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Local Women who signed the 1892 & 1893 Suffrage Petitions
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine, and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Local Women who signed the 1892 & 1893 Suffrage Petitions
* = signed both petitions
Sheet No. 363 (1892)

Annie Redward * Norsewood - She was the first signatory on both petitions so presumably had some organisational role with them.
Emily Fredericksen * Norsewood
Annie E. Thomson * Norsewood
Emma E. Gribble * Kopua
Jane Nicholls * Norsewood
Annie M. Johansen Kopua
Helena Fredrickson Norsewood
I. Elsie Clemmett * Norsewood
Oline Mortensen Norsewood
Edith Mary Fredricksen Norsewood
Randine Andersen* Norsewood - Sister of Johanna Christiansen - see below.
Amalie Andersen * Norsewood
Johanne Christiansen Norsewood - Johanna Christiansen, nee Johansen. The subject of the Norwegian language novel, Uredd Ferd Mot Ukjent Land [Fearless Journey to an Unknown Land] by Øystein Molstad Andresen, but will be published in English by HarperCollins in March 2001.
Maren Olsen Norsewood
M.H. Finsen Norsewood
Elizabeth Conroy Takapau
Augusta Finsch Norsewood
Mrs Geurt Norsewood
L. Haliburton Norsewood

The 1893 Women's Suffrage Petition(As the Norsewood women are mixed in with those of Ormondville and Makotuku,they are listed as well. Some others at the start from Napier arenot included)

Sheet No. 439 (1893) - Norsewood

AnnieRedward * Norsewood - She was the first signatory on both petitions so presumably had some organisational role with them.
Mary E. Webber Norsewood
Elizabeth Curry Takapau (signed 'x' - no witness named)
L. Wright Norsewood
Emily Randerson Norsewood
Elizabeth King Norsewood
Emily Fredericksen * Norsewood
I.E. Clemett * Norsewood
Amalie Andersen * Norsewood
Maria Olsen Norsewood
Helena Sorrenson Norsewood
Mary Strand Norsewood
Severine Petterson Norsewood
Anna Laurvig Norsewood
Elizabeth Andrews Makotuku
Edith Dixon Makotuku
Jessie Grant Ormondville
Ellen Brabazon (Mrs) Norsewood
Christina Caughley Maharahara
Jane Nicholls * Norsewood
Anne E. Thomson * Norsewood
Alice Brenkley Norsewood
Isabelle Brenkley Norsewood
Hanna Clausen Maharahara
Frances Tansey Maharahara
Emma E. Gribble * Norsewood
Annie P.S. Lockhead (Mrs) Norsewood
Bertha Pettersen Norsewood
Thorine Nielsen Norsewood
Josephine Olsen Norsewood
Berte Ingvoldsen Norsewood
E.LeMoignan Napier (whose name for some reasonis in the middle!)
Olina Hansen Norsewood
Isabella Grant Norsewood
Caroline Shugar (Mrs) Norsewood
Martha Johansen (Mrs) Norsewood
Hanna Olsen Norsewood
Julia Eriksen Norsewood
Minnie Chittenden Norsewood

Sheet No. 448 (1893) - Ormondville

Mary Nells Ormondville
Barbara Patterson Ormondville - Probably Barbara Paterson (11/11/1837-12/5/1910), a spinster, who is buried in the Webb family plot at Ormondville Cemetery.
Grace Liddells Ormondville
Heinrietta Feierabend Ormondville
Susan Groom Ormondville - Susannah Matilda Groom, the daughter of Charles Beale and the wife of Robert Read Groom. She died on 18/3/1938, aged 86.
Annie Wilson Ormondville - Annie Wilson, nee Painter, was the wife of the Ormondville Stationmaster, David Wilson (May 1888-Jan. 1900). She drowned tragically on 26/12/1899 aged 36, while trying to rescue her young niece who had got into difficulties in the Manawatu River, near Ormondville. The niece also drowned. Because her husband rushed to try to find her, thereby abandoning the station, he resigned rather than be sacked for leaving his post. He subsequently became the Ormondville Town Clerk. Both are buried at Ormondville Cemetery.
Bessie Smith Ormondville
Margarethe Wood Ormondville
Jane Smith Ormondville
Margaret Castles Ormondville - Margaret M. Castles was the wife of W. Castles of Waikopiro. She died on 26/6/1913 aged 50, and is buried at Ormondville Cemetery with her husband..
Ingeborg Herbert Ormondville - Engeborg Herbert [sic] died a widow on 8/11/1940 aged 91 and is buried at Ormondville Cemetery.
Mary Ann Hansen Ormondville - Mary Ann Hansen [sic] was the wife of George Albert Henson [sic]. She died on 6/8/1915 aged 80 and is buried with her husband at Ormondville Cemetery.
Annie Grant Ormondville - Anne Grant was the wife of George Grant, the sawmiller whose tramline ran to the station between 1886 and 1892. She died on 22/6/1909 aged 74 and is buried with her husband at Ormondville Cemetery.
Jane Palmer Ormondville
Helen Palmer Ormondville
Thurza Smith Ormondville
Nora Webb Ormondville - Perhaps Dora Webb or her sister Mary Flora Webb, daughters of Rev. Webb. Mary Flora Webb (1/6/1867-31/5/1909) is buried with her family in the Webb grave at Ormondville Cemetery.
Mary Coles Ormondville
Margaret Winks Ormondville
Mrs Inglis Ormondville

Sheet No. 452 (1893) - Makotuku

E.V. Gundrie Makotuku Norsewood
K.U. Olsens [sic] Makotuku Norsewood
H.A. Olsens [sic] Makotuku Norsewood
E.M. Fredricksen * Makotuku Norsewood
J.M. Martinsen Makotuku Norsewood
M.Johnassen [sic] Makotuku Norsewood (signed 'x' - witness H. Olsen)
R. Andersen * Makotuku Norsewood - Randine Andersen, formerly Johansen, sister of Johanna Christiansen (see the 1892 petition above)
M. Watson Makotuku Norsewood
L. Hopkins Makotuku Norsewood (signed 'x' - witness H. Olsen)
G. Erecksen Makotuku Norsewood
Maren Larsen Makotuku Norsewood (signed 'x' - witness E.V. Gundrie)
A.R. BennettMakotuku Norsewood
H. Robinson Makotuku Norsewood
C. BrookesMakotuku Norsewood
M. Gallagher Makotuku Norsewood
M. Ormond Makotuku Norsewood
M. Stirling Makotuku Norsewood
E. Bedingfield Makotuku Norsewood
M. Livingstone Makotuku Norsewood
M.A. Marsh Makotuku Norsewood (signed 'x' - witness F.R. Nykes)
A.E. Mann Makotuku Norsewood
A. Gasson Makotuku Norsewood
A. Locke Makotuku Norsewood
M. Drew Makotuku Norsewood (signed 'x' - witness F.R. Nykes) - Possibly Mary Jane Drew, wife of George Drew, who by 1905 was a ganger at Makotuku Station and who was possibly later the man of that name at Matamau Station.


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