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PEARCE BMD's Christchurch
These Names have been transcribed by Beverley Evans, and I have been kindly been given Beverley's permission to include them in my site.
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Pearce BMD's from Canterbury Public Library
Arthur James Pearce, b. 6 February 1865 to William & Jane Inspector of Dunedin City Council

Ada Mary Hopkinson Pearce, b. 30 September 1892 to James & Annie E. Franklin, Tuam St. occ. coachbuilder, sponsors Ada Franklin, Thomas Franklin

Albert James Pearce, b. 13 December 1907 to Arthur James & Elizabeth, bootmaker, Merivale, sponsors William & Sarah Elizabeth Pearce.

Arthur Cyril Pearce, b. 26 October 1899 to Arthur James & Elizabeth bootmaker, Merivale sponsors William, Sarah Elizabeth, & Edward Pearce.

Cecilia Pearce b. 8 March 1877 to William Pearce & Elizabeth of Peterborough St. occ Publican

Edward Pearce, b. 27 October 1868 to William & Jane Inspector of Nuisances

Eileen May Pearce, b. 8 September 1904 to James & Esther Mary , Doyleston, Canterbury, blacksmith

Ellen Ethel Pearce, b. 24 September 1881 to William & Elizabeth , Bingsland (now called Richmond) Inspector of Board of Health

Emma Louisa Pearce, b. 30 May 1876 to William & Elizabeth Nancarrow of Colombo Street, Inspector of Nuisances

Eric William Pearce, b. 13 July 1912 to Edward & Elizabeth, Merivale Labourer, sp. William Pearce

Ethel Elizabeth Pearce, b. 19 March 1894 to Arthur James & Elizabeth, Livingstone Street, bootmaker sponsors Emma Pearce, James & Elizabeth Luff

Eveline Jane Pearce, b. 19 May 1893, to William & Sarah Elizabeth, of Merivale Lane, coal merchant, sponsor Jane Unwin.& William Pearce, James & Mary Ann Glanville.

James Pearce, b. 20 April 1867 to William & Jane, Chch, City Inspector

Laurence James, b. 15 May 1907 to James & Esther Mary of Doyleston, blacksmith

Lily Pearce, b. 15 September 1903 to Arthur James & Elizabeth

Myra Marita pearce b. 5 january 1898 to Arthur James & Annie , res. Mayfield Mid Canterbury,

Rhoda Lillian Pearce, b. 18 December 1907 to Edward & Elizabeth of Merivale occ. carter

Walter Pearce, b. 9 October 1911 to Arthur & Elizabeth, of Merivale, occ bootmaker

William Pearce, b. 25 April 1863 to William & Jane of Lyttelton, storeman sponsors Thomas Gee, William Pearce, Jane Pearce

Wiliam Henry Pearce, b. 25 October 1895 to Arthur James & Elizabeth, Livingstone St. Chch, bootmaker sponsors Edward Pearce, W.J. & Mary Glanville

Arthur James Pearce &. Elizabeth Luff, m. 20 June 1893, at the house of Mrs W.E.Luff, Livingstone St. Linwood, Christchurch, bachelor & spinster, Bootmaker / dressmaker, born Christchurch /Auckland, parents William & Jane Fogdon

Ada Mary Hopkinson Pearce & Astley Hector Cheesman, m.19 June 1913, ages 23 & 20 at Holy Trinity, Avonside, Chch, bac./sp. occ. painter, born Tasmania / Chch, parents James & Annie E. Franklin, witnesses William Nation Webley, James Pearce

Arthur Cyril Pearce &. Dorothy Wingfield Lord, m. 20 January 1926 at St.Pauls, Papanui, ages 26/25, occ. civil servant, parents Arthur James Cheesman & Elizabeth Luff, witness William Henry Pearce, St. Albans, postal officer.

Edward Pearce &. Elizabeth Voice, m. 25 February 1904 at St. Marys Addington, ages 35 & 33 bach/sp. occ. Labourer, both born Chch, parents William & Jane.

Elizabeth Ann Pearce & William Boddy, m. 1 January 1879 at House of Mrs Pearce of High Street Christchurch, ages 28&28 bach/widow occ. mason, witness James Boddy of Waltham

Emma Louisa Pearce &. David Dunbar, m. 5 November 1896, in William Pearce house, London St. age 26 & 21, parents William & Elizabeth Nancarrow, Colombo St.

Evelyn Jane Pearce & Gordon Tweedie m.30 April 1919 at St. Marys Merivale. occ blacksmith, born Sydenham/Merivale, parents William Pearce & Sarah Elizabeth Unwin, coal merchant. witness W. Pearce, coal merchant Papanui Road. decree absolute issued 7 April 1925

James Pearce & Annie Elizabeth Franklin, m. 21 December 1891 at Holy Trinity Avonside, age 24/20 bac/sp. occ. coachbuilder, born Chch/ Darlington England, parents William & Jane Fogdon witness Arthur James Pearce of London Street.

James Pearce & Esther Webley, m. 16 April 1900, at house of Mr. Joshua Webley, London Street, Chch, widower, 15 July 1897 /spinster res. Doyleston parents William & Jane Fogdon ages 33 & 30 occ. coachbuilder father William & Jane Esther b. Nelson NZ, James res. Doyleston, Canterbury

Walter Pearce & Sarah Elizabeth Unwin, m. 6 July 1892, at Holy Trinity Avonside Chch ages 29 & 21 occ. coal merchant, parents William & Jane (nee Fogden)

William Pearce & Elizabeth Kelly, m. 14 November 1875, at St. Lukes Chch,
Arthur Pearce 1865 - 1943 & wife Elizabeth 1871 - 1949 also Charles Pearce 1847 - 1934 at Bromley Cemetery

Elizabeth Pearce buried 17 September 1924, widow of William Pearce Inspector of Nuisances , North Beach, age 86 , buried Barbadoes St. Cemetery Chch.

Emma Pearce bur. 27 october 1909 at Linwood Cemetery

Esther Pearce bur. 14 August 1914, bur. at Linwood Cemetery, res. Salisbury Street Chch, age 36

Jane Pearce bur. 19 October 1869, age 38, service St. Lukes Chch, buried Barbadoes St. Cemetery

Walter Pearce bur. 9 November 1902 at Linwood Cemetery. res. 164 Peterborough Street Chch. age 77 occ compositor

William Pearce bur. 29 August 1900, late Inspector of Nuisances, of London Street Christchurch age 69 buried Barbadoes St. Cemetery

William Pearce bur. 28 February 1894 age 57 Addington Cemetery.

William Henry Pearce bur. 9 March 1872 age 1 year. Addington Cemetery.

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