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Nelson Volunteer Rifle Corps: One Company in Suburban North had enrolled 56 members and elected: February 18th 1860 Captain James McKay
1st Lieut. Arthur S. Collins
2nd Lieut. Daniel Slater
Nelson Volunteer Rifles No 1 Coy. 61 enrolled. Sworn in at the Court House April 5th 1860 Captain W.T.L. Travers
1st Lieut. H.E.Curtis
2nd Lieut. S.Kingdom
Nelson Volunteer Rifles No 2 Coy. 1860 Captain N. Edwards
Lieut. A. Kerr
Ensign B.O. Hodgson
Nelson Naval Artillery Coy. Formed June 1860
Captain W. Akersten
1st Lieut. Trewheelar
2nd Lieut. Frederick Stock
Gunner Thomas Simcoe
Carpenter Thomas Brown
Coy also formed # Motueka Captain Fred. Horniman
# Waimea East Captain George Sparrow
# Waimea South Captain John Wilson
# Waimea West Captain N.G. Morse
# Upper Moutere Captain C.F. Kelling
The Government put the Militia Act into operation and called up a number of men but the service was soon given up the volunteer system proving sufficient. Captain & adjutant of the Nelson Battalion J. Lockett
Nelson Rifle Corps March 1875 battery formed to protect Nelson Entrance to the harbour. This Brigade was prominent 7 Aug. 1877 successfully picking up passengers off the ship Queen Bee shipwrecked at Farewell Spit.
1897 this changed into an Infantry Corps. Called the Nelson Coast Guards
Captain Ralph Richardson 1875 & 1881
Lt. P.L. Gully - died 1879
Lt. J. Infield
Secretary E.H. Tribe
Captain H.W.Drake 1879
Captain C.Y. Fell 5 years
Captain William Simpson 12 years
Captain R.W. Stiles

NZ Defence Act 1866 and the amended Act of 1888 were framed for maintenance of forces.

Nelson Naval Artillery 1890: 61 men Captain William Simpson
Lt. R. Watson
Lt. E. Lukins
H. Battery N.Z.F.A.1890: 60 men Captain A.F.Maginnity
Lt. P. Topliss
Lt. T. Wimsett
Nelson City Rifles 1890: 54 men Lt. J. T. Veysey
Lt. A.J. Gray
Stoke Rifles 1890: 53 men Captain Geo. Harkness
Lt. C. Ching
Lt. J.H. Barker
Waimea Rifles 1890:53 men Captain H. Wratt
Lt. W.H. Bryant
Lt. P.B. Ricketts
Nelson College Cadets 1890:56 men Captain W.S. Littlejohn
Lt. E.F.W. Cooke
Lt. H. Gibbs
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