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Badstuber in old German handwriting The Badstuber Family: From Württemberg to Ohio




Johann Kantius




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Gegenbauer in old German handwriting
Johann Kantius Gegenbauer (1773-1851)
Ursula Maria Gegenbauer (1807-1873)

Johann Kantius Gegenbauer was born on 17 Oct 1773 in Herlazhofen, Württemberg, the son of Franz Joseph Gegenbauer and his second wife [Maria] Victoria Rimmel. His name is variantly spelled “Kanzius” or “Cantius” and his surname is also spelled either with or without the third “e” (Gegenbauer or Gegenbaur).

Herlazhofen and vicinity, Württemberg

Herlazhofen and vicinity, Württemberg

SOURCE: 3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary, Sheet 28-48, Ulm, Online; downloaded 2 Jul 2008.

Johann Kantius married Maria Elisabetha Merk, also of Herlazhofen, and the daughter of Franz Joseph Merk and Franziska Natter. Elisabetha was born 18 Oct 1787 in Herlazhofen. They were married at the Catholic church in Herlazhofen on 23 Nov 1806. Their oldest daughter and wife of Alois Badstuber, Maria Ursula Gegenbauer, was born on 21 Oct 1807 in Herlazhofen.

Johann Kantius Gegenbauer in Herlazhofen Familieregister

Johann Kantius Gegenbauer - Herlazhofen Familieregister

SOURCE: Kirchenbuch, 1600-1900, Katholische Kirche Herlazhofen, Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1784-1893 Familienregister ab 1808, FHL microfilm 1,046,237.

Elisabetha Merk Gegenbauer preceded her husband in death on 3 Jan 1837 in Herlazhofen. Johann Kantius lived another eleven years, dying on 9 Nov 1851 in Herlazhofen from Altersschwäche meaning “weakness of old age.”

Ursula Gegenbauer Badstuber in the Herlazhofen Familieregister

SOURCE: Alois Badstuber/Ursula Gegenbauer Familie, Herlazhofen Familieregister, Standesamt Leutkirch im Allgäu, received October 2007.

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