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New Zealand being a relatively young country, it doesnt take many generations before most of us have to find where we came from, what ship and when.  Important things to know before begining searching.  
Know the year they settled in NZ, this can be calculated off the death certificate. It states how long they have been in the country. What area of NZ they settled in is usually a good indication of what port they docked.
Many of the ships made many journeys in different years to different parts of NZ so to save time searching passenger lists it is helpful to know all you can.
There are many sites that feature shipping lists and Passenger lists, but many are missing.
If you are lucky enough to be in a city with a good geneaology and research section of your library or your local museum this would be a good place to start or your local museum.



Duchess of Argyle: (SCT Settlers) 1842

Inchinnan: (UK Fencibles) 1852

Jane Gifford: (SCT Settlers) 1842

Mandarin: (Settlers & Parkhurst Boys) 1843

Minerva: (SCT Fencibles) 1847

Oriental Queen: (ENG / IRE Fencibles) 1849

Ramillies: (ENG Fencibles)1847

St George: (Settlers & Parkhurst Boys) 1842

Sir George Seymour: (ENG / IRE Fencibles) 1847

Sir Robert Sale: (IRE Fencibles) 1847

Westminster: (ENG Settlers) 1843

Ships Into Nelson
Bolton: Nelson 15 Mar 1842

Bombay: Nelson 14 Dec 1842

Clifford: Nelson 11 May 1842

George Fyfe: Nelson 12 Dec 1842

Indus: Nelson 5 Feb 1843

London: Nelson 10 Apr 1842

Martha Ridgway: Nelson 7 Apr 1841

New Zealand: Nelson 4 Nov 1842

Olympus: Nelson 28 Oct 1842

Prince of Wales: Nelson 31 Dec 1842

Sir Charles Forbes: Nelson 22 Aug 1842

Thomas Harrison: Nelson 25 Oct 1842

Will Watch & Whitby: Oct 1841


ALUMBAGH - London to Auckland 1875

BEN NEVIS - London to Auckland 1879

BRITISH EMPIRE - Falmouth to Auckland 1880. (Many passengers went on to Tauranga).

DOVER CASTLE - London via Belfast to Auckland 1875.

HELENSLEE – Clyde, Glasgow to Auckland 1864. (The majority of passengers went on to settle at Pokeno (Queen's Redoubt), south of Auckland).

LADY JOCELYN - London via Belfast to Auckland 1878. (These passengers were part of George Vesey Stewart's party to settle at Katikati).

LORD BURLEIGH - London to Auckland 1856.

MILTIADES – Gravesend to Auckland 1874

OXFORD - Downs to Auckland 1881. (Many passengers went on to Tauranga).

SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR - Gravesend to Auckland 1847. (This voyage carried NZ Fencibles to settle at Howick, Auckland).


LADY JOCELYN – London to Tauranga 1881. (Many passengers went on to Te Puke).

MAY QUEEN - London to Tauranga 1881.

NORTHUMBERLAND - ? to Tauranga? 1884.

RAKAIA - ? to Tauranga 1881. (Many passengers went on to Te Puke).


LORD WILLIAM BENTINCK - Gravesend to Wellington 1841

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