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Missouri Obituaries

Contributed by Chris Boyce.

Adda Willis Guiler Killingsworth
Born Sept 7, 1869, Noble, OH
Daughter of William P. and Mary E. Guiler. Married Dec 31, 1891 to Charley C. Killingsworth (he died Jan 4, 1905). Children: Mrs. Elizabeth Hargis, Mrs. Blanche Jenni, Olind, Leonard. 3 died previously.

Alaine M. Killingsworth, 88
Died Oct 19, 1995, native of Willard.
Husband William Penn died in 1960. Infant daughter Flora Sue Killingsworth, deceased.

Alice B. Killingsworth
Died Mar 7, 1948 Greenfield, MO.
Daughter Mrs. Altie Bourls, sons Anis F., Tom, Oliver E., Dee, Leslie G. and Ted.

Alvin S. Killingsworth, 57
Died Oct 7, 1908.
Wife Nancy; sons Earl, Victor and Ja?; daughter Sylvia; brothers Thomas and Sam.

Dr. Anderson Blake Killingsworth
Sept 29, 1869 Cedar Co., MO - Jan 6, 1949 Dade Co., MO
Wife Cora Pyle, father Robert Killingsworth, mother Mary Hembree.

B.D. Killingsworth, 69
Ash Grove, MO. - Nov 17, 1994 Springfield, MO.
Survivors: wife Dorothy; daughters Linda Nelson, Annie Hudnall and Nina Pearson; son Terry L. Moore; brothers Jim, Clark and Don Killingsworth; sister Helen Pringle and Lucy Cocciarella.

Miss Bessie Killingsworth, 80
Died in Nevada July 1, 1960.
Survived by sister Mrs. Maude Collier.

Charolette Francis Killingsworth Weldon, 80
? 14, 1918 Seminole, OK - Apr 6, 1999 Dallas, TX.
Parents George and Mary Etta (Spurr) Killingsworth. Husband preceeded in death. Survivors: sons Mike Weldon and Barry Weldon; brother John Killingsworth; sisters Margaret Burns and George Etta Emerson.

Clay Bell Killingsworth
Oct 21, 1872 Arcola, MO - Sept 28, 1957 Colorado Springs, CO.
Married Ethel Williams 1901 Florence, CO. Survivors: daughter Mrs. P.D. Goss; brothers Olma V., Chester and Ray. Wife died in 1943.

Clyde Killingsworth
Feb 5, 1880 Dade Co., MO - Aug 14, 1943 Greenfield, MO.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Killingsworth. Married in 1913, Miss Mollie Dickerson. Sons: Kyle, Willard, Jack and Andrew.

Dena Killingsworth, 97
Newton, MO - Jan 17, 1994 Greene Co., MO.
Survivors: daughter Helen Fishwick, sisters Erma Forward and Byrtha Harryman, brother Edgar Carr. Daughter Wilma Cox died Nov 1990.

Earl Killingsworth, 65
Died Apr 20, 1957 Springfield.
Wife Dena survives; daughters Mrs. Wilma Cox, Mrs. Helen Barnes; brother Arby; sister Mrs. Leta Beltof.

Mrs. Elsie Mae Killingsworth
Died day son Samuel born, Apr 24, 1945.
Husband Ted, daughter Patricia and son Samuel. Parents Mr. and Mrs. Sam Read

Ena Killingsworth, 86
Died Feb 2, 1993 Warsaw, MO.

Mrs. Etta Lee Killingsworth, 80
Died Nov 20, 1962 Branson, MO.
Survivors: sons Blaine, Floyd, Wilfred, Emmett; daughters Mrs. Muriel Chaney and Mrs. Martha Burner; 2 half brothers Harris and Charlie Dickey, Calvin.

Eva M. Killingsworth
Sept 7, 1866 - Apr 26 1896.
Buried Cedar Gap Cemetery. Daughter of Robert W. and Mary Killingsworth.

Floyd D. Killingsworth
Died Nov 12, 1964 Clever, MO.

Fora Killingsworth Gramtham, 90
Died Sept 21, 1985 Walnut Grove, MO, native of Harold.
Sons Si, Gene, Roy; daughter Sue Jones; sisters Bernice King and Minta Renshaw; brother George Killingsworth.

Gary Killingsworth
Died Dec 29, 1950 - 8 mo old.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Killingsworth of Freeport TX.

Mrs. Genevieve Davis Killingsworth, 79
Died Nov 25, 1975 in Denver.
Survivors - daughter Mrs. Frances Manning.

Geraldine Louise Killingsworth
June 30, 1918 in Fargo, ND - July 23, 1976 Palo Alto, Santa Clara, CA.
Parents Alpheus Wise and Marguerite Kemerer. Surviving spouse Oley R. Killingsworth (death certificate). Mother of Sharon Diane Killingsworth, Kristine June Flemate.

Gertrude R. "Trudy" Killingsworth, 71
Kansas City, KS - Oct 8, 1996 in Kansas City, KS.
Married 46 years to Ancel E. Killingsworth. Daughters Rita Bell, Gail Jeffries; sisters Florence Mason and Helen Price.

Green Beery Killingsworth
May 24, 1870 Dade Co. - July 11, 1952 North Platte, NE.
Son of R.N. and Martha Martin Killingsworth. Married in 1891 to Ivor Henderson who died 1907. Married Dora Morrison in 1910, she died 1938. Surviving children: Mrs. Belva Means, J. Floyd, Mrs. Opal Wall, Mrs. Anna Bansay, Carl, Orvid B. Geneva White, another daughter deceased.

Mrs. G.B. Killingsworth (Dora Morrison)
Mar 3, 1871 Greenfield, MO - Oct 4, 1938.
Daughter of Albert L. and Annetta Morrison. Married May 19, 1909.

Mrs. Hallie Killingsworth (Ethel Wilkerson)
Born Apr 28, 1898
Daughter of Sherman and Etta Wilkerson; married Hallie, Feb 25, 1921. Children: Wilbert, Waymeth, Vinnita, Velva and infant son. One child died as infant.

Harvey T. Killingsworth
Died Aug 18, 1954 Greenfield, MO.
Wife Jane; sons Earl, Keith, Fay; daughter Mrs. Gladys Alexander.

Harvey T. Killingsworth, 76
Died Aug 18, 1954 near Greenfield, MO.
Survivors: wife Jane; sons Earl, Keith, Faye; daughter Mrs. Gladys Alexander; brother Horace; stepdaughter Mrs. Frances Query.

Herman Killingsworth
Sept 12, 1911 - Feb 9, 1997 Kansas City, MO.

Horace Killingsworth
Sept 25, 1875 - Sept 20, 1957.
Married Ella Harris, Feb 1904. Daughters: Myrtie Aven, Lucille Scott, Maxine Procter.

Horace Killingsworth, 82
Died Sept 25, 1957 Dade Co., MO.
Survivors: wife Ella; daughters Mrs. Myrtie Aven, Mrs. Lucille Scott, Mrs. Maxine Procter.

Killingsworth infant.
Stillborn, Aug 15, 1935, Dade Co.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Killingsworth.

Killingsworth infant
Born and died Jan 1, 1950 Greenfield, MO
Parents Guy Killingsworth (born Wellington, KS) and Oletha Leona Lovely (born Dade Co., MO).

Jack Killingsworth, 76
Died Aug 19, 1972 Springfield.
Survived by wife Bernice; daughter Mrs. Byron (Janice) Marsh and son Jack C. Killingsworth.

Jack Killingsworth, 74
Died Aug 19, 1972 Springfield.
Former sherriff of Polk Co., MO

Jo Anne Killingsworth, 49
Springfield - Dec 13, 1992 Springfield.
Survivors: husband John, sons Andy, Shannon, mother Broxie Ott.

Joseph Marion Killingsworth
Dade Co., MO, - Mar 18, 1933 near Ernest.
77 yr. 4 mos 24 days. Father Joseph born in TN; mother ?Barnett born TN; married Susie.

Lucille V. Killingsworth Gumm, 66
Nameoki, IL. - Dec 16, 1993 in Kansas City, MO. Survivors: sons Gary Gumm, Danny Jones and Benny Tush; daughter Beverly Thomas; brothers Virgil, Orville and Ancel Killingsworth; sisters Sylvia Hall, Lillian Stephens.

Lucy B. Killingsworth
Aug 25, 1869 Dade Co., MO - Mar 7, 1948 Greenfield, MO.
Husband George W. Killingsworth, father John Owings, mother Charity Ann.

Muriel Killingsworth Chaney, 91
Aug 20, 1899 Harold, MO - Aug 9, 1991 Branson.
Survivors: husband Homer, son Donald, brothers Wilford, Emmett Killingsworth, brother Ward Chaney.

O.N. Killingsworth
Died Sept 13, 1941 in Delaware, OK.

Oley Ray Killingsworth
June 13, 1913 CA - Apr 24, 1997 Palo Alto, Santa Clara, CA.
Parents William Ostin Killingsworth and Maud Marie Carter (death certificate). Father of Sharon Killingsworth and Kristine Lewis.

Olind Killingsworth, 85
Died July 5, 1977 in Ash Grove, Greene, MO.
Daughters Thora Frieze and Thelma Lee Rountree, son Calvin.

Ralph Killingsworth, 57
Died Aug 11, 1963.

Robert W. Killingsworth
Feb 8, 1838 Murray Co., TN - May 26, 1899.
Wife Mary Feb 16, 1836 - Feb 4, 1925. Obit in Cedar Republican, Missouri.

Ruby Killingsworth Gomez, 65
Grant City, MO - Raymore, Cass Co., KS.
Survivors: son Felix E. Gomez: daughters Cecelia Briones, Linda Barker, Phyllis Clutter; brothers Pleas, Edward, Kenny Kay, Benjamin, Bill and Bobbie Killingsworth; sisters Annabell Looney and Katheryn Bowman.

Serena Elizabeth Lemaster Killingsworth
Apr 25, 1850 Cedarville, Dade, MO - Dec 30, 1935 Greenfield, MO
Married William Killingsworth, Apr 9, 1868. Children: Oscar, Harry, Mrs. Maude Collier, Miss Bessie Killingsworth, two died as infants.

Mrs. Stella May Killingsworth, 92
Sept 22, 1895 Andrews, MO - Oct 29, 1977 Phoenix, AZ.
Sons Rev. O.W. Killingsworth and Cotis Killingsworth, daughter Mae Marshall

Mrs. Susie Martin Killingsworth, 83
Born and died Dade Co., MO. Died July 18, 1949.
Son Alvin, daughter Mrs. Earl Chesbro, husband Marion, 2 step-children Cordis Killingsworth and Mrs. Lewis Fletcher

Thomas Aaron Killingsworth
Dade Co., MO, - May 22, 1948 Gary, IN.
Father George Killingsworth, died 1906. Mother, Mrs. Lucy Killingsworth, died in Dade Mar 7, 1948.

Thomas L. Killingsworth
Died Dec 13, 1945 in France.
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Killingsworth

Thomas W. Killingsworth
Feb 25, 1882 Dade Co. - Apr 19, 1952 Greenfield, MO
Wife Claire, father Thomas, mother Della Smith.

Thomas White Killingsworth
Born in Arcola, MO, buried Apr 22, 1952.
Son of Thomas A. Killingsworth. Married Claire Winsor, Apr 27, 1907; sons Troy (deceased) and Guy; daughter Mrs. Glenadine McGuire.

Verba W. Killingsworth, 74
Died May 7, 1982 Springfield, MO.
Survivors: sons Larry and David, brothers Homer and Ward Chaney.

Victoria O. Killingsworth
Oct 9, 1905 Jenkins, MO - Mar 3, 1995 Corona, CA.
Survivors: husband Sylmar Killingsworth of MO; sister Alma Atkinson.

W.L. "Doc" Killingsworth, 90
Walnut Grove, MO - July 29, 1998 Clovis, NM.
First wife Etta Watson, deceased. Married Eva Rogers in 1972 Clovis, NM. One deceased daughter Norma Stephens.

Wilfred G. Killingsworth, 87
June 13, 1907 Walnut Grove, MO - Apr 14, 1995 Warsaw, MO.
Son of Claude and Etta Lee Dickey Killingsworth. Married Feb 21, 1931 Ozark to Ena L. McMehen. She died Feb 2, 1993. Survivors: Alic Thomsen, brother Emmett Killingsworth.

Willard Killingsworth
Jan 19, 1920 Dade Co., MO - Nov 12, 1995 Wichita, KS.
Parents Clyde and Mollie Dickerson Killingsworth. Survivors: sons Wayne and Scott, brothers Kyle, Jack and Andy.

Willard Killingsworth
Apr 13, 1920 Dade Co., MO - Nov 12, 1995 Wichita, KS.
Parents Clyde and Mollie Dickerson Killingsworth. Sons Wayne and Scott; brothers Kyle, Jack and Avary.

Willard Killingsworth
Born Apr 13, 1920 Dade, MO
Son of Clyde and Mollie. Sons: Wayne and Scott

Willie Joe Killingsworth
July 5, 1907 Brandsville, Howell Co., MO - Jan 8, 1995 Greene Co., MO.
Daughter of late Bolton John and Cleo Kemp. Married Millard Killingsworth Feb 15, 1923 Bolivar, MO, he died Jan 25, 1980. Sister Pearl Hilton deceased. Survivor: Joanne Throne.


From Greene Co., MO Honor Roll for WWI

Sgt. Troy K. Killingsworth
Born July 1, 1890 Ash Grove, MO to Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Killingsworth, married.

Pvt. Wm. Killingsworth
Born Ash Grove, MO Nov 5, 1897, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Killingsworth.

Elmo Killingsworth
Born Aug 7, 1888 Ash Grove, MO, son of Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Killingsworth.

Pvt. Paul S. Killingsworth
Born Mar 19, 1894 Ash Grove, son of Frances and J. Samuel Killingsworth. Killed in action Sept 30, 1918. Fought in battles of Argonne Forest, St. Mihiel and Verdun.

[Source: Killingsworth: Missouri Obituaries. Mukwonago, WI, USA: Nan Bach, 2000. Data Source: Chris Boyce, contributing researcher.]
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