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Hukerenui South School
This is a list of some of the pupils attending in 1897 It is not neccessarily a complete list It has ben compiled from a document of Auckland District school children who signed an
address to her for her Diamond Jubilee
The school opened in 1889
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Attwood, Ethel
Attwood, Fred
Attwood, Herbert
Attwood, Percy Ernest
Attwood, William George

Bartlett, Emily
Bartlett, George

Baylis, Harold
Baylis, Hazel
Baylis, Percy

Dobbs, Arthur
Dobbs, Eva
Giles, John
Hill, Harold
Hill, Janie
Hutchinson, Eva
Hutchinson, George
Hutchinson, Sarah
Johnson, Davie
Johnson, Walter
Kake, Ellen
Kake, Mary
Kake, Paul
Kake, Tawhanga
Rouse, George
Rouse, Herbert
Rouse, Herbert
Rouse, Richard

Teasdale, Mary
Wilson, Edward
Woods, John
Wouldes, Alice
Wouldes, Charlotte
Wouldes, Daniel
Hukerenui North School
Alexander, Amy
Alexander, Bertie
Alexander, James
Balero, Andrew
Balero, John
Balero, Martin
Boswell, Edith
Boswell, James
Boswell, Nellie
Boswell, Thomas
Brown, Annie
Brown, Maud Jubilee
Brown, Thomas
Brydon, Agnes
Brydon, Alexander
Brydon, Robert William
Brydon, Samuel Campbell
Callaghan, Ada
Callaghan, David
Callaghan, James
Callaghan, Sarah
Christie, Anderson
Christie, Annie
Christie, Francis
Christie, William
Coffey, James
Coffey, Mary
Coffey, William
Forbes, Charles
Forbes, Emily
Forbes, Hannah
Forbes, Violet
Hauraki, Charles
Holland, Walter
Lindsay, Alfred Owen
Lindsay, Dorothy
Lindsay, Millie
Lindsay, Nellie
Lindsay, William
Marshall, Ben
Marshall, Ella
Marshall, James
Marshall, John

Montague, Arthur
Montague, Ethel
Montague, Frank
Montague, Kate
O'Donoghue, Martin
O'Donoghue, Mary
O'Neil, Frederick
Pattison, James George
Pattison, Millie
Pattison, Will
Poutu, Anne
Poutu, Watarau
Puotu, Bella
Rawlings, Alan
Rawlings, Dorothy
Ryan, James
Ryan, Mary
Seed, George
Seed, Wilfrid Ernst
Tauteka, Joseph
Tauteka, Topsy
Veysey, Laurence Oliver
Webb, Edith
Webb, Edwin
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