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Agnes Louisa Pimm    married   Charles Scott
ages  21                                       30
Born Kaiapoi                           
20 May 1897 St Peters Teddington
Parents of Agnes
Edward and Louisa Pimm

Albert Edward Pimm
Born 2 August 1877
Baptised  14 Oct 1877
Parents Edward and Louisa
West Ayreton
Fathers occupation Farm Labourer

Arthur Gordon Pimm
Born 1 Dec 1887
Bapt 3 Feb 1888
Parents James and Christiana
St Albans

Charles James
Born 9 June 1881
Bap 4 Sep 1881
Parents James and Christiana  nee Bennetts
Market Gardner

Charles James Pimm     married   Violet Amy Constance Whitmore
ages  36                                   33
St Pauls Church Christchurch
3 June 1918
Parents James  Pimm   & Christiana nee Bennetts
Violets Parents
Tamelane Vitruvious Whitmore  & Jane Grubb

Cyril Osborne Pimm
Buried 29 Aug 1901
Next Of Kin  Frederick Pimm
aged 6 mths

Cyril Osborne Pimm
Born 21 March 1901
Bap 12 May 1901
Parents Frederick and Milly   (sic Nelly)
Hotel Keeper

Edward Pimm      Married Louisa Cress
5 June 1872
aged  22                         17
St Andrews Church Oxford

Edward Pimm
Buried 22 Feb 1887
Hotel Keeper
Teddington   aged 39

Edwin John Pimm
Born 29 aug 1877
Parents James and Christiana
Springfield Rd North  Gardiner
John Bennetts
Mary Ann Bennetts

Edwin John Pimm     Married      Mary Ann Florence Prattley
25 Jan 1902
St Matthews Church St Albans
aged  24                                                 24
Parents James and Christiana
Marys Parents Frederick and Mary Ann Prattley nee Panting
Mary Melice Pimm
Ruby Pimm

Eileen Constance Pimm
Born 26 Oct 1904
Bap  4 Dec 1911
Parents Frederick & Nellie

Emma Maud Pimm
Born 3 march 1885
Bap 13 May 1885
Parents James & Christiana
St Albans

Florence Pimm
Buried 10 Oct 1938
aged 52

Florence Daisy Pimm   Married John Bloor
5 Nov 1900
St Pauls Church Christchurch
aged 21                                  28
Parents Edward and Louisa

Frederick Pimm
Born 11 Aug 1873
Bap  19 Oct 1873
Parents Edward and Louisa

Frederick Pimm    married Nellie Taylor
7 Nov 1898   St Peters Teddington
aged 25                            23
Frederick born Oxford
Parents Edward   Hotel Keeper  & Louisa  nee Cress
Witness  DaisyPimm

Gordon Frederick Pimm
Born 19 Sep 1899
Bap  21 Jan 1900
Parents Frederick & Nellie

Leslie Edwin Pimm
Born 1 July 1902
Bap 13 may 1903
Parents Edwin John and Mary Ann Florence

Linda Florence Pimm
Buried 4 March 1941 Bromley
aged 23 residence Timaru

Linda Florence Pimm
Born 22 April 1917
Bap 21 July 1917
Parents Linton Charles & Florence

Linton Charles Pimm   married Clare Florence ?
22 April 1908
aged 24                                          22
Holy Trinity Church Avonside
Parents Edward and Louisa nee Cress

Louisa Pimm nee Cress  (widow)  married Henry Brown Manson
12 March 1888
Parents Samuel Cress and Louisa nee Carter
This was her 2nd marriage after Edward died in 1887

Mary Melice Pimm
Born  29 Aug 1877
Bap  25 Nov 1877
Parents James & christiana

Maurice Linton Henry Pimm
Born 1 May 1910
Bap 25 June 1910
Parents Linton and Florence

Maxwell Pimm
Born 15 May 1926
Bap 29 May 1934
Parents Gordon Frederick and Veronica May
Residence 14 Campbell St Sumner Christchurch

Muriel Adelaide Pimm
Buried 14 March 1941 aged 23
Sydenham Cemetery

Raymond Gordon Pimm
Born 29 Aug 1917
Bapt  4 Nov 1917
Parents Albert Arthur Gordon  & Margaret Florence

Roland Douglas Pimm
Buried 7 Sept 1892 aged 7
Son of Edward    Teddington

Roland Douglas Pimm
Born 13 July 1885
Bapt 13 Sept 1885 St Peters Teddington
Parents Edward and Louisa

Ruby Beatrice Pimm
Born 12 July 1879
Bap 10 Aug 1879
Parents james and Christiana
St Albans

Stanley Gordon Pimm
Born 8 Oct 1924
Bap 29 May 1934
Parents Gordon and Veronica May

Victor Pimm
Born 22 Nov 1922
Bap 10 Dec 1922
Mother Eileen Constance Pimm
Essex Home ( This was a single Mothers home)

William Henry Pimm
Born 11 Sept 1881
Bap 18 Dec 1881
Parents Edward and Louisa
Hotel Keeper

This is the entire collection in the Christchurch files.

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