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(From the Wixon notebooks.Southland Museum)
This listing compiled March 2005
The blue inserts are mine.
Transcribed by Colin Dean.

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Beginning with Rakiwhakia

Rakiwhakia married Takapaunaru
Their children were…1.Huka(male)

Huka married Whanake
Their children were Putete who married Patete
And Te Iri who married Tomuri.
The children of Te Iri and Tomuri were
1.Hinerakura (female)
2.Kanuia (male)
3.Toropiro (female
4.Tehana "
5.Mahaka "

Hineraukura married Te Raho
Their children were
1.Te Kuruki
3.Te Ruahaunu

Te Kuriki married Huruhuru
Their children were
1.Rawiri Te Awha (one only)

Rawiri Te Awha married Kaiharakeke
Their children were
1.Ruruhira (female)
2.Kunu (male)
3.Rena and others dead.

Ruruhira married Tame (Tommy Winata)
There were their children Kunu had no children

Kanuia married Hinepipiwai
Their children were
1.Tiritahi (male)
2.Pii (female)

Tiritahi married Te Rokuria
Their children were
1.Te Warahi
2.Henare Kokoro
Te Warahi has no decendents they are all dead.

Henare Kokoro married Meri (Mary) (Pukuwaiti)
Their children were
Hiria who married Wiri Kerei (Willie Gray)

The children of Hiria and Wiri Kerei were
1.To Keka Kerei
2.Te Kerei
3.Maaki Kerei (Maggie Gray)

Pii married Acker
Their children were
1.Kitty (Catherine 1842)
(married John Baptiste Rissetto)
(2nd marriage to George Valentine Printz)
2.Sarah (married Robert Armstrong)
3.Maggie (married John Kingsland)
(2nd marriage to Andrew Fairburn)
6.Henare (married Rachael Goodwillie)
7.Mary (married Robert Wills)
(2nd marriage to William Aitken)
8.Oliver (married Rebecca Kissell)

Toropiro married Pukutahi
Their children were
1.Te Rokura female
2.Taipana male

Taipana married Te Wiwini
Their children were
1.Miriana Taipana
2.Mere Taipana
3.Te Hape Taipana

Miriana married Kahuti
There children are dead.

Mere married Te One Te Mamaru

There children were Hoani who married Tini Whaora The children of Hoani and Tini Whaora were
1.Te Haurarki H Te Mamaru
2.Te Morehai H Te Mamaru
3.Kemaru H Te Mamaru
4.Ihaka (Isaac) H Te Mamaru
5.Hoani Kuao H Te Mamaru

Te Hape (Taipana) married Maaki Wharoa (Maggie Fowler)
Their children were
1.Wiri Willie
2.Hera Sarah
3.Taare Charlie
others dead

Te Hana married Te Matehaere
Their children were
Rimurapa married Kawa
Their children were

Koroteke married a European Pratt
Child Tame (Tom Parata)

Pahau married a European
Child Teoti Poore (George Pauley)

Mahaka married Purehu from them
Tatari Poha who married Tarewai and Merika who married Rawiri Maire
The children of Merika and Rawiri Maire were
1.Henare Mairi
2.Tupai Maire

I left out Rena who married Te Kemara (Campbell)
Child Herewini Edwin Kemara.Rena was sister.

Henare Te Maire married Kite Paato
There children were
1.Teera Sarah
3.Kite Kitty
Teera married Paora (Paul) Kaipuke
There were these children at Waihao

Pupoka married Tini Keri Kapo
There were their children

Kite married Paora Paul Tau
There were their children

Rari married Wite
There were there children

Mihirau married Huruhuru
There were there children

Reihana Tupai married Tauahara Te Au……
There were there children.
Perika or Piringa is a person claiming land through family connections.

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