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Kaeo District School
This is a list of some of the pupils attending in 1897 It is not neccessarily a complete list It has ben compiled from a document of Auckland District school children who signed an
address to her for her Diamond Jubilee

This school opened in 1883
The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

Bowyer, Adrian
Bowyer, Archie
Bowyer, Hilda
Bowyer, Walter
Boyed, Aubrey
Boyed, Pearl
Bridgman, John
Brown, Dora
Daniels, Adam
Foy, Andrew
Gardiner, Elizabeth
Halliday, John
Halliday, Lloyd
Hare, Florence
Hare, Gordon
Hare, Howard
Hare, Laurence
Hare, Luther
Hare, Philip
Hare, Wilfred
Hare, William

Hayes, Daniel
Hayes, Evelyn
Hayes, Mabel
Hayes, Maggie
Heke, Katie
Herbert, Annie
Herbert, Charles
Herbert, Lizzie
Herbert, William
Hipehi, Henry
Hipehi, John
Irving, John
Irving, William
Kenney, Albert
Kenney, Harold
Kenney, Jennie
King, William
Lane, Evelyn
Maddox, Fred.
Maddox, John
Nisbet, Allen
Nisbet, Bertie
Nisbet, Charles
Nisbet, Evelyn
Nisbet, Ida
Nisbet, Idalene
Nisbet, Leonard
Nisbet, Nettie
O'Donnell, Daisy
O'Donnell, Pollie
Penney, Bertram
Penney, James
Penney, Joseph
Rogers, Elizabeth
Snowden, Minnie
Snowden, Robert
Whitehead, Bertram
Whitehead, Esther
Whitehead, Richard
Wrathall, Annie
Wyatt, John
Yorke, Albert
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