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"Rimutaka" RMSS 4473 tons, Greenstreet, for Rio de
Janeiro, and London. NZ Shipping Co. agents.

These Papers have been transcribed by Beverley Evans, and I have been kindly been given Beverley's permission to include them in my site.
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Saturday 18 April 1891 "Star" Christchurch - Papers Past

shipping - "Rimutaka" RMSS 4473 tons, Greenstreet, for Rio de
Janeiro, and London. NZ Shipping Co. agents.

Passengers -
Saloon -
from Auckland - Mr J.W.Blake, Dr W.A.Cheeves, Miss Ethel Dawson,
Mrs I. Hutchison, Mrs F. Philson, Mr E. Sharland, Mrs Williamson,
Miss Jessie Williamson,

from Wellington - Mr F.A.Kebble, Mr C.V.Lorsch, Mr Henry P.
McKellar, Miss Florence McKellar, Mrs W. Pharazyn, Miss
M.C.Pharazyn, Mr G.K. Pharazyn, Mr Wilson, Master Wilson,

from Christchurch - Miss Dora Bathgate, Mr H. Broderick, Miss
B.D.Clephane, Mr Joseph Gould, Mr Gerald Graham, Mr John M. Hart, Mr
Joseph Haydon, Miss Haydon, Mr G.W.Hall, Mr John Holmes, Mrs John
Holmes, Miss Holmes, Miss Amy Hunt, Miss A.G.Hunt, Miss J.L.Hunt,
Mr W. Kennaway, Mrs Kennaway, Miss Lucy Kennaway, Miss Margery
Kennaway, Master W.Kennaway, Mr George Kettlewell, Commodore
G.W.Lord, Mr Leonard Marshall, Mrs Marshall, Mr Thomas Mollett, Mr
Francis J.Stopforth, Mr Thomas Teschmaker, Miss C.Howard-Tripp, Miss
E. Howard-Tripp, Mr F.W.Tunstall,

from Napier - Mr .R.Russell,

From Dunedin - Mr S.F.Hurnard, Miss Robinson, Mr Gladstone
Robinson, Mrs Robinson, Master Frank Robinson, Miss Eveline
Robinson, Miss Nellie Smith, Mr Frederick Smith, Mr D.E.Theomin, Miss
Theomin, Master Edward Theomin, Miss Dorothy Theomin, Mr John White,

from Hobart - Mr John McIntyre, Miss McIntyre, Miss Helen McIntyre,
Miss Adeline McIntyre,

Second saloon -
from Wanganui - Miss E. Alexander,
from Wellington - Mr Banks, Miss Mary Campbell, Mr Temple Frere, Mrs
Frere,(2) Master Frere, Miss Charlotte Hamilton, Mr John Mander, Mr
D.S.Melville, Mrs Melville, Masters Melville(4) Misses Melville (2) Mr

from Napier - Miss M.Beetham,
from Timaru - Mr Thomas Cabot, Mrs Cabot, Mrs Thomas Palmer, Mr
Neville Jameson,
from Lyttelton - Miss E,Cairns, Mrs E.Pairman, Miss & Master Pairman,
from Melbourne - Rev. G.Forrester, Mr H.F.Skelton,
from Christchurch - Mrs Hall, Master J.Hall, Mr E.Osborne, Mr Thomas
Rowe, Mrs Spencer, Mr William Vincent, Mrs Vincent,
from Invercargill - Mrs K.Jose, Miss Emily Turmlow,
from Hokitika - Mrs M.O'Halloran,
from New Plymouth - Master George Spacke, Mr Alexander Thompson, Mrs

Steerage -
from Christchurch - Mr Frank Aldridge, Mrs E.Dewe, Mr Jacob Ericson,
Mr George French, Mr James French, Mr & Mrs James Kirby, Master
Kirby, Misses Kirby(3) Mr R.Line, Mr & Mrs Maidens, Misses
Maidens(4) Mrs Marriott, Misses Marriott(2) Mr O. Nichols, Mr
Charles Orchard, Mrs M.Stevens, Master Thomas Stevens,

from Wellington - Mr Cyrus Annison, Mr R.Beamish, Mr N P.Jacobson,
from Napier - Mr F.Batson, Mrs Batson, Misses Batson(2) Masters
Batson(2) Mr Josiah Hird, Mr W. Telsley, Master W. Telsley, Mr R.Winsley.
from Auckland - Mr H.Bennett, Mr J.Caygill, Mrs Caygill, Miss &
Master Caygill, Mr J.Davidson, Mr H.Fairhurst, Mr G.Sunter, Mrs
Sunter, master John Sunter,

from Timaru - Mr J.Butler, Mr Thomas McCord,
from Hokitika - Mr Alexander Callender,
from Oamaru - Mr George Carlyle,
from Dunedin - Miss M.Cooney, Mr W.Dufty,
from Lyttelton - Miss A.J.Hann, Mr William Stowell,
from Invercargill - Mr William Heath, Mrs Heath, Misses Heath, (2)
Master Heath, Mr John Vallance.

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