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A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine, and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site
The information on these pages is for genealogy research only. It may be linked to but not copied in any form without the owners permission

Norsewood-Te Whiti settlement (the correct name is Te Whiti-atara) was bought from the Maoris by the Govt, surveyed into sections and balloted for on the 19th June 1912.Mr J.D obtained lease from the Maoris in 1877 As far as can be ascertained only two of the settlers who were successful in the ballot were still alive at the time of his writing the book.They were- Mr.Con.Murphy who was farming at Blairgowie, and Mr.P.Dalberg who was living at Rotorua. Mr and Mrs Dalberg were 92 and 91 Te Ohu Station-particulars
not available when first established, but at a meeting held July 13th 1893, a letter was received from Mr Jardine asking that the name of the station be changed to Thomas Sidey. The owner at that time. Records were destroyed in the Napier fire in 1931, so it is not know when Mr Matthew (Mr Bruce Clayton's grand father) took over the property. After death of Mr Matthew was bequeathed to Mrs Matthews who engaged Mr Meeding as Manager. Mr Bruce Clayton took over the station in 1947
Mr Cyril Bond resided where the sawmill was previously.
After 2nd World war Mr Lars Larsen worked at Te Ohu for 50 years before retiring, then his son Jack followed the tradition of his father and worked over 32 years there. Concrete bridge was built over the Maungatewainui River leading to the station. This was of infinite benefit to the station.Before this they had to ford the river.
Saleyards- Mr Walter Parson's mill near the Grant river at Makaretu disposed of many thousands of feet of new timber
A young man brought some drakes from a neighbour,cut their tails off and sold them at the sale yeards as ducks.One of the agents bought them not long before the tails began to grow and realised that he had been taken
in.The story goes that before long people kept asking him for a sitting of duck eggs.
On sale day a youth kept riding his motor bike around the yard-One buyer a Scotsman, turned to his neighbour and said"Mon wouldn't
it be a good thing to get a big stick and wait for yon youth and bash him with it as he rides past", othe same man also said" I am thinking of buying these sheep, but I will have to take my glasses off as they deceive me"
Mrs H.Rosacker provided a meal for those attending the sale. First sale yards were build by Mess Rose Ltd.Mr Dick Roakd was the auctioneer.Messrs Ancliffe and Svensen auctioneers in Dannevirke. About 1910 the stock firms in Dannevirke
decided to build yards in Norsewood.They were;H B.Farmers,Wairarapa Farmers, and Dalgety and Co.Shortly after this Rose Ltd disposed of their yards.
The task of the Dairy Instructors and Weed inspectors was not a bed a roses.
One farmer arrived at his cow shed just as the inspector had written his report after examination milking machines etc, the farmer looked at the report and threw it on the manure heap. After being spoken to the farmer only laughed and replied "It doesn't matter as I never read the bloomingthings"

Silver Jubilee was held on Sept 24th 1897 to celebrate the arrival of first immigrants on Sept 24 1872, Mr Wiig the Norwegian Consul gave a short history of the Norwegian flag. He then hand it to Mr.Ole Ericksen to be held in trust for the settlers of Norsewood.Pastor Topholm the delivered his address in a Scandinavian language.Other visitors of note were Messrs.O.Ericksen,W.C.Smith,M.L.C.,G.Hunter,M.H.R>(Later
Sirge Ahunter).C.Hall of Woodville,S.Johnstone of Oruawharo,Takapau amd
Golden Jubilee was held on Sept 21st 1922.Speakers were Mr.C.Hall
and Mr J.Chicken.Pastor Reis gave a address to the gathering.
Diamond Jubilee was held on Sept 20 1932.The few remaining pioneers were Messrs.Ole Ericksen,Lauvig
Petersen, and H.P.Mortsensen. Mr Ole Ericksen was Chairman of the Jubilee
Com and speakers at the celebration were. Mr A.E.Jull,M.P. for this district,Mr
Wiig, Norwegian consul; Mr Dahl,Danish Vice Consul and Mr J.Chicken.Mr
Quigley from Dannevirke addressed the children.Pastor Legarth spoke as
a pastor to his people.

All these items and more have been abbreviated
to give you just a rough idea of this district and the people who were
there. Remember the book is "Norsewood the centennial story by A.L.Andersen"

Death of Soldiers from Norsewood
Taken from the Book "the Centennial Story" by A L Andersen. Page 163 and
164. Well worth reading lots of info in it retaining immigration,stacks
of photos and ghosts from the past.Following is a list of those whose did
not return.
Roll of Honour - Boer War Trooper H.J.Beck.
World War One 1914-1918
Sgt M.Beck.MM Cpl.C.Thomson,M.M.
N.Andersen J.Noble
O.Andersen J.C.0'Leary
A.D.Grant K.Olsen
T.R.Hurst J.Peck
W.Hollins C.J.Souness
A.Larsen J.Torkilson
E.A.Laurvig(larvig) Cpl,S.Widt
A.Lund G.Wood
W.Lund J.Woods
R.Mustchin F.Wood
R.E.Nickolson C.H.Thoresen

World War Two 1939-1945
Flight Sgt.O.W.J.Bishop Cpl.C.T.Nordbye
Flight.Sgt.L.E.G.Bishop Cpl.E.C.Reid
Flight.Sgt.E.A.J.Bradford Flight.Sgt.S.H.Schofield
Pte I.E.Harris Pte.P.E.Taylor
Cpl.M.Hawker Tpr.P.S.T.Walsh
Flight.Sgt.T.0.Metcalfe Pte.M.P.Wehi

The book starts with Govt's immigration plan and Mr Friberga Norwegian who had resided in NZ being sent to Scandinavia to select desire dimmigrants. One death recorded on Ship Hovding and one birth and childnamed Hovding. Ships total about 475- consisting of 280 children,30 spinsters and 25 single men.
Also discussed was the arrival of "Ballarat" 15/9/1872arriving in the morning and Hovding in the afternoon.Mainly Danish people on Ballarat who went on to settle in Dannevirke and Hovding settlers were all norwegians with the exception of 11 Swedish and settled in Dannevirke.
On 20th Sept Mr Halcombe set out taking men to Norsweood and then on 2ndOctober took women and children to join husbands and fathers in Norsewood. Many of the women sat down and wept at the sight of their new homes which
were huts constructed in the crudest and unattractive looking sitting in the middle of a cleared place in the middle of the bush.
Mr Drower opened up a store.Govt provided settlers with provisions for a fortnight after they arrived in Norsewood. Nearest Doctor lived in Dannevirke., there was no medicine and no milk, In 1973 Dr.English was summoned from Waipawa but settlers could not afford Five Pound a visit so they had Doctors assistant Mr.Saunders to visit once a week for half a crown a month from each of the settlers Two Norwegians Mr.Jacobsen and his young wife Anna and their
three children-one a baby had settled on a bush section.One evening Anna went in search of a cow and locked children in the house while she went to search and ended up getting lost. Two days later another settler called in by chance and found children in the house,hungry and in great distress. A search party found Anna's body a few chains from the house. You could only guess of agony of the young women. This tragedy occured in 1885. Pigeons were not protected and were plentiful and provided meals. Mr.E.Fredericksen preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Norway arrrived
First Headmaster Mr F,.W.Thomson appointed in 1873.
Great and fascinating reading.

Norsewood Bush Fires-March 1888 and February 1909
Mrs McClusky Charcoal remains-no Ins
Karl Mortensen Barn only 25pounds
Ole Olesen Berger House only 150pounds
Hans Mortensen Accom.House 150 pounds
Andrew Olsen Barn full of hay No Ins
P.Magnussen Dwelling,stables etc No Ins
C.Olsen Barn full of oats No Ins
Torkel.Olsen House and barn full of hay No Ins
Hegh's Store & Dwellg Lge stable,store room,shoemakers shop, 200pounds
F.Johansen,occupier cottage owned by Mr Bowman of Napier Nothing saved.House Insured 150pounds

A.B.Thomasen,Saddler Lost house,barn,store everything except piano 255pounds
P.Saunders, store occupied as store by Westlake Everything destroyed.Building Insd 150pounds
Working Mens Club owned by Mr Heron Napier destroyed 110pounds
Two cottages belonging to Mr Heron Napier. One occupied by Dr.Graham Lost all Not Ins
P.Saunders-wheelwright House and shop all gone No Ins
P.Petersen-butcher and blacksmith Dwelling and 2 shops.hay.slaughter yard and stack of oats No Ins
Wrights Acc.House Lge stable with harness,hay,all out bldgs,fencing destroyed No Ins
Small's Store 2 sheds,with contents,harness,stores etc No Ins
Lutheran Church-Pastor Ries Lost all but buggy-Building 300pounds
Carl Johansen House lost all 150pounds
Nicolai Hansen -Cabinet maker House and shop-Furn.Saved No Ins
Ole Christophersen Some furniture saved-House Ins 150 pounds
C.Christophersen Lge Cottage,lge barn full of hay,shed full of sheaves,4,000 ft new bldg timber.100pounds
Theodore Tortensen Small house and furniture:saved tools 40 pounds
J.Englebritsen House and Furn destroyed,stable saved,damaged coach.100 pounds
Scandinavian Library In above house destroyed
Wesleyan parsonage occ by Rev.J.Neilsen Little clothing and furnature saved No ins
Mrs Ingvoldsen Small dwelling No Ins
Mr Small Owner-occupied by Mr J.B.Dunn lost all Cottage 150 pounds
Mr Small Cart and harness on the road,stacks of hay etc
Public School 3 large rooms and a class room
Teachers residence Mr Wolstenholme schoolmaster saved most effects
Miss Hansen Barn and contents No Ins
Ole Johansen Barn full of hay and oats No Ins
Ian Johansen Same
Mr Lindolf Lost house and barn,with contents and outbldgs No Ins
Mr Lambro-coach driver Stable -barn and contents-chaff,harness etc No Ins
C.Leopold Stable,outhouses and hay.Stable 25
A.Fisher House,Barn and contents.House insured for 150,furniture for 5 200
Martin Muller Lost all his crops
Mr.Hulena Lost crops and barn No Ins
D.0'Hara Whare and contents No Ins
P.C.Pedersen House,barn and stable,and contents
J.Inglebritzen Lost stack and cow shed
Mr.Todsen Lost cow shed and hay stack
Mrs.Christiansen House saved but furniture burnt aft.removal
Mr.Frisberg, Barn and hay lost. No Ins
Mr.Hegh House occupied by Nicholsen,house insured.Not contents 125 pounds
J.C.Jensen Lost house and contents
P.Svensen Lost house and everything,Ins.lapsed No Ins
N.Olsen-occupied by J.Moran Nothing saved No Ins
J.Andersen Barn and contents
S.M.Greevy Some outbuildings
J.Kuhtze,Ormondville Brewery Saved with difficulty;spring cart lost
The leading Article in the same paper "The waipawa Mail" dated March 29th,1988.Appealed to people in Hawkes Bay to give assistance to the many who suffered such severe losses.

Postmasters at Norsewood from "The Centennial story
Thompson F W 1/1/1874
Ross J B 1/10/1875-31/12/1876
Levy A 1/1/1877-31/12/1880
Gribble M 1/1/1881- 14/3/1888
Olsen E O 15/3/1888-15/8/1889
Wilson J T 15/11/1889- 18/88/1891
Ericksen O 19/8/1891- 12/3/1903
Learmond Miss J 13/3/1903- 31/12/1908
Honan Miss T A 5/1/1909- 27/1/1913
Kernahan Mrs G E 28/1/1913- 30/5/1918
Gaw Mrs A E 15/10/1918- 21/4/1921
Foster H C 22/4/1924- 7/8/1924
Pease C H G 22/8/1924- 14/5/1929
Madsen J P 15/5/1929- 23/2/1942
Berrett R A 24/2/1942- 29/7/1946
Wells F R A 6/12/1946- 31/8/1949
Oliver J W P 12/12/1949 - 22/4/1954
Jenkins R J 28/7/1954- 25/10/1956
Greig A 14/1/1957- 5/1/1960
Lawton P J 15/8/1960 - 17/7/1967
Sparks G 2/9/1968 -

Telephone and telegraph facilities came to Norsewood in 1888, although
not opened until the 9th November 1914, when there were 16 subscribers-almost
exactly a tenth of the present number.
On July 13th 1971 the Norsewood
telephone exchange switched to automatic and linked with Dannevirke.
Norsewood Post Office was opened on 22nd October 1891, situated in a store
opposite the garage now owned by Mr Ian Andrews. Mr Small owned store 1885
later sold business to Mr Beckett who sold the business later to Mr Mackie.
Store was closed early 1920's when the Norsewoood Dairy Companyy opened
their store. Mrs Rickett, who opened the small store opposite Mr Mackie's
took over the Post Office until she and her husvand left Norsewood. Mrs
McCutcheon then took over until 1950 when the latter was closed.

Police Stations.

The first Police Station was opened at Kopua in 1879 until 1882, when removed to akotuku. Move again 1898 to Ormondville and Constable Thomas Johnston Drake No 385 appointed Officer in charge. In 1902 he was transferred to Auckland and Constable William John Butler No 668 was appointed. Others who served were as follows;
Constable Donald McLeod No 799 1907
James Murphy No 1652 1923
William Dunlop Thom No 1964 1930
Alex Howard Barnes No 1969 1934
John Richard Ryan No 1984 1945
John William Bradford No 2137 1941

On 17th August 1942 Ormondville Station was
closed and Constable Bradford transferred to new station built in Norsewood.
Constable John Bradford No 2137 17/8/1942
Noel Arthur Petersen No 1469 31/1/1955
William James Hill No 1654 25/5/1960
Frank Andrew Davis No 1460 10/5/1962
Donald George Duncan No 2148 24/2/1964
Cecil Anaru Jones No 4870 2/1972

(Railway Construction Camp) Constable James Skinner No 2415 was appointed on 19/9/1929. This station closed 15/3/1931

Distinguished ex Pupils of Norsewood School
Beck Matthias P.
WW1.Awarded Miliary Medal.Died of Wounds
Thompson Colin
WW1.Awarded Military Medal.Died of Wounds
Bagley Cedric
Education Board Scholarship 1909.1st H.B.,3rd for NZ.Dux Dannevirke High
School 1913.Senior Scholarship 1914.1st Hawkes Bay.1st for NZ.Graduated
B.A.1926.For service in WW1 and also second World Ward he was awarded the
E.D.He was on the staff of Napier B.h.S. FOR MANY YEARS.(DECEASED)
CULLIFORD Stanley George
Norsewood School.Dux Scot's College;Graduated B.A.1940.Graduated M.A.(Honours
1st Class 1947);Awarded Servicemen's Travelling Scholarship 1948;Attended
London University;taking Doctor of Philosophy Degree;Second World War (R.N.Z.A.F.)Awarded
D.S.O and Virtuti Militari (Polish)1944.
Fourneax Samuel John
R.N.Z.A.F. awarded D.F.C World War Two
Andersen Lenora
Art Mistress at Auckland Technical
until her retirement 1970's.Awarded Diploma of Arts 1932
Bagley Harold George
Graduated L.L.B
Englebritsen Arthur
Winner of N.Z.Bowling
Champ.Singles,1935.Winner NZ Bowl.Ch.Rinks, 1945.Runner-up NZ Bowl Pairs
1945.Was Headmaster Mahora School.Now deceased.
Brabazon Eva
Selected to represent NZ
in Ladies Hockey Team to tour South Africa in 1932.Captain North Island
Ladies Hockey Reps on several occasions
Dalberg Rene
Now Mrs O.Deventier(1921-1929)
Selected to represent NZ and toured Australiia with NZ Ladies Hockey Team
in 1935
Andersen Margaret
Dux Norsewood School 1935;Dux Dannevirke High School 1941;graduated
B.A. 1944.Graduated M.A.1945
Schofield James
Graduated M.Sc. 1948. was engaged on coalsurvey
on the West Coast for several years.
Cecil Clifton
Born 1910
In Norsewood attended Norsewood Primary
school and continued his education at Wairarapa College.Began Engineering
career as a cadet to Borough Engineer in Masterton and later moved to Napier
where he joined the Public Works Dept as a Eng.Draughtsman. At start of
WW2 he volunteered for service overseas and became Platoon Commander of
the 27th (NZ) M.G.Battalion of the 1st Escholon of the 2nd N.Z.E.F. After
end of war spent a year in England-part of the time in Hospital-won an
educational bursery in an attachment to a firm of consulting engineers
in London.Returned to NZ 1946 and rejoined M.O.W.Dept in Wellington. He
had a long career and retired as a Liet.Col.awarded O.B.E. and E.D. with
two bars. 1972 appointed Min.Of Works top position in Hawkes Bay-just 100
years after his g/father Hans Mortensen arrived in NZ on the "Hovding"

Norsewood Head Teachers
Feb 1874 to 1877 Mr F.W. Thompson
1878-1879 Miss E. E.Ross(Mrs E.Thomson)
1879-1881 Mr Bruford
1882-1885 F W Thompson
1886-Sept.1886 A J Marton
Sept 1886-Apr 1888 J.Wolstenholme
May 1888-Aug 1888 D Bedingfield(Relieving)
Aug 1888-Dec 1897 A WWebber
Aug 1897-Dec 1897 J D Watson(relieving)
Jan 1898-Dec 1901 A W Webber
Jan 1902-Dec 1906 J D Watson
Feb 1907-Mar 1907 N.H Shaw(Relieving)
Apr 1907-Dec 1915 B Bagley
Feb 1916- Mar 1921 H Speight
Apr 1921-May 1921 Miss Hooper(relieving)
May 1921-June 1925 Mr L E Pole
July 1925-Aug 1925 Mrs Martin(relieving)
Sept 1925-Sept 1932 Mr F.J. Gaze
Oct 1932-Nov 1932 A R Mines(relieving)
Nov 1932-Dec 1935 W E Fossette
Feb 1936 -Feb 1941 E C Stretton
Mar 1941- Mar 1941 E E Swinton (Relieving)
May 1941 1951 R L Harrison
Mar 1951 1956 W A Mac-Gibbon
May 1956 1960 J H Martin
Feb 1960 1963 AW Scott
Feb 1964 1969
F G Holmes
Feb 1970- 1972 Still teaching at time-?
D CEtheridge

Head Teachers Norsewood School 1874-1971. Anyone wanting to give me further
details will add to complete up to present time?

Ormondville Purchasers
The Commissioner of Crown Lands yesterday offered by auction the Government
township of Ormondville. In all 95 sections were offered, of which 34 were
sold, realising 411 pounds 19 shillings and 9d. The following is a list
of those sold, with the purchasers:- Block III: Sections 1; LYNDON, 26
pounds; 3; LYNDON 18 pounds ; 4; LYNDON 16 pounds 10s; 21; SKOG, 9 pounds;
22; LYNDON 31 pounds ; 23 ; SKOG, 16 pounds ; 24; RUDDOCK 18 pounds ; 27;
STOCK 14 pounds; 28; LYNDON 18 pounds; 29; STOCK 17 pounds; 30; COTTON
17 pounds; 31; PREBBLE 17 pounds 10s;
Block IV : Sections 2; SKOG 8 pounds
10s; 4; BARRETT 10 pounds; 5; SCARFE 9 pounds 10s; 6; WISHART 7 pounds
10s; 7; MONAGHAN 8 pounds; 8; Crown 86 pounds; 16; JARMAN 9 pounds; 18;
SCARFE 11 pounds 10s;
Block V: Sections 2: HALLETT 8 pounds; 18; COTTON
9 pounds 10s; 20; COTTON 8 pounds; 21; JOLL 7 pounds 10s; 22; HALLETT 8
pounds; 23; JOLL 8 pounds; 24; LAING 8 pounds; 25; GRUBB 8 pounds 10s.
Block VIII. Sections 1; GRUBB 9 pounds; 11; PREBBLE 7 pounds 10s.
Block IX. Section 1, WISHART 7 pound 10s
Suburban land, Block VI. Sections 8; GRUBB 6 pounds 13s 3d
17; GRUBB 15 pounds 16s 6d
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