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Tainui Shipping List

These Names have been transcribed by Beverley Evans, and I have been kindly been given Beverley's permission to include them in my site.
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*The Tainui's Passengers*

The following passengers were booked per S.S. Tainui for New Zealand up
to September 6th 1889.
*First Saloon:*
Mr & Mrs Torre & Family,
Miss Ribbons
Hon. E.A.P. Molesworth
Mr & Mrs Baker & family
Mrs Davie
Mr Acland Hood
Major Hay
Messers Wilkes, Marsing, & Hopewell
Mr & Mrs Phetch & child
Mr Heathcote
Miss Smith

Second Saloon
Miss Buchanan
Mr, Mrs & Master Smith
Misses Crawford & Cook
Mr & Mrs Murgatroyd
Mesdames Firman, Goldstein & Family, Kirkpatrick & Party, Kitchen & Family.
Mr Cunier
Miss Shepherd
Mr & Mrs Dodson
Messers Buchanan, Rose, Maiden,
Miss Packer
Mr Coleman
Dr. Inglis
Messers Henley, Lund, & Averill
Miss Clarke
Mr Tiddy
Miss Swan

Mr & Mrs Amnen & Family
Mrs Foster & son
Mr & Mrs Hewitt
Misses Parsons (2)
Messers Kerr & Wood
Miss McDonald
Mr Matheson
Mrs Fletcher
Mr Blackhall
Miss Canadus
Messers Archer, Maidens, & Woodley
Mrs Millar
Mr Jones
Mrs Scrus & party
Mr & Mrs Ballard & party
Messers Hatch & Alson
Miss Barber
Mr & Mrs Buscombe & party
Messers Bottomley & party & Crooks
Miss Elkin
Mrs King
Miss Pursey
Messers Hill & McClymont
Miss Earr
Mr & Miss Pilson
Messers Adams & Towsey
Miss Wood
Mr & Mrs Jones & family
Mr Weale
Mr & Mrs Kennedy & family
Mr & Mrs Weekes
Messers Amos, Boys, & Smith
Mr & Mrs Harrison
Mr Tennant
Mr & Mrs Clark & family Mr Muriell

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