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"Star" 12 June 1879
These Papers have been transcribed by Beverley Evans, and I have been kindly been given Beverley's permission to include them in my site.
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Passenger list - Waimate - Papers Past - "Star" 12 June 1879

arrived from London
"Waimate" - ship - 1124 tons - PEEK - from London, NZSC Agents.

passenger - saloon
Mr E. Edwards,
Mrs E. Edwards,
Rev. A.M.Beatie,
Mrs Beatie,
Miss Charlotte Oliver,
Miss Emily E. Oliver,
Mrs Wardale,
Mr J.B.Harrison,
Mr Frank Butler,
Miss E.J.Knight,
Miss Emily Dony,
Miss Renshaw,
Mr G.W.Slack,
Mr Alfred Marshall,
Mr Thomas Harrison, jun.
Mr James Bain,
Miss Mary Bain,
Miss Mary Chrisp
Mr T.W.R.Whitford.

2nd cabin -
Mr E Kelland,
Mrs Kelland,
Mr Richard Griffin,]
Mr John W.Vickers,
Mr Arthur Snoad,
Mr John Amy,
Mrs Amy & friends,]
Mr Charles S.Edgecombe,
Mrs Alice Strafford & daughter,
Mr Ernest Michan,
Mr Thomas F. Jones,
Mr William H. Jones,
Mr John A. Williams.

steerage -
Joseph Ashcroft, & wife,
John Trenlow,
Mary Jones,
Francis Sherlog,
Thomas Birkinshaw, & wife, & family,
John Mathias,
Thomas Westaway, wife & child,
Francis Nugent,
Arthur Kittan,
Arthur Russell, wife & child,
Charles Carter
Jane Bell.

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