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July 15th, 1872.
Results of a collection for refreshments for a fete at the Reefton Hospital:
Mrs DICK. Use of Harmonium.
Herald Office. Free Advertising.
Askill McPHEE. All Beer Used.
W. WILLIAMS. All cordials, lemonade and Ginger Beer.
STITT. Case of Claret.
CHING. 7lb. Coffee, 12lb. sugar, 2 tins milk.
McKENZIE. 3 bottles Geneva, 3bottles Brandy.
Aitken McGILL. 1/2 gallon Brandy, 1/2 gallon Sherry.
PAYNE. Corned Beef, 2 Ox Tongues.
PATTERSON'S. 2 gallons Kerosene.
CRAIG & Co. 2 Bottles Whisky.
PROFITT. 2 Bottles Geneva.
James HAYES. 12 Yards Calico.
LEMPFORT. 2 Bottles Gin.
WILSON. Bottle Whisky, Piece Bacon.
BENGIMEN. 2 Bottles Port Wine.
W. LOCK. 20lbs Cake, 60 doz. Tarts.
GRAVE & Co. Sundry Blankets.
DUP. 2 Bundles Swiss Cigars.
MOORE & WATTS. 2 Bottles Port wine.
MONAHAN. 2 Bottles Old Tom.
SCHULHOF. 3 Bundles Swiss Cigars.
MORRIS. 1 dozen Matches.
DODSWORTH. 1 gallon Whisky.
FOX. Piece Beef.
BARKER. 4 Bottles Sherry, 2 Bottles Brandy.
OXLEY. 2 hams, 2 tins Mustard.
MARTINS. 2 Bottles Brandy.
JACOBSEN. 3 Bottles Brandy, 3 Port, 3 Geneva.
CLOUSY. 3 Bottles Brandy.
ROBINSON. 2 Bottles Brandy.
ROBERTSON. Ginger Bread, Ginger Nuts and Crackers.
T. CARILL. Buns and Cakes.
MUNSON. 50 Cigars.
GARDINER. 1 gallon Brandy, 1/2 gallon Wine.
HANSEN. 1/2 gallon Brandy.
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