30 Oct., and proved 18 Dec. 1744 at St . Anne's Parish, Essex Co., VA. See The Virginia Genealogis t, Vol. 14, pages 14, 15, and 17.

The History of the Powell Families of Virginia and the South by Rev. Fr. Silas Emett Lucas, Jr., 1969, contains some information on the Thomas Powell family, but is limited inaccurate information about the family of Ann Powell and Edward Coffey.

After Edward's death, Ann married a Mr. Dulin (Duling?), and had several more children. The following is a copy of her will, extracted from Essex County Wills, 1743-1747.

Pages 232-34. Will of Ann Duling of the County of Essex in the Parish of St. Ann's, being very sick, dated 30 Oct. 1 744.

To my son William Duling one feather bed and furniture which he now hath in his possession.

To my daughter Annisters Coffe one feather bed and furniture which I now have in the house and one brown heifer and also one spotted heifer unto her son James Coffe. Also one dish and two basons unto my daughter Annisters Coffe, also helfe the corn that is made on my plantation this year and one pott and one frying pan and one water pail, also one chist, my least chist, also five head of hogs.

To my son Thomas Duling one feather bed and furniture which he now hath in his possession, and one gray hors and one cow and yearling.

All the remainder of my estate to be equally devided amongst all my children herein not bequeathed.

My son William Duling and my daughter Annisters Coffe executor and executrix.

Ann (A) Duling

Wit: Wm. Taylor, William Dobson.

18 Dec. 1744. Presented in Court by Annister Coffe, esecutrix, and William Duling executrix <sic>. Proved by both the witnesses.

Pages 234-35. Bond of Annister Coffee and executrix of Ann Duling. For £500 sterling. 18 Dec. 1744. Securities, William Duling and Robt. Farmer.

Annister (A) Coffee
Wm. Duling
Robert Farmer

18 Dec. 1744. Acknowledged.

Pages 254-55. Ann Duling. Incentory. No total valuation.

Nathl. Fogg
John Garnett
Joel Halbert

Signed by William Duling and Ann Ester (A) Coffey, executor s.

19 Feb. 1744 (1745). Returned He was married to Ann POWELL.

609. Ann POWELL was born in 1683 or 1685 in Essex County, Virginia. She died in 1744 in Essex County, Virginia. Children were:

child304 i. John COFFEY.
child ii. Edward COFFEY.
child iii. Martha COFFEY.
child iv. Annister COFFEY.
child v. Austes COFFEY.
child vi. Elizabeth COFFEY.