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BALL, HANNAH LOUISE b, Greymouth 1879
BALL, DAVID HENRY b, 1880 Greymouth
BALL, ARTHUR MAURICE b, 1897 Greymouth d, at the age of 80.buried in Nelson.
BALL, GEORGE b, 1913 at Granity
BANNAN, ARTHUR DOUGLAS B, 8-1-1924 West Coast. son of George Adam Bannan & Mary Jane McKeough.
BODDY, ERNEST EDWARD b, 28th July 1905 at Boddytown. marr Catherine Atkinson 1931
CLARK, ISABELLA b, 27th april 1888 at Hokitika
CLARK, EDWARD BERNARD b, 22nd Nov 1852 died in Hokitika 15th Oct 1919
DENSE, EILEEN DORIS b, 10-4-1916 Ohura. marr Harold Percy Feary 25-11-1935. Eileen was a dau of Albert Martin Dense & Minnie Adela Roigard.
FEARY, HORACE b, 7th aug 1895 at Stillwater d, 2nd march 1965. he marr Emeline Helen Major 1924
FLEMING, JOHN FRANCIS b, 1874 at greymouth he worked on Coastal ships and on railway bridges.
GORDON, JAMES b, 31-7-1908 Stafford, Westland. son of James Gordon & Ellen Davidson. D, 11-10-1983
HASTE, JAMES ELLIOT died aged 3 years. son of Roland Haste & Elizabeth Florence Feary
HASTE, EDITH ELLENOR b, 2-9-1903 Reefton. Edith marr Leslie James McKendry 19-6-1928
HASTE, ELMA PEACE b, 2-6-1902 Reefton.
HASTE, EDWIN b, 1-6-1905 Stillwater marrPeggie Adela Grix 16-9-1939
HASTE, EVELIN MAUD b, 16-9-1909 . marr Robert Simpson 23-4-1928
HOLLAND, MADALENA b, 20-7-1856 Nelson .dau of Henry Holland & Lydia Hodgkinson. marr Thomas Henry Feary 20-9-1877. Madalena d, at Greymouth 20th Nov 1928.
JOHNSTON, ELIZA AMY b, 1871 Greymouth. marr William Boddy
JOHNSTON, MINNIE GRACE b, 5th Oct 1875 Reefton .
JOHNSTON, EVA MAY b, 4th feb 1878 Ahaura marr James Alfred Newell
JOHNSTON, ERNEST CLEVELAND b, 11th May 1886 Ahaura
KENNING, THOMAS b, oct 1857 in Nelson marr Elizabeth Feary . He and wife owned hotels on the West Coast. Thomas d, 21-1-1917.
KENNING, ALICE MARY b, 8-9-1882 marr in Reefton May 1904 to John Allan Stuart.Alice d, 26-1-1923
LAMBERTON, JANET b, 29-1-1883 Totara Flat. dau of Thomas Lamberton & Mary Green. died at Greymouth July 1959
LIMM, WILLIAM HARRY drowned at the age of 15
LIMM, RICHARD b, 20-4-1925 Greymouth
McGIRR, EGBERT JOHN b, 16-4-1918 Greymouth marr Irene Curnow 1951
McGIRR, GEORGE JOSEPH b, 30th aug 1921 Greymouth
McKENDRY, NETTA LOUISE b, 15-2-1929 Westport.
McMILLAN, JOHN GEORGE b, 19th july 1897 Hokitika son of Robert McMillan & Marian Agnes Stewart. John d, 23rd Sept 1962 at Hokitika.
MESSENGER, VERNON HOWARD b, 30-4-1910 Greymouth.d, Greymouth 1977.
OSBOURNE, CATHERINE VIOLET b,16-5-1927 at Reefton. dau of George William Osbourne & Violet Glover Cotter
PAUL, BASIL WILLIAM b, 20-6-1910 at Brunnerton. son of Ernest Joseph Paul & Edith Minnie Feary
PEARN, J.S a Butcher who became a Hotel keeper and brewer in Kumara where he died. He was from Cornwall
RYAN, KELVIN JOHN b, 18-11-1919 Greymouth .
STONE, EMILY MARTHA b, Cobden 1868
STONE, ALFRED b, Hokitika 1874
STRONGMAN, JANE born in Cornwall. She marr Edward Clark.and died 1st June 1901.Jane is buried at Nelson Creek.
STUART, ELLEN MAY b, 13-10-1904 Reefton marr May 1924 to James Henry Imms . May d, in Auckland 1971
SUTHERLAND, MARY MARGARET b, 8th march 1896 at Ross d, Greymouth 16th June 1965
WILLIS, THOMAS JOB b, 10-12-1865 Riccarton. 4th son of George Willis & Elizabeth Reynolds. Thomas marr Sarah Ann Feary.1884. Thomas died in Greymouth 1-6-1911.
WILLIS, PERCY.GEORGE b, 16-8-1886 d, Greymouth 1954. Percy had his own business in Greymouth as a Canvas Maker & Motor Trimmer. In the early 1930,s he ran the Nelson Creek Hotel. (Seems to have a son named Percy George also)
WILLIS, EGBERT JOSEPH b, 1888 Stillwater . was killed in France Feb 1918
WILLIS, EVA MAUDE b, 1892 Stillwater marr Francis Patrick McGirr 21-9-1910...
WILLIS, THOMAS SEDDON b, 6th Aug 1893 Stillwater marr Mary Margaret Sutherland 20th feb 1921. . Thomas d, 27th oct 1961
WILLIS, STANTON REYNOLDS b, 1895 d, 11th aug 1915. Stanton was injured at Gallipoli, and was buried at sea of Anzac Cove.
WILLIS, ARCH NORMAN b, 1897 Stillwater marr Ruby May Thompson. Archie d, 1st aug 1978
WINCHESTER, ALBERT b, 23rd feb 1896 at Ross. He died in Dunedin in 1959
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