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PEOPLE OF THE WEST COAST (SOUTH ISLAND ) in the  1800s and  early 1900s
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ADAMSON, GEORGE had a Bakehouse at Franz Josef in the 1890s 
ALLEN,  MINNIE born Reefton 1901 (Allen could be her married name) as it says she was a member of the CARROLL family AYNSLEY, MICHAEL married Justina Grant                                                                                                    
ATKINS, WILLIAM      in  Westport            
AKERSTEN, WILLIAM                                                                                                                         
ASTON, SARAH  married in 1867.       

ALLEN, ROY DONALD  b, 21-8-1916  at  Karamea..  son of;

ATKINSON, GEORGE   Publican at Westport          
ANDERSON, OTTO  had a hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days.     
ANDERSON, JAMES                                   
ANDERSON. GEORGE cordial maker Lyell 1875       
ARTHUR, THOMAS            
APHAM, TED owned a hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days.     
AMBROSE, ANGUS Printer at Wesrtport                                                                                        
BAILLIE, THOMAS   b 1836  Northern Ireland  in Hokitika and Westport 1865-67       
BARKLEY, JOSEPH was a Draper in Westport                    
BARCLAY family at Lyell in the goldrush days                                                                                                     
BAIN, ROBERT   surveyor in Jacksons Bay in 1863 
BAIGENT, EDWARD                            
BAKER, ARTHUR Constable Officer in charge at Seddonville from 1896-1897
BANNAN,  ERNEST from Reefton in 1905      
BARROW, PERCY died 21st June 1930 age 38 from Phthisis.         
BARROWMAN, FERGUS had shares in a Reefton gold mine in 1873 
BARROWMAN, JOHN on the coast in 1884                                   
BARRY FAMILY from Limerick to Westland on the "Eastminster" 
BARFF, EDMUND                                               
BARTON, HELEN born at Kumara in 1901 
BARNICOAT,WALLIS on the coast in 1867
BATSON, WILLIAM at the Glaciers in 1909  
BARTLETT, JAMES                 
BARNHILL, HUGH from Northern Ireland married Sarah Aston in 1867. He was a Hotel Owner
BEAMSLEY, BILL in Hampden (Murchison) in 1879. was a gold digger and became a butcher.    
BECK, OLIVE born abt 1882 in Hokitika  
BECKWITH,  LAURA   married on the coast. Probably at Waiuta
BENNETT, GEORGE in Westport in 1857  also bought Anchor Shipping Line in 1857   
BENTLY, JAMES                  
BERRY, JIM  at Murchison in 1906    
BESWICK, JOSEPH           
BEVERIDGE, THOMAS bushman, wife and 6 children at Jacksons Bay
BELL, WILLIAM managed a Hotel in 1874
BELL, CHARLES NAPIER in Westport in 1900
BERGSTROM,MRS owned a Hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days
BEATTY, DAVID miner on the coast in 1865
BINNS, MR Inspector of mines  at Westland in 1886    
BINSFEILD, DEAN                                          
BLAKE, ISAAC on the Coast in 1864  
BLAIR, THOMAS at Lyell in 1875
BLACKETT, JOHN  engineer  in Westport in 1868     
BLACKLOCK, JOHN  Shoemaker in Westport          
BLANCHFEILD, PATRICK from Ireland to N.Z . He died in 1896 age 64.          
BLANCHFEILD, JOHN son of Patrick                  
BLANCHFEILD, PATRICK Jnr  son of Patrick.     
BLANCHFEILD, GERALD landed at Jackson Bay and then travelled to Hokitika.       
BLANCHFEILD, MARY married a Duganville miner Gerry Noonan          
BONAR, JAMES ALEXANDER  at Hokitika in 1865    also Jacksons Bay 1840-91      
BOND, THOMAS Builder at Westport in 1873                         
BONNER, CHARLES                     
BOWMAN, CHARLES HUGH Trustee of Public Cemetery Westport 1872                                                     
BOYLE, WILLIAM                                                                                                                                                   
BRADLEY, JAMES  Manager of gasworks at Westport            
BRAILSFORD,  JACK went to Waiuta at the outbreak of ww1 when he was 4 and stayed there until 1920        
BRAY, MICHAEL arrived at Westland in 1874 from Ireland aged 21
BRAY, THOMAS sentenced to 6 months for stealing a horse 
BRENDON, PATRICK miner at Reefton                  
BRIGHT, THOMAS LOCKYEAR                             
BREMOND, BASIL  owned a Hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days
BROAD, CHARLES b, 1828 son of Rev John Broad a baptist clergyman 1st at Victoria--otago--coast
BRUCE, DAVIS Rev held 1st Presbyterian service in Westport in 1879  
BRUNNER, THOMAS 1822--74 1st European to travel through the Inangahua Valley       
BRYNE, THOMAS  Solicitor in Kumara   
BRYNE, MATTHEW a prospector at Lyell         
BRUHN, FREDERICK at Greymouth in 1871.   
BRUHN, ADOLPH  b, 1871. 
BRUNN, CHARLES storekeeper in 1873       
BULMER, CHARLES  a prospector at Lyell      
BURN, JOHNSON miner at Reefton in 1873   
BURNS, MARY at Westport in 1879.     
BURNS, DONALD  miner in 1873. 
BURNS, THOMAS on the Coast in 1865
BUSH, HENRY Westport
BULLER, CHARLES M.P born in Calcutta 1806 died 1848
BURNETT, JAMES engineer at Westport in the late 1880s
BUTTON, CHARLES Hokitika solicitor
BULL,WALTER  in Westport in 1873 
CAIN,  MATTHEW diver to the Kanieri Gold Dredge 1897                
CAIRNS, JOHN hotelkeeper at Lyell in 1875                        
CAMPBELL, JOHN hotelkeeper at lyell in 1875               
CALDWELL, JOHN and MARGARET from Derry to Westland in 1875          
CARD, JOHN  owner of the Pioneer Hotel filed for bankruptcy in 1877
CARD, ROBERT and  WILLIAM  brothers of John.                                                 
CARD, JOHN WILTSHIRE son of John and Hannah born in 1871.    
CARMINE, LOUIS a bootmaker at Lyell in 1875           
CALDWELL, MARAGARET  from London to Westland in 1875 age 20.           
CALDWELL, JOHN  from London to Westland in 1875 age 21.                                                                                  
CAMPBELL, DONALD  Blacksmith at Westport in 1873           
CANDY, ALFRED Boatman at Westport
CARTER, JOHN  Publican at Lyell in 1873      
CAREY, HENRY miner     
CARMICHAEL, NEIL a Scottish ferryman, arrived at Jacksons Bay in 1874 and stayed till 1878                                         
CARNE, REUBEN Blacksmith.     
CARPENTER, WILLIAM Greengrocer at Westport                                                                                                      
CARR, JOHN carpenter and ROBERT a Councillor at Westport        
CARRUTHERS, GEORGE  at Westport                              
CASHMAN, DICK Prospector for gold in 1874                 
CASHMAN, CHARLOTTE arrived from England to Westland in 1875 at age 19          
CHEEK, JAMES a bricklayer from England with wife and child stayed at Jacksons Bay till July 1876.
CHINN, A. T a CPL in W.W 2 from Hokitika born 4th Sept 1909 was a coalminer     
CLEARY  GERRY  Waiuta policeman in 1940s         
CLARK, ANDREW Boatman at Westport   
CLARK, JAMES  miner at reefton in 1873   
CLARKE, GEORGE Hotelkeeper.
CONNELLY, WILLIAM a fisherman at Westport in 1908 sentenced to 7 years hard labour for killing Ernest Bourke May1908
COONEY, THOMAS  on the West-Coast in 1870  
COHEN, JACOB b, 1841 in Germany ,miner on the Coast in 1865   
CONLON,WILLIAM a Doctor at Reefton.   
CONLON, JOHN husband of; Esther
CONLON, ESTHER ANN. found not guilty of murdering John at Hokitika Sept 1892.  
COLVIN, JAMES b, 1844 Ireland miner on the Coast in 1867   also Councillor at Westport in 1897.
CONNOR, JAMES prospector of gold in 1874 
COOK, WILLIAM from England to Westland in 1875 at age 16
CORBY, TIMOTHY arrived from Ireland to Westland in 1875 at age 25  
COWPER, JOSEPH Greengrocer at Westport.
COX, RICHARD Storekeeper at Reefton in 1873.
COX, FRANCIS JOHN at Reefton in 1873.                                                                                                                         
COX, JAMES from England stayed at Jacksons bay for two years.                                                                                       
COX, FRANCIS ,H in Westport as a Hotel Keeper in 1873  
COUMBE, JANE  with 4 children landed at Greymouth in 1883   
COURTNEY,  HARRY at Waiuta, Greymouth
COULTHARD, JAMES shot while driving towards Runanga in Nov, 1917   
COYLE, PATRICK in Hokitika in the goldrush days  
CRADDOCK, GEORGE THOMAS ran a hotel in Westport in 1870    
CRADDOCK, MARIA dau of George         
CRAIG, ROBERT miner at Reefton in 1873
CRAWFORD, JACK in Westport in 1869  
CRAWFORD, ROBERT a plumber from Scotland, his wife and child in Jacksons Bay 
CRON, WILLIAM managed a hotel in Marsden ( Greymouth)  
CRON, ADAM and BRIDGET  at Jacksons Bay
CROSS, DONALD miner at Reefton in 1873
CRUICKSHANK, ALEXANDER Police Inspector at Greymouth in 1915 
CUTHBERTSON, HUGH in Westport   
CULLEN, JAMES miner at Reefton    
CULLEN, JOHN inspector of police took charge of the nelson and Westland district in 1897     
CUNDY, GEORGE  found gold at the Blackball Creek in Nov 1864.The nugget weighed 22 ozs and was sold to a Rueben Waite, a trader from Greymouth.   
CUMMING, ANDREW b, 1841 Scotland, storeowner at Hokitika 1865 also a farmer.
CUMMINS, PHILIP killed in a mine accident at Kumara 1880.  

CURRIE, THOMAS a miner at Reefton in 1873
CUTTANCE, W.L. a miner from England, his wife and  2 boys of  15 and 13 at Jacksons Bay  

DARE, PATRICK had 500 shares in a goldmine co, at reefton   
DAVIDSON, GARDINER married a Charlotte Dunlop     
DAVIDSON, MARTHA dau of Gardiner. she married William Leach  
DAVIES, CHARLES a carpenter at Cobden in 1874     
DAVIS TIMOTHY killed in the Alpine Mine  August 1891 In the Lyell cemetery   
DAVIS, THOMAS prospector in 1876  
DAVIS, CHARLES  sergeant on the Gold Escort in 1865  
DAY, JOHN ARTHUR Constable died at  Greymouth on 21-5-1894 
DEAN,  FRED  died from Phthisis  age 57. born in Aust and worked at Waiuta for 17 years.           
DEANS, SAM in the area in 1878    

DENSE,EILEEN DORIS B,10-4-1916  at Greymouth. marr HAROLD PERCY FEARY 25-11-1935
DELLOW, JOHN and his elder sons were gold miners at the Owen in the early1870s. John was a seaman who, with his sons came into the Murchison area with "Moonlight" on a prospecting trip in 1864.They also worked as packmen in the area.
DELLOW, HARRY worked as a ferryman for a number of years. There was 5 Dellow brothers  in the Murchison area.
DELLOW, EMMA married a Mr RUSSELL and remained in Murchison for 67 years.
DEWAR,  MARTHA ( Mattie) went to Waiuta at the age of 9-10 in 1908-9. Her stepfather was TED  HEALY
DICKIE, WILLIAM a grocer at Cobden in 1874
DINWIDDLE, Mr W.E in Murchison in 1909. was ther for at least 35 years   

DIXON, THOMAS  one of the first to discover gold in Kumara approx 1862. 
DICKINSON, THOMAS Tobacconist  in Westport.  
DEVEREUX, JOHN miner at Reefton.    
DEWAR, CHARLES globe hill miner.           
DOBSON, ARTHUR DUDLEY discovered Arthurs Pass.  
DOBSON, HENRY  wine and spirit merchant in Westport in 1869   
DODD, HARRIETT keeper of the "Shotover Hotel" in Hokitika in the gold rush days 
DOGHERTY, ROBERT   at Reefton in the gold rush days        
DOHERTY, BARTHOL  a farmer from Ireland, his wife and 2 children at Jacksons Bay   
DOUGLAS, CHARLES EDWARD left Scotland at 19 .died at the Westland Hospital in may, 1916
DOWGRAY,  JOHN  member of the buller Coalmines 1912         
DOWNEY, JOHN  from Ireland  to Westland in 1875 age 23. 
DOWNIE,CHARLES came to Hampden in 1877. He was from Scotland and a veteran of the Australia and N.Z goldfeilds. He married SARAH GOODYER whose family also followed the goldrush from Australia. During the following 60 years he became a prominent figure in Murchison and died at the age of 96.

DOWNIE, some of the Downie childrens names were ELIZABETH, EMMA, THERESA andJANET  
DONOVAN, J Storekeeper at Mapourika in 1895. married EVA PATRICK of Okarito.  
DORAN, THOMAS wine and spirit merchant in Charleston in 1869 
DOUGLAS, CHARLES EDWARD from Scotland to Otago in 1862 at the age of 20. A few years later he was at Okarito and Jacksons Bay. He was also a climber of mountains in the area  

DUGGAN, NORAH arrived from England to Westland in 1875 age 20      
DUGGAN, PATRICK arrived from England to Westland in 1875 age 19.  
DUGGAN, EDWARD arrived from England to Westland in 1875 age 14. 
DUNCAN, JOHN WRAY a police constable drowned on duty at Kaniere 
DUNN, HARRY a  lad at Brunner in 1887.    
DUNWOODIE, DAVID a dredge engineer.
DUSKE, IDA married JOHN STOOP at woodstock  dec,29th 1883.
DUSKE, JOHN  Ida,s father said to have come from Prussia     
DUSKY, CHARLES,MRS and son David.   
DWYER,  JACK ran a blacksmith shop and stables at Waiuta  in 19

EASSON, J.W Auctioneer at Greymouth in Jan 1889              
EDGAR, GEORGE fell 6 hundred feet to his death in a Waiuta mine in 1916.
EDGE, MARY  in the Lyell Cemetery wife of James  who died 21st June 1897 aged 45 years  
EGGELING family  from " Jacksons Bay"  
EGGERS, FREDERICK WILLIAM (American) arrested for murder at Runanga in 1917. was hung march 1918
EILBECK, METTA was married to Frederick BRUHN 
ELLIOTT, from Northumberland on the " Eastminster to Westland   
FAGAN,  MARK b, 1873 Tasmania Sec for the Inangahua Gold and Coal miners union from 1910--1913 resigning in 1924. He lived at reefton. He died in wellington in 1947.
FAGG, WILLIAM Watchman in Westport 
FALLA, GEORGE Merchant at Westport   
FAULKNER, DAVID at Duganville 1874.
FEARY, HENRY born at Rotomanu 1877
FEARY, ALFRED farmed at Ahaura       
FEARY, IRENE EMILY born at Brunnerton1894     
FEARY, MAXWELL born at Brunnerton in 1893                   
FEARY, ELIZABETH  1859-1913. died at Reefton. married a Thomas Kenning.    
FEARY, GLADYS born at Brunnerton in 1897 
FELL, THOMAS from England to Jacksons Bay.   
FENNEL, JOHN  a storekeeper and Postmaster at Lyell in 1875       
FELL, CHARLES from Victoria with Mrs Fell and 4 children
FERGUSON, GEORGE Tailor, Westport 
FERGUSON, HENRY at Westport in 1895.
FERGUSON, PETER a Boatman at Westport
FINCH, THOMAS of the telegraph Dept, Westport married MARIA CARTER , eldest dau of George Carter from Westport on the 21st Dec 1872    
FISHER, HENRY on the Coast came from CHCH.  
FISHER, JAMES BICKERTON Westport solicitor in 1872
FISHWICK,  MARGARET wife of JOSEPH (Hokitika) drowned  july 8th 1887.
FIELD, THOMAS Ironmonger, Westport in the 1870s   
FIELDS, JOHN householder in Westport in the 1870s  
FINIGAN, CATHERINE arrived from Melbourne in 1868 age 20  
FITZSIMMONS, HENRY managed a hotel in 1874           
FITZGIBBON, DENIS from Ireland to Westland in 1875 age 25    
FLEMING, JOHN STUART Draper at Westport in the 1870s 
FLEMING, JOHN FRANCIS b, 1874 at  Geymouth married Elizabeth CLARK
FLEMING, JOHN CECIL b, 21-10-1905.lived in Greymouth
FLOWER, ALFRED built a accomadation House at Lake Rotoroa
FORRESTER, BLAIR Prospector at the Buller in the 1860s  
FOSTER, WILLIAM bootmaker in Westport in the 1870s   
FOLLET, HENRY on the Coast, came from CH CH.
FOLLEY, WILLIAM Police Sergeant at Reefton in 1903 
FORD, GEORGE a Bullock Driver in the Murchison area in the late 1800s
FRANK, JOEHUM Blacksmith in Westport in 1873       
FRASER, JOHN ROGERS Teacher at Westport
FRASER, HUGH clerk at Murchison 1909
FURNESS,  EDWARD jockey. died at Greymouth after being thrown and rolled over by "Harkaway" at the Greymouth races in Jan 1886  

GALLAGHER, THOMAS and Mrs of Cronadun. there in 1874 
GALLAHER,  CECILIA from Westport married Arthur Hounsell in 1901
GARSIDE, DAVID a Brewer at Lyell in 1875
GATJENS, LOUISA home help 1885.      
GATJENS, HANS HENRY married in 1874 
GERVIE, GEORGE boatbuilder in Westport in the 1870s      
GEGORY, DANIEL married Ellen McCallum in Westport in 1876
GIBBS, JOSEPH established a accomadation House at Longford (Murchison)
GILLINGHAM, GEORGE had a grocer shop in Cobden in the 1880s. later drowned while delivering stores.
GREGORY, ALEX and JOB miners at Charleston 1892-93
GREGORY, WILLIAM  miner of Fern Flat 1892 
GRAMMATICUS, PETER a dairyman at Lyell in 1875   
GRANT, JUSTINA  married Michael Aynsley  
GREATOREX, JOSEPH  managed a hotel in 1874  
GILBERTSON, GILBERT Tailor in Westport.     
GILES, JOSEPH 1832-1930 .  Magistrate at Westport in 1870s 
GLENNON, TOBIAS shoemaker at Cobden in 1874  
GLEGHORN, ARTHUR GEORGE b, 21-10-1909. d, 5-1-1978. marr  ALICE CLARK at Greymouth 
GOLDSTUCKER, JULIUS Accountant at Lyell in 1875        
GOTHARD, EBENEZER Butcher on the Coast in the 1870s    
GOTHARD, GEORGE Councillor in Westpot in 1897
GREENWOOD, CHARLES member of the Gold Escort in 1865 
GROVE, JAMES at Murchison in 1873

HALCROW, J had a coal mining lease near Blackball in 1885
HALL, WILLIAM shot in Nov 1917 at Runanga, died Dec 1917
HALLIDAY, CHARLES  member of the Gold Escort in 1865  
HAMILTON, JOHN a Hotel-keeper at Cobden in 1874  
HANNAH, WILLIAM owned a Hotel in Kumara in the goldrush days  
HANNAN, DAVID Sergeant at Stafford        
HANCOX, HENRY HERBERT  a Constable at Okarito. died 26-6-1910     
HAMMITT, JAMES BELGRAVE    goverment messenger in 1864                                                                   
HARDY, OWEN 1871   
HARRISON, HENRY 1st teacher at Blackball in 1895 
HAY, JAMES G Westport in the 1870s 
HAYLOCK, EDWARD at "Lemferts Hotel" Waimangaroa 1892. died at Waimangaroa 1904
HAYLOCK, MARIA       "           "          " ( his wife ? )    died at Waimangaroa abt 1928 
HAROLD, HONARA from England to Westland in 1875 age 21
HEAD, ROBERT Blacksmith at Westport in the 1870s       
HARPER, LEONARD on the Grey river in 1857   
HARRIS, CHRISTIAN, a brass-founder from Norway,his wife and 3 children.They stayed at Jacksons Bay for only a year.  
HARRIS, LUCY MARGARET b, 26-6-1881 at  Hokitika. d, 2-9-1968 at  Hokitika. dau of.
HAYES, JAMES  a Reefton draper was robbed at gunpoint in 1873  
HERNETTY, WALTER in Westport in the 1870s      
HERRING, PETER  a jockey at the first race meeting in the Buller in 1867  
HERNETTY,WALTER in Westport in the 1870s  
HEVELDT family at Haast 1875--1925 
HIABER,JOHN a Councillor at Westport in 1897
HICKS, ROBERT Bootmaker at Westport in the 1870s
HICKSON, JAMES a police inspector   
HICKEY,  PATRICK  H 1882--1930  The "Grey River Argus' states  in 1910 Where Mr Hickey is found, a storm is raging , or  the galant mr Hickey is trying to stir one up! ( he was a union man)
HINES,  BILL ( Coolibah) died from silicosos in Reefton in 1947 
HOULAHAN, MICHAEL in the area in 1876
HOGAN, ELIZA from Ireland to Westland in 1875 age 28 
HOGAN, JAMES to Westland in 1875 age 23.                
HOUGHTON, ELIZABETH nursemaid burnt to death in 1874
HOUGHTON, GEORGE father of Elizabeth was a miner.    
HOWARD, GRAHAM a councillor at Westport in 1873 
HOLLIS, REUBEN played in the Westport Band in 1869     
HOLMAN,  family tragedy in "LYELL" the book  
HUDSON, JOHN had a store at Hokitika in 1864       
HUDDLESTON, Mr a schoolmaster at Murchison 1884--1906   
HUNT, ALBERT discovered West Coasts first official goldfeild in May 1864     
HUGHES, JOHN had a hotel in Westport    
HUGHES, ELIZABETH 5th daughter of John and Sarah Hughes      
HUTCHISON, THOMAS died at Greymouth in 1881 age 43.      
HUTCHESON, JAMES  was a teacher at Okuru, south westland.   
HUMPHREY, JAMES WILSON on the Westport Council in 1873  
HUNTER, GEORGE at Blackball in 1908  
HUNTER, WILLIAM married MAGDALENE KERR from "Blue Glen" in 1872. their first 4 children were born there. In 1878 he moved to Fern Flat and in  1880  and started a saw-mill  
HUSSEY, THOMAS at Westport  
INGS, EDWARD a journalist on the Coast
INGALL, GEORGE Storekeeper at Kumara in 1892 
INGLIS, JAMES at Lyell in 1875       
IVESS, JOSEPH born Ireland. 1844. married Sarah Ann Reddin at Melbourne. Was 24 when he arrived at Hokitika, died in 1919.

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