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HANNAH, William Makotuku, 3 hrs old, Son of P HANNAH died and buried 9-05-1926 No Headstone
ENGLEBRETSEN, A Auckland 23 yrs , died 16-09-1923, No Headstone
RUSSEL,Thomas Victor Makotuku, 11 wks old died 18-10-1887, buried 19-10-1887
AMUNDSEN, A Ormandville 41 yrs died 7-06-1888, buried 10-06-1888
105 BR
(a) HOWES, Hannah Ormandville, 8 days old, died 15-06-1893 (sic) buried 17-06-1893
(b) HOWES Hannah

Ormandville 41 yrs old, wife of William Howes ( Contractor) died 27-07-1894 buried 29-07-1894
No Burial records found for the others

105 HS
HOWES William In Loving Memory of William Howes who departed this life 13th September 1913 aged 75 yrs also Hannah wife of the above, died 27th July 1894 aged 41yrs, also Hannah died 1891(sic) aged 8 days, also William died 1900 aged 7 days children of the above. Rest In Peace. J Howes Killed in action in France 15th September 1916 aged 34 yrs
William (1913)was buried in an unmarked plot in Makaraka Cem Gisborne
106 BR
JESSOP Thomas Makotuku 46yrs old, Farmer, died 11-11-1902, buried 13-11-1902,
In Memory of Thomas Jessop died 11 Nov 1902 age 46.
107 BR
(a) SUGDEN Elizabeth Makotuku, 56yrs, wife of A.J. Sugden (Storekeeper), died 9-02-1895, buried 11-02-1898
(b) SUGDEN Ella Makotuku, 20yrs, died 22-07-1898 buried 24-07-1898
In loving memory of Ella Godfrey Sugden born 4-03-1878 died 22-07-1898
In loving remembrance of Elizabeth Sugden died 9-02-1895 aged 56 yrs
(NOTE) See also Block 3 Section 16 This lady seems to have 2 headstones
108 BR
(a) MAYCOCK John Ormondville, died 25-12-1896, buried 27-12-1896
(b) MAYCOCK Sarah Ormondville, 71 yrs, widow of John, died 8-06-1904 buried 10-06-1904 by Rev. J.Oliver
(c) MAYCOCK G. Hastings, 68yrs, farmer, died 4-09-1927 buried 5-09-1927 by Rev Whitbley
(d) BONE M. Pahiatua, 61yrs, wife of C.Bone, died 19-01-1925 buried 20-01-1925 by Rev F.W.Whitbley
(e) GIBB Fanny Hastings, 71yrs, wife of C. Gibb, buried 19-10-1929
George Maycock, son of J. & S. Maycock died 4-09-1927 aged 68yrs
John Maycock, beloved husband of Sarah Maycock, died 25-12-1896 aged 68yrs
In Loving memory of Sarah Maycock beloved wife of John Maycock, died 8-06-1904 aged 71yrs
Mary Anne Bone beloved wife of Charles Bone and daughter of J & S Maycock died 19-01-1904 aged 62yrs
In loving memory of Fanny Gibb beloved wife of Charles Gibb and loving daughter of J & S Maycock
242 BR
HOWES Bella Georgina Ruth Rahiri Home Dannevirke, 81yrs , widow, died 27-04-1979 buried 1-05 1979 by Rev Graham.
(a)HOWES Henry James Ormondville, 61yrs, labourer, died 4-03-1949, buried 7-03-1949 by Rev T.M.Loten
(b)HOWES Karen Margaret Ormondville, 2hrs old, Child of R., died 7-07-1951, buried 10-07-1951 by Rev G.F.Oulds
In loving memory of Belle G.R. Howes beloved wife of H>J> Howes, passed away 27-04-1979 aged 81yrs, a mother and grandmother.
A great war veteran 10/2975 Pte H.J. Howes, Wellington Regt, died 4-03-1949 aged 6iyrs N.Z.E.F
270 BR
CASTLES Margaret Waikopiro, 51yrs wife of W. Castles, died 25-06-1913 , buried 27-06-1913 by Rev J. Fisher
CASTLES Infant Daughter 41/2 mths, Whetukura, died 22-11-1924 by Rev. F.W.Whibley
In Loving Memory of our dear mother Margaret M. Castles, died 25-06-1913 aged 50yrs also Ngaire Jean beloved infant daughter of JC & F Castles
271 BR
HOWES Ada Ormondville, 62yrs, wife of Joseph Howes, Died 5-08-1942 buried 6-08-1942 by Rev. F Middlebrook
HOWES Joseph Ormondville, 70yrs, labourer died 5-08-1944 buried 6-07-1944 by Rev F Middlebrook
In loving memory of Ada beloved wife of Joseph, died 5-08-1942 aged 62yrs
In Loving memory of Joseph beloved husband of Ada Howes, died 4-07-1944 aged 70yrs
272 BR
WILLS Mary Waikopiro, 28yrs, wife of James Wills, died 26-06-1904 buried 28-06-1904 by Rev G. King
In loving Memory of Mary beloved wife of James Wills, who died 25-07-1904
273 BR
CASTLES Eion Malcolm Whetukura 28yrs, farmer, died 10-10-1947, buried 13-10-1947 by Rev Davies
CASTLES James Charles Whetukura 71yrs, farmer, died 28-07-1963, buried 11-10-1972 by Rev P. Van der Velde
CASTLES, Catherine Flora 5 Allardice St Dannevirke, 77yrs widow, died 9-10-1972, buried 11-10-1972 by Rev p. Van der Velde.
In loving Memory of N.Z.405232 Eion Malcolm Castles dearly loved husband of Marjorie Castles, died 10-10-1947 aged 28 years. ( Pilots wings, R.N.Z.A.F.)
In Loving memory of James Charles loved husband of Flora Castles, died 29th July 1963 aged 70 yrs.
In loving memory of Catherine Flora loved wife of James Castles, died 9th October 1972 aged 77yrs
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