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It served in the Greek campaign, was in Egypt, Syria, Crete, Tunisia. etc. The company continued to serve in Italy till the end of the war. In all it was more than 6 years on active service.

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Some of these men died while in service., others were wounded.

born, Christchurch
born in nz
b, Christchurch
b, 14th Feb 1905 at Melbourne. he was from Auckland.
b, Invercargill
b, 26th feb 1906 in nz.
b, Auckland.
b, Rangiora
b, London.1902 from Spreydon.
b, Dunedin
b, 9th Feb 1891 from New Plymouth.
BLIISS,H.C b, Christchurch
BOANAS, G.S b, Runanga
BOYCE, A.H b, Blenheim
BRACEGIRDLE, O b, Auckland
BRAIMBRIDGE, W. b in England. from Dunedin.
BRADSHAW, J.S b, in England 1921. He was from Napier
BRADSHAW, W.M b, Wellington
BROADBENT, H.F b, in England 27th July 1914
BROWN, G.S b, Dunedin
BUCHAN, C.A b Otago
BURGESS, S.C. b, Christchurch...from Nelson
BURKETT, S.W b, Methven
BUTLER, A.B b, 1st Nov 1917 in nz
BUTT, F.G b, Blenheim
BUTTERFIELD, C.W b, 23rd Dec 1896 in n.z
CAMPBELL, G.S b, in nz 26th Jan 1905
CAMPBELL, F.E.P b, 17th July 1918
CARBIS, A.V.J b, in nz
CHAPMAN, S.R b, 5th Aug 1922
CHINN, A.T b, 4th Sept 1909. from Hokitika
CHINNERY, L.M b, Christchurch
CLARKE, L.G b, Oamaru
CLARKE, J.M b, Christchurch.
CLIFTON, G.H from Auckland
CLOSET, R.V b, England. from Papatoetoe.
COLLINS, J.L.E b, Oamaru
CONWAY, H.H b, 8th May 1899.
COTTRELL, A.B b, Rotorua
COULSON, R.K b, 29th Jan 1917 in nz.
CORK, J.H.M b, Oamaru
CORNISH, T.A b, in England 9th Jan 1905
COTTER, A.B from Stratford
COX, G b,in nz 24th Sep 1913
COUTTS, P.E b, Auckland
CRESSER, W.R b, England 27th Dec 1908
CROSBIE, I.K b, 29th July 1916 in NZ
CRUMP, S.H b, Wellington
CUNNINGHAM, J.J b, England 2nd Sept 1912
DANIEL, W.J b, England 1912 from Auckland.
DAVIS, E.P He was from Nelson.
DAVIS, F.L.H b, Feilding
DEAKER, A.F b, 1908 in n.z
DEMOUTH, H.J b Levin
DERRETT, L.A b in nz 10th Dec 1907
DICKSON, T.W b Dunedin
DILL, B.R b, April 1917 in Australia. He was from Te Awamutu.
DILL, J.P b, in England 20th Aug 1915
DILLON, D.W b, 6th Jan 1918 in nz
DRAKE, J.R b, in nz 21st Oct 1901
DUKE, W.S b, Dunedin
DUNCAN, F.L b, Dunedin
DUNN, G.C b, in nz 12th March 1912
DUNNE, B.H from Hamilton
EARL, F.R b, Southland
ELLIOTT, W.T b, 12th Oct 1905
EWING, B.C b, 30th March 1914 in nz
FARLEY, C b, 18th sept 1906 from wellington.
FENTON, J.D from Wellington
FERGUSON, F b, Outram 1918
FISHER, N.G from Christchurch
FRASER, A. b, 15th Aug 1904 in nz
FRY, H.W from wellington
GERARD, W.G b, 21st march 1906
GIBBS, M.K b, Owaka
GIBSON, M.R b, Christchurch
GIBSON, R.C b, Auckland 20th Feb 1909
GLASGOW, K.W.R b, Wellington
GOULDEN, D.H b, 15th Dec 1917.
GOULDEN, H.S b, 17th May 1910
GRANT, J.B b, Nelson
GRAY, J.R b, Wellington 7th Aug 1900
GREVILLE, A.W b, 5th Aug 1897 in nz.
HALLIDAY.J.H b, 14th Sept 1911 in nz
HANSEN, W.A.A b, 9th Oct 1918. he was from Fairlie.
HARDAKER, C.E b, in Australia 18th Nov 1908
HARGEST, J b,at Gore
HARLEY, J.F b, 26th Oct 1915 in nz
HASTIE, L.D b, 9th Jan 1905 from Dunedin.
HATSELL, C.D b 28th Nov 1917
HAY, W. b, 16th Dec 1915 in nz
HENDREY, C.B.P from Auckland
HENLEY, J.F b, Palmerston North
HENSHAW, D.J b, 20th March 1909
HETHERINGTON, J b, in England Jan 1907
HIGH, K b, in England in 1916.
HINCHEY, L.W from Invercargill.
HONNIWELL, C.V from Timaru
HOOK, G.A.E b, Marton
HOOPER, D.M b, Auckland
HUNTER, J.P b, Auckland
HYLAND, E.S from Amberley
INGLIS, L.M b, Mosgiel
IRVINE, L.F b, 6th march 1911. from Te Awamutu
JACKSON, E.J b, Greymouth
JACKSON, W.D b, Alexandra
JACOBS, H.M b, from Dunedin.
JOHNSON, A.J.R b, Rangiora
JONES, W.K b, England...from Te Puke
JEFCOATE, H.P b, Dunedin
JELLY, J b, 20th Jan 1904 in nz
JULIAN, J.M.R b, 13th Mar 1913 at Hawera
KEPPEL, C.P b, Foxton..from Oamaru
KENSINGTON, G.S b, 9th August 1919 in nz.
LANGDON, L.G b, Ashburton
LATIMER, R.P b, Dunedin
LATIMER, C.A b, Alexander
LEGG, J.H.S b, 26th Sep 1918 in nz
LE COMPTE b, Christchurch
LEWIS, H.M b, Wanganui
LOVE, E.W b, Picton
LYNCH, K.J b, 21st Dec 1919.
LYON, G.W b, Foxton
MACDONALD, J.G b, Oamaru
MACDONALD, G.W b in Australia..
MARSHALL, G.N b, Outram
MAXWELL, D.T b, 13th June 1898, from Wellington
MITCHELL, J.A b, Christchurch
MITCHELL, J.McD b, Wanganui
MITCHELL, M.D.L b, 8th Oct 1919 in nz
MORRIS, J.R b, in England in 1911 from Dunedin.
MUNROE, R.D b, Timaru
MYERS, R.J from Christchurch.
McARA D.T.G b, Invercargill
McARTHUR, A.W b, 26th Dec 1919 in nz
McCLEAN, G b, Wellington
McDONAGH, w.g b, in Ireland
McDONALD, M.N b, 16th July 1909
McFEETERS, C.G b, in nz 24th feb 1900
McGLYNN, M.B from Wellington. born in Ireland
McGRATH, M b, 13th july in nz
McGUIRE, W.A.T from Auckland
McINDOE, J.L b, Dunedin
McKENZIE, J.B b, 8th Aug 1912 in nz
McLEOD, G.S b, Dunedin
McSHANE, A.N b, 24th July 1915 n.z
NELSON, T.V b, Napier
NEWMAN, T.W b, at Mangere 18th June 1914.
NICOLSON,T.B from Wellington
ORANGE, D.R b, Wellington
PALMER, L b, Invercargill
PRYDE, N.M b, at Southland.
QUIRK, W.G b, Timaru
PAGE, E.H b, in nz 24th Feb 1900
PALAIRET, b, Gisborne
PETERSON, W.C b, 11th Sept 1921
PHILIPSON, J.B b, in England 11th Nov 1899
PITT, J.W b, Wanganui
POLSON, L.A b, Christchurch
PUTTICK, E. b, Timaru
RADFORD, L.A b, Hamilton
RAWLE, R.E b, Wellington
REESE, T.C.J b, Christchurch
REYNOLDS, G.T b, Dunedin
RICHARDS, R.W b, Christchurch
ROD, J.W b, 5th July 1914 in nz
ROBERTS, T b, in Tasmania , from Invercargill
ROBERTS, L. b, Wellington
ROBERTS, L.W b, Wellington
ROCHFORD, F.J b, 8th Oct 1910 in nz
RUSSELL, J.T b, Hastings
SANDERS, G.P b, England 2nd Set 1908 from Linton
SARGENT, F.W b, 7th July 1915
SCANDRETT, C b, Invercargill
SHAW, W. b, 8th July 1918
SHEA, D.M.P b, 15th may 1918
SHEEHAN, J.F b, 20th Oct 1910 in nz
SIBLEY, A.H b, 20th June 1918
SCOTT, K.G from Gisborne
SMITH, D.A b, Wellington 16th July 1903.
SPROSEN, J.F.R b, Christchurch
STARKEY, S. b, Dunedin
STEWART, K.L b, Timaru
STOCK, I.E b, Christchurch
STOCK, E.J b, Ashburton
SURGENOR, G.R b, 4th Mar 1913 from Auckland.
SWALE, A.T b, Invercargill
SWARBRICK, W.A b, 6th Dec 1917 in nz.
TAYLOR, N b, Blenheim
TAYLOR, W.G b, Wakefield
TAYLOR, E.W b, Hastings
TEAGUE, A.J b, Stratford
TOMLINSON, J.S b, Dunedin
TOOGOOD, S.F from Wellington
TOOMER, N.S b, Wellington
TRIGGS, N.S b, Napier
TRILL, G.C b in the U.S.A 29th Oct 1910.
TRIPE, C.A.D b, Nelson
VEALE, L.H b, Christchurch
WARD, D.C from Wellington.
WASHER, L.H b, Christchurch
WATSON, R.J from Gore.
WATT, A.B b, 8th Aug 1904 in nz
WILLIAMS, T.H b, 19th Nov 1904 in nz.
WRIGHT, F.T from Auckland
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Cpl. Henry George Hollands.
I thought you might want to add him to your list.
H.G Hollands was born in Wyndham, 28-01-17, He served overseas in the
Divisional Supply Company from 7th April 1941 - 19th April 1945, reaching
the rank of Corporal.
Barbara Andrew 2002-2005