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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine, and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Town Board Chairman 1886-1922 Taradale
J.Drummond First Chairman 1886-1890 A Blacksmith
W.Waterhouse First Town Clerk Chairman 1892-1894m1900-1902,and 1904-1906
G.Rymer Chairman 1890-1892 -A prominent figure in the early coaching days
W.Harpham- Chairman 1894-1895-very active in civic affairs
I.Jeffares -Chairman 1896-1898-A veteran of the battle of Omarunui
G.Ridley Chairman 1898-1900-Was a contactor
R.Pothnan -Chairman 1902-1904-A coach builder
W.Howard Chairman 1908-1916-was driver and manager for the H B Motor Co
W.Jarvis Chairman 1916-1922-very active in civic affairs and became Town Clerk in 1922

All Saints Church Choir.Rev.A.P.Clarke,Miss Harpham(Later Mrs Oscar Phillips),Mr Winkley.Miss M Howard(Mrs Thiomson) Miss Harpham(Mrs S.Howard)Miss L.Sellar(Mrs O Anderson) Mr C P Clarke,Mr J.Boylan.Miss Corbin(Mrs Wakelin)Miss E.Sellar(Mrs W.Brown)Miss Harpham(Mrs F.Phillips) 18

Law came to Taradale in 1880 with the appointment of Const.W J Livingston who patrolled on horseback,Const T Leitch became Taradales Constable in June 1884 and remained until his retirement in 1895
1895 Constable Barrett Rutledge came to Taradale in 1895 and had to deal with a suspected Arsenic poisoning at Patoka-An acquittal was reached-went to Mangaweka in 1899 and replaced by James Riordan. The midwifery skills of Mrs Riordan were often called upon until his transfer in 1907

Taradale Cricket Club 1896-97
Club winners Wednesday trophy J.Jeffares,J.Barry,C.Siddells,A.Taubman,E.Greenside,O.Phillips,A.Carmichael,Mr Rutledge(Sec/Treas) P.Bear,Rev.A.Clark(Capt) C.Stevens,T.Manley,R.D.McLean Esq (M H R(President)

Taradale Hotel owned at 1894 by napier brewer H.C.Robjohns and licence was transferred then to Martin 0'Ryan who held it from 1881,to Richard 0"Rourke.

Bernhardt Neilson together with his wife Clara and daughter Sigrid, established Roskilda Gardens which he named after his homeland Roskilda in Aahus,Denmark. After selling it became a vineyard.

Taradale Rugby Football Team 1903
Winners of H.B.Rugby Union Junior Championship
Team of J.Farrelley,A.Palmer,A.Balfour,F.Palmer,D.Morrissey,R.McClelland,P.Scullion,J.Cattanach,O.Anderson(Line Umpire) .C.H.Williams(Coach) ,P.Neagle,J.Hollis, A.Harpham, W.Cattanach, W.Cattanach,(Captain), F.Harpham,W.Ah Keong, G.Clello, F.Phillips. C.L.Golding(Manager) Photo at Taradale Rugby Club.

Mr John Williamson arrived in Taradale in 1909 to be Headmaster of Taradale School. Retired in 1925.Became Chairman of the Board and held post until 1944

Organised sport for women began in the early 1900 with the formation of the Airini Hockey team.Ladies also playing golf.Some people could not get into the Golf club, because there family were tradespeople, but others were accepted because their family were farmers.Schhol girls had to wait until 1920 to be allowed to play oganised sport at school.

Taradale Post Office opened(cost of 828 Pounds) in 1911, by 1913 there were 67 subscribers.

The Taradale District
Soldier's Comm. Were -Mr W.Brooks,Mr.J.Williamson(Chairman),Mrs J.Martin and Mr B.Larson(Hon,Sec&Treas) Mrs.P.Dolbel and Miss M.Nicol

Captain Andrew Russell who was born in Napier in 1868 and spent his childhood years at Redclyffe Station, formed the H.B.Mounted Rifles.

The Ladies Wounded Soldier's Committee were Mesdames P.Neagle,H.Clark,H.Ballantyne and Miss Willis,E.Peacock,R.Glenny(President),A.Davis(Hon Sec) and W.Brooks.Mrs Dewes.Mr and Mrs Hoadley and Miss Powdrell,Mrs Docotor Swansegar was the first President.

John Alexander Strachan(Jack) enlisted in Army on 21/8/1914,just seventeen days after war was declared. There have been a selection of his letters to his mother published about his war experiences and on 19th August 1922 aged 29, he was killed in an accident with a horse and dray.He was drowned in a ditch in Murphy Road and was accorded a full military funeral.

Military Medal awarded to Sydney Henry Smith, for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty British front of the Foret de Mormel 5th November 1918.

On the 11th hour, on the 11th day and on the 11th month of 1918 the armistice was signed.

In 1916 the Presbyterian minister in Taradale The Reverend Fish, began a Scout group for boys. He was also instrumental in erecting the Sunday School Hall,

Masonic Lodge 1917 formed by Dr.P.Swanseger.

The ship "Niagara" docked in Auckland on 11 oct 1918 with 100 men on board suffering from Spanish influenza. By Christmas that year thousands died in NZ before epidemic was over.

Constable James Gartley arrived from Gisborne in 1919 and remained in Taradale until his retirement in 1948. He was also a local Customs Officer and collector of farming statistics.The town grieved when he died a few months after his retirement.
A town clock was decided upon for a lasting tribute to those who took part in the Great War -Designed by Jack Elliis and built by A B Davis with donations given from over a wide area. The
Tablet of the roll of honour was presented by the school children who raised much of the needed money by penny trails.

Admiral Viscount Jellicoe,then Governor General of New Zealand,unveiled the Roll of Honour on Sunday 16 December 1923.

Taradale scraps.1880's

When Walter KIRKHAM purchased two acres and went to register the land he was asked the name of the road. 'It hasn't got a name but there is a church being built at the end of it". Thus Church road was written on his title.

Walter was a roading contractor and built Wharerangi Road (called BENNETT'S Folly), Neeve Road and over the hill to Puketapu.

KIRKHAM's daughter Emily, married John LANGLEY who had purchased 171/2 acres in Church Road, the area now know as Warwick Crescent


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