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Epsom School
This is a list of some of the pupils attending in 1897 It is not neccessarily a complete list It has ben compiled from a document of Auckland District school children who signed an
address to her for her Diamond Jubilee
The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

Alexander, E.
Alexander, Harold
Anderson, Christina
Arthur, George T
Atkinson, Bertie
Atkinson, Gordon
Atkinson, Nellie
Barnard, Frank
Bennett, Eveline
Bennett, Gladys
Bennett, May
Bennett, Nellie
Bennett, Rainsford
Bennett, Willie
Bigham, George
Blake, Harold
Blake, John
Blake, Thomas
Brett, Evelyn L.
Brown, John
Brown, Victor
Burr, Jessie
Button, Arthur
Coates, Esme
Coates, Gladys
Coates, Muriel
Coates, Randolph
Colbeck, Henry
Colgan, Ivy
Colgan, Olive
Cooper, Theo M.
Costello, Winnie
Cotterell, Beatrice
Cotterell, Bertie
Cotterell, Florence
Cotterell, William
Cowper, Richard
Daisley, Roy
Dick, Bessie
Dick, Minnie
Eaton, Cecil
Edenborough, Mabel K.
Edgerley, Kate
Edgerley, Ruby
Farrell, Frank
Farrell, Frederick
Fletcher, Raymond
Fletcher, Tilda
Fordyce, Andrew
Fordyce, Johanna
Fordyce, Maggie
Foubister, James
Foubister, John
Fouhy, Frederic
Fouhy, Kathleen
Fouhy, May
Fouhy, Michael

Fraider, Lornel
Fraider, Ross
French, Jessie C.
George, Arthur
Griffin, Caroline
Griffin, Gladys
Guttenbeil, C.
Guttenbeil, Herman
Haliday, Violet
Handley, Henry
Hanson, Arnold
Hanson, Percy
Hart, Charles
Hart, John
Hart, Mary
Hart, Thomas
Hasleett, John
Haslett, Lizzie
Haslett, Maggie
Haynes, Thomas
Head, Charles
Head, Frances
Head, Maggie
Head, Winnie
Hesketh, Frank
Hesketh, Harold
Hesketh, Reginald
Hodson, Girta T.
Humphreys, Janet
Humphreys, W.
Irvine, Alice
Irvine, Alick
Irvine, Olive
Irvine, William
Jerram, William
Johnson, Mildred
Jones, Herbert
Jones, Norman
Jones, Percy
Keesing, Ivy
Keesing, Winniefred
Kidd, Evelyn
Kidd, Florence
Kidd, Percy
Kneebone, Arthur
Leman, Clarence
Leman, Percy
Leman, Ruby
Littlejohn, Emily
Littlejohn, Stewart
Lynch, Edna
Lynch, Gladwyn
Lynch, Irene
Lynch, Mylford
Lynch, N.
Lynch, Ronald
Macready, Dora
Macready, May
Mahoney, John
Mahoney, Cyril
Marks, Emma
Marks, Florence
Marks, Harriet
Marks, Lucy
McDonald, Marion
McFarland, Leslie
McKinstry, Edward
McNaughten, Annie
McNaughten, Maggie
Mears, Tottie
Meehan, Kathleen
Meehan, Nellie
Mounsey, Alice
Mounsey, Constance
Mounsey, Henry
Mounsey, Richard
Northcroft, Cuthbert
Olney, Mildred
Ormsby, Sarah
Paque, Amy
Paque, Cyril
Potter, Freda
Potter, Gladys
Potter, Ida
Potter, Willie
Rees George, Jack
Richardson, Florence
Richardson, Gertrude
Richardson, Mabel
Roscoe, Charles
Roscoe, Joseph
Rowe, Ida
Rowe, Mabel
Speight, Henry
Speight, Violet
Squirrell, Roy
Stichbury, Elsa
Stichbury, Myrtle
Stichbury, Stanley
Stichbury, Vincent
Symons, Arthur Coode
Taylor, Anne
Taylor, Elise
Taylor, George
Taylor, Isabel

Thorne, Sydney
Thwaites, Lloyd
Udy, Annie E.
Whyte, Andrew
Whyte, William
Wilson, Bessie
Wilson, William
Woolley, Theodore
Worrall, Edith
Worrall, Fred
Worrall, Laura
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