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Canterbury Public Library Church Register Index

Surname WELLS - Birth & Burial dates.
b. born, bur. burial date.

Abigail - b. 8 June 1882 to Edgar & Abigail of Lyttelton, ( labourer).
Abigail - bur. 6 February 1925. retired of Lyttelton, age 78, NOK Edgar.
Albert Spencer - b. 22 July 1896, to James Seth & Mary Louise, of Cheviot.
Alfred John - b. 11 December 1869, to George Thomas & Mary Ann nee BURBIDGE
Alfred William - b. 22 October 1880 to Alfred William & Sarah nee HALL.
Alfred William - bur.16 Aug 1961, at Bromley Cemetery age 80, NOK Mrs E.
Alice - b. 22 February 1888 to Edgar & Abigail of Lyttelton.
Allen Robert - b. 2 March 1893 to Arthur Thomas & Jane of Little Akaloa.
Alma Lucy Blanch -b. 25 April 1886 to Henry & Ada of Oxford Tce, Chch,
Amelia Phoebe - b. 11 September 1864 to James William & Huldah of Okains
Amy - b. 28 February 1891 to Edgar & Abigail of Lyttelton.
Annie -b. 1 February 1868 to George Thomas & Mary Ann Alice nee BURBIDGE
Annie - bur. 17 October 1871 to George & Mary Ann, age 3yrs. storekeeper.
Annie -bur. 1 April 1949, Linwood Cemetery, age 87 Mr H.H.Wells (son)
Annie Beatrice - b. 16 October 1878 to Alfred William & Sarah Jane
Annie Louisa -b. 13 April 1885 to Edgar & Abigail.
Arnold James - b.30 December 1902 to James Seth & Mary Louisa of Chorlton.
Arthur Thomas -b.23 September 1865 to James William & Huldah.
Beatrice Joan -b. 8 June 1912 to Henry & Annie of 229 Colombo St. (Butcher)
Benjamin - bur. 16 Aaugust 1928 widower of Lyttelton age 69
Caroline Louisa -b. 27 January 1884 to Lewis & Jane Weller nee YARROW
Caroline Louisa - bur. 1 April 1884 parents Lewis & Jane (cabman)
Charles - bur. 24 March 1934 age 36 of 61 Canterbury St.
Charles Alexander -bur. 17 August 1923, age 64,(sheepfarmer) of Lower
Charles Lewis - bur. 24 December 1888 age 59 of Madras St. (cabman)
Charlotte Rosetta -b. 2 January 1883 to James William & Huldah, (farmer)
Christabel May - b. 28 April 1885 to Harry & Ada (Professor of Music)
Claud - bur. 14 January 1892 age 3 days.
Cyril William - b.30 January 1916 to William & Eleanor Olive (jeweller)
Doris Rita - b. 2 February 1898 to Alfred John W. & Helena nee JACKSON
Dorothy Eileen - b.22 December 1907 to Henry James & Annie Theresa (butcher)
Dorothy Helen -b. 15 May1890 to Charles Alexander & Florence Lizzie of
Edgar - bur. 14 July 1930 age 85, retired of Lyttelton.
Edgar George -b. 6 March 1896 to Emma of Lyttelton, single woman sp.
Edgar George - bur. 19 October 1896 mother Emma single woman.
Edwin - b.15 May 1863 to George & Mary Ann nee Burbidge.
Elspeth -bur. 30 March 1882 age 48
Elizabeth - b.4 August 1862 to William & Mary of Ferry Road.
Elizabeth - bur. 30 November 1873 age 72, Avonville, Avonside,
Elizabeth Alice -b. 9 January 1860, to George & Mary Ann of Avonside,
(cabinet Maker)
Elizabeth Ann - b.16 September 1885 to Charles Lewis & Jane Elizabeth
nee YARROW (cabman)
Ellen Louisa -b 8 October 1871 to James & Huldah of Okains Bay (sawyer)
Ellen Margurite -b. 10 November 1900 to George Edgar & Myra of Chorlton
Elsie Ada -b. 22 Setember 1891 to Herbert & Ada Mary (fitter)
Elsie Ellen -bur. 22 November 1950 age 34
Elsie May -b. 27 November 1902 to Abigail, res. refuge.
Emma -b. 18 July 1877 to George & Abigail of Lyttelton.
Eric Caldwell -b. 19 March 1906 to Annie Louisa of Hereford St.
Ernest Joseph - b.10 February 1876 to Edwin & Ellen of Okains Bay,
Ethel Gwendoline -b.23 July 1898 to George Edgar & Myra of Chorlton.
Eva Florence -b.14 May 1877 to James Huldah of Okains Bay.
Florence -b. 3 September 1876 to Thomas George & Mary Ann of Avonvale
Florence (Lizzie) - bur.1 October 1943 age 83 of 83 Harakeke St. Chch
Frederick Charles -b.4 September 1874 to George Thomas & Mary Ann Alice
George -b.9 July1866 to Edwin & Ellen of Lyttelton (gardener)
George Edgar -b. 27 July 1873 to James William & Huldah of Okains Bay.
George Thomas -bur. 16 March 1887 of Avonville age 53
Genevieve Alice cecile -b. 19 September 1887 to Harry & Ada, organist
St. Michaels Church, Christchurch.
Hannah -bur. 8 February 1869 parents William & Mary of Loburn - infant
Hannah -b. 3 January 1870 to William & Mary, Loburn.
Harold Herbert - bur. 3 January 1951 at Bromley Cemetery, age 47,
Hector Arthur - b. 9 Auguat 1896 to Arthur Thomas & Jane of Cheviot.
Henry Charles - b. 5 March 1901 to Charles Frderick & Annie Mabel (musician)
Henry James -bur. 4 March 1944 aat Lawn Cemetery, age 66, of Barrington st.
Herbert Horace -b. 19 December 1899 to Alfred John & Helena.
Hilton Stevens -b. 23 June 1916 to Thomas Peckman & Mary Ann of
Lyttelton (shopwright)
Ida Pretoria -b. 10 November 1900 to George Edgar & Myra of Chorlton
James Edwin -b. 29 December 1864 to Edwin & Ellen of Lyttelton, (gardener)
James Edwin - died 10 January 1866 age 1 year. Edwin & Ellen, Lyttelton
James Seth -b. 25 september 1868 to James William & Huldah.
James William - bur. 8 August 1938 age 96 of Lyttelton
Jane - b. 30 November 1866 to William & Mary of Loburn. (farmer)
John Henry - b. 14 April 1871 to Edwin & Ellen & Lyttelton.
John Henry - bur. 25 October 1884 age 13 yrs. Edwin & Ellen
John Stanley - b. 16 December 1888 to Henry & Ada, organist.
Juenette mae -b. 9 July 1928 to Henry Charles & Thelma May.
Leonard Spencer - b. 3 April 1885 to James & Huldah of Little Akaloa.
Leslie Albert - b. 1 july 1885 to Arthur Thomas & Jane of Little Akaloa.
Lily May - b. 26 October 1889 to Edgar & Abigail of Lyttelton.
Louisa Annie - b. 16 May 1872 to Thomas & Mary Ann, nee BURBIDGE
Louisa Annie - bur. 25 October 1875 age 3 years, of Avonside.
Louisa Florence -b. 10 August 1868 to Edwin & Ellen of Lyttelton.
Lucy Amelia - b. 7 August 1886 to Edgar & Abigail of Lyttelton
Margaret - b. 19 September 1860 to William & Mary of Pigeon Bay.
Margaret Amy - bur. 4 May 1884 age 8yrs.
Marjorie Alice - b. 16 December 1883 to Charles Alexander & Florence of
Mary - bur. 19 September 1917 age 85 of Hawthorn St. papanui.
Mary - bur. 22 September 1920 age 64 of Avonside.
Mary Ann -b. 13 August 1864 to William & Mary of Rolling Downs, Ashley bank.
Mary Ann Alice - bur. 8 March 1932 age 76 of Jubilee Home, Woolston.
Mary Anne - bur. 4 October 1909, age 72 of Travers St.
Maude - b. 27 July 1883 to Edgar & Abigail of Lyttelton.
Maude - bur. 6 August 1883 age 8 days.
Maurice Jamieson -b. 8 January 1919 to Arthur Clifford & Florence Lucy
of St. Albans
Nancy Janet - b. 3 September 1884 to Charles Alexander & Florence Lizzie.
Olive Maude - b. 28 December 1880 to James william & Huldah of Okains Bay
Phyllis Evelyn - b. 22 February 1914 to Henry James & Annie of Colombo
St. (fruiterer)
Rawinia Maybrook - b. 6 February 1909 to Henry James & Annie (butcher)
Robert Edgar -b. 2 March 1925 to Thomas Peckman & Mary Ann of Lyttelton.
Robert Edgar - bur. 5 November 1929 age 4 and half.
Roy Norris - b. 9 April 1898 to Arthur Thomas & Jane of Cheviot (butcher)
Russell Hunter - b. February 1918 to Arthur G.
Ruwena -b. 27 January 1895 to Arthur Thomas
Sarah - b. 5 January 1883 to William & Ellen of Halswell
Sarah - bur. 15 March 1891 age 86 of Lyttelton.
Sarah Jane - b. 3 june 1878 to Edwin & Helena of Akaroa.
Sedley George - b. 16 August 1906 to Charles Frederick & Annie Mable of
Walton St. (muscian)
Sophia Sarah - b. 22 February 1874 to Edgar & Abigail. of Okains Bay.
Stanford Arthur - b. 8 September 1899 to James seth & Mary Louisa of
Susan Ellen - b. 4 February 1866 to Thomas G. & Mary Ann of Avonville.
Thelma Maude -b. 4 January 1915 to William & Eleanor Olive of Sydenham
Thomas - b. 27 July 1877 to William & Mary of Loburn.
Thomas Peckman - b. 12 January 1880 to Edgar & Abigail of Lyttelton
Vera Alice - b. 16 September 1906 to George Edgar & Myra of Cheviot
Vincent Leslie -b. 27 July 1911 to Charles Frederick & Annie Mabel
William -.b. 15 June 1874 to William & Mary of Loburn.
William - bur. 26 May 1919 age 87 of Leinster Road, Christchurch.

Canterbury Public Library Church register Index

Surname - WELLS female Marriages
male details/female details (occupation) b. born

Agnes Maude & Noah Ezra JONASSEN m. 8 January 1910, at Holy Trinity,
Avonside, ages: 21/19 years 5mths. occ: engineer/domestic, born.
Christchurch/West Clive, Napier,
parents: Mads-Peter & Marie Jonassen nee HAUBERG (engineer)
George & Elizabeth Ann Wells nee WILKINSON
witness: Pearl Treloar, Avonside vicarage (domestic duties)
Mathew Rosendale, verger.

Amelia Ann & Joseph FOSTER m. 10 September 1856 at Weslyan Chapel,
Lyttelton, ages: 22/23 occ: marriner
witness: Abraham Palmer, Mary Ann Scott

Alma Lucy Blanche & William Reynolds CAREY m. 24 April 1912 at St.
Mary's Merivale, ages: 25/25, OCC: DRAPER, B. Ross,
parents: Andrew Fuller & Leila Carey nee CARGEEG (draper)
Harry & Ada Wells nee Pike ( muscian)
witness: H. Wells, muscian, 131 Office Road, Merivale (muscian)
R. Cargeeg, 82 Leinster Road, (Accountant)

Amelia & Alfred OSBORNE m. 2 December 1874, at residence of Amelia
Wells, Salisbury Street, Chch. ages: 40/50 bachelor/widow, occ: gardener,
witness: Richard Gardner (joiner) Papanui Road. Emily Bone, Salisbury
Street, Chch

Amelia Phoebe & John MARSHALL m. 7 May 1889 at house of James Wells,
Little Akaloa, ages: full/full, occ: labourer, born: Little
Akaloa/Okains Bay,
parents: Robert & Mary Marshall nee TURNER ( farmer)
James William & Hulda Wells nee Howland
witness: James William Wells, A.T. Wells,Little Akaloa,(labourer)
John Marshall born 17 March 1865.

Amy & Arthur John Stanley WYATT m. 25 October 1911, St. Saviours Church.
West Lyttelton, ages:21/20, b. Lyttelton/Lyttelton, occ: aerated water
parents; John Francis & Maria Aldred Wyatt neeVOMTOM (aerated water
Edgar & Abigail Wells nee Stevens (caretaker)
witness: Robert Carson, Lyttelton, (plumber) Edgar Wells, Lyttelton
Emily Beatrice Wyatt, Lyttelton, sister of bridegroom.

Annie Beatrice & Harry Edward SKINNER m. 22 August 1904 at St.
Michaels, Christchurch, ages: 27/25, occ: bootmaker, born:
parents: Harry & Emma Skinner nee BOWYER (gardener)
Alfred & Sarah Jane Wells nee HALL (butcher)
witness: A.W. Wells (butcher), A.W. Wells, jnr. Sydenham.

Annie Elspeth & Frederick WALLIS m 27 December 1926 at All Saints, Sumner,
ages: 35/26, widower 30 April 1923/spinster,
occ: contractor, b. Glenore/Pleasant Point
parents: Walter William & Christina Mary Wallis nee Wells( railway
Robert Alfred & Eliza Crawford Wells nee BELLAMY

Charlotte Rosetta & Thomas PAWSON m.9 August 1905 at St Lukes Church,
Little Akaloa, ages: 29/22 occ: farmer, b. Little Akaloa/Chorlton,
parents: Jonas & Sarah Dixon Pawson nee BARKER
James William & Huldah Wells nee Howland
witness: L.S. Wells, Chorlton (farmer), J.W. Wells, H Pawson, Greenpark.

Christabel Mary & Roy TWYNEHAM m. 12 December 1911 at St. Marys
Merivale, ages: 26/26, occ: clerk, b. both Christchurch,
parents: William & Emily Annie Twyneham nee DENNE (contractor)
Henry & Ada Wells nee Pike (muscian)
witness: H. Wells 131 Office Road, Merivale,
W.R. Carey, 28 Mansfield Ave, (draper)

Constance Kitty Evelyn & James Seymour BAKER m 18 December 1919 at St.
Matthews St. Albans, ages: 29/31, occ: painter/shop assistant. b.
parents: Aaron & Hannah Baker nee BUTLER (driver)
James & Annie Bones Wells nee Philpott (station master)
witness: Eva Mabel Eldridge Wells, 589 Madras St. Aaron Stanley Baker,
Otaki St. Kaiapoi,

Doris Rita & Harold Aldridge TOWNSEND m. 6 September 1922, at Holy
Trinity Avonside, occ: warehouseman, b. Surrey, England/Christchurch,
parents: Edward James & Mary Ann Townsend nee Aldridge (salesman)
Alfred John & Helene Wells nee Jackman (cellarman)
witness: Edward Townsend 256 Worcester St. W.A.Sharpe,
(schoolteacher), A.J.Wells, (cellarman), Linwood.
James Seymour Baker born 22 June 1889

Dorothy Helen & Selby Miles PALMER m 10 April 1912, at St. Marys
Merivale, ages: 31/21, occ: sheepfarmer, b. Chch/Amberley, usual
address Poverty bay,
parents: Joseph & Emily Anne Palmer nee FISHER (banker)
Charles Alexander & Florence Lizzie Wells nee Lane
witness Florence & Charles WELLS, Ellertich, Amberley,
Beatrice Allen, Lower Riccarton.
Selby Miles Palmer, b. 1 May 1880 Hereford St.

Eliza & John George ARMITAGE m. 7 February 1877 at Durham St. Weslyan
Church. ages: 26/19, occ storeman,
witness: --Wells, Avonville, Christchurch (labourer), M. Wells, Avonville.

Elizabeth & Robert HODGSON m. 8 August 1883 at Weslyan Church,
Raithby, Loburn, Canterbury, ages: 27/21, b/ Chch/Chch, occ farmer,
parents: Anthony & Barbara Hodgson, nee LENNOX (farmer)
William & Mary Wells nee McLearey, (farmer)
witness: Twentyman Hodgson Loburn, (farmer)
Margaret Wels, Loburn.

Elizabeth Alice & Alexander HUTTON m. 31 December 1891, at Holy Trinity,
Avonside, ages: 27/30, occ: shoemaker, b. Forforshire, Scotland/Linwood
parents:Adam & Elizabeth Hutton nee WALKER, (labourer)
George Thomas & Mary Ann Alice Wells nee Burbidge
witness: A. Lilleyman 27 Ward St. Addington, F.Wells.

Ellen Louisa & James SHUTTLEWORTH m. 27 April 1890 at house of James
William Wells, Little Akaloa, ages: full/minor, b. Little
Akaloa/Okains Bay,
parents: Robert & Jane Shuttleworth nee STIMPSON (farmer)
James William & Huldah Wells nee Howland
witness: James William Wells, Arthur Thomas Wells,
James Shuttleworth b. 19 October 1867

Emma & Samuel Alexander MARSHALL m 27 December 1897 at Holy Trinity,
Lyttelton, ages: 23/19, b. Lyttelton/Lyttelton,
parents: George & Ann Marshall nee FRAZER (labourer)
Edgar & Abigail nee Stevens
Samuel Marshall born 1 December 1877

Emma & William PAGE m.11 June 1874 at The Manse,
ages24/26, occ: carpenter,
witness: Isabella McColl, Manse, spinster, Elizabeth Farquhar, Manse.

Eva Florence & Robert Charles GILBERT m. 29 June 1989 at St. Lukes,
Little Akaloa, ages: 24/21, occ: farmer, b. Okains Bay/Little Akaloa,
parents: Robert, & Susan Gilbert nee GREEN (farmer)
James & Huldah nee Howland

Eva Florence & Arthur Ernest WILLIAMS (widow Gilbert) m. 5 August 1915
at St Lukes, Christchurch, ages: 40/38 bachelor/widow 6 April 1910,
occ: farmer,
b. Amberley/Okains Bay,
parents: Lyonel Charles & Lucy Williams nee DUNFORD, (civil servant)
James William & Huldah Howland.
witness: E.V. Gilmour, 90 Chester St. L.Williams (ex civil servant),
New Brighton.

Frances Susannah Georgina & William Louie HOFF m. 1 January 1927 at St
Peters, Woolston, b. Waiau/Heriot,
parents: John Carel Louie & mary Ship Auckland Hoff nee WALKER
Francis Edward & Emma Sarah Wells, nee CLACK (railway surfaceman)
witness: S.M. & W.S. Mead, 23 Seddon St. rangiora.

Hannah & Walter Thomas JONES m. 21 March 1894 at Presbyterian Church,
Cust. ages: 24/24, occ: blacksmith, b. Papanui/Loburn, usual
address: Okaiawa, Taranaki,
parents: Edmond & Rebecca Jones nee FLETCHER (shoemaker)
William & Mary Wells nee McClearey
witness: Dina Wells, Cust. Fred. E. Jones, Papanui.

Janet Marion & Philip Henry SHERRATT m.15 April 1920, at St. Barnabas,
Fendalton. ages: 35/26, occ: sheepfarmer, b Wainui, Gisborne/Amberley,
parents: Richard & Ellen Sherratt nee ROCK (sheepfarmer)
Charles Alexander & Florence Lizzie nee Lane.
witness: Henry Clyde Nolan, Gisborne (sheepfarmer), Marjorie Wells, L.
Riccarton. Charles Alexander Wells.

Julia Miriam & John Thomas BLOOR m. 9 oct 1918 at Methodist, Cambridge
Tce, ages: 27/21 (farmer), b. Annat/Greendale,
parents: Joseph & Josephine Bloor nee BALL
John & Eliza nee Addington,
witness: John Wells (farme)r View Hill, Josephine Wells, View Hill.

Lily May & Robert CARSON m.9 May 1912 at St Saviours, Sydenham.
ages: 25/22, occ: plumber, b. Lyttelton/Lyttelton,
parents William John & Mary Anne nee CLARKSON
Edgar & Abigail ( caretaker)
witness Edgar Wells, Lyttelton, Alice Wells, Lyttelton, sister of bride.

Maria & Henry Thomas HAY m. 1 May 1868 at The Manse,
ages 26/23, occ: carter/domestic duties,
witness: James Fraser, The Manse, (gentlewoman) Mary Falloon Manse,

Maria & William SMITH m. 11 October 1879 at St. Lukes, Christchurch,
ages ful,l occ: breweryman,
witness: Wallace Stewart, ( platelayer,) Eliza Windsor

Mary & John Ramsay WEBSTER m. 29 March 1894, at Presbyterian Church,
Cust, ages 29/29, farmer/school mistress, b. Riccarton/Loburn,
parents: James & Catherine Webster nee RAMSEY (farmer)
William & Mary McClearey (farmer)
witness Dina Wells Cust, -- Webster, student, Shannon

Mary Elizabeth & Robert BRYSON m. 10 March 1914, at St Andrews Church,
Christchurch, ages 36/29, occ: physcian & surgeon, b. Inverness
Scotland/Chch usual address: Levin,
parents: William Kennedy & Helen Bryson, nee McLEOD ( civil servant)
William & Elizabeth Wells nee SCOTT (draughtsman)
witness: George Wensley Clarkson, (meat exporter), 10 Carlton Road,
Riccarton, Adelaide Alice DAWE, Ashburton.

Nancy Janet & Edgar Channon STUDHOLME m. 20 April 1909 at St. Marys
Merivale ages: 42/26, occ: farmer/gentlewoman, b.
parents: Michael & Effiegenia Maria Louisa Studholme nee Channon,
(farmer) Waimate
Charles Alexander & Florence nee Lane
witness: C .Des.Teschmaker, Kauroohill, Mahino

Olive Frances & Francis David GEDDES m. 13 July 1915 at St Andrews
Church, ages: 27/25, occ: prison warder, b. Aberdeenshire/Greendale,
parents: Robert & Catherine Geddes nee GELLAN (farmer)
Henry Charles & Sarah Annie nee MILLS
witness: Ethel Wells (Accountant), Fendalton, Frank Annand Tyche,
Timaru, (ploughman)

Olive Maud & Frederick John HEATH m. 9 August 1905 at St Lukes, Little
Akaloa, ages: 29/24, occ: sawyer, b. Ngatimoto, Nelson/Chorlton,
parents: John & Sarah Heath nee SUTCLIFFE (farmer)
James William & Huldah nee Howland
witness: J.W. Wells, Chorlton, Anne Sarah Heath, Ngatimoto, E.J.
McHale, Chorlton, carpenter.

Rosa Ann & Thomas William SILVESTER m. 14 July 1898 at Holy Trinity,
ages: 30/26 occ: carter, b. Greenpark/West Kent, England.
parents: Henry & Emily nee CARRYTHORNE
Edgar & Abigail Wells
witness: Edgar Wells, Henry Silvester.

Rosetta & Richard BUTT m. 10 September 1856 at Weslyan Chapel, Lyttelton.
ages: 26/24, occ: waiter.
witness: William Donald, Annie Scott

Sarah & John Scott WEIR m. 3 August 1904 at St Marys, Heathcote,
ages: 27/21, b. Falkland Islands/Halswell,
parents: John Spence & Annie nee SCOTT (shepherd)
William & Ellen nee MORLEY

Sarah Ann & John KELLY m. 9 November 1872 The Manse,
ages: 30/24, occ: farmer/domestic duties,
witness: Susan McInnes, The Manse, spinster, Annie McCormick,
spinster, Opawa.

Sophia Sarah & John Daniel MILLER m. 14 September 1892 at the house of
Edgar Wells, Little Brenchley, Lyttelton, ages: 21/18, b.
Greymouth/Okains Bay,
parents: Malcolm & Mary Miller nee McDonald (shipwright)
Edgar & Abigail Wells nee Stevens
witness: M.J.Miller Lytelton, Rosa Wells, Lyttelton.

Chorlton, Okains Bay, Little Akaloa, Pigeon Bay are all on Banks Peninsula.
Cheviot, Loburn, in North Canterbury
Canterbury Public Library Church Register Index

Surname WELLS Male Marriages
male details/female details, (occupation) b. born

Alban Douglas & Agnes SPENSLEY m. 12 September 1882 at St Marks Opawa,
ages: 25/23,
occ: ironmonger, b. Worcester/Melbourne,
parents: Frederick & Eliza Wells nee Partington
James & Agnes Galbraith Spensley nee REID (music seller)
witnesses: James Spensley, Woolston, ( music seller) Isabella
Baltimore Spensley, Woolston.

Alfred John & Helena JACKMAN m. 15 April 1897 at St. Lukes Anglican
Church, Christchurch.
ages 27/26, occ: carter, born: Christchurch/ Christchurch,
parents: George Thomas & Mary Ann Wells nee BERBIDGE (brewer)
Samuel & Helena Jackman nee STEWART
witnesses: Charles Frederick Wells (bootmaker) Linwood, Ellen Matilda

Arthur Thomas & Jane SHUTTLEWORTH m. 26 April 1891 at James Wells house,
Little Akaloa.
born: Okains Bay/Little Akaloa, ages: full age/full age, occ:
parents: James & Huldah Wells
Robert & Hannah Shuttleworth nee STIMPSON
witness: James & Ellen Louisa Shuttleworth.

Charles Alexander & Florance (Lizzie) LANE m. 16 October 1883 at St.
Marys, Church Merivale, Chch.
both full age, born: Cheltenham, Eng./Sydney,
parents: Warwick Walter & Frances Janet Wells nee FOX (surgeon)
W.H. & Alice Jane Eskine Lane nee BEAUCHAMP (Gent)

Edwin Henry Wells & Margaret Jane JOHNSTON m. 31 December 1885 at Holy
Trinity Avonside,
ages: 22/23, occ: upholsterer, born: Avonside/County Down, Ireland,
parents: George Thomas & Mary Ann Alice Wells nee Burbidge
Charles & Jane Johnston nee McMEEKIN

Edwin Joseph Wells & Ellen FOULDS m. 19 April 1864 at Holy Trinity
Church, Lyttelton. occ: gardener.
Richard Butt, marriner of Lyttelton, Rosetta Butt, Isabella Foulds,
Amelia Foster

Ernest George Wells & Clara Annie Marguerite HULSTON m.29 December 1920
at Durham St. Methodist Church. ages: 34/30 born: Greendale/West Melton,
parents: John & Eliza Wells nee ADDINGTON
James & Clara Anne Hulston nee CUBBAGE
witness: Mary Calder of Halkett, Fred Aubrey Wells, of View Hill.

Ernest Joseph Wells & Edith Emily ROBSON m. 22 August 1900 at house of
Mr Robson, St. Albans. occ: presser, born: Okains Bay/Chch,
parents: Edward & Ellen Wells nee FOULDS
Henry & Louisa Robson nee WILSON

Frank Harry Wells & Kathleen Annie SWAFFIELD m. 28 March 1902 at house
of Rev. Laws,
East Belt, Christchurch, ages: 27/24, occ: carpenter, born:
Surrey, England/Dorset, England
parents: Aaron & Mary Ann Wells nee WALLIS
Augustus & Anne Swaffield nee GILLINGHAM

Fred Wells & Elizabeth Harriet Mary FENTON m. 31 March 1920
ages: 19/19, born: Penge, England/Lyttelton,
parents: Benjamin & Mary Wells nee MAY
Edward Charles & Lucy Fenton nee ELSTOB

George Wells & Elizabeth GORSTAGE nee DIXON m. 31 January 1875 at The
(St. Andrews Presbyterian) widower/widow, ages: 43/42 occ: joiner.
witness: Margaret Purdie, spinster, Tuam street, Isabella McCOLL,
Manse, spinster

George Wells & Annie SHUTTLEWORTH m. 22 January 1887
ages: 25/25, occ: baker, born: Derby, England/Essex, England,
parents: William & Elizabeth Wells nee SCOTT ( mechanic)
Abraham & Emily Shuttleworth nee GODSAVE
witness Elizabeth Wells, Addington, C.F. McIntosh, The Manse, St.
Andrews, Chch

Harry Wells & Ada PIKE m. 7 January 1884 at St. Saviours Church, Sydenham.
occ: Professor of Music, born: Worcester, England/Stephens Green,
Henley on Thames, England.
parents: Frederick & Eliza Walker Wells nee PARTINGTON (builder)
William Henry & Maria Pike nee BECKETT (coach builder)
witness: Blanche Pike, Alban Doug. Wells, ironmonger, Timaru

Henry Charles Wells & Sarah Annie MILLS m. 1 January 1879
in the Primitive Methodist Church, Greendale. ages: 20/20,
witnesses: William Theodore Mills & Christine Isdele Mills, Malvern.

Henry James Wells & Annie Teresa KELLEY m. 15 July 1907 at St. Saviours
Church, Sydenham,
ages: 29/28, occ: butcher/waitress, born: Nevington, Surrey,
parents: John Thomas & Annie Ada Wells nee MAYHECK (printer)
James & Catherine Kelley nee DOWLING (labourer)
witness R.W.Richards, Southbridge, seed dresser, Agnes Daly, Cashel
St. Chch.

Herbert Wells & Ada Mary HEASMAN m. 18 March 1890 at house of Rev.
Redstone, Durham Street, Christchurch,
ages: 26/23, occ: fitter/tailoress, born: Derby,
England/Peckham, Surrey, England,
parents: William & ElizabethWells nee SCOTT (patternmaker)
John & Emma Heasman nee SHEPHERD ( storeman)
witness: Adam Menzies, (hairdresser), Manchester St. Charlotte
Heasman, (retoucher), Manchester St.

James Wells & Annie Bones PHILPOTT m. 4 July 1878 in Weslyan Church,
Papanui, Christchurch.
both full ages, occ: stationmaster.
witness: David Eldridge Philpott, farmer, John Philpott, Papanui,
Lydia Maria ---, Papanui.

James Seth Wells & Mary Louisa PRIEST m. 4 April 1895 at St. Johns
Church, Woolston. ages: 26/21, born: OkainsBay/Woolston, usual res.
Cheviot. occ: farmer.
parents: James William & Elder nee Howlen (sic) Huldah nee HOWLAND
as written on card.
Frank Hodges & Louisa Ann Priest nee DAY ( builder)
witness: Mary Ann Boatwood, Woolston, Charles Priest, Little Akaloa,(

James William Wells & Huldah HOWLAND m. 3 November 1863 at St. Johns,
ages; full/under, Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula. occ: sawyer.
witness: E. Wells, J. Foster, Phoebe Flutey.

John Wells & Josephine BLOOR m. 2 June 1915, Methodist Church, Cambridge
ages: 54/48, widower/widow, 8 June 1914/14 November 1908,
born: South Australia/Suffolk, England, present address: View Hill.Oxford
parents: John & Maria Wells nee HAWZE ( farmer)
John & Deborah Ann Balls nee SMITH (miller)
witness Sarah Jane Fielding, Caledonian road, John Mayer, Martin Ave,

John Addington Wells & Annie Lavinia MOUNSEY m. 1 August 1917 at
Anglican Church, Coopers Creek, Oxford,
ages: 29/23, occ: farmer, born: Greendale/View Hill,
parents: John & Eliza Wells nee ADDINGTON of View Hill, Oxford
John Armstrong & Anne Mounsey nee BROWN
witness H.A.Wells, View Hill (farmer) S. John Mounsey, View Hill,
Elsie Mounsey, domestic.

Leonard Spencer Wells & Daisy Mabel KENNETT m. 3 April 1912, at St.
Lukes, Manchester Street, Christchurch,
ages: 26/25, born: Chorlton/Christchurch,
parents: Robert & Annie Laura Kennett nee COOPER (watchmaker)

Lewis Charles Wells & Jane WELLER m. 30 October 1885 at St. Lukes, Chch
occ: cabman, born: London/London, ages 56/40, bachelor/widow, 15
parents: Philip Robert & Harriet Wells nee WESTON (coal meter)
William Yarrow & Elizabeth Weller (painter)

Robert Cornelius Wells & Ann Grace STANSELL m. 24 December 1892 at St.
Michaels, Christchurch,
ages 33/33, occ: saddler, b. Victoria/ England
parents: Henry & Martha Elizabeth Wells nee COLE
John Brough & Ann Amelia Stansell nee Rainbow (crier supreme court)
witness J.M. Roskruge, Government Buildings, F.J.Voyle, Christchurch

Rubenstein Wells & Annie Maud DUNCAN m. 16 December 1914 at St. Davids
Church, Christchurch,
ages 23/29, occ masseur/domestic duties, b. Sydney/Timaru
parents: Allan Douglas & Agnes nee Spensley (Ironmonger)
Francis & Mary nee LAW (Deputy Harbour master)
witness Mabel Duncan, Rugby Street, Chch, William Henry Luxton,
(draper) Peterborough St.

Thomas Peckman Wells & Mary Ann WELFORD m. 23 July 1907 at St.Lukes,
ages 27/23, occ: shipwright/domestic duties, b. Lyttelton/Heathcote,
parents: Edgar & Abigail Wells nee Stevens (labourer)
John Robert & Mary Ann Welford, nee Askew, (maltster)
witness R.E.Elford, ( maltster) T.R.G.Elford, Oxford Tce, (french
both at 330 Oxford Tce.

William Wells & Eleanor Olive HART m. 16 April 1913, at Methodist Manse,
ages 23/20, occ jeweller, b. Addington/Christchurch,
parents: George & Annie Wells nee Shuttleworth, (baker)
Alfred Duncan & Jane Hart nee PACKER (painter)
witness: Ada Browne, Sydenham, Wallace C. Browne, Syd. (picture framer).

William Henry Wells & Johanna Gertrude CAREY m. 27 November 1907 at
Catholic Cathedral, Chch,
ages: 27/26, occ: labourer/domestic duties, born; Buffalo Creek,
parents: Jno & May Ann Wells nee YOUNG (labourer)
Jno & Johanna Carey nee HEARTY, (labourer)
witness: Arthur Ferguson, (attendant) Woolston, Mary Ann Hanson,
(servant), Woolston.


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