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Kamo School
This is a list of some of the pupils attending in 1897 It is not neccessarily a complete list It has ben compiled from a document of Auckland District school children who signed an
address to her for her Diamond Jubilee

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

Barnes, Alfred
Barnes, Katherine
Belton, Annie
Belton, Violet
Campbell, Ella
Cleary, Percy
Dunsmuir, Allan
Dunsmuir, Maggie

Foote, Chriss
Foote, Evelyn
Fulljames, Charles
Fulljames, Edward
Greeves, Daisy
Henderson, George
Hirst, Ernest
Hirst, Gertrude
Jackson, Gladys
Kerr, Janet
Lawrence, Millie

Littin, Myrtle
McCorquindale, Edith
McCorquindale, John
McDonald, Harold
McDonald, Ivon
McDonald, Marie
Mitchell, Amelia
Mulgrove, Alice
Mulgrove, Frank
Mulgrove, John
Mulgrove, William
Murphy, Kate
Murphy, Laura
Murphy, Trevor
Patterson, George
Purchase, Violet
Rallison, Annie
Ramsbottom, Gladys
Ramsbottom, Winnie
Richards, Amelia
Richards, Robert
Roberts, Norman
Roberts, Ruby
Roberts, Victor
Rollison, Annie
Sillick, Sarah
Sillick, William
Sunderland, Daphne
Sunderland, Milbro (Millro?)
Taylor, Dolly
Taylor, Harry
Telfer, John
Terras, Robert
Whitelaw, Annie
Whitelaw, Robert
Woodham, Ivy
Woolley, Beatrice
Woolley, Clarence
Wright, Nellie
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