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Hikurangi School
This is a list of some of the pupils attending in 1897 It is not neccessarily a complete list It has ben compiled from a document of Auckland District school children who signed an
address to her for her Diamond Jubilee

This school opened in 1883
The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
Baker, William
Bell, Alice
Bell, Barbara
Bell, Maggie
Bell, Marion M.
Bell, Sarah
Belton, Charles
Cadman, Gertrude
Cadman, Joseph
Cadman, Mary J.
Cadman, Nora
Carter, Alfred
Carter, Edith J.
Carter, Ernest
Carter, Evelyn Mary
Carter, Richard
Christie, Jessie
Christie, John
Cleary, Frank
Cleary, Frederick
Cleary, Ivy
Cloke, Frank
Cloke, Laura Jane
Cloke, Mary Elizabeth
Cloke, William
Cook, George
Cotterill, Daniel
Cotterill, Elizabeth A.
Cotterill, Evangeline L.
Cotterill, Frances
Cotterill, Lois Eunice

Deeming, William
Edwards, Maria
Edwards, Maud
Gager, Charles
Gager, Sealey
Girven, George
Girven, Hannah
Girven, Mary
Girven, Robert
Hicks, Margaret
Hobson, Ann Winiefred
Hobson, John
Hobson, Mary
Hobson, Patrick McA
Holton, Catherine
Holton, Johanna
Holton, Margaret
Holton, Susanna
Jones, Annie J.
Jones, Vera Catherine
Knight, Frederick
Lauder, William
Luke, Lily
Maddren, Albert N.
Mahoney, Anastasia
Mahoney, Patrick
Mahoney, Peter
McLean, Annie F.
McLean, John
McLean, Sydney
McLennan, Alexander
McLennan, John P.
Meyer, Albertina
Meyer, Wilhelmina
Murdoch, Agnes M.
Murdoch, Arthur
Paton, Johanna J.
Patterson, Annie
Reed, Charles
Reed, Florence May
Reed, Mary E.
Reed, Nellie

Rowlands, May
Rowlands, Oliver
Schultze, Nina
Scott, Olive
Shanley, Henry
Shanley, Mary
Shore, Percy
Skivington, Edward
Skivington, Jane
Skivington, John
Smith, Agnes B.
Smith, Camellia E.
Smith, Magnolia
Strong, William
Trotter, Elizzabeth
Trotter, William
Whiteman, Mary
Wright, Annie
Yearbury, Edward George
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