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This is a partial list of some Burials in the Old Ross Cemetery.
It is compiled from the Coroners court list
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of Inquest
Peter Hort

Born St Margarets, Holstein, aged 30 years. Died in Hospital following having had his leg crushed by a falling tree. ( Dr Zurhorst treated Hort when he had been taken to hospital, he sewed the wound under Hort's knee put on cold water bandages. Hort was given 15 drops tincture of Opium containing 1 gr Opium. Following Hort complaining of cold the treatment was discontinued. He was given Hot Wine, Hot Coffee and Ammonia. The wound become offensive lost feeling in left leg. Patient became quiet and seemed rather cold. So was given eggs and wine, Beef tea and milk.)
He died 3.02.1868 from mortification of the leg. Doctor does not think that amputation would have saved his life. Would give exactly same treatment again if necessary.
VERDICT : death by accidental caus

Lawrence Jamieson
Killed by a tree falling onto his tent at 4am. Accident ook place at Foxes Gully - Totara River
Burdett Laycock

Known as Tom, born Collingley in Bradford. Had been delivering stores in the Totara River area, The gold he had brought was not found. ( Could possible be murdered as the body had a bruise on the forehead, and the previous week Laycock had bought 50 Pounds of Gold)
VERDICT: Accidental Drowning

Peter Welsh ( Walsh)
Sluicing at the foot of Mayes face, Jones Creek. He sprang back to miss a pending slip, was caught against a stump. The earth crushed him and he was almost instantaneously killed. Was one of the first on the Jones rush. Was Irish, from Australia. His father a farmer near Ballarat
Felix Gormby
Found dead in his bed at 5am. Lived in Scandanavian Hotel. Was Swiss. Died of Apoplexy
Thomas Warren
Known as Cornish Tom. Buried by a fall of earth 140ft down a drive. Had been taking out props and replacing them. Three sets of timber gave way, burying Warren up to his neck in a mass of timber and mullock. He was joined by Dr Hoskings and Rev Hill ( Weslyan). Warren complained of feeling frightfully crushed and every now and then gave utterance to scream wrung from his intense pain. The danger of his position was that the rescuer could also be buried. He was buried for 19 hours being taken to hospital in exruciating agony. During the time he was buried diggers worked in relays to release him. He was dug out at 7am and died in hospital at noon.
Basilca de Bacca
Native of Belguim. Died from a rupture of a blood vessel in his lungs. Suffered yhthsis. Leaves a wife and three children
Two unnamed boatmen
Drowned Totara Lagoon
Zaccheus A'Court
Drowned at sea 100yds from shore while returning from a fishing trip
William Harrigan
(Hourig) Tombstone says Hoarigan and possibly gives date as 30/06/1869. Was working with mates at The Irish Republican Claim. They were building a derrick to erect poppet heads. Hoarigan was adjusting a rope on the derrick when one of the guy ropes broke and the derrick fell to the ground, killing him instantly. At the Inquest the Coroner said that this death was caused by improper gear and he regretted that there was no Ministry of Mines to see that mining operations were carried on without risk. Native of Castle Conel, Limerick aged 24yrs
Robert Millett Carthew
Miner Donoghues. Fall of earth in a drive , Buried 2 hours
Coroners Verdict R.M. Carthew was accidentally killed at Donoghues 7/07/69 by the falling of the earth in a drive and not otherwise
Dennis Bradley
Partially buried by a fall of earth from a face, taken to hospital, found to have concussion of the spine. Was paralysed from his shoulder blades downwards. Case hopeless. He was just in the prime of his life, His last hours lightened by the company of kind and sympathising human beings
Sarah Lyall
Gravestone Sarah, Wife of david Lyall born Scotland dies 2/09/1869 aged 31yrs
John Cowan
John Cowan, recent miner at the Standard Claim Donoghues. Started for Ross at 3am on horseback to get mediciene for a sick horse. Thrown at Clearwater Creek and killed on the spot. Inquest held at Tuckeys Hotel Sailors Gully. He had been found with the horse lying on his head. Grant had received concusson of the brain which must have paralysed him, so that when the horse fell on him he suffocated.
28/09/1869 John Cowans Funeral
One of the most mournful and impressive sights was presented to our view, when John Cowans remains were borne to his last resting place. The Totara volunteers under the command of Captian Campbell assembled to follow the remains of their late comrade. As the bearers passed the coffin the firing party presented arms and then reversed them. The Band commenced the touching and sublime dirge. The dead March in Saul. The procession headed by volunteers slowly wended its way to the church. and from there to the Cemetery where the Rev Hampton read the service. The body having been commited to the earth, the usual number of rounds fired and the cortege numbering about 500 volunteers. As they passed through the gate, two gentlemen were there for the purpose of receiving donations in aid of the widow and orphan of the deceased, although many were unprepared for it over 14 Pounds was obtained.
John Grant
Had been injured at the Royal Standard claim 26/08/69. His Foot and leg cut when a sheet of iron on which the trucks were bought out, became detached and fell so carrying Grant with it. 300 people attended the funeral and all the Claims and Businesses on the flat stopped working.
Robert Duffy
His Body had been found lying on a beach at Bold Head. Following the inquiry had been buried near to the place where he had been found. However some Humane Friends gathered funds and bought the body to Ross where he was buried.
Charles Allen
Found dead at Donoghues in his hut. Died from disease of the heart. Funeral Attended by 358 people. Tombstone Native of Antrim Co. Ireland Dies Donoghues 17/12/1869 aged 43yrs
Adam Cumming
Drowned Totara River while attempting to cross. Has been told to wait two hours because of the fresh in the river. To the astonishment of those watching, he rode up to the River Mouth and plunged his horse in. Both Immediately sank from view.
Tombstone: Formerly from near Belfast Co Durham Aged 31yrs. Body recovered near Shamrock Hotel South Spit Hokitika.
James Rocke
Died at Redmans 25/12/1869. Had been drinking at a store and left there to go home. He returned at 4am bringing with him another man who was very drunk. They made so much noise that Patrons at the nearby Commercial Hotel came to see what the noise was all about. Rooke pulled off his shirt and wanted to fight. The men refused. Rooke challenged a Mitchell who took no notice. Rooke struck twice at Mitchell, this annoyed Mitchell so much that he and Rooke squared up to each other. Several Blows were struck, When Mitchell hit Rooke on the forehead, Rooke fell back on a log and fractured his skull.
Inquest verdict Accidental Death
Guillame Sabatier
37yrs old. Frenchman. Buried in fall of earth at his claim, Bullocks Point. His Mate Bertrand Dumas saw it happen but could not get him out.
William Bell
A Fossiker, was found dead in his hut at 1pm. Had worked from 7am with another man.
Verdict Death from disease of Heart
John Anderson
( Andrews) Known as California Jack. Joined in some Chinese celebrating a festival. Left in his boat on the lagoon and was never seen alive again. Body found at the bottom of the lagoon, Thought the wind falling, he tried to take down the mast and in doing so capsized the boat
William Gettings
Miner, aged 28. Killed by a bucket falling on him from 40 ft. He was at the bottom of a shaft, working and underground tail race, was just going to be wound up to the surface. Empty bucket being lowered got unhooked and hit gettings on the head, he never regained consciousness. Skullhad been fractures. Was from Killkenny Ireland. His brother also in Ross.
? Young
(or Long) Killed by fall of earth at the Graet Ross extended Claim. Accident Caused by 3 sets of timber giving way in the tunnel. Men had to shift an immense quantity of loose drift to recover the body.
David Lyall
Killed Morning Star Claim, aged 40 years Husband of Sarah who died 2/09/1869 Son Charles drowned in Auckland 22/12/1875
William John McArthur
Born Ireland, Died from injuries received at Duffers Creek aged 44yrs
William S Nichols
Found dead in his hut. Had hung himself by a strap at the ridge pole. Found by the Baker when he called with bread. Native of Cornwall
Joames Longton
Native of Lancashire England. Aged 50yrs On the 12/12/1870 had been sitting in a dray when his horse bolted, while he was trying to catch the reins his foot was caught in the wheel spokes. The horse went half a mile before it pulled up. Longtons foot was smashed. The foot was fractured so utterly complicated to cause amputation. Leg was cut off below the knee. He was the proprieter of the National Hotel Aylmer St.
Robert Lyndon
Buried for 2 1/2 hours on the claims Ballarat. Buried by 2 sets of timber and earth. Native of Sweden.
James O'Donnell
Fell 140ft down a shaft at the Moinerghers Claim. He lost hold of the rope.
George Miller
A Greek Buried with his mate Luigi Gerioli an italian, At The italians Claim Swipers Gully. Assistance came from all sides. (Ceriolis leg was ampulated 17/06/71 His life has been dispeared of) At the time of the accident his left thigh broken in 2 places and his left leg broken below the knee. His chest was crushed and gangrene set into his lungs. After a long time in hospital the fractures united, but some bad sloughing sores remained. With the draining from one of them in the left heel being bad enough to endanger his life. The patient bore the operation wonderfully well.
Andrew Harrison
Shot himself accidentally. Was pidgeon shooting and discharged his guns contents near his right lung. He was found by one of his mates, following a dog to where he was belleding and very faint. Under the influence of Chloroform as much of the shot was extracted. The charge entered Harrisons ribs and came out near the nipple of the right breast. He died 4 days later from secondary effects. It was much regretted that the relatives of the deceased would not permit an autopsy. He was a Shetlander, worked on the Shetland Claim. Was 33 yrs old and married with no children. The funeral was attended by 500 people
Thomas Webber
Born Somerset Aged 32yrs
Conrad Lihrke
Drowned in the Totara River. A Baker was on the way to Ross to help friends celebrate the New Year when he discovered the body it was still warm
Oscar C Van
( Brother of the Manager of Cassius Claim) Was in a cage at the bottom of a shaft and was leaning out to pull the signal rope to get the cage pulled up. The cage was pulled up too quickly and his head came in contact with the cap piece of the drive, he was doubled up with his head downwards and jammed between the cage and the shaft. When the cage had gone 50-60 ft he fell out and fell to the bottom of the shaft. He lived for about a hour and died in great agony.
Andrew Miller
Husband of Janet Miller on 28/03/1872 aged 39, his son Archie was drowned 6/01/1879 and his son George died 1897
William Quinn

Hotelkeeper and Carter. Drowned 2/09/1872 in his stormchannel. Went out the back of his house at 10.30pm it was very dark and it is thought he fell on his head in his channel, was stunned and drowned in the 12 inches of water.

Nathanial Marks
A Jew Found dead in his bed having taken poison. Verdict was suicide. Buried to Hokitika Cemetery no Hebrew congregation at Ross
Thomas Turnbull
Or Nicholas or Muscle Tom, Drowned at the Mikonui River Bar when he went fishing with 2 others. Boat capsized and although Turnbull was the strongest swimmer he sank halfway to shore.
Charles La Lothe Ralfe
Sudden Death, Painful circumstances. Cut off at an hours notice Leaves a large family of 9 children under 12yrs. Widow & Sister Prostrate. Family left totally without provision.
Minnie Caroline Thield
aged 6 months
Patrick McCullough
Born Co. Tyrone dies aged 40 Had been injured by fall of clay at the Squatters sluicing claim, Donoghues on the 1/03/1875 He lingered till afternoon and then he somewhat suddenly expired. Leaves a widow and children unprovided for
John Joseph Mouat
Native of Jersey aged 12 years Date could be 20/05/1873
Miles Rogan
aged 45 yrs
Joseph Kitchen
aged 47 years of Bradford England
? Harris
Okarito Mailman, lived in Ross with his wife and 3 children. Horse found with saddle camp and the leather of the near stirrup twisted. Indicating the rider had been washed off and dragged by his foot. Horse tracks found going into saltwater creek and coming out.
William McArteney
Killed by a fall of earth at Thistlies claim, Hatters Terrace. Died shortly after being released Native of Co Antrim aged 34 yrs
Francis Williams
Found dead in his bed at his residnece the late Auckland Hotel Aylmer St Died of Natural Causes
John Davis
Welsh Jack Large tree fell on him at the Rangitoto Silver mine. He died the next day, body bought out to Ross
Timothy Hallahon ( Halighan)

Lived in Okarito. When his body was found on the beach 11/08/1877 it was thought that he is said to be a stranger and is supposed lost from some vessel. However later the body came to be recognised as that of Hallohan who had not been home for a month, and had been seen at Saltwater Creek on his way to Hokitika
Tombstone Drowned at Littlemans River aged 39yrs

Edmund Louch Case
Shot Himself ( Committing Suicide) Charge entered the right side of his neck and coming out behind his ear. Had been brooding over his wife being dismissed from her position as Mistress at the local school. Case was 61yrs old and besdies his wife he had 4 young children. They had no food to eat at the time of the suicide
Elizabeth Denniston Morrison
aged 58
J Williams
Was killed when a landslide covered him and 3 others at Mont d'or Claim. Next day workers dug from 5am to 2.40pm and recovered Williams Mutilated body. Leaves a wife & 8 Young Children
Henry B Fergusson
Drowned Waitaha River born Co Derry aged 35yrs
John Kohnke
(Konch, Konke) Born Germany, Killed by a landslide from the terrace while looking at the race. Body found jammed between the stones and timber. Not much earth covering body. He was 34yrs old and his mates were H Danker and his brother in law John Henry Muhi. The deceased left beside other properties, the sum of 54.17.6 in cash Handed over to the Curator of Intestate Estates
Israel Magnus Ljungquist
Native of Sweden aged 53yrs old. Died in the Totara Hospital. Had been mining 11-12years and had been half his life in the colony
John de Gracy
(Gracey) Jack the Slinger Commited Suicide by drowning in the Hokitika river. Body found below South Spit. Was from Okarito, had been on a spree with his mate in Ross for 2 weeks
Francis Powell
Born Dublin, Died aboard the Kennedy while in Greymouth. He suffered from Dropsy and was on his way to the Hot Springs in the North Island. Aged 44yrs he was a hotel Keeper
Alexander Dickson
was always known as Jonathon Brown, even by the man he worked for 8 -9 years. Died of heart Failure in the right of way near the Town Hall
Andrew Ross
Ferryman Mikonui River. Born Elgin Scotland aged 39 yrs, drowned in the river while crossing it with 2 loaded pack horses. Strong currents at the time. Old Royal Navy man. Water was 3ft deep Ross was Sober
Francesca Quirno Simen
Born Italy aged 40
? Jones
Illegitimate newly born male infant. Son of Margaret Jones. Death caused by haemorrhage caused by the Naval string not being tied. Jury in its verdict agreed that the baby had bled to death and said there was no eveidnece to show internal or culpable neglect. The following rider attached- We are of the opinion however, it is the duty of Margaret Jones mother to have called for immediate assistance.
John McCafferty
Buried alive in his tent by a slip at the top of german Gully aged 29. Dug out at 11am quite dead and with one arm torn completely from its socket
Robert Thompson
Died from diptheria. Robert aged 13 Charles qged 10 The epidemic was in Stafford also.
Charles Thompson
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