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EARLY SOUTHLAND & surrounding areas
1800s and early 1900s

Compliments of Nola Moses
The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
AFFLECK, CHARLES opened a Blacksmith business in the 1890s and carried on untill 1911.
AITKIN, ROBERT a Tasmanian. Took up the "Clifden " run. he sold out to the McPherson brothers abt 1881
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM of Riversdale . In bankruptcy,Jan 1883
ALLISON, ARTHUR AMBROSE, THOMAS Storekeeper in Gore in Jan 1883
ANDERSON, CHARLES at Preservation Inlet in 1893
ALLISON, JOHN and family , early residents of Drummond
ALYMER,WILLIAM and JUSTIN from Riverton.
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS manager of a sheep-run in Southland
ARNETT, JOHN married Elizabeth Leader 1866 at Riverton
AYSON, ALEX In Gore in Jan 1900
AYTON, WILLIAM resident of nightcaps in the 1890s
BAIRD, AGNES a early doctor at Nightcaps
BAIRD, JAMES and ROBERT members of the Drummond district
BAILEY, BENJAMIN in Riverton 1858
BAKER, GEORGE served as county engineer ( Wallace County) for 33 years and died in 1943
BALLINTINE, JOHN on the Gordon town board 1883
BAYNE, JESSIE married Thomas Escott 1864 at South Rivertons Anglican Church
BASSTIAN, DAVID WALTER had a hotel at Riverton in 1860
BATES, NATHANIEL born in Riverton 1856. he was a blacksmith
BEARD, WILLIAM a Butcher at Nightcaps in 1882
BEATSON, ALEX early settler at Papatotara
BECK, JOSEPH b, 1833 in Ireland he was a resodent of Nightcaps in 1893
BEECHEY, CAROLINE married William Innes Bridge 1863 in the St Marys the Rev W.F Oldham
BEECOT, H.G store-keeper in Gore 1890
BEER, JOHN leased land at Te Anau abt 1890. He owned the first Hotel in Mossburn
BIRRELL, JOHN from Scotland , marr Agnes Hunter and arr N.Z with 2 children in 1880
BLACKWOOD, THOMAS a resident of Nightcaps in 1893
BLANCH, JOHN resident of Drummond
BLATCH brothers in the Lillburn Valley
BONE, brothers early bushmen at Tuatpere
BOULT, SARA ( Gilbert) died at Glenorchy in 1903. Her husband P.B Boult lived to be 100 and died in 1939
BOYLE, JOHN on the Heddon School Commitee in 1881
BOYNE, brothers . store-keepers in Gore 1890
BRAZIER, JOHN resident of Nightcaps
BREWSTER, JAMES on the school commitee at Tokanui (Fortrose) in May 1887
BRIGHTON, GAVIN a farmer of "Linton Bell"
BROWN, JOHN GEORGE arr in N.Z 1863 .Purchased a Run jointly with a W. Stewart
BROWN, ALEXANDER General Merchant in Gordon town in 1883. In 1890 he was a watchmaker in Gore
BROWN, WILLIAM selling quarter acre section at Pukerau in May 1887
BUCKINGHAM, THOMAS and family settled at Drummond
BURRELL, JOHN a coalpit owner at Nightcaps.Was a local preacher and staunch Brethren
BURROWS, LAWSON opened a glow-worm cave for tourists in 1945 at te Anau.
CALDER, JOHN in Southland in 1897
CAMERON, WILLIAM b, 1822. He arr from Australia in 1855 , married 15 year old Sarah Ann Howell. William died at Riverton 5th Nov 1898
CAMPBELL, DONALD at the Tuatapere bidge opening in 1915.
CAPLES, PATRICK QUIRK in the area in 1863 He discovered the "Hollyford"
CARSON, WILLIAM lost his life in a coal mining accident june 21st 1907. died form inhaling poisonous fumes.
CASSELS, GEORGE lived at Riverton in 1878
CAVANAGH, WILLIAM settler in Southland
CHARTRES, WILLIAM horse wagoner at Mossburn
CHITTON, EDWARD and family in Southland
CLAPP, J.O saddlery shop at Nightcaps in 1882
CLARK, JAMES Rev at Flints Bush
CLARK,CHARLES, in Southland in 1897
CLARK, THOMAS on the heddon Bush school commitee in 1881
CLARKE, GEORGE shareholder in a gold mining Company
CLARKE, JAMES Tobacconist at Tapanui in 1883
CLEAVE, ROBERT from Invercargill
CLEMENT, JOHN from Otaraia in May 1887
CLODE, ALFRED married Agnes McDonald in South Riverton in 1865.
COCKERILL, assistant blacksmith in the Southland area.
COCHRANE, THOMAS had a farm in Southland
COCHRANE, WILLIAM on the Drummond School Commitee in 1886
CODY, LAWRENCE and PATRICK had sections at Heddon Bush in the early days.
COGLE, JOHN early settler at Papatotara
COLLETT, SAMUEL had a coach and carriage factory in Gore in May 1887
COLLINS, ARCHIE early settler at Papatotara
COOK, NEIL sawmill owner at the Route-burn in 1930. His wife was Lenore and they had 6 children Neil, Charles, Wattie, Bernie, Lenore and Janet.
COOTE, FRANK from melbourne, arr Te Anau in 1890 he was a surveyor
COSGRIFF, JOHN early resident of Nightcaps
COTTRELL, DICK early resident of Nightcaps
COUGHLAND, JOE early settler .
CRAIG, JOHN drowned at the mouth of the Waikoau River in 1917.
CRAIG, JAMES brother of John. died three days after an explosion at Port Craig. This was a year after the death of his brother.
CRAIG, ROBERT in Southland in May 1887
CREEGAN, JOHN a wagoner from Wreys Bush who worked for J Gallagher carting timber
CROOKS, brothers coal carriers from the Nightcaps area.
CROSBIE, JOSEPH had a coach service and Hotel-keeper at Lumsden
CUCKOW, RAYMOND b, 12th Jan 1940 at Invercargill marr a Miss Harpur who had been born at Tuatapere 27th Nov 1939
CUMMING, GEORGE lived in Fairfax. He and his wife retired to Dunedin. They had 5 daughters
CUSHNIE, JAMES clerk at Wyndham in May 1887
CUTHBERTSON, JOHN ROBERT b, Glasgow 1834. arr Southland 1860 and took up land on the Waiau. A brother joined him and they entered a partenership at Otahu.
DALY, PETER lived at Port craig ( on the coast of Fiordland)
DANIEL, THEOPHILUS on the Riverton Hospital Commitee in 1878. Mayor 1879
DARLEY, WILLIAM JOHN took over 600 acres and his brother 800 acres.
DAWSON, THOMAS early resident of Drummond
DEEGAN brothers
DEMPSTER, JOHN early resident of Nightcaps
DENSHAM, RICHARD married Emma Stevens in 1865
DICK, JAS.B general merchant at Gore in Jan 1890
DICKSON, DAVID and MARGARET arr in the Wairio district in 1880 with 3 children
DOBBIE, JACK a member of the Southland tramping Club in the 1930s
DODDS, JAMES had a Hotel in Otautau.
DOMIGAN, WILLIAM manager of the N.Z clothing Factory at Gore in Jan 1890
DONALD, VIVIAN shot a 14 pointer stag in 1923 at Lake Katherine
DONALD, W.A Station Manager at Wantwood in Jan 1883
DORE, J.B.C settled in manapouri and took over the coach service from a Mr McKenzie
DORE, JAMES 1st blacksmith at Mossburn.
DORE, JOHN son of James was a carpenter
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM in Gore dec 1884.
DOULL, R manager of a Flour Mill in May 1887
DUNCAN, JOHN early section holder in Southland
DUNCAN,WILLIAM lost his life in June 1907 after inhaling poisonous fumes in a coal mining accident
DUNLOP, ANDREW manager for the Waiau Dairy Factory in 1901
DURBRIDGE, DANIEL mayor of Riverton 1899-1901
DUTTON, EDWARD member of the Southland farming comunity
ELLIOT, R.A proprietop of the Fortrose Hotel, dec 1884
ERSKINE, ROBERT shareholder in a gold mining company
ERSKINE, HUGH at the Tuatapere bridge opening in 1915.His wife cut the ribbon . They had 9 children of which only four survived.
EVANS, CHARLES.J 1st ranger at Te Anau in 1921
EVELEIGH, JAMES settled in Southland
EWAN, JOHN in Southland in 1897
FARRELL, ANTHONY of Otautau , build the Drummond Hotel abt 1884
FERGUSON, ROBERT b, 1840 arr at Bluff 1861
FITZGERALD, TERRENCE builder in 1878
FITZGERALD, REDMOND and EILEEN at school in the Tuatapere area in the 1900s
FLAWS, WILLIAM a Baker at Gore 1887
FLECK, ROBERT had a house in Gummies Bush
FLEMING, MATTHEW early settler at Papatotara
FLETCHER, ARCH clerk in 1887
FLETT, SIMON and TOM residents of Nightcaps in 1882
FLINT, WILLIAM an early mail-man at Invercargill. Later ran coaches in 1864.
FLYNN, JAMES settled in Wreys Bush in 1882
FORDE, JOHN b, 1845 Ireland marr Margaret Collins. They were settlers at Wairio
FORSYTH, JAMES had sheep auctioned off at Wyndham in Jan 1883
FOSTER, ROBERT b, 1837 in Lancashire, England. marr in Australia to Ellen Hopton and settled in Southland
FRANCE, ROBERT.E a trustee for the estate of Jas Todd in 1883. Robert was also a builder and contractor in 1884
FRASER, HELEN Mrs brought the Te Anau Hotel in 1900
FRASER, JOHN manager of the Otakarama Estate(notice in News paper)for Laying Poison for DOGS! 1887
FRAWLEY brothers early bushmen at Tuatapere
FRISKEN, P from Gore, selling lambs in May 1887
FULLARTON, JAMES a teacher at Flints Bush in 1869. He was appointed Clerk of the Wallace County Council in 1881 which he served for at least 30 years. He died in 1917
GARDEN, FELIX, LOUIS and HENRY went to the "Wild Bush" school in the 1870s
GARVEY, JOHN FRANCIS built a accomadation-house, which opened in 1896
GARVEY, CYRIL and GERTRUDE children of the above.
GAZZARD, T.E in Pukerau 1887
GEE, JOHN proprietor of the Riversdale hotel in 1884. still there in 1900
GEDDES, J.H a Tailor in Invercargill in May 1887
GERRARD, JOHN and family. farmers.
GORDON, GEORGE a shepherd who drowned in the Aparima River
GILCHRIST, JOHN and ARCHIBALD brothers in Southland
GILCHRIST, GEORGE in Nightcaps in 1893
GILL, EDWARD on the school commitee at Heddon Bush 1881
GIRLE, SAMUEL 1st teacher at Heddon Bush in 1881
GRANT, JAMES est a carrying business in Nightcaps abt 1892
GRAY, HENRY a builder in the 1860s. from Invercargill
GREGG, GEORGE on the school committee at Tokanui (Fortrose) in May 1887
GREEN, HARRY a station-master at Nightcaps in 1905
GREY, NETTA at School in the 1900s in the Tuatpere area.
GRONO, JOHN one of the earliest visitors to Milford Sounds. His wife was Elizabeth Bristowe.
GROVE, GEORGE Bakery and Store in 1882 at Nightcaps
HALL, HUGH in Riverton 1873
HAMILTON, WILLIAM and ALEXANDER early residents of Drummond
HANCOCK, JAMES in Riverton in1871
HANDYSIDE, WILLIAM formed the Nightcaps Coal Company 1880
HANKINSON, DONALD took up the run "Te Anau Station" in 1858. He was later joined by his brother FRANK and his mother
HANLEY, MALACHI proprietor of the Gore Hotel in Jan 1900
HARROP, GEORGE hotel proprietor at Waikaka 1883. He was from Invercargill
HASSING, GEORGE MAGNUS from Denmark b, 1837. went to sea as a lad and arr N.Z 1859.He built several vessels at Wanaka in 1868 Later, a school teacher at Cardrona and on to Heddon Bush where he taught for many years.
HAY, JAMES at Waikaka 1883
HENRY, RICHARD b, 1845 in Australia. was a run holder in Marlborough before arriving in Te Anau 1883. He was a well known Naturalist.
HENSLEY, JOSEPH( Otautau Sawmilling Co) abt 1912
HEWAT, EBENZER,C headmaster at Riverton1889-1922
HODGE, JOHN and brother HENRY arr Lake Te Anau with 400 sheep abt 1860. They stayed till 1873.
HODGKINSON, SAMUEL a doctor from the North Island. He was born in England where he qualified as a Dr.
HOGAN, WILLIAM early Wairio settler
HOLLAND, JAMES proprietor of a hotel in Gordon in 1884
HOMER, HENRY discovered the Homer Saddle. He died in the Frankton Hospital in 1894 and is buried in Queenstown. The Southland Tramping Club have marked his grave with a Bronze Plaque.
HORR, JOHNNY coach-driver
HOWARTH, JAMES and HARRY at School in the 1900s in the Tuatapere area.
HOWELL, JOHN owned 1,500 sheep in Sept 1859
HOWELL, GEORGE from Invercargill in the 1890s
HUBBER, HARRY one of the first settlers st Mossburn
HUGHES, DANIEL FRANCIS a blacksmith in the 1880s
HULL, HERBERT manager of a Southland Sheep Run until 1888
HUMPHRIES, CHARLES had a Hotel at Riverton in 1860
HURD, W.S a Baker in Gore 1887
INSTONE, MATTHEW b, 1836 in England. a business man in Riverton
IVEY, GEORGE a station manager, died from blood poisoning on the 25th July 1869 after a tree fell on him, pinning him to the ground. he was 24 years old.
JACKSON, FREEMAN built his 1st house near Lake Manapouri
JAMES, RICHARD and LUCY MARGARET ( Rawlings) were the 1st Proprietors of the Wreys Bush Accommodation House in 1864. He was from Cornwall.
JOHNSON, WILLIAM..well known figure in Southland. He sold 500 acres to the Nightcaps Coal Company
JOHNSTON, ROBERT ALEXANDER b, abt 1846 Donegal, Ireland .died at Wallacetown, Invercargill 3rd April 1912
JOHNSTON, CATHERINE b, 1873 Donegal, Ireland. died 20th July 1949 at Kew Hospital, Invercargill. Catherine was a dau of Rober tJohnston
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM b, May 1825 in Scotland. marr Agnes Tulloch. They had 4 children in Scotland and 5 in N.Z They farmed in Southland
JOHNSTON, MARGARET b, 7th Sept 1876 at Invercargill. Dau of Robert Johnston
JOYCE, PATRICK a constable at Otautau in the 1890s
KEACH, WALTER and brother ERNEST brought Edward Mellands run in 1904. The brothers had previously worked for Edward as sheperds.
KEITH, JOHN early settler at Papatotara
KELLY, WILLIAM proprietor of a Riversdale Hotel in Jan 1900
KELMAN, JAMES Jnr became Mayor of Alexander
KENNEDY, THOMAS and family in the Drummond district
KILLKENY, JAMES in Riversdale Dec 1884
KINCAID, SAMUEL on the Drummond School Commitee 1886
KING, JAMES t the Tuatapere bridge opening in 1915.
KINGSLAND, HENRY under taker in Invercargill 1884
KNIGHT, TOM In Wreys Bush . a wagoner. also used to play the Violin at dances.Also in Nightcaps in 1905
KNOCK, SAMUEL on the Drummond School commitee in 1886
KNOX, HUGH in Southland 1894
LAMPERT, THOMAS a sail-maker at Drummond
LEADER, ELIZA marr James A Green 1862 Riverton
LEECY, SAM in the Riverton area
LEITCHER, WILLIAM early resident of Drummond
LEITH, JAMES early resident of Drummond
LINDSAY, JOHN arr N.Z as a infant. brought land, married in 1885 and had a family of 11 sons and 4 daughters.
LINDSAY, ADAM brother of John Adam was born 1863. He began farming in 1893. marr in 1894 to a Miss McDougall of Fairfax
LLOYD, JOHN arr Ltttelton on the "Waitara" in 1879. He was appointed manager of the Coal mine at Nightcaps at the age of 26. He held this position until 1908
LOCKE, FREDERICK Mayor of Riverton in 1886-87
LOCKHEAD, ROBERT early settler at Papatotara
LOW, JAMES and GEORGE farmers
LOW, GEORGE a saddlery in Gore 1887- 1890
LUMSDEN, JAMES school teacher 1888--1902
LYON, DAVID member of the Drummond district farming comunity
MCARTHUR, GRACE assistant school teacher 1894-1902
MCBRIDE, JOHN settler at Thornbury
MCDONALD, MALCOLM early settler at Papatotara
MCCLEAN, MINNIE , WALTER, ALLAN and ARCHIE at School in the 1900s in the Tuatapere area.
MCCRYSTAL, JOHN a doctor in Riverton 1859. later moved to Invercargill He died in 1873
MCCOY, BRIDGET ran the "Groper Bush" hotel in the 1860s
MCCURDY, LINDSAY a member of the Southland Tramping Club in the 1930s
MCDONALD, HUGH settler at thornbury
MCDOUGALL, GILBERT Confectioner in Gore 1884
MCFADDEN, JOHN school-teacher in 1900
MCFARLANE, DUNCAN at the Tuatapere Bridge opening in 1915 MCFARLANE, JOHN In Drummond in 1897
MCFEELY, HUGH at Tuatapere in the 1900s. Also a veteran school-teacher
MCGIBBON, JOHN a trustee of the estate of Jas Todd 1883
MCGILLIVARY, LACHLAN Rev minister at Riverton. also Mayor 1871-72
MCHARDY, ALEXANDER arr N.Z on the "Rhia Sylvia" in 1861. he came to Southland in 1863. In 1868 he bought abt 120 acres of land at Isla Bank
MCINTOSH, JAMES and son ANDREW estab the 1st saw-mill west of the Waiau
MCINTYRE, JOHN settler at Thornbury
MCIVOR, DUNCAN early settler at Papatotara
MCKENZIE, DANIEL and MARGARET at Martins Bay in 1898 with their 5 children
MCKENZIE, ALEXANDER Jnr at Pukerau in 1887
MCKENZIE, FARQUHAR built a store and accomadation-house at Observation Point in the 1890s
MCKENZIE, ANNE was assualted by James Russell at Waikaia 2nd April 1887
MCKERROW, JAMES surveyor of the Lakes areas in 1862-63 along with George GUNN.
MCLEAN, JOHN proprietor of a hotel in Waikaia
MCLEAN, DONALD on the Tokanui school commitee in 1887
MCLEISH, PETER COLIN b, 1845. arr N.Z 1863. In 1880 he purchased land, married and had 4 sons and 1 daughter
MCLEOD, NEIL on the Heddon Bush school commitee in 1881
MCNAMARA, PAT a gold-miner
MCPHERSON, ARCH had a butchery at Orepuki
MCSHANE, OWEN in Western Southland
MCWILLIAM, WILLIAM on the school committe at Tokanui in May 1887
MACKINNON, QUINTON arr te Anau 1885. He was a explorer around the Lakes areas He and Ernest Mitchell discovered Mackinnon Pass in 1888.. Quinton drowned in 1892.
MACKINTOSH, JAMES , ANDREW and WILLIAM in the Southland area.
MACALONEY, GEORGE from Invercargill in the 1890.
MACGIBBON, a Mayor in Gore 1887
MANSFORD, AUGUSTUS on the Gordon town board 1883
MANSON, ALEX and JOHN Farmers.
MARSON, GEORGE on the Drummond school commitee 1886
MEEHAN, TIMOTHY licensee of the Drummond Hotel
MELLAND, EDWARD owned "Te Anau Downs" from 1883 to 1904
MELVILLE, JIMMY gold-miner
MERRIFIELD, JOHN on the Drummond School comitee in 1886.
METFORD,Mr a store-keeper in early Southland
MIDDLEMISS, ANDREW appointed Inspector of Nuisance for the Gore district . Gore 22nd Dec 1884 ( newspaper item!)
MILNE, WILLIAM proprietor of a Mossburn Hotel in Jan 1900
MILNE, JOHN proprietor of a hotel in Fortrose in Jan 1900
MILLER, WALTER at Gore in Jan 1883
MILLS, JOHN.R Mayor of Riverton in 1876-77
MILLS, RUBY at school in the 1900s
MIRRIELEES, WILLIAM PHILIP was born in Aberdeen .., followed the gold trail to Australia and Otago. He married Ellen Lyon in 1868. She was from Riverton. They moved to Orepuki in 1872. He died in 1922 aged 75
MITCHELL, SAMUEL an Irishman who arr 1877 to manage a sheep station at Manapouri and stayed for 18 years
MONCKTON, Dr F.A on the Riverton Hospital Commitee in 1878
MOONEY, PAT erected a Hotel.
MORE, JAMES pioneer of the saw-milling industrey in the Riverton district. Arr with his wife in 1873, from Glasgow..
MORE, JAMES Jnr. Retired to Invercargill
MORETON, SAMUEL HORATIO born in England. Emigrated to Australia, then to N.Z. He settled in Invercargill to become the 1st Mayor of Gladstone. He died at the age 78 in 1922.
MORRIS, WILLIAM Chatton Hotel proprietor in Dec 1884
MORRISON, WILLIAM member of the Southland farming comunity
MORROW, MARTIN in Clinton in May 1887
MOSS, TOM, WILLIAM and TED 3 brothers. opened a coal-mine in Ohai in 1909. This operated until 1952.. In 1915 they sold out to the Mossbank Coal Mining Copany.
MOUAT, MALCOLM a Shetlander and head sheperd on Clifden for many years. marr a Miss Scobie abt 1892.. Malcolm arr in N.Z 1869. He died in 1932 , his wife in 1950.
MURCHIE, DAVID Mayor of Riverton 1877-79
MURRELL, ROBERT in Manapouri 1889
NAIRN, CHARLES JAMES one of the 1st europeans to see lakes Manapouri and Te Anau
NAYLOR, GEORGE a blacksmith and later went to the U.S.A
NEILL. JOHN a farmer in the Gore area in Jan 1883
NEWTON, SARAH ANNIE marr Francis Alexander Monckton 1863 at Riverton
NIVEN, DAVID gold prospector in the 1890s
NORRIE, JOHN a printer at Mataura in May 1887
NORTON, JOHN at Pukerau in 1887
NUTTER, JOHN killed in a fall of coal in Southland
OATS, CATHERINE marr Henry Adams 1862 at Riverton
OLEARY, BILL ( Arawata Bill) frequent visitor to the Hollyford. A book has been written about him.
PAGAN, JOHN horse wagoner
PALMER, EDWIN ran a Whaling Station in Preservation Inlet.
PARRY, FRED drowned at the mouth of the Waikoau.
PATTERSON, WILLIAM JOHN arr from Scotland in 1868
PAULIN, MARY-ANN 1st white child to arr in Southland in 1843.She marr J.W Raymond of Merrivale Station and had a son .. died about 10 days later at the age of 17
PERKINS, GEORGE early settler at Papatotara
PETCHELL, JOHN Jnr Mayor of Riverton 1889-92
PONT, JACK early bushman at Tuatapere
PORT, HENRY,H on the Riverton Hospital Commitee in 1878
PRENDERGAST, EDWARD a early farmer
PRINTZ, GEORGE pioneer of the "Burwood Station". He owned 1,500 sheep in Sept 1859. George was b 1827 in Sydney, Australia
PURDUE, NETA at School in the 1900s .in the Tuatapere area
QUESTED, JAMES railway guard and 1st Salvation Army Officer in the Nightcaps district 1905
QUIN, JAMES built the first building at Otautau ( a wagoners hut)
QUINN, THOMAS in Southland in May 1887
RASK, IVAN and CHARLES at school in the 1900s in the Tuatapere area
RAYMOND, RONALD, son of Mary-Ann (Paulin) drowned in the Pike river at the age of 23.
RAE, DUNCAN headmaster at Riverton in 1922-24
REED, HENRY died 6th Sep 1907. He shot himself , after shooting Lilly Gibbon. They both died in the Riverton Hospital and were buried in the Nightcaps Cemetery in a unmarked grave.
REED, JAMES WILLIAM resident of Nightcaps in 1882
REES, WILLIAM GILBERT pioneer settler at Queenstown.He was b, 1827 and died in the Wairau Hospital in Oct 1898 aged 71 years. buried at Blenheim. There is a book written about him called "Queenstown King Wakatip"
REID, JAMES Mayor of riverton 1879-80
REID, JOHN settler at Thornbury
REID, GEORGE Jnr flour-miller at Riverton 1860s
REID, FREDERICK husband of Mary and son of William. A Miner who lost his life in a mining accident aged 25.
REYNOLDS, THOMAS JAMES settled in Wreys Bush 1899
RITCHIE, JAMES arr Wreys Bush in 1883
RITCHIE, THOMAS a Tailor at Gore May 1887
ROBERTS, E. built a store 1888
ROBERTSON, GEORGE Mayor of Riverton 1885-86
ROBERTSON, ROSS in Riverton in the 1890s
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM had 300 sheep auctioned off at Wyndham in Jan 1883
ROBY, FRANCIS and family . members of the farming Community at Drummond
ROCHE, JAMES proprietor of the Mandeville Hotel dec 1884
ROSS, JACK at Te Anau in 1898. DONALD was a brother. They were guides on the Milford Track
ROSS, ROBERT a bootmaker in Drummond
ROWLEY, JOHN COTTON arr N.Z 1859 at the age of 17. He was killed in a accident at Avondale in 1886
RUSSELL, JOSEPH JOHN a Blacksmith in Southland
SCOBIE, WILLIAM he had a general store and P.O and accomadation-House(built in 1866) near Otautau.
SCOTT, WILLIAM early settler at Clifden
SERCOMBE, W a teacher at Orepuki School in 1874-78
SHEA-LAWLOR , MARY marr Henry McCulloch 1862 Riverton
SHEARER, JOHN COOPER b, Glasgow 1846. arr on the "Otago" 1879. Storekeeper at Drummond 1885 and also a farmer
SHEILDS, JOHN on the school commitee at Tokanui( Fortrose) in May 1887
SHEPHERD, JOE a early Blacksmith.
SHERLOCK, JOSEPH owned a 2 storied hotel at Preservation Inlet in 1892
SIMPSON, FREDERICK.A resident of Riverton in the 1870s
SIMSON, IAN,S a Auctioneer in 1887
SMITH, JOHN HENRY had a butcher business in the 1870s at Invercargill
SNEYD, ALBERT and EVA at school in the Tuatapere area in the 1900s
SNODGRASS, WILLIAM built the original Te Anau Hotel in 1890 on part of 40 acres of land he owned. He marr Margaret O,Rourke. He died at the age of 95
SPENCE, JOHN commissioner of Crown Land Invercargill Dec 1884.
STENHOUSE, RICHARD and ALEXANDER brothers in Southland.
STEVENS, WILLIAM and GEORGE granted a depasturing licence in 1854. William later built a homestead on the edge of Gummies Bush
STEVENS, SARAH JANE marr William George Smith in South Riverton
STEVENS, WILLIAM owned 1,500 sheep in Sept 1859
STEWART, HUGH a farmer.
STORMOUTH, WILLIAM and JOHN in Southland area 1897
STUCK, JAMES,R had a hotel in Riverton in 1860
SURMAN, THOMAS ran a Hotel in Wreys Bush in 1879
SUTTON, CHARLES members of the Southland farming comunity
SWEETMAN, ROBERT settled in Wreys Bush in 1881
TALL, JOHN Captain. appointed Harbour master at Riverton in 1863 and served until his death in 1887
TAPPER, JULES early settler in the Lillburn Valley
TAPPER, ROBERT owned a sheep-run.. was in Invercargill in May 1887
TAPPER, GUS early settler at Clifden
TARLTON, WILLIAM LATHAM had 2,000 acres of land in the Mossburn district. He was born in Australia
TAYLOR, JOHN PARKIN b, 1812 in Yorkshire. settled in Riverton 1855 , coming from Nelson. Mayoy of Riverton 1872-73 He died in Riverton 1875
TAYLOR, SAMUEL Mayor in Riverton 1882-83
TEMPLETON, JOHN early settler at Clifden
THOMPSON, BILL and ELSIE had 300 acres at Ferhill, near Queenstown in the 1930s
THOMPSON, LAWRENCE school teacher 1886
THOMSON, JOHN CHARLES proprietor of the "Western Star" . He died in 1934. He was a well known member of the Riverton township
THOMSON, JAMES established the 1st Flax mill at Heddon Bush in 1903.
THOMSON, THOMAS at Nightcaps in 1906
TILYARD, SUSANNAH marr Caleb Smith in South Riverton in 1863 at the Anglican Church
TINKER, WILLIAM and MARY arr in the Opio district in the 1890s. They had 5 sons and 3 daughters.
TODD, WILLIAM a Invercargill Auctioneer
TODD, THOMAS at Nightcaps in 1906
TROTTER, Dr N.G mayor of Riverton 1915-31 and 1933-44
TURNBALL, JOHN in Southland Dec 1884
TUSON, C.G land agent at Riversdale in Dec 1884
UNDERWOOD, JOE a gold-miner
URQUART, DONALD Auctioneer in Southland dec 1884
WADDELL, WILLIAM selling 12 Clydesdale Fillies in Jan 1883
WALSH, PATRICK lost his life after inhaling poisonous fumes in a coal mining accident in Southland 21st June 1907
WARD, ARTHUR resident of the Drummond district
WARD, EDGAR Mayor of Riverton 1892-99
WARD, JOHN and family settled on a 600 acre block in Gropers bush.
WARD, HARRIETTass school teacher 1892-94
WATT, JOHN had 200 sheep auctioned off in Jan 1883
WATT, R.A a Builder at Riversdale in Dec 1884
WEIR, ARCHIE a blacksmith
WELSH, PAT early settler in the lillburn Valley area
WHYTE, ROBERT early settler at Clifden
WILLIAMS, PETER started a Whaling Station in Preservation Inlet. He later settled in Dunedin and died there in1868
WILSON, ROBERT headmaster at Riverton in 1924-28
WORSLEY, FRED was a half-brother to Donald Hankinson
WREY, WALTER in 1857 with Herbert Seymour, they brought 2,500 sheep from Nelson in the "Taranaki"to stock their run at Jacobs River.
WRAYTT, JOSIAH ALVEY and wife CHRISTINA a farmer in the Garston district.
YARKER, VIC was working on the Milford Road in 1931
YOUNG, HENRY PATERSON became headmaster at Orepuki School in Aug 1882. He retired over 40 years later. He had been born in Victoria in 1859, arriving in N.Z in the early 1860s
YOUNG, JAMES a farmer in Southland
YOUNGER, ALEXANDER and DAVID brothers in Southland
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