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Badstuber in old German handwriting The Badstuber Family: From Württemberg to Ohio





Frank Joseph



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Knöpfler in old German handwriting
Franz Joseph Knöpfler (1809-1892)
Maria Anna Knöpfler (1847-1896)

Franz Joseph Knöpfler was born on 9 July 1809 in Tettnang, Württemberg, the son of Anton Knöpfler (1760-1812) and his second wife Viktoria Bernhard (1775-1849). Anton Knöpfler (and the Knöpfler family) was originally from neighboring Bodnegg, son of Franz Xaver Knöpfler and Ester Heine. It was here that Anton's father entered the tanning trade, probably in the late 1750s.(1)

Franz Joseph Knöpfler in Winterstetten Familienbuch

SOURCE: Franz Joseph Knöpfler/Maria Theresia Ehrle Familie, Winterstetten Familienbuch, Standesamt Leutkirch im Allgäu, received October 2007.

Anton was a "Rothgerber" by profession, a specific kind of tanner known for working with tannin sources that turned red, hence the name. Franz Joseph also took up the profession.

Tettnang and Meckenbeuren and vicinity

Tettnang, Meckenbeuren and vicinity

SOURCE: Third Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary, Sheet 27-48, Konstanz. Online; downloaded 15 Dec 2007.

Franz Joseph married Maria Theresia Ehrle, a native of nearby Brochenzell, in the local Catholic church. The date of the marriage was 24 November 1836 (according to the Familienbuch) although the IGI lists the date as 24 October 1836. The parish record confirms that the extract from the Familienbuch is correct and the IGI is in error. The date clearly says “24ten 9ber 1836” with the middle term as a substitute for November (see date excerpted from record at the right).

Franz Joseph Knöpfler/Maria Theresia Ehrle marriage Knöpfler/Ehrle marriage date

SOURCE: Kirchenbuch, 1668-1900, Katholische Kirche Brochenzell (Ettenkirch), Taufen 1808-1884 Heiraten 1808-1900 Tote 1808-1898 Familienregister ab 1860 Familienregister ab 1808, Franz Joseph Knöpfler/Maria Theresia Ehrle (1836); FHL microfilm 1,044,423.

After their marriage, they moved to Winterstetten near Leutkirch im Allgäu as confirmed by the birth of their oldest son, Maximillian, on 7 Oct 1837. Franz Joseph and Maria Theresia had more children, all born in Winterstetten:

Joseph Anton b. 12 Oct 1838
Karolina b. 30 Oct 1839
Viktoria b. 19 Oct 1841 d. 25 May 1842
Genovefa b. 18 Jan 1843
Fridolin b. 2 Mar 1844

Winterstetten area, Württemberg

Winterstetten, Hinznang and Leutkirch im Allgäu

SOURCE: 3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary, Sheet 28-48, Ulm, Online; downloaded 15 Dec 2007.

Maria Anna Knöpfler, the wife of Frank Karl Badstuber and mother of the Badstuber children, was the youngest child of the family. She was born on 4 Dec 1847 and baptised in the Catholic parish in Hinznang on the next day, Dec 5th.

Maria Anna Knöpfler birth and baptism: Hinznang parish records

Maria Anna Knöpfler birth and baptismal record, Hinznang

SOURCE: Kirchenbuch, 1733-1900, Katholische Kirche Hinznang (Winterstetten), Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1812-1900, Maria Anna Knöpfler (1847); FHL microfilm 1,046,230.

Maria Theresia Ehrle Knöpfler died ten years before her husband on 8 Apr 1882. The Hinznang parish records give her age as 66 years, 9 months, and 17 days. The cause of death was “Lungenentzündung u[nd]. Altersschwäche” meaning pneumonia and either senility or weakness due to old age.

Maria Theresia Ehrle Knopfler death record
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SOURCE: Kirchenbuch, 1733-1900, Katholische Kirche Hinznang (Winterstetten), Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1812-1900, Maria Theresia Knöpfler (geb. Ehrle) death (1882); FHL microfilm 1,046,230.

Entries in family registers for the Knöpfler family exist today in both Leutkirch and Meckenbeuren. Due to additional entries for the children's marriages and deaths in the Meckenbeuren register, it is probable that the family returned to the Meckenbeuren area from Winterstetten later, presumably after Maria Theresia Ehrle Knöpfler's death in 1882.

In Meckenbeuren, on 28 Apr 1892, Maximillian Knöpfler, who was also a "Gerber" like his father, reported his father's (Franz Joseph) death in the nearby town of Reute on the preceding day, 27 Apr 1892. Maximillian Knöpfler himself died in Reute on 11 May 1900.


1 There is a document in the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg (dated 1759-1764) described as such: Gesuch des Xaver Knöpfler, Sattler zu Rosenharz, um Genehmigung der Ausübung des Gerberhandwerks. I have yet to confirm that Franz Xaver Knöpfler, Franz Joseph's grandfather, lived in Rosenharz near Bodnegg.

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