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Badstuber in old German handwriting The Badstuber Family: from Wurttemberg to Ohio


Frank Karl






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Frank Karl Badstuber (1849-1929)

Frank Karl BadstuberFrank (Franz) Karl Badstuber arrived in New York aboard the ship “Rhein” on 15 May 1885 that sailed from Bremen, Germany, stopping also in Southampton, England. His name was spelled incorrectly in the ship's passenger list; he was listed as “Franz Badshuber.” He left his wife, Maria Anna Knöpfler Badstuber, and his children in the village of Immenried, a small village in Württemberg, that is now part of the larger community of Kisslegg. He is described briefly in the Immenried Familienbuch as a “Taglöhner des Burgerrechts durch Ertheilung erworben Staatsangehörigkeit Württemberg durch Abstammung” which translates as a “laborer whose citizenship rights and nationality are in Württemberg through his ancestry.”

Frank Karl Badstuber was born on 17 Feb 1849 in Spitzenrain, just outside the village of Herlazhofen, to Alois Badstuber (a farmer) and his wife, Ursula Gegenbauer Badstuber. He was baptised in the Catholic church at Herlazhofen that same day.

Frank Karl Badstuber baptism / Herlazhofen parish register

Frank Karl Badstuber birth and baptismal record, Herlazhofen

SOURCE: Kirchenbuch, 1600-1900, Katholische Kirche Herlazhofen (OA. Leutkirch), Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1784-1893 Familienregister ab 1808, Frank Carl [Karl] Badstuber (1849); FHL microfilm 1,046,237.

Frank Karl and Maria Anna Knöpfler were married on 5 May 1874. This date was recorded in two related sources: the civil family register for Immenried and the church family register for Immenried parish. Presumably this date would have been initially recorded in the latter and then copied to the former. The Immenried Familienbuch records that the marriage took place in Immenried, indicated with the word “hier” listing the date above. The church family register lists no place for the marriage. The Herlazhofen Familienbuch from Frank Karl's home parish simply says Hinznang 1874 in the space for recording the children's marriages. However, no marriage was recorded in Hinznang parish in 1874. The Winterstetten Familienbuch for Maria's home parish gives Frank's full name as her groom and the only the year, 1874, and no place for the marriage.(1) Since marriage registers for Immenried parish available through the Family History Library only run from 1880 to 1900, there is no primary source to corroborate this date.

However, one secondary source does seem to confirm marriage in Immenried. This also answers the question of how Frank Karl and Maria Anna ended up living in Immenried when they came from Herlazhofen and Winterstetten respectively. It is noted in the Winterstetten Familienbuch that one of Maria's older brothers, Fridolin Knöpfler, married Paulina Wetzel, a native of Immenried, also in 1874. Fridolin and Paulina Knöpfler's entry in the Immenried Church family register indicate a date of marriage of 5 May 1874. Their entry was penned by the same hand who added the entry for Frank Karl and Maria Anna. In both these entries, no place is entered for the marriage. Since they were entered in the Immenried parish records, Immenried may be considered the implied place of marriage unless otherwise stated. It begs the question as to why Frank Karl and Maria Anna would not have married in her home parish of Hinznang. It is possible that Frank and Maria could not afford their own wedding and chose instead to have a double ceremony with Maria's brother in his bride's home parish.

Map of Immenried, Kisslegg and vicinity

Immenried, Kisslegg and vicinity

SOURCE: Third Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary, Sheet 28-48, Ulm, Online; downloaded 15 Dec 2007.

Frank Karl and Maria Anna had eight children: seven sons and one daughter, two of whom died in infancy.

Max b. 29 Jan 1873
Fridolin b. 10 Feb 1875 d. 20 Feb 1875
Franz Xaver b. 25 Feb 1876
Adelheid b. 15 Oct 1877
Franz Josef b. 24 May 1879
Fridolin b. 19 Aug 1880
Alois b. 24 Sept 1881 d. 5 Feb 1882
Georg* b. 21 Apr 1884
*see below concerning Georg

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SOURCE: Franz Karl Badstuber/Maria Anna Knöpfler Familie, Immenried Familieregister, Standesamt Kißlegg, Baden-Württemberg, received September 2007.

It appears that Frank's desire to emigrate may stem from a strained marriage. The baptismal record for Maria's last child, born in 1884, whose name is entered in Latin as Joannes Georgius (i.e. Johann Georg) only lists his mother (“Mütter: M. Anna Badstuber”) and does not identify Frank Karl as the baby's father. While this is clear in the parish records, the Immenried Familienbuch (visible through the above link) makes no indication of this fact. The possibly unsettled family life at home combined with the better prospects of employment in the U.S. undoubtedly influenced Frank Karl's decision to emigrate.

Even though Frank Karl arrived in the United States in 1885, his first appearance in the Cleveland directory is not until the 1887/88 issue. He was employed as a laborer and resided at 1027 Payne Avenue, which according to Sanborn Fire Insurance maps from 1886, was located near the intersection of Payne and Lyman Street (E. 41st Street today). It is possible Frank may have come directly to Cleveland, although there was no specific destination listed with him on the ship's passenger list. It is not known specifically why Frank Karl chose to settle in Cleveland, although the area's industrial economy was booming, attracting immigrants from all over Europe, in addition to Cleveland's already sizeable German population.

Frank Karl Badstuber listing in 1887/88 Cleveland City Directory

SOURCE: Cleveland City Directory for the year ending July 1887. Cleveland, Ohio: The Cleveland Directory Publishing Company, 1886, page 45; consulted December 2007

Frank Karl Badstuber naturalization Frank obviously intended to stay in Cleveland as is evident when he filed his first papers for naturalization on 20 Jun 1891. Only one year later, the first of his children began to join him in Cleveland. His son 19-year old son Max arrived in 1892, followed in 1893 by his 17-year old son Frank Xavier and his 14-year old son Frank Joseph. His daughter Adelheid arrived last in 1898. Frank Karl became a naturalized citizen in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on 2 Nov 1893.
Frank Karl Badstuber naturalization papers
SOURCE: Cuyahoga County Archives

Back in Germany, Maria Anna Badstuber died relatively young. She had been working as a housekeeper (Haushälterin) in the home of a farmer named Xaver Sigg in Hub, near Wiggenreute. He reported her death on the second of October 1896 as having taken place the previous day (1 Oct) at “Abends um sieben einhalb Uhr” (6:30 PM)

Snippet from Maria Anna Badstuber's death certificate, Wiggenreute, Württemberg.

SOURCE: Sterbeurkunde, Hub (Gmd. Wiggenreute); Maria Anna Badstuber geb. Knöpfler (1896). Standesamt Kißlegg; received November 2007.

Frank Karl Badstuber appears in the 1900 Census living at 94 Auburn Street with his daughter and sons, Max and Frank Joseph, although their surname is misspelled as "Bachstuver". He was employed as a teamster.

Badstuber family, 1900 Census, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

SOURCE: 1900 U.S. Census, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, population schedule, Cleveland City, Ward 38, enumeration district (ED) 182, supervisor's district (SD) 19, sheet 1, dwelling 7, family 9, 'Bachstuver' (i.e. Badstuber) household; digital image, FamilySearch Labs ( : accessed 1 Jan 2008); citing National Archives microfilm publication T623, roll 1259. Note: all four of the birthdates entered are incorrect.
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After his son Max remarried in 1901, Frank Karl took up residence on Willett Street and later Alum Avenue. His address became 3164 W 61st Street after Cleveland's street renaming/renumbering of 1906. He appears to have lived in rented houses since, in contrast to sons Max and Frank Joseph, Frank Karl never purchased any property in Cuyahoga County. There is no record or any real estate transactions for him found through the Cuyahoga County Recorder.

Frank Karl is missing from both the 1910 and 1920 U.S. Federal Census. His appearance in Cleveland City directories is more frequent, but still sporadic and noticeably absent directly around census years. When he is listed, his occupation is "teamster" except in one directory where he was listed as a "barnman". Because of a robbery at his place of employment in 1920, we know that Frank was employed at Blumenstock & Reid wholesale butchers on W. 65th. As reported in the Plain Dealer, he was present when four armed men surprised and robbed the company office on the night of December 14th.

“The quartet entered the place last night and confronted Frank Badstubber, 68, of 3171 W. 63d street, barnman, in a room adjoining the office. Badstubber tried to escape through a rear door, but was captured and backed into a corner. Badstubber dropped his wallet containing $50 in the corner behind him. The holdup men search him, found no money, and while one man stood guard over him the other three switched off the lights and entered the office.”(2)

The last time Frank appeared in Cleveland city directories was the 1923 issue, now living with his son Max Badstuber at 7412 Halle Ave. Also appearing in that same directory were Frank Karl's eldest granddaughters: Esther and Ruth (daughters of Frank J.), and Martha and Louise (daughters of Max).

Badstubers in 1923 Cleveland City Directory

SOURCE: Cleveland City Directory 1923. Cleveland, Ohio: The Cleveland Directory Publishing Company.

Frank Karl Badstuber died of cancer on 13 Nov 1929 at Cleveland City Hospital and his son Max was the informant on his death certificate. Frank Karl Badstuber was buried in West Park Cemetery on 15 Nov 1929 in the lot he now shares with Max and daughter-in-law Lisette.

Badstuber stone, West Park Cemetery, Cleveland

Badstuber grave, West Park Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio
Section 14, lot 370
Photographed April 2007


1 He is listed as “Franz Carl Badstuber ledig v. [von] Spitzenrain.” SOURCE: Winterstetten Familienbuch Franz Joseph Knöpfler/Maria Theresia Ehrle family. Photocopied received in 2007 from Standesamt Leutkirch im Allgäu, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

2 "Theives take $174, overlook $2,000 nearby: overpower two employes, rifle office of wholesale butchers." Cleveland Plain Dealer, 14 December 1920, pg. 1, col. 2; digital image, ( : accessed January 2010); Frank's name is misspelled "Badstubber" and his age is incorrectly given as 68, when he was 71. Frank is listed as a "barnman" in the 1920/21 Cleveland city directory

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