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Extracts from the Evening Post, Wellington, August 14th, 15th, 16th 1888

The arrival of the R.M.S. Ruapehu. Commander H.E. Greenstreet; Surgeon: A. Tyrrell, M.R.C.S.

The R.M.S. Ruapehu, from London, arrived at 7:40 last night.

She left Plymouth at l:45pm on the 30th June and arrived at Teneriffe on 4th July, at 7:30am; sailed 61/2 hours later, and in lat. 8dg N a moderate head wind sprang up, and continued until crossing the Equator on the 11th, when it increased to a gale with adverse currents, moderating after Table Mountain was sighted; arrived at Capetown on 21st July at 5:50am; left at 2:pm on the 22nd. While running before a strong breeze and high sea, an A.B. named W.Kent, fell from then top gallant yard, and was drowned. Had favourable winds with pleasant weather to Cape Louwin, when the wind increased to a strong gale, accompanied by a heavy beam sea, lasting till next day (4 Aug), thence to Hobart fresh N.E. winds; arrived at Hobart at 10:50am on 8th inst. and left at 5:20pm; had fresh S.E. wind to Cape Farewell, then strong from the S.E. and arrived at 7:40 last night. Actual time from England - 42 days, 17hrs, 39 mins; steaming time 41days,15hrs 54mins, averaging 12.9knots. The usual entertainments took place, and Mr Courtney, of New Plymouth, gave a most interesting lecture on New Zealand, during which he exhibited by electricity, some very pretty views of the colony. Mr Jaggaul, late third officer, has been promoted to the position of second officer on the Kaikoura; Mr T.S. Weston to that of third on the Ruapehu; and Mr Kennaway to fourth.

Following is a list of her passengers:

Saloon Passengers Third Cabin Steerage  

Mr Allen,
Mr J.Burnett Jun
.Mr H. J. Daley
Mrs B. Goldingham,
Miss G. Goldingham
Miss Rolleston
Mr J. C Rossall
Mrs Smith
Mr A. J. Snowden
Mr R. F. Blackeney
Mr John Brewis
Mrs John Brewis
Mr David Carman
Mr J. H. Clowes
Mr E. L. Coombs
Mr W. Courtney
Capt W.E. Dalrymple
Mr G. Dewes
Mr S.H. Hattersly
Miss M. Hayward
Mr J.M. Hughes
Mr J.E.S. Jackson
Mr C. H. E. Hope Johnstone
Mr W. L. Lucena
Mr W. J Matthews
Mrs M Miller
Mr F. Proctor
Mrs L Putnam
Mr J. Ranson
Miss M. Ranson
Mr W. Rintoul
Mr W. H. Savigny
Mr D. Stewart (Donald)
Mrs D. Stewart (Harriet nee Johnson)
Master Alexander Stewart
Master Harry Stewart
Master Malcolm Stewart
Miss Amy Bertha Stewart
Master Walter Stewart
Master Arthur Stewart
Master Thomas Stewart
Miss Edith Stewart
Miss K. Trimble
Mr A. White
Mr E. F. Wilde
Mr S. Cooper Wright




Mr H. Allbones
Mr W. Barrett
Mr J Bell, Mrs J. Bell wife & family(4)
Mr A. Bennie
Mr A.J. Coffey
Mr A.E. Coyne
Miss L. Durant
Mr T.M. Felon
Mr H. Freathy
Mr L. Glover and children
Mr F. Green
Mr H. Hall
Mr A.C. Hardy
Mr R.J. Hardy, Mrs Hardy wife & family(6)
Mr J.F. Hinson
Mr F. Hodgetts
Mr B. Horton & Mrs M. Horton wife
Mr E. Howlett
Mr J. Kiely
Miss U. Le Petit
Mr J. Lowe
Mr W. Mackie
Mr C. Mackie
Mr T. Maguire
Mr F. Manville
Mr W. Martin
Mr T. McAdam
Mrs M. McLelland
Mr D.McLeod
Mr B. Murphy
Mr D. Murray
Mr P. Nelson
Mr H. G. Parker
Mr P. W. Parkinson
Mr H. Potter
Mr P.T. Power
Mr H. Roger
Mr J. Rorke
Mr W.B. Russell
Mr F. Smith
Mr P. Short
Mr J. Stewart
Mr W. Stopp
Mrs Stockwell and children (4)
Mr W. H. Sunderland
Mr A. Sunderland
Miss M. Syme
Mr H. Thompson
Mr J. Walker
Mr J. Walker, jun.
Mr F.J.Ward
Mr A. Warren
Mr G. H Yeates
Mr G. Young, Mrs Young wife & child

*nb Not published in Newspaper report on arrival Steerage: Glover children, Mr J Hinson, Sunderland shown as 1 surname only

2. The sailing of the Murray From Wellington - August 14th

August 14 – Murray, ss 90 tons, Vickerman, for Nelson and West Coast. Passengers - Mr Stewart and family (7) *nb should read (8) + Mrs

3. The arrival of the Murray in Nelson – 2 am August 15th

Arrived, 2 am- Murray from Wellington – Nelson 15th August.

NELSON EVENING MAIL Monday 13 August 1888

The Murray is detained at Wellington today by very bad weather. She leaves from Wellington tomorrow.

Tuesday 14 August 1888

The Murray is due from Wellington tomorrow morning, and sails at 1:pm for Kikerange. Wanganui and Wellington.

Wednesday 15 August 1888

The Murray arrived early this morning from Wellington and sails at 12 o'clock tonight for Wanganui direct and Kikeranga.

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