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"Taranaki Relief Fund"
This list was found on a News Group. Kindly presented by Ada Akerly

At a public meeting in Melbourne 7 Sept 1860 a fund was set up with public subscriptions plus a Victorian Government grant to alleviate privations and destitutions from the attack on their settlement. Claims had been handled by Mr W. HALSE solicitor New Plymouth Taranaki NZ, sent to Victoria, and payments made to claimants through the NZ solicitor.

The Attorney General was claiming, in 1867 that all claims had been paid, and sought to now have the fund applied to Victorian charitable purposes.

There is a list of NZ people who were assisted, sometimes with a little background on their losses, but the majority giving only current town of residence , over 30 names.

With the case files are copies of a NZ newspaper, "Manukau Advocate" Onehunga a twice weekly paper, issues 12 to 21, dated Sept 12 1866 to October 3 1866.

Full list of persons assisted (no sums of money listed:

William WELLS
John JAMES who had a wife and 6 children
Horatio GROUBE, an original purchaser in 1842, a minister with wife & 11 children. Left NZ to live in Victoria on Mornington Peninsula in 1861.
James Charles DONNELLY of Oakura, a military settler.
Samuel CRANN of New Plymouth.
William HENWOOD of New Plymouth.
Samuel MATTHEWS Mangorei Road Grey district.
Richard White FOREMAN the younger, Santaraimaka.
Phillip EVA of New Plymouth.
William PERROTT of Manutahi Taranaki.
Thomas ALLAN New Plymouth.
Simon ANDREWS Hiurangi.
Erasmus ARMITAGE of Henui.
Robert BAKER the younger, Manorei.
William James BALDWIN of Omata
James BALL of Omata.
Stephen COAD Upper Mangorei.
Andrew COLE who had a wife & 6 children (no town named).
Charles CURTIS of New Plymouth, claims he lost a horse.
John GOODWIN of Omata, had a wife and 4 children.
James BAYLEY of New Plymouth.
John BERRIDGE of Omata.
Richard CARR of Nelson lost an eye.
Matthew CARRICK of Taranaki.
Wellington CARRINGTON of Tapuae.
Joseph HAWKEN New Plymouth Omatu.
Samuel JOLL the younger of Mangorei district
Thomas KELLY of New Plymouth, lost a saw mill.
Adolphus KINGDON of Omatu
Courtenay KINGDON of Urenui.
John Richard LAWSON of New Plymouth.
Edward MOYLE of Omata.
John NEWLAND of Omata
Maria Williams OLD of Bell district, she has children, her husband Robert died.
William OLD of Waiwakaiho.
George OLIVER of Mangorei District
John PROUT deceased. His wife Mary Anne age 60 is destitute.
John Bowley ROBERTS of Grey district.
Thomas ROBERTSON a stonemason
William ROWE of Huirangi.
George St GEORGE of New Plymouth.
Thomas VEALE of New Plymouth.
8 Jan 1867 affidavit of Dr John Cash NEILD of Port Macquarie NSW detailing his losses at Taranaki in 1860.
24 Sept 1866 letter with testimonials, from the Clara widow of George BURTON, captain, Omata Stockade had three children and a little girl born two months after the father's death, now under 8 years old. Eight months ago she married again to Customs Officer, Nelson, Mr RODGERSON.
12 Sept 1866 Sarah S. PASSMORE widow of Henry, of Plenty, sister of Samuel SHAW. Both murdered at Omata Taranaki 27 Mar 1860. Harriet and Hannah (presume Passmore ?) were his sisters. We were all driven from our homes and sent as refugees to Nelson in Sept 1860. Lives at Shelbourne Place near the church, Nelson NZ.
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