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PEOPLE OF THE WEST COAST (SOUTH ISLAND ) in the  1800s and  early 1900s
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JACK, WILLIAM and , GEORGE sawmiller and bushman 
JACK, JAMES  Born abt 1860 at Hokitika. 
JACKSON,  E.J born Greymouth 4th May 1906 wounded in the war in 1941  
JACKSON, JAMES  from "Jacksons Bay"                                                                                                           
JACKSON, WILLIAM and his wife from Ireland arrived Jaksons Bay 1875                                                                
JACOBS, CHARLES in Lyell in 1875  
JACOBS, HENRY in Hokitika 1869                                                                                                         
JACOBSEN, ANDREW died at Westport in 1893 age 65.
JACOBSON, EDWARD  boatman from Westport    
JAMES, JOHN born near Wakefeild in 1853. carted supplies to Hampden, married a dau of John Dellow , who died after giving birth to their 6th son.      
JEPHCOTE, FRANCIS Gardener at Westport 1873 
JOHNSON, HENRY Engineer    
JOHNSTON FAMILY from Antrim to Westland      
JONES, HUGH  Bank Manager 1878 at Westport 
JONES,  PERCY and MONA  from  "Waiuta" He sold fruit and vegtables.
JOYNT, NEIL member of the Gold Escort in 1865   
KANSLEY, GEORGE miner at Reefton in 1873 
KELLY, PATRICK was in Hampden till his death in 1878 
KERR, ALEX to Westland in 1875 age 23.
KERR, WILLIAM DOWLING Bank Agent at Westport   
KERR, TOM built the 1st Commercial Hotel in Hampden in 1873.was also the postmaster. He later sold to "Moonlight" and returned to Scotland.  
KEENAN, MARGERET arrived from Melbourne in 1868 age 16  
KEENING,  HENRY  ARTHUR born 30thJune 1915 Hokitika.marr Jean  Allison Thomson 8th April 1939    
KETTLE, WILLIAM ROBERT in Greymouth 1893   
KINSELLA, WILLIAM ran a ferry service from Ngahere to Blackball in 1865
KIRTON, GEORGE B.N.Z agent in Westport.                                  
KING, ALEXANDER  a  Reefton Clerk in 1873   
KIRWIN, WILLIAM miner at Reefton in 1896.
LAMAS,  JOHN on the Coast in 1884 
LAMBERTON, JANET b,Totara Flat 29-1-1883. DIED 1-7-1959 at Greymouth.
LAMBERTON, THOMAS and MARY (GREEN) were Janets Parents
LEE,JOSEPH  a Doctor at Reefton  
LEE, THOMAS HERBERT                                        
LEE , ROBERT a miner at Reefton in 1873.     
LANGE, HERMAN Councillor at Westport in 1897  
LAMPLOUGH. GEORGE Councillor at Westport in 1897 
LARSEN, HANS Mayor at Westport in 1897 
LARSEN, NEILS PETER from Sweden stayed for two years at Jacksons Bay  
LARSON, LAURENCE in Westport in the 1870s  
LAWN, GEORGE in Murchison in the early 1900s 
LAWRENCE, ADA arrived from Melbourne in 1868 age 19   
LAVETTE, WALTER wine and spirit merchant in Westport in 1869 
LEACH, WILLIAM Postmaster at Paroa in 1866 died in 1876 at the age of 41.                                                           
LEACH, LENA,and JESSIE daughters of William.  
LEACH, CHARLES miner in the 1870s   
LEECH, SAMUEL ALEXANDER harbourmaster 1872  
LEES, ANDREW,ROSE and ISABELLA were returned to their mother Mrs I, ALEXANDER from Waimangaroa in July 1884. They had been in the Wallis Family Home in Motueka.where they had been admitted in August 1882 ages 9,7,5
LESLIE, DAVID  wine and spirit merchant in Westport in 1869. was a sharebroker at Lyell in 1875 
LESLIE, JOHN bank agent in Westport in 1867 
LESTER, WILLIAM JAMES  came from Bristol to Greymouth in 1873 when he was 21with him were 2 sisters and a brother age 13
LEWIS, GEORGE ironmonger at Lyell in 1875          
LEVI, JONAH in Westport in the 1870s
LYONS, JONH DENIS a Constable at Blackball, died  17-10-1907   
LOFQUIST, SAMUEL a widower, along with his three children at Jacksons Bay     
LOUISSON, WALLY in Murchison in 1909       
LINDSAY, JOHN a blacksmith from Scotland ,his wife and two children at Jacksons Bay
LUGAR, ANNE  ELIZABETH married at Brunnerton 1891 to Alfred Feary.  
LUSHANUA, JOB started the Westport Times in 1866.
LUSH, FRANCES from England to Westland in 1875 age 21     
LYNCH, OWEN at Murchison in 1873 . He married SARAH HAGAN of Wakefeild   and worked as a store-keeper and hotel-keeper and Farmer!
LYNCH, CHARLES son of Owen and Sarah. married into the DOWNIE family 
MAGUIRE, JAMES ARTHUR Hotelkeeper in Westport 
MACK, FRANCIS landed at Hokitika in 1865 died at age 84, buried at Karoro Cemetery, Greymouth. 
MANDERSON, PETER at Runanga in 1917.
MANDERSON, ALEX son of Peter.
MARRIS, JOHN Englishman who migrated with his family to Melbourne in 1840 then went sawmilling in Southland and the west coast 
MARTIN, WILLIAM came from the California goldfeilds. 
MARTIN, JOHN a settler  on the Buller River in 1861 
MARTIN, ELIZABETH in the Buller district in 1862  
MARTIN, DEAN the REV  in  1895  
MAILER, WILLIAM Bootmaker in Westport 
MAIRS, J butcher at Lyell in 1875 
MAIRS, ARTHUR  and wife Alma (OXNAM)  at  "LYELL"  
MANNING, JOHN in Westport in the 1870s  
MANSELL, TOM played in the Westport Band in 1869 
MARTIN,  JIMMY at Reefton in 1905    
MASON, JOHN a Draper in Westport.  
MASON, HENRY a builder in 1875
MANGOS, PETER storekeeper in 1875
MAY, TOM was at one time a ferry-man at Hampden.There in the 1870s. also ran a Hotel.
MEATES,  BILL at Reefton in 1905. was at Waiuta where he ended his days as gardener at the Waiuta Hospital.
MELDRUM, THOMAS a Blacksmith from Reefton in 1873
MEEHAN,CHARLES gold buyer and storekeeper 1867                                                           
METCALFE, THOMAS JOHN owner of a newspaper at Lyell in 1882.
MIRFIN, CHARLES HAYTON Editor at Reefton. Came from Charleston.                                                                   
MCCALLUM, ELLEN married Daniel Gegory in Westport in 1876  
MCCALLUM, ARCHIBALD  lived in Rimu and Woodstock 1883-4 a miner.
MCCALLUM, JAMES of Reefton 1888 a miner.        
MCALLISTER, MARY J arrived at Westland in 1875 age 19
MCALISTER, STUART A carpenter at Lyell in 1875
MCDONALD, CHARLES a Constable who saved the life of a woman who fell in the Grey River 
MCFARLANE, ROBERT wine and spirit merchant of Westport in 1869    
MCFARLANE, family at Jacksons Bay in the 1880s  
MCGILL, JOHN  wine and spirit merchant in the Buller district in 1869 
MCGRATH, PATRICK established the first general store in Dillmanstown in 1878  
MCGLASHEN, ROBERT a ships carpenter from Scotland, his wife and one child. they stayed at Jacksons Bay for 4 years  
MCRAE, ANNIE CATHERINE married Charles Williams at Reefton in 1890   
MCILROY.. a boy aged 14 drowned at Cobden, Greymouth on Jan 4th 1889  
MCINROE,  GEORGE  Coachman on the Coast in 1909  
MCINTOSH, JOSIAH 1st presbyterian minister in Greymouth 1871. arrived from Dunedin.                                        
MCKECHNIE, WILLIAM managed a Hotel in 1874. He was born in Scotland in 1831
MCKENZIE, DANIEL a printer from Scotland,his wife and three children at Jacksons Bay 
MCKENZIE, DUNCAN a farmer from Scotland,and his wife. stayed at Jacksons Bay for 4 years
MCGINTY, SARAH  in  Duganville 1874
MCPADDEN, MYLES Brewer in th Buller district in 1869 
MCLEAN, WILLIAM,a Reefton mining agent. 1845-1914 from Scotland arriv at Dunedin in 1863. Was a schoolteacher on the Coast.Later moved to Wellington in 1844
MCLEAN, JOHN miner 1873.
MACNAMARA,  ANN   arr Hokitika on the "Opawa". She married Edward O,Donnoll. both were from Ireland.
MCMEEKIN, SAMUEL near Bruce Bay known as Black Sam    
MCNEE, ROBERT at Hampden in 1879. He was from Scotland and had been in the Australia and N.Z goldfeilds. He drove bullocks from CHCH to Otago where he would sell them for beef. He drove pigs over the Arthurs Pass to the West Coast! He married a Miss RUSSELL
MCNEE, GEORGE born  1880.
MCNEE, ISABELLA and JESSIE were postmistress
MCPHEE, MURDOCH in Reefton 1871 was a Brewer.
MCPHERSON, HENRY  member of the Gold escort in 1865
MCKAY, WILLIAM GORDON 1901-82 was born in Hokitika.
MACKEY, JAMES in Westport in the 1870s
McVICAR brothers DUNCAN, LOFTUS, WILLIAM,and  NEIL ,all prospectors  1908.                       
MCRAE, ALEXANDER a Gentleman from Hokitika in 1873  
MOFFATT, WALTER at one time wrote poems for the Lyell Argus. was later drowned.
MOORE, SAMUEL Sgt Major died at Westport 28-4-1897     
MONAHAN, HUGH  at Murchison in 1906
MOREL, GUSTAVE left Switzerland to seek his fortune at Ballarat, Otago and Charleston. where he married his wife also of Swiss origin. He was a shopkeeper at Lyell in 1874. In 1879 they travelled to Hampden, where he brought land. Gustave died in the 1900s and son CHARLES took over the farm. Mrs Morel died in 1926 
MORGAN, JOSEPH died at Kumara in 1882 
MORGAN, LOUIS died at greymouth in 1897 aged 58. 
MORTEN, JAMES Managed a store at Hokitika in 1864
MONEY, CHARLES had a store at Hokitika in 1864
MORRIS, WILLIAM lyell  cemetery age 43 died 19th feb 1895 
MORRISON,  ROBERT mine manager in 1909. Howard , Lucy and Joy were some of his children  
MORRISON, HENRY a surveyor from Gillespies Beach in 1900 
MOSLEY, TED set up an engineering business at Cobden along with Dinnie McGirr in the 1930s
MUNROE, JOHN 1839-1910 
MURDOCH, JOHN a roadman from Scotland, his wife and 4 children at Jacksons Bay  
MURRAY, ANDREW arrived at Westland in 1877 
MYLES, JOHN Doctor at Kumara in 1892  
NEAVE, CHARLES carpenter at Cobden in 1874                                                                                     
NEVILLE, CORNELIUS died at Lyell  8th March 1907 aged 51 years
NELSON, ROBERT a farmer from Ireland. a widower with his two children at Jacksons Bay
NELSON, JOHN Sergeant in 1865   
NICOL, ALEXANDER died at Waimangaroa 1898 age 30
NIGHTINGALE, JAMES overseer from England, his wife and  4 children arrived at Jacksons Bay 1875  
NILLAN, ROBERT carpenter at Cobden in 1874      
NUGENT, MARY  arrived at Melbourne in 1868 age 18.
NOONAN, GERRY miner from Ireland.                                                                                                  
NOLAN, ANDREW and  MARY from "Jacksons Bay"
NORRISS, HENRY came to the Murchison district as a pack-boy for "Moonlight"
NORRIS  FAMILY   History in the Clark Reunion Book
OAKES, PETER with Thomas Dixon discovered gold at Kumara approx 1862. 
OAKES, brothers THOMAS, JOHN and JOSEPH  sailed their small schooner "emerald Isle" from Port Cooper (Lyttleton)to the Coast in 1857 
OBRIEN, LOUISA a Hokitika prostitute in the goldrush days
OBRIEN, FRANK  at Murchison in 1909
OCALLAGHAN, THOMAS member of the Gold Escort in 1865
OCONNOR, EUGENE JOSEPH 1835-1912                                                                        
OCONNOR, EUGENE JAMES  Brewer in the Buller district in 1869.  
ODEA, JAMES  to Westland in 1875 age 22. 
OGORMAN, JOHN a postmaster at Matakitaki, Murchison in 1871
ONEILL, BILL age 15 in 1917 at Runanga.
OROUKE, Irishman  Came to Reefton from Australia.    
OXNAM, JOHN Snr left Cornwall with his 3 sons JOHN, ALBERT and STEPHEN .Went 1st to Australia. Albert died at Bendigo, Aust and the others travelled to N.Z . settled in Murchison. 
OXLEY, ROBERT storekeeper in Reefton   
OROURKE, THOMAS an irishman who had been in Australia. came to Reefton, brought land in the Matiri Valley from Ned Welch. Thomas died some years later and his wife drowned while crossing the Buller River
OROURKE, THOMAS Jnr owned the "Mammoth Hotel" for  awhile.
OSHANASSY, MICHAEL and wife FLORA at Hokitika in 1870    
OSHANASSY, MARGARET ANN born abt 1870 at Hokitika.                                                               
OVEREND, JOHN butcher at Reefton in 1873.
OWENS, EVAN from Wales
OSHEA, HANNAH married John Card in 1870 at Greymouth. Hannah was from Ireland.
ODONNELL, JEREMIAH storeowner in Greymouth in 1878 from Ireland arr Greymouth in 1874  
ODONNELL, THOMAS owned land in Cobden in the 1890s     
ODONNELL, JOHN and DENIS arrived from Ireland in 1875 age 23 and 25.  
OMALLEY, JAMES Sergeant at Hokitika in the late 1870s then propietor of the Bealey Hotel  
PALMER,  L from Reefton born Invercargill 20th Jan 1918 served in W.W 2. he was a bricklayer.  
PASSINI, PETER an old goldminer. found a nugget of 87.5 ozs and sold it in Greymouth for 350 pounds in 1916/17 
PASCOE, JOHN NICHOLAS from St Austall, Cornwall married Jane COUMBE 
PAYNE, FRANK on the Coast in 1878
PFAFF, CHARLES JOSEPH born abt 1871 at Kumara.
PEARSON, JOSEPH builder in 1899 
PERKINS, WILLIAM a solicitor in 1868 
PERRY, HENRY  member of the Gold Escort in 1865
PHAIR, WILLIAM  was a sergeant at Reefton 1897--1901. and a district commander from 1912--1915
PHELAN, JOHN, DENNIS and JAMES were killed in a mine accident at Kumara in 1880  b, in Ireland
PHILLIPS, HENRY  JAMES of Hokitika 1867.
PHILLIPS, MICHAEL of Greymouth 1896
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM of Reefton 1912.
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH Westport Boardinghouse keeper 1896
PHILLIPS,  RICHARD PATRICK  Hokitika engineer 1911.
PRATT, JOHN Inspector , died at Greymouth 12-9-1897
PRESHAW, GEORGE Banker on the Coast in 1864
PORTER, MILTON E. a bushman from Canada, arrived Jacksons Bay 1875 and stayed four years 
POTTER, JOSEPH miner b,1842 at Durham. 1st to Otago, Hokitika in 1865 died in Reefton 1919
POTTS, WILLIAM JOSEPH  and MARY editors of a Reefton Newspaper.                                                               
PRESTON, JAMES owned a Hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days 
PEARN, JOHN owned a hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days. 
PRICE, GEORGE came from Christchurch
PRICE, MATTHEW a J.P at Okarito in 1868 
PRITCHARD, HENRY on the Coast in 1870   
PRITCHARD,  WILLIAM had 175 shares in a Reefton Gold Mining Co.
QUINLAN,WILLIAM HENRY married Margaret MACINTYRE in 1865. they lived on the coast and moved to Northland prior to 1888. Had 4 daughters. 
RAIT, JOHN Snr was killed in a bush felling accident and his family moved to Wellington. Later a son returned and took over the Commercial Hotel ( Murchison) which his father had owned.
RALFE, CATHERINE at Okarito in the early 1870s 
RAY, WILLIAM a farmer from England, his wife and child at Jacksons Bay    
RAY, ROBERT a schoolmaster at Cobden in 1874
REES, THOMAS manager of the B.N.Z at greymouth 1866. Same year he commited suicide by shooting
REID, DAVID, a miner at Reefton in 1873 
REID, JOHN from Westport. provided for his 4 children who were place in th Wallis Family Home at Motueka after his wife CAROLINE REBECCA had died from measels at the age of 24 on 20th Aug 1875. The childrens names were  AGNES age 6, JOHN age 4 FANNY age 2 and SYDNEY age 3 months. 
RENTON, BILL and brother PAUL drove the first car at Waiho in 1911 
RHODES,  CHARLES Pres of the N.Z Goldminers Ass in 1912   
RIBET, JOHN was at Hampden (Murchison) in 1871 One of the first there. Had a ten-roomed house
RILEY, ALBERT died in 1916 at age 15 when he fell into a cyanide solution at a Waiuta mine 
ROGERS,  ROSE from Blackball marr Patrick Hickey in 1911
ROGERS, WATTY from Blackball. Rose,s father. 
ROME, JOHN a surveyor from Westport in 1873. 
ROSS,  DAVE  in Reefton in 1905
ROSSER, ELIZA came to Murchison with her mother and stepfather Mr and Mrs BLIGHT in 1887
ROBERTS, G.J cheif Surveyor of Westland 
ROBINSON,CHARLES from England, his wife and 4 children arrived Jacksons Bay 
ROBINSON, JAMES  at Kumara in 1877
ROBINSON, JAMES (same one?)  Constable, died as a result of a accident at Westport in 13-11-1881
ROBINSON, ANNA died at Stillwater at the age of 38 in 1897
ROBINSON, ANN died at Stillwater at the age of 40 in 1895
ROBINSON, JOHN PERRY drowned off Westport
ROWE, ARTHUR granted a bush-licence at Hampden in 1869. He died in 1889 at the age of 73.
RUGG, JAMES owned a Hotel and Coach Service in Kumara 
RUSSEL, HENRY a carpenter from England, wife and child at Jacksons Bay  
RUSSELL, WILLIAM drowned at the age of 16 in 1881
RUSSELL, GEORGE born in England 1832 with wife Jessie moved from Australia   
RYAN,  KELVIN  JOHN born 18th Nov 1919 at Greymouth ( in Clark book)
RYAN,  CATHERINE  PEARL  born 14th July 1913 at Blaketown, Greymouth died in Nelson 1991 
SALE, GEORGE SAMUEL a J.P at Hokitika in 1868
SCHAW, CHARLES  COCKBURN a J.P at Stfford, Westland in 1868.
SCOTT, HENRY Constable in 1913.
SCOTT, EDWARD Constable at Reefton in 1903 
SEDDON, JOHN became the Mayor  of Kumara in 1877. 
SEDDON, RICHARD JOHN was born at Kumara in 1884.   
SEEAR, WILLIAM in Reefton 1881 gold miner married Georgiana Batchel(d)or
SEEBECK, HARRY and his wife Mena 1885.        
SHIRLEY, PAUL sergeant in Greymouth 1912
SIMPSON, ROBERT in 1870 stood trial for having a illicit still! 
SIMPSON, JAMES bootmaker in Westport. 
SLEE, FRANK on the coast in 1898
SLOAN, WILLIAM carpenter in Westport
SMITH, GEORGE J set up a sawmill in Greymouth in 1866                                                                                             
SMITH, GEORGE , a miner from England, with his wife and 3 children at Jacksons Bay       
SMITH, ISABELLA at Hokitika in the goldrush dys. she was from Melbourne
SPINDELIER, JEAN owned a hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days
SPERR, ROBERT C householder in Westport
STEVENSON, JAMES a butcher at Reefton in 1873.                                                                                                       
STEPHEN, ALURED Prospector in Buller in the 1860s
STEPHENSON, JANE householder in Westport   
STEWART, GEORGE in Hampden in 1873 
STITT, JOHN  a Reefton Merchant in 1873                                                                                                                       
STITT, ALEXANDER Merchant at Westport                                                                                                   
STONE, ROBERT robbed a Blackball Store and sentenced to 6 months
STRACHAN, JOHN KING Brewer in Westport.
STRACHAN, BENJAMIN Hairdresser in Westport 
STRACHAN, DAN arrived at Westland in 1877 
STRAIGHT, MARY and LIZZIE daughters of Dick Straight.
STRATFORD, EDMUND was20 in 1869.
STRONGMAN, AVALINA JANE b,1852 d,1901at Healys Gully of gastritis and peritonitis.buried at Nelson Creek, Greymouth. dau of John Strongman, Cambourne, Cornwall.  ( Clark  history)  
STRUTHERS, WILLIAM B 1840 Scotland arr N.Z 1863 was a storekeeper approx 1867 died 1918.  
STUART,  ELLEN MAY born 13th Oct 1904 at Reefton marr James Henry Imms. ( in Clark Book)            
SUISTED, EKERMANN on the Westport Council 1873         
SUISTED, JAMES  a Butcher in Westport  
SULLIVAN, HANNAH from Melboune, in Hokitika in the goldrush days. 
SUNSTROUM, ALBERT Householder, Westport
SUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER built the 1st bridge at Lake Rotoroa. He later returned to Nelson and his son HECTOR,and his grandson stayed and farmed for many years at Four River Plains.
SUTTON, ROBERT S miner in the 1870s 
SWEENEY, PAT had a store at Totara in 1864
SYMONS, JOHN Partner in the Anchor Shipping Line in 1862
STOOP, JOHN married Ida Duske 29th dec 1883.
STOOP, HANNAH WILHELMINA  dau of above b, 17th Feb, 1884. at Woodstock.
STOOP,  these are also children of the above ;IDA JANE b 1886..JOHN ALBERT b,1888..CHARLES WILLIAM, b, 1890..ELIZABETH, b, 1892.. EDWARD THOMAS , b, 1894..
FREDERICK, b, 1897..MYRTLE MARGARET, b, 1898....some of the Stoop family buried at Hokitika.
STRIKE, GEORGE A wine and spirit merchant in Charleston in 1869.                                                                               
TAIT  brothers Hokitika Photographers.
TAYLOR, JAMES B Contractor in Westport in the 1870s  
TAYLOR, ALICE BERYL b, 2-8-1912 Greymouth d, 5-5-1972 at Greymouth  dau of;
TAYLOR, JOSEPH lived at Cobden approx 1890.
TEER, JAMES passed away at Jacksons Bay in May, 1887 
THATCHER, CHARLES sang in a Hokitiika Theatre in 1866.
THOMAS, ROGER a miner at Reefton in 1873.
THOMSON,  JOHN engineer from Greymouth in 1908
THOMPSON, GEORGE Harbour master at Okarito in 1892   
THORPE, SAMUEL at Westport in the late 1870s 
TILBROOK, GEORGE worked for a newspaper on the Coast      
TINDALE, JOHN from England to Aust-West Coast.also wife HANNAH  
THOMAS,  ALBERT died from Phthisis , 10-12- 1945. Cornishman worked in Waiuta  for 25 years.
THOMPSON, DAVID owned a Hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days.
TOMLINSON,  W    died from Phthisis  age 43  on 18th March 1933. Had retired 2 weeks before. leaves wife and 6 sons and 4 daughters.
TOTTENHAM, JOSEPH a Carter in Westport in the 1870s
TOUHY, JAMES JOSEPH  Constable at Westport died 11-3-1903
TREHEY, TERRY a Ferryman on the Taramakau River    
TROWER, CHARLES in Hampden in 1873. Charles left later(was in the Waimea, Nelson) but members of his family stayed.
TROWER, GEORGE Charles brother, owned the Owen Hotel during the goldrush years.
TUCKER, MARY arrived from Ireland in 1875 to Westland aged 21 
TYRELL, JOHN started the Westport Times 
TURNER, JAMES A Watchmaker at Westport.                
TUGHILL, EDWARD from England stayed two years at Jacksons Bay  
VINCENT, JOHN sentenced to death at Hokitika for assault with intent to kill (later commuted to 20 years) 
VORLEY, HERBERT Photographer at Westport 
WALSHE, JOSEPH GEORGE 1832-1915                                                                                                   
WALSH, CORNELIUS J wine and spirit merchant in Charleston in 1869            
WALSH, THOMAS Clergyman at Westport
WAITE, REUBEN storekeeper at Buller in 1861                                                                                                     
WAITE, MARION at Buller in 1861    
WARD, JOHN a builder inWestport   
WARNE, LYVIAN and MARTHA-ANN (Hughes,from Wakefeild) and their childrenFLORENCE,LAVINA,WILLIAM and LYVIAN. Mr Warne died 1912 and mrs Warne lived into her 80s    In the Murchison area.He was a cornishman who had been working at a whaling station at Kaikoura. He went to the coast in 1877. 
WEARNE, GRACE b. 1879. MARY WEARNE b, 1883.JESSIE WEARNE b,1886.  all born Reefton. 
WARREN, JOE licensee at the "Albion Hotel" in Reefton from 1911-1925. It closed in 1953   
WATSON, WILLIAM Snr from Scotland with his wife and 2 sons. approx 1872  He was drowned shortly after
WEEKS, CHARLES  in Lyell cemetery age 38 died 13th june 1893.                                            
WESTON, GEORGE miner at Reefton in 1873.
WHEELER, WILLIAM a sawyer from England. at Jacksons Bay
WELHAM, NATHAN from England to Jacksons Bay died there.
WELCH Mrs and four adult daughters  1875 Lyell 
WHALE, GEORGE SNR and wife JESSIE came to Hokitika during the Goldrush days. Probably from Australia. Mrs Whale died when her 14th child was born in 1879.
WHALE, FRANK one of Georges sons Lived to be 102.
WHALE, THOMAS born at Lyell 1873 lived to be 93.           
WHALL, JOHN A town clerk in Greymouth in 1886                                                                                           
WHITFORD, MARY JANE married William McKECHNIE in 1875 
WHITE, GEORGE boatman in Westport 
WHITE, JOSEPH conducted the first Methodist service in 1871 at Westport
WHITE, EDWARD Sergeant .died at Greymouth on24-1-1900
WHITTEM, ROBERT a miner at Reefton in 1873 
WHITTON,SAMUEL was in the Wallis Famil Home. In 1883 he was returned to his mother at Kumara.
WICKS, EDMUND Mayor of Greymouth during the great floods of 1872.
WILDERMOTH, PHYLLIS MURIEL B, 28-7-1912. D, 19-8-1987  marr WILLIAM DAVIS CLARK at Greymouth
WILLIAMS, WALTER in Reefton1871 A Brewer 
WILLIAMS, EDWARD miner at Reefton in 1873 
WILLIAMS, CHARLES married Annie McRae in 1890 at Reefton. 
WILLIAMS, ELLEN in the Lyell Cemetery died 4th Sept 1893 aged 55 years  
WILLIAMS,  JOSIAH died from Phthisis age 42. former cornish tin miner left widow , 4 sons, and 4 daughters
WILSON, WILLIAM sergeant in the Gold Escort in 1865
WILLOUGHBY, WILLIAM a Constable in the Gold Escort in 1865
WILLIS, THOMAS JOB bushman 1884
WILSON, WILLIAM died 1892 age 68 and MARY died 1895 age 74. both died at Stillwater.
WILKINS, FREDERICK had a clothing emporium at Reefton in 1873   
WINCHESTER, ALBERT b 1896 d,1959 ( in Clark History Book) 
WISDOM, ALOZE carpenter at Cobden in 1874   
WITSKI, ROSALIE died when a tree fell on her house at Jacksons Bay in June 1877. She was 35. Her husband and 3 children left the area shortly after,   
WHYTE, ROBERT  at Westport in 1872.   
WOLFE, CHARLES had a house at fern Flat in the 1870s
WOODCOCK, WILLIAM had a gold claim and some land outside of Murchison. In 1878 he married Sarah Jane GIBSON at the Lyell.
YARDLEY, EDWARD in Westport 1873 
YELL, JEREMIAH from Scotland with his wife and family. Jeramiah died in the settlement of Jacksons Bay 
YOUNG,ROBERT AUSTIN and HENRY WILLIAM  both came from Scotland in the 1860s and worked as engineers and contractors 
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