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Odd & Ends From Hawkes Bay Papers relating to other NZ Cities
A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspapers
Painstakingly transcribed by Elaine
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The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
HBH March 2 1883.

Around the districts.
Albert WALKER renewed his application at the Waste Lands Board today for lease of land in Manukau harbor for working iron sand, but was refused. Being denied even a hearing.
Mr D A TOLE, Crown Lands Commissioner, left by the Wellington today for Tauranga in order to pay the Rotorua natives for land leased from them by the Government under the terms of the Thermal Springs
Act. The leases are for 99 years and the amount to pay is over 1899 pounds.
The ship Brahamin, Captain SOWELLS, from London, brings forty passengers and a cargo valued at 51,000 pounds. A measles scare was got up on the passage, but the children proved to have only a skin disease.

The name of the mother of the child whose body was found on the beach on Tuesday, is Phoebe KEITCH,
25 years of age. She was brought up at the Police Court today on the charge of wilful murder, and remanded.

J LEE have been elected members of the North Canterbury Board of Education.
The first two elected.
R.Mag.Court today-Robt TAYLOR committed for trial
for stealing 20 pound in cash from Frederick LAWRENCE.
The crew to represent the Union Rowing Club in the annual match with the Star Club Wellington on March 15 are:- F FULLER, S C KEATEVEN, J G BULL, and R JONES.

A women named Mary CAVENAGH, 62 years old, the wife of Charles CAVENAGH, a blacksmith residing in Hereford street Christchurch, hanged herself about 6 o'clock this morning. No cause can as yet be assigned
for the act.

Horace BENY has severed his connection with the Heywood's Novelty Company.
HBH March 5 1883

The new contractors,
Messrs GALLAGHER and GRIFFITHS, are carrying on their contract well and are always up to time.

Mr G P HOGAN-master of the Industrial Home- whole of the evidence in connection to charges has been heard and submitted to the accused.

A man named Walter HILL called at the police station today and asked that he might be treated as a deserter from H M S Rosario.
HBH March 6th 1883
Mr LYSTER-KAYE, of the Wairarapa who was
shepherding for Mr HUTCHINSON, is missing. There was a heavy flood at the time, and it is supposed that he must have fallen into the river, the police are searching for his body.

A settler at Alexandria named John James POWELL was drowned today while attempting to cross the river at Kopua in the King country.
The Colonial Sugar Refining Company intend, it is stated, floating some of their shares in the Auckland market.
Mr DOUGLAS today deposited at the museum a large diamond found by the Raglan Prospecting party. Mr POND, the provincial analyist, has expressed opinion that though the gem is of too great specific gravity to be a true diamond, and that it is called by the trade a "rough diamond." Messrs L ALEXANDER and KPHN,
jewellers, prononounce it however a true diamond.
Mr BISS, the Chief Postmaster has informed Mr HAMLIN M H R of the dispute in connection with the Pukekohe dispute between the postal and railway.

Frederick Charles SELBY- charged at the Resident Magistrate's Court with rescuing thee sheep whilst being
driven to the public pound at Clive.

HBH March 14 1883

When the Hon Mr BRYCE arrived here a crowed who had assembled to hoot him were nicely sold. They mistook their man, and followed Mr John MURRAY, Inspector of the Bank of New Zealand, to his hotel, hooting him the whole way.

Auckland-Wednesday. Henry Whitaker DUVIL was today committed for trial on the charge of horsestealing.
At the inquest today on the body of Charles BAKER, of the schooner Saxon, the jury returned an open verdict of found drowned. The evidence showed that BAKER and the woman Susan DUNEEN had gone in the dinghy during Saturday night's gale with the view of getting on board the Saxon for the night, and both perished in the attempt, being in liquor.
Messrs David GOLDIE, D H Mc KENZIE and Samuel LUKE were today elected members of the Board of Education.

Annual meeting of the Acclimatisation Society Mr James RUSSELL was elected President.

Christchurch. Wednesday. A meeting of Mr J Oram SHEPPARD's creditors was held yesterday.
HBH March 16th 1883
The following tenders have been received by the Public Works Dept for the Newmarket workshops contract.
Accepted:- DOWNES and AHER, Dunedin
Declined;- ALEXANDER and MacFARLANE-Wanganui; MERCER & MARSHALL-HAMILTON; J O'BRIEN, Auckland, James WILSON, Dunedin; G STEVEN, Dunedin; A C WATSON, Auckland; CAMERSON and BRITON, Auckland; W GILL, Auckland, Alexander McGUIRE, Auckland, W A TURK, Auckland.

Alfred Kenelm SMITH, against which there are a dozen alleged charges of larceny, has been arrested.

Mr CASSIN, Government Surveyor, and Mr MACE, Surveyor, and party left Cambridge today to make a trigonometrical survey of the King Country.

Wellington. The Hon Mrs Foster GORING died today. (Tuesday).

In response to a requisition, Mr Edward SHAW, barrister of Wellington, has decided to contest the Inangahua seat vacated by Mr WESTON.

Christchurch Two men arrested named TEAGUE and MITCHELL for creating a disturbance, MITCHELL broke away, and the constable, leaving TEAGUE in the custody of a civilian named WILLIAMS, followed him. TEAGUE then attacked WILLIAMS with a pocket knife, wounding him in the hand and ear. Both offenders were ultimately lodged in the lock-up.

HBH March19 1883 Auckland.
John O'NEILL, an engine driver, dropped dead at Parnell on Saturday, and an unseemly occurrence eventuated at his funeral yesterday. The deceased was a Catholic, and the mourners and friends waiting round the grave till Father DOWNEY, who was to conduct the service, had finished officiating at another interment. When the latter was over Father DOWNEY said he had received instructions from Father FYNES the Vicar-General,, as would prevent him conducting the service over O'NEILL's grave. After some delay Father DOWNEY consented to conduct the service, and the funeral was concluded.

Patea-Monday The large stables owned by Mr D SMITH, Carrier, was burned down on Saturday evening.
Hbh March 22 1883

Per United Press Auckland-Wednesday. Mr A OPPENHEIMER, of Auckland has been appointed general agent for New Zealand for the international exhibition at Calcutta in December next. Also mentioned is a letter from Mr JOUBERT of Sydney.

Septs are being taken in Auckland to form a "blue ribbon army."

Constables GILLESPIE and STANTON found an illicit still in the bush about 8 miles from Palmerston.
Information coming to Wanganui of the discovery after a lengthy search. Inspector JAMES and Mr LUNDON, Inspector of Customs, proceed to the spot.

After 20 minutes waiting they captured a man named JESSOP after a long chase, and another called PYKE.

The plant was capable of turning out 100 gallons of spirits daily. JESSOP was previously convicted of the same offence over 5 years ago.

Wellington. Two Seamen named EVANS and COLVILLE have been arrested on a charge of larceny from the Commercial Hotel, Wellington.

A meeting of the creditors in the estate of Henry MACE was held today.

Hokitika Wednesday. Affidavits have been filed in the Supreme Court by Messrs SEDDON, JACK, and RAE, thee candidates at the late election for the Board of Education, alleging that four school committee were allowed by the secretary of the Board to withdraw their original voting papers and substitute new ones with other names.

An accident occurred this forenoon to the Kumara coach on the way to Hokitika. Seven passengers were more or less injured.

Dunedin Wednesday. The City Council have decided not to consent to the transference by Mr PROUDFOOT of the tramways to the new company until a guarantee is given that the steam motor will not be used.

The lad WEBB, who it will be remembered, some time ago had to have both feet amputated at the hospital through them being frost-bitten, leaves by the Rotomahana tomorrow for Melbourne, where it is intended to provide him with artificial limbs. The Union Steamship Co have given him a free passage and an attendant has been allowed at moderate rate to accompany him. Several gentlemen in town are interesting themselves in the case of the lad, and in due time will see that he is put to learn some convenient trade.

Particulars of accident by which children were burnt at Cape Saunders on Monday afternoon.
Four children named Mary Ellen MC DONALD (six years0 Andrew NELSON (5 years) Mary Ellen HENOVAAN9duaghter of the assistant lighthouse keeper) Ernest NELSON (two year old son of the lighthouse keeper).
They went to the old cow shed with the purpose of playing in it. The shed was very slightly built, and had been used as a play-room by the children living at the Cape, and was situated in a gully about 300 yards from the lighthouse. The children had not long been in the shed, when they lighted some tussocks, and threw them about, thus setting fire to the shed. When they saw the mischief they had done the two eldest children ran away, and the two youngest huddled themselves in a corner near the door, where they were subsequently found by Mr NELSON, who attention was first directed to the spot by the screams of the children.

HBH March 27th 1883
Auckland-Per United Press Association

The body of Capt GIBBONS' infant son was recovered at Devonport. At the inquest a verdict of accidentally drowned was returned.

One of the Constabulary named John Mc CAFFERTY has died at Cambridge under peculiar circumstances. While engaged in carpenter's work on the Karipiro bridge a splinter of wood ran into one of his hands near the base of his thumb. Paying little heed to the wound blood poisoning set in, terminating in death. The deceased parents reside in Wellington.

Masterton-Monday. On Saturday night a six roomed house in Queen street, in the occupation of Mr R G WILLIAMS, was burn to the ground. Nothing was saved except for a piano. The fire was caused by a child going to bed inadvertently placing a candle too near the window curtains.

Nelson-Monday. A man named G SILVEANE went out of his house in Matupiko Valley, with the intention of shooting a fowl for dinner. By some means, however he accidentally shot himself causing instant death.

Greymouth-Monday. Mr WAKEFIELD, arrived here on Saturday evening, leaving today for Reefton.

Christchurch-Monday. Yesterday afternoon, Thomas THOMSON, 70 years of age, a painter, poisoned himself by taking strychnine.

Dr Von LECHENFIELD, an Austrian, started three weeks ago with his wife to survey the Tasman Glacier, observe the rate of motion, and ascend if possible Mount Darwin.
Timaru Wednesday
HBH May 10 1883

A man named William BURROUGHS was found drowned in a water-hole near Washdyke today. It is supposed he had missed his way in trying to take a short cut across a paddock.


At the meeting of creditors in the estate of STAVERLEY, AUSTIN and Co., held Tuesday afternoon, the following was the resolution adopted:- "That the estate be carried on in liquidation, Messrs FERRIER and DENNISON being the liquidators.
HBH May 9 1883

Dunedin-Monday Shortly after midnight on Saturday, whilst a number of men belonging to the various ships in the harbor were proceeding down the export pier, John ABBOT fell overboard. The police hearing the cries proceeded to the spot, and after some difficulty Constable FLEMING rescued ABBOT, who commenced an assault on the constable, for which ABBOT was fined at the Police Court this morning.

Geo W MINTER, who was charged at the last criminal sittings of the Supreme Court with embezzling funds of the New Zealand Insurance Company, his employers, and was acquitted, was brought up to the Police Court this morning on some fresh charges. It was stated by the prosecution that since his former trial MINTER had been giving every opportunity of explaining the irregularities appearing in his books, but he had not attempted to do so, and the comopany therefore felt compelled to proced further in the matter. The accused was committed for trial.

Up to the present time 41 children have been boarded out from the Dunedin Industrial School. These are all under six years of age.

The solar eclipse was totally invisible at Dunedin, owing to the cloudy weather.

In the Divorce Court today a decree for judicial separation was granted in the case of LAWLOR V LAWLOR on the application of his wife. The respondent had been convicted at Auckland of bigamy, and Frederick GODFREY, Margaret GODFREY, and Samuel WEBB (**this is Elaine’s relation) gave evidence of adultery. His Honor said that on the marriage being proved, he would grant a decree nisi. In the case of Mc GUNN v William Mc GUNN his Honor made the discovery that a copy of the petition had not been filed with the Attorney-General. Mr MACGREGOR, for the petitioner, said he was not the solicitor in the case, and asked permission to withdraw the petition. His Honor: “Certainly. The petitioner has a very good case of action against her solicitor for negligence.” In none of the cases were the respondents represented

HBH May 10 1883


WILLIAMS-BRUNTON-On May 8th, 1883, at St Mary’s Church, Waipukurau, by the Rev E H GRANGER, R B WILLIAMS, of Cheviot Station, Mararoa, Southland, to Margaret Amelia, youngest daughter of the late W BRUNTON, C.E.


SAXBY-On March 11th, at Wormley, Herts, England, Stephen Martin SAXBY, the late Chief Inspector of Naval Engineers; aged 79


Telegraphic Per United Press Association Auckland-Wednesday. Another gift from Mr MacKELVIE for the Auckland Museum has arrived. It is a statue from Pompeii.

A communication has been received stating that the wife of the late Edward COSTLEY, who was left 150,000 pounds to Auckland charities, is alive in Christchurch, but this will not affect the bequests.

Dunedin – Wednesday

At the meeting of creditors in the estate of STAVELEY, AUSTIN and Co., held on Tuesday afternoon, the following resolution adopted: “That the estate be carried on in liquidation, Messrs FERRIER and DENNISON being the liquidators, and that when the estate has realised 15s in the 1 pound net without interest, any balance left to the debtors ……….more.” It is understood that the greater part of the liability is to the Bank of New Zealand.

Meeting of the Waste lands Board today several applications were read and adjourned for a week from persons who purchased at the recent deferred payment pastoral sale. The brothers Phillip and William YOUNG, Jas. PEASALL, and W FREE, all of Tasmania, wrote asking for a re-consideration of the decision by the Board only to grant licenses on application personally or by agent. M C YOUNG, the father of Phillip and William YOUNG, also wrote on his sons’ behalf stating that there was no arrangement with Mr GELL:IBRAND or any other person by them.

The movement is on foot for the purpose of erecting a suitable monument to the late Mr IRELAND M H R for Waikaia.

Mr James M’FEE, for many years a town missionary in Dunedin, and much esteemed for his Christian character and benevolent disposition, died today.


At the R.M. Court today and information for criminal libel by Charles WRIGHT, proprietor of the Buller News, against John TYRELL, proprietor of the Evening Star, was heard, and the defendant was committed for trial at the sittings of the Supreme Court to be held in Nelson in June next. The libel was alleged to have been committed in the publication in the Star of April 21st of an open column letter regarding the conduct of WRIGHT in the capacity of Borough valuer.


The Thames Advertiser states that Mr William WILKINSON, late proprietor of that paper, and the Rev David BRUCE, ex editor of the New Zealand Times, have purchased the Observer, the Auckland society journal,.

HBH May 11 1883


Mr C M GRAY, who was a resident and a militiaman on the West Coast during the Maori War, writes an interesting letter to the Lyttelton Times in which he proves very conclusively that the charges brought against Mr BRYCE in Mr RUSDEN’s history, of murdering woman and children during a skirmish with the natives, are entirely without foundation. The skirmish in question, so far from being an attack on helpless people, was in reality a daring attempt on the part of Mr BRYCE and a few troopers to capture one of the greatest strongholds of the enemy defended by an overwhelming force, and Mr GRAY compares it for bravery and dash to the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava.


The world knows not its greatest men. While Milner STEPHEN has been traversing the Continent of Australia and the islands of New Zealand from end to end, beneath his blood red flag of flannel, lo! We have been cherishing in our midst for years another healer, who unlike STEPHEN, seems to have but one fault-excessive modesty. A Dunedin paper is our authority for this. It asserts that “a gentleman resident here, well known in connection with the life insurance business, has for some years been practising this treatment, with, it is stated, a very satisfactory amount of success. Mr WELDNER, the gentleman referred to, claims to have effected cures in patients afflicted with various maladies, and now announces his intention of entering upon professional practice in this line.”

The Northern express train ran into a mob of 500 sheep near Chertsey yesterday and killed nearly forty.

An inquest will be held at the Ashburton Hospital tomorrow touching the death of a man named Joseph MULLIGAN, who was found dead in bed at the Chertsey Hotel.

New is at hand of a destructive fire at Riverton. It broke out this morning in a stable attached to Mrgan HAYES' Caledonian Hotel, and despite all efforts, spread from thence to the south end of the block, where its progress was stopped by a cross street. On the other side of this was CLAPP'S Commercial Hotelm, which at times was in great danger, but it was saved by the application of wet blankets to the exposed surface. The County Council offices narrowly escaped, but, being built of brick, the flames failed to gain a hold. The following buildings were destroyed:
Caledonian Hotel,
PLY and BULLIED'S-drapers.

The estimated damage is 10,000 pounds. All the places are insured except BACON's. The amounts are not known, but the offices principally interested are the New Zealand,, Union and South British.



A good deal of money is being bet on the Inangahua election. Mr SHAW'S supporters being most sanguine and demonstrative. It is level money now, though at one time the Shawites gave odds.

The town is full of Chinamen. The remains of a deceased countryman will be sent to Dunedin per steamer. All the interred bodies are now lifted, and the bones ready for transmission.


Harry JACKSON. charged with shooting at Mr John DEANS a year ago, was today committed for trial.

The damages in the libel action by the Rev W CREE against Society are laid at 1500 pounds

Frederick KING was committed for trial today of setting fire to his boarding house on April 23rd with intent to defraud the Scottish Imperial Insurance Association, in which office his furniture was insured for 100 pounds. His wife, Georgine KING, was also arrested, but was discharged.
HBH May 14 1883 Bits


The New Zealand Shipping Company’s chartered steamer British Queen arrived from London at 3 0’clock this afternoon. The passage occupied 50 days. During the passage measles broke out, and as there were a few mild cases on her arrival here Dr HENRY, the health Officer, offered the steamer to quarantine. She will, it is expected, be admitted to pratique tomorrow morning. The passage was an uneventful one.


Two stacks of wheat valued at 200 pounds were destroyed by fire on Wednesday niggt last, on Mr ISDALE’S farm at Tewamakari. The stacks were not insured, and the opinion is that the fire was the work of an incendiary in strengthened by the fact that both stacks were seen to blaze forth at the same time.

STANLEY and DARBYSHIRE’S troupe of juveniles finished a highly successful season here on Saturday night.


The funeral of James MacFEE, late city missionary, was attended on Saturday by many of the clergy and leading citizens.

The meeting on Saturday in regard to the relief of the “Wild Deer’s” immigrants who were wrecked on the coast of Ireland was attended by less than half a dozen persons. It was decided to invite subscriptions on their behalf, and the Mayor promised to meet them on arrival.

HBH May 14th 1883


Henry ROBERTSHAW, recently arrested at Wellington for wife-desertion, was discharged by the Hamilton Bench, the wife declining to prosecute.

Mr NICHOL, of the North Shore, has received an order from the Tongan Government to build a schooner to cost 1000 pounds.

Inquest today on the body of John ALLISON an open verdict of found drowned was returned. A flask of brandy found in his pocket was partly emptied.

At Coromandel three men got into a boat which capsized. A man named BAMFORD, who was in liquor, was drowned. He was a native of Canterbury and a baker by trade.

Wellington-Saturday. A second divorce case is now mentioned. The petitioner in this suit is Richard Miller EWELL, who seeks dissolution of his marriage on the ground of adultery. Petitioner is a commercial traveller, and on the 18th of October, 1879, was legally married to Marian Neiline Violet ALEXANDER, described as a widow, at the Parish Church at St James, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, and cohabited with her for some time, no issue, however, resulting from the union. The petitioner then alleges that on the 29th of March of the following year his wife left his house in Townsville without just cause and against his express wish, and was not seen by him until the 27th of last month, on which day he arrived in Wellington from Queensland for the purpose of seeking her. He found that during the months of February, March and April 1882, and April 1883, she had been living in an adulterous relationship with Solomon PHILLIPS, a pawnbroker, of this city, by whom she has had one child, now aged four months. On these grounds therefore, the petitioner prays for a divorce from the respondent. The case is expected to come on for hearing at the next sitting of the Supreme Court.

HBH May 14th 1883

Gisborne Miss Jane BROWN, after serving in Gisborne school as pupil and assistant teacher for six years, has now been transferred to the training College in Wellington.

From Mr BENDALL, Mahia, resigning his office as poundkeeper, on the ground that he was unable to obtain from the police protection for carrying out his duties.

HBH May 15th 1883

Auckland W DOUGAL has been arrested at Onehunga charged with indecent assault on Mrs STORY, aged 60.

A cottage burned down at Onehunga and belonging to John DORE, was insured for 100 pounds in the New Zealand and for same in the Standard Insurance Companies.


D STANAGHAN, grocer, accused of arson, was discharged today.

The four women charged with concealment of birth, were today committed for trial.

New Plymouth A man named Matthew CLOUGH was drowned in the Wanganui river yesterday.

An inquest on the fire at Henui was laid today, and a verdict returned that the place had been wilfully set on fire by some persons unknown.


At the R M Court today Thomas ALLEN, aged 21 years was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment for vagrancy. He had been well off a year or two since. He was ruined by drinking and gambling.

A boy five years old broke his arm through falling from a horizontal bar at the borough school Lyttelton.


The passengers among whom the measles broke out on board the British Queen having been landed at the quarantine stations it has been found that all the cases are of a very mild nature. The single women whose destination is Canterbury, have also been landed on Soames Island, and will remain there until the steamer takes her departure for Lyttelton.

A narrow escape from a fatal accident occurred alongside the steamer last night. The butcher’s boat with fresh provisions went off, and when getting alongside was swamped and capsized. The occupants were hauled on board by the crew in a very exhausted condition. The British Queen is expected to leave for Lyttelton on Wednesday or Thursday.

A Man named Edward BURLING was killed at Glencoe on Saturday by a fall of earth.

Mr WILLIAMS, Boniface of the Marine Hotel, Riverton, writes to the New Zealand Times asking on what terms HEARN, the sculler, would meet HARRINGTON, of Riverton.

The British Queen reports that on the 25th April she spoke the barque Eurypees, 60 passengers from Natal to Adelaide, short of provisions and bordering on starvation. Put provisions on board, and then came on.

Auckland- At the inquest on the body of Cornelius BEGLEY the jury returned a verdict of accidental death, with a rider that in future trenches should be timbered if over five feet in depth.

West Coast It will be seen by our telegrams from Reefton that the polling for the Inangahua elections has resulted in the return of Mr SHAW by a majority of 46 over Mr WAKEFIELD.
HBH May 15th 1883 Auk

Auckland The police have recovered the body of BAMFORD, who was drowned at Coromandel.

A settler at Mononui named HODGE was committed for trial today for rape on a servant girl at the Settler’s Hotel. He was admitted to bail in 200 pounds.

The supposed Christchurch diamonds that were forward to Auckland were given to Mr DANSEFORD, lapidist, for the purpose of testing their hardness, but they rubbed away like glass and did not bear the test.

HBH May 17th 1883.doc

TAWHIAO and a hundred mounted followers have left Alexandra on a visit to Tauranga.

Whilst land passengers from the Gleneig at Wangaroa, Mr MOONEY and Miss HAYES fell overboard, but were saved from drowning by Captain STEPHENSON.

Two more accidents at Mr ROE’S sawmills, Onehunga occurred today. T BOX had his right hand cut off by a saw, and Arthur HARMAN, engine-driver, was severely scalded by an escape of steam.


About 150 natives, four abreast on horseback, marched through here this morning on their way to Parihaka. Amongst them were Titowaru and some of his people, but most of the cavalcade came from Wanganui and Waitotara.


In the Disttrict Court today Judge WARD sentenced Pat RYAN to eight month’s hard labor for fraudulent bankruptcy.


Mr James RUTHERFORD M H R for Bruce, died today. He was in good health a week ago, but caught cold, which brought on congestion of the lungs.

The Daily Times correspondent at Roxburgh telegraphs that a body of a man had been found in a creek between Moa Flat and the Pomahaka river, in the Cheviot district. It is stated that the body was covered with stones, and that the head had apparently been chopped off and placed near the feet. It is believed that the man was murdered and his clothes burned. There are still portions of flesh adhering to the bones, and from the appearance of the body it is surmised that an attempt was made to burn it. The police have gone to the spot.

The Waste Lands Board today granted deferred payment pastoral licenses to a number of applicants, but refused them in the cases of Thomas JOHNSTON, Chas WEBB, D E FISH, Joseph McCAW.

At the Magistrate’s Court today, LOUTH, the stationmaster at Tapanui, was committed for trial on three charges of embezzlement.

A cablegram has been received from Mr PROUDFOOT that his horse Sir Modred arrived by the Hauroto safely after a severe passage, Of the lot of fifty draught horses shipped from Lyttleton sixteen were killed on the passage.

At the Kensington railway crossing this evening, about a mile out of the city, a buggy was run into by the train. A lad named OWENS was in it and was badly injured. The horse had to be killed. The horse, as it appears, got frightened, and the lad lost control over it. The signalman was entirely free from blame.

HBH May 18 1883
Per United Press Association-Auckland

The steamer Westmeath is in charge of Captain STOREHOUSE who visits this port for the first time. The two deaths that occurred on the passage were Charles BUTT, of rheumatic fever, and Thomas MENAY, of consumption. Both were single men and were taken ill soon after leaving home.

A man named George H SHEPPERSON has been arrested on a charge of bigamy.

Thomas DOBSON, laborer was accidentally drowned at Huia Bay.

New received in Auckland states that Mr REDMOND will not arrive here for two days.

Coleman’s Hot springs Hotel, Te Aroha, has been burned down. The boarders just had time to escape.

Mr J M DARGAVILLE met his city South constituents tonight in St James’ Hall.

John GIBBON, while fastening the steamer Lily to the Riverhead wharf yesterday, had his foot torn off at the ankle. The leg got caught in the bight of the warp, and it was crushed against a pile.

A sum of 2500 pounds has already been collected for the Baptist Tabernacle, and a site costing 3000 pounds has been purchased. The building will cost about 8000 pounds. At a soiree last night 800 pounds was promised.

Masterton-Thursday. A Scandinavian named MADSON has been discovered in a whare at the head of the Waingawa stream close under the ranges, with his throat cut, and with a knife and scythe-stone beside him. He was last seen alive on Sunday. He was unmarried and was of sober habits, and was aged 24 years. The cause of the suicide is surmised to have been ill-health, producing depression of spirits.


Headliner-Rescue of Seamen.

The ship Rangitikei, which arrived from London today, had two births on the passage and no deaths. There was one case of scarlet fever, and one of typhoid, but in each instance the disease was prevented from spreading in the ship by isolation and antiseptic precautions.


There is a full report.

Reefton-Friday A petition will be forthwith lodged against the election of Mr Edward SHAW for Inangahua.

Christchurch-Friday Early this morning three nine-roomed houses, belonging to Frank and Walter HALL, Pound road, Sydenham, were burned down. The fire began in the kitchen of the house occupied by the HALL’S. The next house occupied by W KELLY, and the other unoccupied.

About 4 o’clock this afternoon BROWN’S sawmills, near the gasworks at Sydenham were also burned down.

This afternoon Harriet DOWEY was committed for trial on a charge of setting fire to a house at Hallswell on April 21st, the property of Mrs SABEY.

Nelson A five-roomed house in St Asaph street, owned and occupied by Mr Alfred BUCKLEY, was burnt at half past 8 o’clock tonight.

Mr O’CALLAGHAN, the member for Lincoln, addressed his constituents at Prebbleton tonight.

Timaru-Wednesday In the District court today Judge WARD sentenced Pat RYAN to eight months’ hard labor for fraudulent bankruptcy.

HBH May 21 1883

Auckland The whole of the single women by the Rangitikei for Auckland got situations today as soon as they landed. The demand is still unsatisfied. Of the immigrants by the Rangitikei, 99, and of those of the Westmeath 80, go South next week.

Seven seamen of the Westmeath have been arrested for refusal to do duty.

The first races of the Auckland Bicycle Club were held today at the Domain cricket ground; 1500 persons were present. The competitors were:-


Consolation final was won by ALLEN.

The trustees in the estate of the late Mr E COSTLEY have, after mature consideration, determined to sell, by auction all the city properties belonging to the estate.
Property include:- Auckland Club, The Custom House Hotel Shera Bros, Fisher and Co’s new buildings Cole’s shop and adjoining shop (Queen street) Hulme’s shop and premises (Queen street) Esdown’s and Cullen’s shops (Queen street) Red Lion Hotel and five houses (Victoria street) Lonergan’s shop and premises (Wynd street &c.,

Messrs B TONKS and Co, who have been entrusted by the trustees with the disposal of this valuable property, have fixed June 13th as the date of sale.

Auckland-Saturday Henry ROBERTSHAW, lately arrested at Wellington for wife desertion, but discharged at Waikato through non prosecution by his wife has been adjudicated a bankrupt


A man named John BUTCHER died at the hospital yesterday from injuries he received a week ago by falling into a barrel of carbolic acid. He was a shepherd employed at Cotsonbrook station, Strath Taieri, where the accident befell him

HBH May 22 1883


Mr J BOURKE, of the telegraph office, Russell, rescued a Maori child by jumping off the wharf diving for it.

Colonel LYON is appointed to succeed Major WITHERS as officer commanding the Auckland Volunteers.

A batch of immigrants, per Westmeath and Rangitikei, leave for Napier and Southern Ports tonight by the steamer Southern Cross.

James THOMPSON was found dead in a survey camp at Waiu, Coromandel. It is believed the cause of death was heart disease.

At the inquest on the body of Thomas HAMILTON, killed by a fall of earth at the Sugar Company’s works a verdict of accidental death was returned. Deceased had just left the Parnell drainage works, where BEGLEY was killed by a fall of earth, as he regarded the work there as dangerous.

New Plymouth-Monday

The body of Matthew CLOUGH, who was drowned a week ago whilst crossing the Mongonui river, was recovered yesterday morning. Two divers were engaged in the work, which was rendered extremely dangerous in consequence of the quicksands. At the inquest a verdict of accidentally drowned was returned.


A robbery of jewellery occurred recently either at Wellington, Kaikoura, or on board the steamer Wakatu. Mr SKIPPINGTON, a new arrival reported that 100 pounds of jewellery had been abstracted. Detectives made careful examination of the crew, nothing suspicious being, however found.

HBH June 12th 1883 G/Mth


Public Meeting was held tonight to pass the resolution urging the government to construct a bridge across the Grey river. The Mayor occupied the Chair.


William Eldridge PAYNE, a boy, fell off a heap of potatoes at Lyttelton today, and fractured his skull, and sustained concussion of the brain, from which he has since died.

A horse bolted with an express today, and knocked down and ran over Rose HUMPHREYS. She was seriously injured, and had to be taken to hospital.

The women of Sydenham today held an indignation meeting re the Licensing Court.
HBH June 12 1883 District


A Man named Henry COOK was committed for trial by the Takaka Bench for bigamy. It is alleged that he in 1868 at Takaka married Ann HAMMOND, said now to be living in Wellington, and in 1880, under the name of Henry Cook WILKINSON, married a widow named SHERE.

The Supreme Court Criminal sessions will open on Friday before Judge RICHMOND with five cases for trial.
They are:-
DAVIDSON and Mrs GRAMMATTICS, for murder
J BUSCH-maiming a horse
F P HODGSON-larceny
John TYRELL-libel; together with the case of COOK for bigamy.
HBH June 12 1883auk

Page 3 Per United Press Association


About half a dozen tenders have been received by Messrs STEWART and HUNTER for the Morrinsville and Lichfield contract of the Thames Valley and Rotorua railway formation only, length 31 miles.

Four lads aged 9 to 13 years, broke into the stores of Mr Samuel EVINSON, Ford street yesterday, and stole goods to the value of over $6.

It is doubtful whether Sir George GREY will go to Waikato before the meeting of the Assembly, owing to dissentions among the leading Ngatimanipoto chiefs.

Palmerston North-Monday

The wife of Mr Alfred Levy J P., well known in Napier, died yesterday of consumption.


Tenders have been received for the Tahoraite contract on the Wellington-Napier railway.

Accepted; JAY and HAYNES (Palmerston) $13, 615


MEALY and GRANT (Christchurch) $14,314

TOWERS and BAINES (Napier) $14,630

ALEXANDER and Mc FARLANE (Wanganui) $14,712

O”MALLY and PEPPERELL (Masterton) $15,293

J SAUNDERS (Wellington) $17,535


George JONES was indicted for wilfully setting fire to a dwelling-house, the property of Mr Donald GOLLAN, at Maungatarata, on the 21st March last.

Mr COTTERILL prosecuted for the Crown

Prisoner was undefended.

Henry Mac DONALD, woolscourer, William STORAH, Manger for Mr GOLLLAN deposed

John HARKINS fined 5s and costs for drunkenness with the usual alternative.

Frank HIGGINS-pleaded guilty-fined 10s and costs.

P N BARTLETT fined 2s and costs for lighting a fire in the open air.

Thomas PERRY-seaman of the barque Electra, charged with wilful disobedience, ordered to be taken on board, to forfeit one day’s pay, and to pay costs of 7s.

Kate SMITH-charged with being of unsound mind, was remanded for a week, for medical examination.

HBH June 14 1883 Districts


Captain BARRY has purchased the skeleton of a whale that was caught here a short time back, and intends exhibiting it round the colony.

ChristchurchThe annual meeting today of the Lancaster Park Company reported a loss of $16, but the prospects were encouraging.

Dunedin The Land Board have called on four purchasers on February 28th to show cause why their licenses should not be forfeited for "dummyism."

Mr DRIVER M.H.R., has met with an accident which will delay his attendance at Parliament.

Mr George DUNCAN, engineer for the Roslyn and Mornington cable tramways, has just returned from a visit to Melbourne, whither he has been consulted with regard to a cable system for that city. Stops are now being taken to organise it, and it is expected that fifty miles of such lines will be laid down.

Auckland Auckland Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting took place this afternoon, Dr CAMPBELL in the chair.

HBH June 14 1883 AUK

The body of Alfred FIRTH, a son of the Sheffield philanthropist, who was drowned at Rotorua, has been placed in a leaden coffin to be forward to England. His effects have been sent to the Public Trustee at Wellington.

HENDRICKSON’s jeweller’s store in Victoria Street was broken into during the night, and a complete sweep made of stock of watches, jewellery, etc., valued at $1500.

Mr PASCOE, butcher, was today fined $5 and costs for breach of the Public Health Act by having beef on his premises for human food.

John GRAPPAL and Charles Brown have been arrested on suspicion of the jewellery robbery. Both are well known to the police as hawkers.

New Plymouth-Wednesday

Mr KELLY M H R for New Plymouth, addressed his constituents last evening.


It has been decided that Mr Edward SHAW M.H.R. for Inaungahua, will move, and Mr LEE M H R for Selwyn, will second the Address in Reply.

The twenty-two single women who arrived in the Ionic have found employment at wages varying from 10s to 14s per week.

The Divorce Court sits on Monday next. At present there are three cases down for hearing.

HBH June 15 1883 Ku


Mr SEDDON, M H R addressed his constituents last night.

A man named RABY, whilst out prospecting yesterday, fell down an abandoned shaft 52 feet. He escaped with a sprained wrist.


A girl HUMPHREYS, who was knocked down by a runaway horse on Tuesday last, is still unconscious and in a critical condition.


A shepherd on a run near Lake Wanaka committed suicide by cutting his throat with a pocket knife. He was brought to Cromwell Hospital and died. His name was

John Oswald STEWART, a native of Glasgow, and well educated. He got remittances, which led to his drinking, and a drinking bout is believed to have been the cause of the act.

HBH June 15 1883 N.P

New Plymouth-Thursday

The Taranaki Herald’s Urenui correspondent writes:-“The natives from this district are leaving for Parihakaa. They say they are coming back, but I notice carts going that seem to be loaded with things as if some of the natives were going to stay there. Not many have gone yet, but more go tomorrow, so as to be at Parihaka on the 18th inst.”

Mr HURSTHOUSE, haz discovered a practicable route for a railway line from the mouth of the Mokau.


Mr DWAN, the chairman of the meeting which petitioned the Governor for LONGHURST’S release, has received a reply that as no new facts were disclosed, the governor see noo reason to interefere with the sentence.

It I s understood that the Hon Mr BRANDON will move and the Hon Mr BARNICOAT will second the Address in Reply to the Legislative Council.
HBH June 16 1883 Auk


Several mild renders are to be prosecuted for adulturation. Some of the milk contained 9 percent of water.

The GRAFTON School Committee have withdrawn their opposition to the Education Board’s nominee HEALEY, who has been appointed headmaster.

The cases against John PURCELL and James MILLS for obtaining money under false pretences. Sold casks of water for whisky and brandy to certain publicans was heard today.


The Legislative Council held only a formal sitting today.


The Supreme Court sittings opened today. True bills were found against F H HODGSON, for stealing $500 from the National Bank

John TYRELL, proprietor of the Evening Star, Westport for Libel

Joseph BUSCH, for wounding and maiming a horse.

John DAVIDSON for the murder of Denis QUINLAN, at Lyell. The grand jury adjourned till next day, being unable to proceed in the charge of larceny against Henry COOK owing to the non-arrival of witnesses from Wellington. Mr FEL, the Crown Prosecutor, intimated that he wanted Mrs GRAMMATICS to give evidence in the murder case.

The libel case of WRIGHT, proprietor of the Buller News against TYRELLL, proprietor of the Westport Star has been deferred.

HBH June 16 1883 Gis


Son HON has opened a shop opposite HOLT’s timber yard for the sale of Chinese and Japanese goods.

Tenders invited for the erection of a new Girl’s High School in Clyde road.

Mr Archibald BRYSON has 5000,000 feet of sawn timber in stock at Tikokino and Napier.

Mr J A CUNNINGHAM urges his friends to poll early for him tomorrow.


Per United Press Association

At the R.M. Court on Tuesday during the hearing of a civil case before his Worship the Mayor and Mr A GRAHAM, J.P., Mr KENNY, solicitor, in answer to Mr BRASSEY, said “The rulings of the MAGISTRATE must not be taken as precedents, and a good thing to, as magistrates were, as a rule, ignorant of the law, and gave absurd judgments-one day one thing, and one day another.”


The Hon. P. LALOR and the Hon R KEEFE were passengers today by the Wairarapa for Sydney.

Mr L W BUSH, theatrical agent, said to be the husband of Madame CORA, illusionist, was found dead in his bed this morning at the Governor Browne Hotel. The deceased was of intemperate habits. A verdict of death by apoplexy was returned at the inquest. He arrived by the Waihora from Sydney.
HBH June 16th 1883 bits


Per United Press Association.


C BAGNALLL, aged 22, the son of a well known settler at Turua, was drowned yesterday morning in the Thames river.

He was getting a steam launch ready to bring a party to the Thames, when it is supposed he slipped and he was stunned, as he was a very good swimmer. He was a great favorite, and much sympathy for his family is expressed. At an inquest held on the body today, a verdict of accidental death by drowning was returned.

Mr CADMAN, M H R. for Coromandel, addressed the Thames portion of his constituency tonight.,


Four hundred olive plants are to be sent next week from the public gardens here to Auckland for distribution.

It is proposed to form a joint stock company to erect PRATT’S new theatre, and possibly rebuild the Clarendon Hotel.


A deliberate attempt at incendiarism occurred in Timaru this morning on a three roomed house. Building insured with the Liverpool, London and Globe office.

Half yearly criminal session of the Supreme Court opens on Tuesday here, and there are three criminal and six civil cases, also one divorce case (MORRISON v MORRISON and another.


Mr James MacDONALD, proprietor of the Milburn lime works, is announced as a candidate for Bruce, in opposition to Mr GILLLIES (brother of Judge GILLIES) and Mr MOSLEY.

Deputation of citizens waited upon Mr FISH M.H.R., and requested him to request the government on nominating system of licensing commissioners.


When the train from Invercargilll to Riverton was approaching the latter place last night the driver noticed a dark object in front of the engine, and then saw a hat blown across the track. The engine was stopped, and it was found that a man named Jeremiah REGAN had been caught by the cowcatcher and carried two hundred yards. On being taken to Riverton Hospital, REGAN’s skull was found to be severely lacerated; the left arm was broken in two places, the back bruised, and he had also sustained concussion of the brain. REGAN was insensible when admitted, and continues so.


Percy SMITH, a watchmaker poisoned himself last night in an old house at the Home Hotel by taking cyanide of potassium. He was lately from Marlborough. The deceased had been drinking, and was ambarrassed. Dr HOOPER tried the stomach pump but fruitlessly, SMITH died in twenty minutes.

Mr SHEEHAN, member for the Thames returned to the Waikato today to attend to the Native Lands Court business.

The remains of Mr FIRTH, the tourist drowned at Rotorua, were interred today in the Anglican Cemetary.

The Hinemoa leaves the Manakau tomorrow.
Legsilative Councillors: and the following M.H.R's.,:-
Messrs WHYTE (Waikato)
TOLE (Een)
HURST (Waitemata)
MOSS (Parnelll)
Dr POLLEN M L C., and Mr PEACOCK, M.H.R., for City North are also expected to join the party.
Mr A WHITAKER, the member for Waipa, intends to leave for Wellington during the ensuing wek. Mesdames MITCHELSON, HURST, and TOLE are also passengers.
HBH June 18th 1883 Cl

The opening of the new lodge room at the Clive Lodge of Oddfellows was celebrated on Saturday evening with a dinner. About 50 guests sat down to a capital spread, which reflected great credit on the caterer, Mr RUDDICK, of the West Clive, Hotel. Mr MILLER, and old and active member of the Order, occupied the chair.

HBH June 18th 1883 Auk


The remains of Mr FIRTH, the tourist drowned at Rotorua, were interred today in the Anglican cemetary.

The Hinemoa leaves the Manakau tomorrow.

Professor TUCKER lectured at the Young Men’s Christian Association on “The Intellectual and Moral Revivial of the Sixteenth Century.

The Licensing Committee for city South have condemned half a dozen hotels, and will not renew their licenses unless plans for new buildings are ready by the next quarterly meeting. The decision has created a sensation among the hotelkeepers here.

Mr SHEEHAN, member for the Thames returned to the Waikato today to attend to the Native Land Courts business.

Percy SMITH-watchmaker, poisoned himself last night in an old house at Home Hotel

HBH June 19 1883 Bits


From own Correspondent


The fire which occurred in Abel Smith street last night was blazing for a quarter of an hour before the fire bell rang. The hose used by the brigade was in bad order, and burst several times.

Sir P JULYAN has been paid $666 for advising the Agent-General concerning the late loan.

Per United Press Association


Mrs ADAMS, the wife of Captain ADAMS of Helensvillle, died suddenly. At the inquest today a verdict of death from apoplexy was returned.

At the cases against John PURCELL for selling water in casks to publicans for whisky were dismissed, and the prisoner was discharged.

A deputation representing the Thames Valley Railway Company met the goldfield’s members-Messrs SHEEHAN and CADMAN-on Saturday in respect to the affairs of that Company.

Fifty men have been engaged here by DANAHER, contractor, for the Wellington – Manawatu railway line, and leave by the Hawea to-morrow.

Steps are being taken to develop the Cabbage Bay coalfield.


It is understood that Sir Henry PARKES leaves Sydney by the P M S Australia on July 12th for America, where he will remain some time before proceeding to England, and that he will be absent from the Colony about eighteen months. It is understood that Sir HENRY’s visit to England is on account of private affairs.

HBH June 18th 1883 Bits


The opening services of the Salvation Army were celebrated today at the Princess Theatre, which had been engaged by Captain Ted WRIGHT for twelve months.


At the Supreme Court today the Grand Jury returned a true bill against Mary GRAMATICA, for being an accessory after the fact in the LYELL murder.

Owing to the non-appearance of Mrs COOK, from Welllington, the Grand Jury adjourned till Tuesday next to consider the bigamy case. His Honor passed sentence of F J HODGSON, late bank clerk, of twelve month’s hard labor. He said that the fact of the prisoner having giving evidence of contrition, and having shown where the balance of the money was, had been taken into consideration. The Westport libel case is still proceeding.


In the supreme Court yesterday, after one hour and a half’s consideration, found John TYRELL, proprietor of the Westport Star, guilty of inserting a letter containing a libel on Charles WRIGHT, proprietor of the Buller News. The Judge inflicted a fine of $50, payable to her Majesty. The murder case commences tomorrow.


A petition is being circulated for signature praying the General Assembly to provide for grants-in-aid being made to denominational schools subject to their coming up to a certain standard in attendance and instruction.


Thomas H PARSONS, the proprietor of the house found on fire on Friday morning, has been arrested on a charge of wilfully setting fire to the premises with intent to defraud the Liverpool, London, and Globe Insurance Company.

Asn alarm of fire was given this afternoon, when a quantity of coals in ALLEN’S BEDFORD flour mill were found to be burning. The fire was extinguished without doing any damage to the mill or it’s contents.

HBH June 25 1883

The Salvation Army opened a campaign in timaru today, and their engagements were well attended.

The Farmers Cio-operative Association have made an offer to the Shipping Company to put 1000 tons of grain into the Ionic if she comexs to Timaru.


Mr LARNACH will take his seat in the House on Tuesday.

Steps are being taken to form a Blue ribbon Army in Dunedin.

On Saturday, Messrs Robert GILLIES, James McDONALD, and Wm A MOSELEY were nominated for Bruce.

A Chinese Grievande-Wellington-Sunday

A deputation of Chinese residents waited upon the Hon Mr ROLLESTON for the purpose of laying before him a statement of the injustice done to many of their countrymen under the Chinese Immigration Act, which provides for the impsition of $10 on every Chinaman coming into New Zealand without an exempt certificate. The deputation was introduced by Mr McCOLLL, who acted as spokesman.

HBH June 25 1883


Yesterday Mr Jas. LOMAS, a butcher residing at Wadestown, being upbraided by his wife for losing money in an unlucky speculation, threatened to shoot himself. His wife not attaching weight to his words left him alone in the house. He tied one of his bootlaces to the trigger of a gun and shot himself through the head. An inquest was held this afternoon, and the usual verdict returned.

Mr DODSON intends to introduce a bill for the repeal of compulsory vaccination.


A boy named Henry JOHNSON was drowned at Coromandel through the sinking of a boat with a cargo of oysters.

At the inquest of the body of Matthew HOLLIS or CURTIS, Dr HOOPER identified the body and stated he had attended the deceased for heart disease.

Charles BROWN and John GRAPPELL have been further remanded till Thursday on the charge of breaking and entering HENRICKSON’s jewelry establishment and stealing jewelry worth $1674.

The Resident Magistrate this morning committed STEVENS for trial. The defence was reserved.


A fire broke out in HESKETH and AITKEN’s produce store Durham street at 10 o’clock last night. Messrs T and D MORRIN had $2000 worth of casks and cases of ironmongery stored in the building. These goods were partly damaged by water, but owing to the darkness the extent is not known. As the fire originated in the flax section of the building, it is supposed it had heated

Huia Junior Rugby Football Team 1958

Winners of Motueka Sub-Union Championship (Quested Cup)

Champion of Champions (Falconer Cup)

Points for 140

Against 58

Games Played 10

Lost 1

Drew 1

Won 8

Original can be seen Huia Rugby Club Rooms at Motueka.

I have a photo original which can be scanned to anyone who wants a copy

J MITCHELL (J.A.B. Convenor)
R WALKER (Club Captain)
T.GREEN (Secretary)
P WILD (President)
C WILKES (Vice Captain)
I BISLEY (Captain)
E KRAMMER (Selector/Coach)

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