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Place Register
Banns (Parish Register)
Aylsham District Belaugh 1757 RISEBOROUGH Christopher THOMPSON Elizabeth    
Tunstead & Happing District Tunstead 1768 THOMPSON Robert BARLEYCLOVE ? Elizabeth   bride Neatishead
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1770 BAKER, Noah THOMPSON, Elizabeth   groom - widr
Aylsham District Brampton 1782 THOMPSON, Robert REYNOLDS, Mary    
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1784 THOMPSON, Randall PARSONS, Mary 26  
Tunstead & Happing District Smallburgh 1789 NEAVE John THOMPSON Hannah 27 Bride from Ingham
Aylsham District Cawston 1800 THOMPSON Charles ROWE Mary   groom Heydon
Walsingham District Stiffkey 1810 THOMPSON, Gamaliel, otp DUNN, Susanna, otp 76  
St. Faiths District Wroxham 1830 THOMPSON James RASBERY Mary Ann 12 Groom widr Bride from Belaugh
Tunstead & Happing District East Ruston 1836 CANNOM, John, otp THOMPSON, Harriet, 74 Happisburgh
Walsingham District Binham 1836 YAXLEY, William, otp THOMPSON, Ann, otp    
Aylsham District Coltishall 1851 HOWES, William, otp THOMPSON, Mary Ann, otp 119 both widowed
St. Faiths District Wroxham 1869 THOMPSON Robert WERS Mary Ann 128  
Tunstead & Happing District Neatishead 1869 THOMPSON, Robert, otp WERSON, Mary Ann, otp 180  
Tunstead & Happing District East Ruston 1870 PLUMMER, Charles, otp THOMPSON, Elizabeth, Paxton? 85  
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1878 YALLOP, William THOMPSON, Sarah Ann Eleanor 22 Br. Little Melton
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1881 PALMER, Thomas THOMPSON, Sarah    
St. Faiths District Frettenham 1890 THOMPSON, Cubitt, BARKER, Edith Ellen, otp 164 of Hellesdon
Aylsham District Coltishall 1898 THOMPSON, Arthur John, otp HUGMAN, Arline Selina, otp 86  
St. Faiths District Wroxham 1900 THOMPSON Robert Striorger CURSON Maud Mellor 50  
St. Faiths District Wroxham 1900 NEEVE John Lee THOMPSON Annie Agnes 55 Bride wid
Marriages (Parish Register)
Tunstead & Happing District Smallburgh 1664 THOMPSON William STAINES Prudence    
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1667 THOMPSON, John MARGETSON, Frances    
Flegg District Martham 1678 PHILIPS, John THOMPSON, Catherine    
Tunstead & Happing District Hickling 1682 THOMPSON, John CALTHORPE, Elizabeth    
Tunstead & Happing District Hickling 1688 THOMPSON, Charles GREENAWAY, Anne    
Tunstead & Happing District Hickling 1691 THOMPSON, Joseph JORDAN, Jane    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1693 THOMPSON, Tho PEARSON????, Elisebeth    
Tunstead & Happing District Hickling 1693 BAYFIELD, George THOMPSON, Elizabeth    
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1694 BENNETT, William THOMPSON, Mary    
Tunstead & Happing District Hickling 1697 THOMPSON, Samuel DAWSON, Judith    
Tunstead & Happing District Ridlington 1699 GRAND, Robert THOMPSON, Mary   widr & sw. Br. of Happisburgh
Tunstead & Happing District Irstead 1709 THOMPSON, Milo TROLLOP, Elizabetha    
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1709 THOMPSON, William ALLCOCK, Ann    
Forehoe District Hingham 1710 THOMPSON, Francis MURRELL, Susan B -   wid
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1715 THOMPSON, Clemens DRURY, Martha    
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1720 HANSLON, Joseph THOMPSON, Maria    
Aylsham District Colby 1721 THOMPSON, Johanus GREY, Maria    
Tunstead & Happing District Smallburgh 1722 THOMPSON Edmund GEORGE Elizabeth    
Tunstead & Happing District Smallburgh 1726 THOMPSON John BOWMAN?    
Tunstead & Happing District Smallburgh 1730 DAINES Isaac THOMPSON Judith    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1738 THOMPSON, John YOUNGS, Amy   both widowed
Erpingham District Sherringham 1740 THOMPSON, John GUNTON, Mary    
Walsingham District Kettlestone 1740 STANFORD, Francis THOMPSON, Ann    
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1743 WALL, Jeremiah THOMPSON, (....?)    
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1744 BCHELOUR, John THOMPSON, mary    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1747 THOMPSON, Peter BUDDEL, Mary    
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1750 BUSCALL, Edmund THOMPSON, Ann    
Tunstead & Happing District Ingham 1750 BARBER, Daniel THOMPSON, Sarah    
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1751 BROOK, Joseph THOMPSON, Alice    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1752 THOMPSON, Charles THURSBY, Esther   Groom - widr
Walsingham District Kettlestone 1754 NELSON, William THOMPSON, Martha    
Tunstead & Happing District Tunstead 1755 BARKER William THOMPSON Mary    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1756 THOMPSON, William TAYLOR, Esther    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1757 SMITH, Thomas THOMPSON, Sarah    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1760 SHRIEVE, Solomon THOMPSON, Elizabeth    
St. Faiths District Frettenham 1760 THOMPSON, John CARR, Sarah 2  
Tunstead & Happing District Tunstead 1761 THOMPSON Peter KITCHEN Mary    
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1764 KEMP, Thomas THOMPSON, Elizabeth 43  
Walsingham District Fakenham 1764 THOMPSON, Robert CHAPMAN, Ann    
Walsingham District Fakenham 1764 RABEY, Samuel THOMPSON, Mary    
Erpingham District Holt 1765 THOMPSON, ? SHORTIN, Ann    
St. Faiths District Hainford 1765 THOMPSON, Robert HARDY, Jane 24 Groom - widr
Tunstead & Happing District Neatishead 1768 THOMPSON, Robert BARLEYCLOW, Elizabeth 46  
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1770 BAKER, Noah THOMPSON, Elizabeth   groom - widr
Walsingham District Binham 1770 BARRETT, Francis THOMPSON, Amy    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1772 FOSTER, James THOMPSON, Hannah 199  
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1774 COCK or COOK, Robert THOMPSON, Ann 104  
Norwich District Norwich St.Etheldred 1775 STRFORD, John THOMPSON, Elizabeth    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1777 THOMPSON, Thomas BARBER??, Mary 248  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1779 DURRANT, Samuel THOMPSON, Elizabeth 275  
Tunstead & Happing District Brunstead 1779 THOMPSON, Robert PYCROFT, Ann    
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1784 THOMPSON, Randall PARSONS, Mary 28  
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1784 THOMPSON, John LACEY, Hannah   Groom from Happisburgh
Docking District West Rudham 1785 THOMPSON Samuel NEALE Mary 81  
Tunstead & Happing District Ingham 1785 GRIMSHARE, John THOMPSON, Sarah    
Walsingham District Fakenham 1785 RICHES, John THOMPSON, Anne    
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1787 THOMPSON, Jeffrey LACEY, Elizabeth    
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1787 THOMPSON, Jeffrey LACEY, Elizabeth    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1788 DODMAN, Stephen THOMPSON, Lee 104  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1789 THOMPSON, Steven WAKEFIELD, Martha 113  
Tunstead & Happing District East Ruston 1789 THOMPSON, William MUDGE, Mary    
Tunstead & Happing District Ingham 1789 NEAVE, John THOMPSON, Hannah    
Walsingham District Fakenham 1789 THOMPSON, John MADDER, Anne    
Tunstead & Happing District Ashmanhaugh 1792 THOMPSON, John WERS, Ann 49  
Tunstead & Happing District Honing 1792 NEASEL, Samuel THOMPSON, Mary    
Tunstead & Happing District Ashmanhaugh 1793 DOUGHTY, Samuel THOMPSON, Martha 50  
Aylsham District Buxton 1794 THOMPSON, Jeremiah GOOSE, Sarah 161  
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1795 THOMPSON, John RICHES, Sarah 191  
Tunstead & Happing District Ingham 1799 THOMPSON, James SPANTON, Elizabeth    
Walsingham District Fakenham 1799 TUFFS, Robert THOMPSON, Frances   groom of Hempton
Aylsham District Aylsham 1800 PETERSON, John THOMPSON, Elizabeth 167  
Walsingham District Fakenham 1800 STAMP, William THOMPSON, Anne   bride wid
Walsingham District Fakenham 1803 ELDRED, Murray THOMPSON, Mary    
Aylsham District Aylsham 1804 WILSON, William THOMPSON, Hannah 88 Groom - widr
Wayland District Great Ellingham 1804 ANGEL, Joseph THOMPSON, Hannah    
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1805 ARCHER, Edward THOMPSON, Elizabeth 239 both widowed
Walsingham District Fakenham 1809 JOHNSON, Francis THOMPSON, Susanna    
Walsingham District Stiffkey 1809 THOMPSON, Gamaliel DUNN, Susannah 113  
Erpingham District Baconsthorpe 1810 EVERITT, George THOMPSON, Mary 94  
Henstead District Ketteringham 1810 THOMPSON, Edward FRANKLIN, Hannah 70  
Tunstead & Happing District East Ruston 1810 THOMPSON, William SMITH, Mary    
Walsingham District Fakenham 1811 THOMPSON, Daniel BAKER, Mary    
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1812 SWASH, Robert THOMPSON, Mary Ann 249  
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1812 FLAXMAN, Robt THOMPSON?,    
Hannah Aylsham District Aylsham 1813 THOMPSON, Mathew WILMERSON, Mary 2  
Walsingham District Fakenham 1813 THOMPSON, William RICHES, Martha   groom of Sculthorpe
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1814 HUMPHRIES, Jonathan THOMPSON, Eliza 11  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1815 THOMPSON, William BARNES, Hannah 23  
Walsingham District Fakenham 1815 THOMPSON, John LOOSE, ELizabeth    
Tunstead & Happing District Neatishead 1817 WOODSTOCK, James THOMPSON, Charlotte 25 duplicated at no.28
Aylsham District Aylsham 1818 COOK, Thomas THOMPSON, Anne 69  
Docking District West Rudham 1819 GROOM Saul THOMPSON Sarah 24  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1820 HUGGINS, William THOMPSON, Hannah 91 bride, wid.
Aylsham District Hevingham 1820 THOMPSON Joseph MEDLER Maria 14  
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1820 GEDGE, RichardYoungman THOMPSON, Mary 28  
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1821 THOMPSON, Thomas LIVOCK, Elizabeth 46  
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1823 THOMPSON, James WARD, Sarah 70  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1824 THOMPSON, John Daines ABBOTT, Mary Anne 142  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1824 THOMPSON, Robert TTAM, Anne 141  
Aylsham District Cawston 1824 BLOGG John THOMPSON Rebecca    
St. Faiths District Sprowston 1824 THOMPSON Joseph LUCAS Phyllis 63 wdr
Walsingham District Fakenham 1827 ARCHER, Wiggett THOMPSON, Sarah    
Aylsham District Cawston 1829 THOMPSON John CHESNUT Charlotte    
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1829 BREAKENBURY, James THOMPSON, Maria 84  
Walsingham District Fakenham 1829 ENGLISH, Samuel THOMPSON, Judith    
Walsingham District Fakenham 1831 RUTLAN, / James THOMPSON, Elizabeth    
Walsingham District Fakenham 1831 RUDLAND, John THOMPSON, Ann    
Walsingham District Fakenham 1833 THOMPSON, John REEVE, Ann    
Walsingham District Cockthorpe 1834 THOMPSON, John GROOM, Lydia 5  
Wayland District Great Ellingham 1834 LISTER, Samuel THOMPSON, Ann    
Flegg District Ormesby St.Margaret w Scratby 1835 THOMPSON, John Bays SHREEVE, Mary Ann 132  
Walsingham District Fakenham 1835 THOMPSON, Robert BARNES, Eleanor Ann    
Docking District East Rudham 1836 THOMPSON Walter KITTON Charlotte 143  
St. Faiths District Wroxham 1836 THOMPSON Anthony IVES Elizabeth 54 Groom Hoveton
St Peter Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1837 CLARE, Edward THOMPSON, Honour 145  
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1837 THOMPSON, Charles JARVIS?, Sarah 144  
Tunstead & Happing District Hoveton St.Peter 1837 THOMPSON, Henry VOUT, Mary Ann 18  
Walsingham District Morston 1837 THOMPSON, Samuel CRASK, Mary 35  
Aylsham District Hevingham 1839 ThOMPSON Francis, full age CRANE Maria, full age   3 banns read THOMPSON
Walsingham District Stiffkey 1839 WRIGHT, Lavender, 26 THOMPSON, Mary, 20 5  
Walsingham District Stiffkey 1840 EVERETT, James, 26 THOMPSON, Isabella, 20 6  
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1849 THOMPSON, William John, full age GARROD, Sarah, full 63  
Walsingham District Stiffkey 1850 PROUDFOOT, George,full age THOMPSON, Maria,full age 46 G - widr
Aylsham District Coltishall 1851 HOWES, William, ofa THOMPSON, Mary Ann, ofa 60 both widowed, nee RISEBOROUGH?
Tunstead & Happing District East Ruston 1854 THOMPSON, Robert, of full age DUCKER, Sarah, of full age 90 Bride - wid.
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1854 FROSDICK, Robert THOMPSON, Mary Ann    
Loddon & Clavering District Loddon 1855 THOMPSON, Charles, 27 WSON, Elizabeth, 28 104  
Tunstead & Happing District Worstead 1858 WTS, Robert THOMPSON, Phillis    
Aylsham District Stratton Strawless 1860 MAYES, Robert, 25 THOMPSON, Ellen, 25 47  
Norwich District Norwich St.Edmund 1870 THOMPSON, William Allen, 32 TAYLOR, Mary, 25 122 Gr. widr from St. Mary Magdalene, Oxford
Thetford District Thetford St.Marys 1878 THOMPSON, William BRISTOW, Emily 269 Bride - wid
St. Faiths District Sprowston 1879 THOMPSON BenjaminFrederick, 22 POINTER Anna Maria, 22 404  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1880 MORTLOCK, Thomas Robert, 29 THOMPSON, Mary Ann, 24 491  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1882 THOMPSON, John, 50 KEMP, Phillis, 39 23  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1883 MEALINGS, William, 34 THOMPSON, Rose, 20 29  
Aylsham District Aylsham 1898 HODGSON, Robert Arthur, 41 THOMPSON, Emma Miranda, 32 197  
Aylsham District Coltishall 1898 THOMPSON, Arthur John, 23 HUGMAN, Arline? Selina, 24 363  
Marriages (Bishop's Transcripts)
Erpingham District Trunch
1745 THOMPSON Thomas ULPH Elizabeth
Aylsham District Brampton 1746 SCOTT, John THOMPSON, Esther    
Thetford District Northwold 1751 DYE Thomas THOMPSON Sarah    
Erpingham District Trunch 1757 PAIN Robert THOMPSON Hannah    
Thetford District Northwold 1757 FENDICK Wm THOMPSON Margaret   both widowed
Flegg District Burgh St.Margaret & St.Mary 1763 CROW, Samuel THOMPSON, Mary Ann    
Mitford & Launditch District Shipdham 1764 BLOMFIELD, James THOMPSON, Mary Ann    
Swaffham District Sporle with Palgrave 1764 HUMPHRIES George THOMPSON Elizabeth    
Depwade District Bunwell 1766 SMITH John THOMPSON Eleanor    
Swaffham District Sporle with Palgrave 1766 EASTICK David THOMPSON Elizabeth    
Mitford & Launditch District Shipdham 1768 THOMPSON, Jeremiah BAGG, Anne   brde, wid
Aylsham District Brampton 1769 POWLEY, Robert THOMPSON, Amy   both widowed
Depwade District Carleton Rode 1769 THOMPSON Robert ADAMS Sarah    
Mitford & Launditch District Shipdham 1770 WHITE, Jacob THOMPSON, Elizabeth   groom widr
Mitford & Launditch District East Dereham 1772 THOMPSON, Jary IVORY, Jane    
Forehoe District Deopham 1777 TANN, John THOMPSON, Mary    
Mitford & Launditch District Shipdham 1778 TILNEY, Robert THOMPSON, Elizabeth    
Mitford & Launditch District East Dereham 1779 THOMPSON, John RITCHES, Ann    
St. Faiths District Honingham 1779 WHARTEN, Thomas THOMPSON, Catherine    
Depwade District Carleton Rode 1781 BRIDGES John THOMPSON Elizabeth    
Aylsham District Brampton 1783 THOMPSON, Robert REYNOLDS, Mary    
Swaffham District Stanford 1784 ALVOSA Thomas THOMPSON Frances    
Depwade District Carleton Rode 1787 BRIGGS Mark THOMPSON Ann    
Docking District East Rudham 1787 NEALE John THOMPSON Elizabeth    
Mitford & Launditch District Shipdham 1796 THOMPSON, William STROWLEDER, Charlotte    
Thetford District Northwold 1797 SEALES John THOMPSON Elizabeth    
Flegg District Burgh St.Margaret & St.Mary 1799 GREEN, John THOMPSON, Ann    
Aylsham District Brampton 1801 WOOD?, John THOMPSON, (....?)   Groom - widr
Mitford & Launditch District Shipdham 1808 THOMPSON, John STACEY, Frances    
Thetford District Northwold 1808 HEWSON John THOMPSON Rebecca    
Thetford District Northwold 1808 THOMPSON Henry WILBUR Mary    
Mitford & Launditch District Shipdham 1810 THOMPSON, William WTS, Ann   both widowed
Swaffham District Southacre 1811 THOMPSON James BILLINGS Christina    
Thetford District Weeting with Broomhill 1811 THOMPSON William RUSSELL Frances    
Mitford & Launditch District Elmham North 1815 WLER?, John THOMPSON, Mary    
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