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Compliments of Nola Moses

The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission
AGNUS, HENRY appointed public vaccinator in Waikouaiti in Nov 1886
ALGIE, JOHN, A a resident of Oamaru in Dec 1880
ALLEN, R & H Builders at Oamaru in Dec 1864
ARMSTRONG, E.F resident Dentist in May 1898
ASHCROFT, JAMES advertising a cottage to let in Dec 1867
BANKS, PETER a Grocer in Dec 1890
BARACLOUGH, JOHN of Kakanui. issued a Licence in Sept 1864
BARR, ISABELLA b, North Taieri 1862
BARR, ALEXANDER b,Oamaru 1875
BEATTIE, JOSEPH builder in Oamaru in Dec 1864
BEE, JAMES and WILLIAM registered wine and spirit merchants in Oamaru in 1860s
BEE, MARY BRYCE b, 9th Feb 1870 Oamaru. Parents were William and Jemima (Stoddart)
BICKNELL, FRED Postmaster at Oamaru in 1867. still there in 1880.
BICKNELL, BERTHA married Henry Francis Singleton in Oct 1884
BICKNELL, ETHEL b, 12th April 1873.Parents were Frederick and Elizabeth (Armstrong)
BISHOP, HENRY app public vaccinator at Hyde in Aug 1884
BLAIR, ROBERT Auctioneer in 1898
BOOTH, JOSEPH in Oamaru in Dec 1880
BOOTH brothers, Merchants in Dec 1866
BROWN, DANIEL accommodation house and Waitaki Ferry Service in Dec 1864
BROWN, WILLIAM appointed public vaccinator at Waikouaiti Sept 1881
BROWN, J.M granted a Hotel License in June 1893
BRUNCE, J Contractor and Builder in Oamaru 1865
BUNDLE, WILLIAM app public vaccinator in Palmerston 1881-1886
BURBURY,EDWARD PARZENTER married Eleanor Emily Wait 1881
CARGILL,EDWARD-BOWES in Oamaru in Dec 1864
CASEY, ALBERT LEO born in Oamaru 1888
CHRYSTAL, ANDREW owner of a Clydesdale Stallion in 1880
CLENDINNEN , J Watch and Clock maker of Oamaru in 1865
CONNELL, HENRY surveyor and Estate Agent in Dec 1866
COONEY, JAMES Store Owner in 1898
CORCORAN, PATRICK granted a Hotel License in June 1893
CORMACK, PETER a Tailor at Oamaru in 1890
CURRAN, JOHN granted a Hotel License in June 1893. John marr Nora Glassett abt 1879
DARLING, W.R in Oamaru in 1898
DAVIDSON, ROBERT granted a Bottle license in June 1893
DEVINE, EDWARD in Oamaru in Dec 1880
DICK, JOHN granted a Hotel License in June 1893
DUKE, JAMES accused of Horse Stealing at Palmerston in Dec 1864
DUNLOP, FRANK a Union Insurance agent in Dec 1880
EADIE, WILLIAM in Oamaru in 1867
EDWARDS, DAVID a Nurseryman in 1893
ERSKINE, H.H property of Rocky Point Station on the market in Dec 1864. Is a run of 31,000 acres with 8,000 sheep and 100 head of cattle
EVANS,JOHN,T a Accountant in 1880 at Oamaru
FALCONER, JOHN Gardener at Oamaru in Dec 1864. Seedsman (sold seed) in 1880
FERENS, THOMAS selling Horses in Oamaru in 1864
FINCH, JAMES advertising for a farm Servant in Dec 1867
FITZGERALD, JOHN granted a Hotel License in June 1893
FLANNIGAN, PATRICK fined 5s for being drunk and disorderly in Dec 1867
FORBES, ALEX resident of Oamaru in Dec 1880
FORESTER, J.,M a Architect in 1893
FOTHERINGHAM, JAMES resident of Oamaru in Dec 1867
FRANCE, HENRY Retail Merchant at Oamaru 1864
FRASER, ANDREW Bookseller at Oamaru in Dec 1900
FRY, HENRY resident of Oamaru in Dec 1880
GABITES, R shopkeeper in Oamaru in Dec 1880--1898
GEMMELL, JAMES a Tailor in 1890
GIBBS, SAMUEL in Oamaru in Dec 1864
GIBSON, JAMES in Oamaru in Dec 1880
GILCHRIST, J.C a resident of Oamaru in Dec 1880
GILCHRIST, JAMES b, 18th March 1900 at Oamaru. d, aged 77 years He married Martha Jane Petrie in Oamaru 6th Aug 1923
GILLANDERS, L.R ran the north Otago Iron foundry in 1893
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM Hotel Proprietor in Oamaru in Dec 1880
GRANT, WILLIAM importer at Oamaru in Dec 1890
GLASS, THOMAS a Builder at Oamaru in 1864
GREENFIELD, GEORGE a Auctioneer in Oamaru in 1880
GRENFELL, MICHAEL a Builder in Oamaru in Dec 1864
HARDY, JOHN resident in Oamaru in Dec 1880
HARRIS, GEORGE a Plumber--Painter--Paperhanger in Oamaru in Dec 1864
HARVEY, H.G.C a Solicitor in 1898
HASSELL, JAMES a Landowner in 1864.
HAYLOCK, Mrs a son born 2nd Dec 1866
HEADLAND, CHARLES b, 4th Dec 1862 Oamaru. Parents were Alfred and Dorothy ( Huntrod)
HEADLAND, AMELIA JULIA married Edward Bland Atkinson Dec 1853
HEADLAND, AMELIA married Ebenezer Piper 1885
HEADLAND, EMILY married Thomas Walter Brebner 1880
HEADLAND,A.J.S Storekeeper at Oamaru in 1880
HEADLAND, ALFRED marr Marian Kernahan 1881
HISLOP, GEORGE, R Sharebroker at oamaru in 1900
HOLMES, MATHEW a resident of Oamaru in Dec 1867
HOLMES, J.S notice in newspaper for laying poison for dogs in May 1898
HOLMES, MALCOLM,S in Oamaru in 1898
HOOD, JOHN a resident of Oamaru in Dec 1867
HOOD, Mrs JOHN a son ,born 27th Nov 1864
, HANNAH married EDWARD HASSELL at Cave Valley in 1864
JACKMAN Mr in the area in 1898
JENNINGS, D.H a Dentist in May 1898
JESSEP,C selling Sows in Dec 1880
JOHNSON, GEORGE from Hampden in 1864
KING, THOMAS a Builder in Oamaru in 1866
, PATRICK dismissed from his job as a Gaol Warder for helping a murderer (Fratson) escape. Dec 1866
KIRIN, JOHN marr Bridget McCarthy Oct 1875 in Oamaru
KIRKCALDY, NORMAN,M Engineer and Surveyor of Tyne Street, Oamaru in 1898
KITCHEN, JAMES in Palmerston in 1864,
KITE, HENRY Coach Builder at Oamaru in 1880
LANE, E.G a Chemist in 1898
LOWE, EDWARD,W in Oamaru in May 1898
LEMON, JOHN in Oamaru in 1864. John was married to Mary Emma Sumpter.
LEMON, C Postmaster in Dec 1866 at Oamaru.
LUKE, WILLIAM in Oamaru in Dec 1867
LUXFORD, Rev J.A a Wesleyan Minister in 1893
MCCORMICK, JOHN resident of Hampden in 1900
MCLEOD, DANIEL in Oamaru in Dec 1880
MCKAY, ROBERT a Tailor at Oamaru in 1864
MCKAY, ELIZABETH. At her residence in Hampden. aged 25 years. Beloved wife of Thomas McKay.. Notice 4th Dec 1866
MCKENNY, Mr Proprietor of a Hotel in Moeraki in Dec 1864
MCKINNON, NEIL opened a Hotel in Dec 1867
MCKINNON, HECTOR at Otepopo, Husband of Ellen Jane, in his 32nd year ( he was from Victoria) newspaper Death notice..1864
MCMASTER, ALEX wanting Shearers at Waikaura in 1864
MCMURTRIE, IRENE b, 1891 at Oamaru married David Biggs 1921
MCMURTRIE, DAVID b, 1894 at Oamaru d, 1943 at Oamaru
MCMURTRIE, ARTHUR b, 1899 at Oamaru died 1977 at Dunedin
MACKINTOSH, HENRY a resident of Oamaru in Dec 1880
MADDIGAN, Mrs MICHAEL of South Oamaru in 1892-93
MAIN, JOHN a Nurseryman in June 1893
MAITLAND, W Hotel proprietor in Dec 1880
MANLEY, GEORGE Coal Merchant in Oamaru in Dec 1900
MANNING, WILLIAM granted a Hotel License in June 1893
MASON, WILLIAM born Ipswich in 1810. migrated to Melbourne. He was a Architect. Came to N.Z Bay of Islands and on to Otago. He was at on time a Mayor of Hampden,North Otago and retired to Queenstown in 1875.
MAUDE,A.H Auctioneer at Oamaru in Dec 1880
MEEK, THOMAS Builder/ stonecutter in Oamaru in Dec 1866
MEEK, ROBERT in the area in Dec 1864
MENZIES, WILLIAM a Draper in Oamaru in Dec 1880
MORTON, JOHN,W in Oamaru in dec 1890
MORTON, MATTHEW sold his farm in 1893
MOSS, JOSEPH of Oamaru in Dec 1867. also a watchmaker-Jeweller & Optician in 1900
MOSS, JAMES also a Watch-maker in 1898
MURCOTT, H.T pound-keeper at Moeraki in Dec 1864
MURCOTT, WILLIAM owner of the Hampden Hotel at Moeraki Dec 1864
MURCOTT, HENRY THOMAS married Elizabeth Parker at Hampden. There were Murcotts also in Nelson.
NEWEY, HENRY ran a Hotel in Hampden in May 1865
MORRIS, THOMAS Saddle and Harness maker in Oamaru in 1866
OGILVIE, JAMES a Plumber in Oamaru in 1880
OGILVIE, JOSEPH Blacksmith in Oamaru 1864
PALMER, WILLIAM BRODIE of Waikouaiti in 1864
PAULIN, ROBERT a land Valuator in June 1893
PAYNE, RICHARD MONTAGUE in the area in May 1865 & 1867
, MARTHA JANE born at Kakanui 18th May 1901. daughter of James and Mary (Carr). She married James Gilchrist.
PERRIMAN, J Fruiterer 1890
PERRY, B granted a Hotel license in June 1893
PINEL, OSWALD offering to lend money in Dec 1890
PLANK, JOHN a Hotel Proprietor in Dec 1880
POLLOCK, MAGGIE born 1880 at Hampden. married William Swain in 1905 at Wellington.
PONMAN, LIZZIE granted a Hotel License in June 1893
PRESLAND, JOHN a Undertaker in Oamaru in 1866
PROCTOR, E.A had charge of the "Northern Hotel" in her sons abscence in June 1893.
PURCHON, JAMES a Book-binder in Oamaru in 1880
REID, JAMES a Blacksmith in 1893
RICKETTS, WILLIAM at Oamaru 1890 watch repairs. "experience for 35 years"
ROBINSON, GEORGE a Dentist in Oamaru in 1880. still there in 1900
ROSE, W.H in Oamaru in 1893
ROSS, CHARLES a Blacksmith in May 1865
ROXBY, E.W Town Clerk in Dec 1880
ROXBY, H.M in Oamaru in 1898
ROXBY, ADA MAUDE marr Richard Filleul 1898
ROXBY, AUGUSTA marr Arnold Lewis 1896
RULE, R.L resident of Oamaru in Dec 1880
RYAN, Mrs SARAH ran a boarding house and restaurant in Oamaru in Dec 1867
SCOTT, JOHN of the Clyde Hotel, Hampden in Dec 1880
SELBY, WILLIAM Shop keeper in Dec 1867
SHRIMSKI, SAMUEL and DEBORAH residents of Oamaru in Dec 1867
SPEID, Brothers selling coal in Oamaru in 1864
STEWART, WILLIAM charge dismissed, of being drunk and disorderly in Dec 1867
STODDART, PRINGLE, F Store-keeper in Dec 1866
SUMPTER, GEORGE a estate agent and well known Oamaru resident 1864--Still there in 1893 .
SUMPTER, EMMA KATHERINE marr Richard Davies 1881
SUMPTER, MARY EMMA marr John Lemon Feb 1855
SUMPTER, MARY JESSICA marr Charles Edward Graham 1897
TAYLOR, GEORGE Retail Merchant in May 1865
TAYLOR, JOHN Cabinet maker 1890
TOMS, ARTHUR in Waitaki Nov 1864
TOOHEY, D in Oamaru in Dec 1880
TOOHEY,ANNIE marr Thomas Andrew Hall Feb 1901 in Oamaru
TOOHEY, FRANCES born 18th feb 1917. Parents were John and Elizabeth ( O,Connor) Toohey.. John Toohey, brother to Frances ,born 1910
WADDELL, J had a Saddlery at Oamaru in Dec 1864
WALSH, MICHAEL b,at Palmerston 1873
WALSH, CATHERINE MARY b, 1876 at Palmerston
WALSH, ELIZABETH b, 1877 at Palmerston.
WATSON, SARAH JANE granted a Hotel License in June 1893
WHITE, JAMES Butcher in Oamaru in Dec 1864
WHITE, JARVIS Bootmaker in Oamaru in Dec 1866
WILSON, HENRY retired from the lower Ferry, Waitaki in Nov 1864. he was from ChCh.
WISE, O.R granted a Hotel License in June 1893.
YOUNG, ROBERT dismissed from a charge of being drunk and disorderly in dec 1867

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