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ABBOTT,  HENRY Inspector of Sheep in 1873. Henry was also a stock agent in Takaka in 1866
ABBOTT,  WILLIAM  his estate was being sold at Tadmor in Jan 1885
ADAMS,  ACTON a Churchwarden in Jan 1871.
ADAM,  WILLIAM, wife MARTHA and young family arrived from England in 1850
ADDISON, BILL was a packer at Collingwood.
ALEXANDER,J. storekeeper at Motueka in Jan 1875
AITKEN,  A.O Auctioneer in 1884
AKERSTEN,  WILLIAM  in Nelson in 1871
ALLAN,  ROBERT in the area in Jan 1890 clothing manufactor
ALLEN,  JAMES  Public Trustee in March 1912.
ALLPORT, Mrs A. lived in Stoke in Jan 1886
ANCELL,  W.C. chemist in 1885
ANDERSON,  JAMES  had a goldmining lease in Jan 1872
ANDREWS,  JOSEPH Auctioneer in March 1866
ANDREWS, GEORGE died in 1849 buried at Spring Grove
ANDREWS,  THOMAS lived in a house that was destroyed by fire  in Jan 1874
ANDREWS,  JOHN  registrar of dogs in 1889
ARNOLD, JAMES   1820--1896 came from Count Cork in Ireland. went to Australia 1st
ARNOLD, WILLIAM fined 20s fro drunkeness in Feb 4th 1867.
ARNOLD WILLIAM  born 1854. married ANN JANE DRON
ASTLE,  JOHN  issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
ASTLE,  MARY  CHARLOTTE  born 29th Jan 1861
ASTLE,  MINNIE  ELIZABETH  born 7th Oct 1865
ATKIN, JOHN in Nelson 1867
ATKINS, THOMAS b, 1904 at Motueka
AUGARDE, H.J.L a Auctioneer in 1874. b 1820..d,1901
AVERY,  JOHN in the area in 1890
AVERY, ARTHUR died Feb 8th 1886. Buried at Spring Grove
BAIGENT,  JOSEPH  had a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in Jan 1872
BAIGENT,  SAMUEL    ''               "                       "                         "
BAIGENT,  ELIAB  Bootmaker in 1870
BAKER,  Mrs JOSEPH -G  a daughter born Jan 2nd  1873 at Motueka.
BALL, FRED a Teacher in Jan 1870
BAMFORD,  FREDERICK  ADOLPHUS in the area in Jan 1890
BANKS, JOHN butcher at Spring Grove in 1901
BARLOW, CHARLES WILLIAM  married MATILDA SCHRODER . He died in june 1928. Matila married again to ERNEST MURCOTT and died in 1951
BARTON, JAMES  b, 1820 in Coventry,England . Arrived in N.Z aged 19 with the BODDINGTON family on the "Mary Ann" at Nelson 1842.married an Australian girl when in Australia. Returned to Nelson where they both worked in the Nelson Hospital for many years.
BARTLETT,  CHARLES of Washington Valley in 1869 sold cherry- wine in 1873   
BASHFORD, HENRY a bootmaker. married Annie Fuller at Westport. ran a nursery at Nelson in the 1870s
BATE, HENRY on the Ratepayers Roll at Upper Takaka in 1880                                         
BATT, JOHN born in England 1816arrived Nelson 1842
BATT, GEORGE b, 1854 never married .was a bullock driver died in July 1931
BATTEN,  J.W in the area in Jan 1886
BAYFEILD, A.D in the area in Jan 1887
BEATH, G.L ran a clothes shop in Jan 1890
BEATTIE,  JAS Bank Manager in Jan 1874
BEER,  G, W Undertaker and Cabinet Maker in 1870
BENNETT, GEORGE resident of Nelson in 1872.
BENNETT, GEORGE (same one?) at Collingwood in 1907
BENNSEMANN,  CORD  HENRICH  died 13th July 1883
BENZIES,  WILLIAM marr ISABELLA  LAWRENCE from Scotland 1917. They lived in Tasman
BETHWAITE,  W architect in Jan 1885
BETTS,  JAMES, H in the area in 1885
BIRD, JOHN and ELIZABETH.  parents of....
BIRD,  JOSUHA  chairman of the Waimea County in Jan 1889. He was b, 1829 and died in Nov, 1900
BISHOP, MARY WINIFRED married THOMAS TUNNICLIFFE in 1863.  Mary was dau of Robert and Mary
BLIZZARD, CHARLES a Blacksmith 1859-61
BLYTHE,  ROBERT was leaving nelson in Jan 1885
BOGLE,  V. a Chimney-sweep in Jan 1875
BODDINGTON, ROBERT and ANN had  6 children
BONNINGTON,  GEORGE invented Bonningtons Irsh Moss Mixture. Lived in nelson
BOON,  JAMES in the area in Jan 1890
BOOR,  EDITH marr HERBERT  BURNETT a solicitor in Aug 1888.
BORLASE,JOHN in Nelson in 1920
BOSELEY,  NEWMAN his estate was settled in Jan 1875
BOTTERELL, W.T in Nelson Jan 1888. Still ther in 1879
BOURKE,  WILLIAM issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
BOYD,  MURIEL  marr GEORGE  HOBY at nelson 1907.
BRADCOCK,  JOSEPH issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888. died 5th Nov 1896
BRADCOCK,  ALFRED died 2nd May 1940
BRADCOCK,  MARY  ANN  ELLEN born 25th Feb 1860
BRADCOCK, MARY  ANN died 5th Aug 1869 ( same one?)
BRADSHAW,  RUTH  born 15th June 1866
BRAY, Rev THOMAS of the Baptist Church in 1890
BRENT,  W a Shoemaker in 1866
BRIGHT, HENRY b, 1830 in London died  in June 1906. he was married to ELIZA CAWTHRON. They had 11 children
BRIND,  KATHERINE governess working for Mr Edwards in June 1873
BROAD,  LOWTHER resident of Nelson 1872.
BROCK, E.J a Veterinary in Jan 1867
BROOKS, WILLIAM a wagoner from Waimea South in the 1890s married with several children
BROWN,  W.E. Photographer.
BRUNNER,  THOMAS in Nelson Jan 1867 a Surveyor
BUCHANAN,  PETER issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
BUCHANAN, NOEL and JANET lived at Paturau, Collingwood for 17 years. They arrived there in 1897
BUCKLEY, MARY confined to prison for vagrancy feb, 1867
BUDDLE, Rev, THOMAS preacher for the Wesletan Church. He was from England b, 1812
BULLARD, THOMAS died in 1884 aged 79.
BUNNY,  EDWARD, W registrar for Supreme Court in Jan 1874
BURNETT, JOHN  EDWARD b, 18th March 1845
BURFORD, JAMES  ,C worked on the wharf in Jan, 1868, still in Nelson in 1872
BURROWS,  W.J of Stanley Brook in Jan 1885
CAMBRAY,  THOMAS fined for drunkeness in March 1866
CAMPBELL,  HERBERT  J  paperhanger in 1900
CANN,  JOHN a Tailor in Jan 1868. still there in 1873
CANNING, JAMES in nelson in Jan 1888
CARTER, THOMAS and ALICE (Palmer) had  11 children
CATE Bros Butchers in 1888
CATE,  NEHEMIAH died in Hospital in Jan 1869 age 20.
CAWTHRON,  THOMAS  a shipping agent in 1871
CHAPMAN,  ANN died 6th July 1907
CHANT, ELIZA complained in court that her husband WILLIAM of Motueka had threatened her grevous bodily harm.( 16th June  1866). There were Chant children in the Motueka Home.
CHATTOCK, RICHARD at Wakefeild in 1878
CHING,JOHN  was  drowned in 1870 at the age of 27.
CHISHOLM, DUNCAN in Nelson Dec 1870
CLARK,DAVID lived till Jan 8th 1870 when he died result of a tree felling accident. David and Elizabeth had 13 children
CLARK  STEPHEN, W  issued a cart licence in Jan 1888.
CLARK,  JOSEPH issued a plumbers licence in Jan 1888
CLAYDEN, SAMUEL B, 1831 .Samuel and Sarah (Preston) had 10 children. He died in 1892 .Sarah died 1914 aged 81
CLOUSTON,  H owned land in the Maitai Valley in Jan 1889
COCK,  JOHN, H  agent in 1888.
COLE,MARY-ANN. b, aug 1870 married ERNEST HODGSON
COLEMAN, ROBERT Blacksmith at Motupiko
COOK,  JOSEPH, H issued a cart licence in 1888.
COOK, JAMES and wife JOHANNA buried at Riwaka Cemetery
COOK  THOMAS, A lived at Takaka in 1887
COOK,  JAMES and wife JOHANNA buried at Riwaka Cemetery
COOKE,  J.P offered to lend 600 pounds in Jan 1889
COOKE, M,PETER in the area in Jan 1890
COOKE,  FRANK  HERBERT a Solicitor in Jan 1885
COOPER,  WILLIAM issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
COOKSEY,  WILLIAM issued a cart licence in Jan 1888
COTTON,  JAMES a Chimneysweep in Jan 1867
COTTERELL, GEORGE in the Nelson Paper in 21st Dec 1872
CRISP,  BENJAMIN. issued a cart licence in Jan 1888
CRISP,  NATHIONAL  issued a  hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888.
CROSBIE,  ROBERT, M a engineer in 1888
CROSS,  J.S. Jnr a Shipping Agent in 1873
CROSS, Mrs JAMES advertising for a servant in Dec 1872
CROWCHER,  JANE maried JOSEPH  BRADCOCK on 25th Feb 1878
CROUCHER,  J.M lived at Richmond in Jan 1900
CUNNINGHAME, J. a Draper in Jan 1890
CURRIN,  JOHN  and his wife ANN aged 51 and 41 arrived Nelson 1842
CURRIN, FRANCIS  selling Estate (of) at Quail Valley. ( Nelson Paper)
CURTIS,  OSWALD in the area in  1879-1887
DABINETT, BILL was a lighthouse assistant at Collingwood in 1914
DACOMBE,  THOMAS Storeowner in Jan 1873
DANIELL, H.C commissioner for Crown Lands in Jan 1874
DARBY,  FANNY married JOSEPH  JENNENS ( from melbourne) 2-1-1888.
DARBY,  WILLIAM  father of Fanny.                                                                                          
DARTNALL, W.D District engineer in 1887
DARTNALL, EDWARD postmaster at Spring Grove  in 1876
DAVIS,  HYAM, in the area in 1875
DAVIS, E.P born 4th May 1904 salesman. served in ww2
DAVIES,  ELLEN married THOMAS  BURNETT 10th Aug 1878
DEAR,  W  resident in Jan 1888
DECK,  C.J in the area in Jan 1900
DEE,  J.G   a Tailor in 1866
DELANY,  JOHN registrar for dogs in Motueka in 1889
DICK,  SYDNEY J a postmaster in Jan 1869. still there in 1875
DISHER, ROBERT in Nelson Dec 1870
DIXON, GEORGE cordial maker 1880
DIXON, BENJAMIN had a grocery at Brightwater. Benjamin and wife HANNAH (Palmer) had 7 children at Brightwater.
DOUGLAS,  WALTER  a Preacher in 1869
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM  was in Nelson in the 1880s
DRAEGER, LOUIS in Nelson in Dec 1870. He was born in Germany and after going to Australia he arrived in Nelson 1860. He was a musician
DRAEGER, WILLIAM brother of Louis arr in Aug 1887.
DREW,  HENRY a Watchmaker in Jan 1872
DUNCAN,  J.D from motueka 1900
EDELSTEN, J.S from Motueka in Jan 1887
EDEN,  ROBERT managed a farm at Springgrove in Jan 1869
EDEN,  FRANCIS at Dovedale selling his furniture, sheep and cattle in Jan 1886
EDGAR,  ROBERT owned land at the Owen in Jan 1889
EDWARDS,  EDWARD issued a carriage licence in Jan 1888.
EDWARDS, THOMAS  SPARGO  stationmaster at nelson in 1906
ELLIS,  STEAD secretary for the Education Board in Jan 1888
ELLIS, M.A from Motupipi in 1874
ELLIS, ROBERT purchased a flour mill in 1910
ELSON, a Chemist in 1866
EVANS,  THOMAS Storeowner in Jan 1867
EVES, WILLIAM b, 1909 in England marr SARAH PARKS (b, 1807) lived at Spring Grove
EVES, ESTHER b, 1873 marr HENRY VICTOR HOLYOAKE in 1897. They lived in Riwaka.
EVERETT,  ALBERT owned a Villa in Jan 1889
EVERETT,  JOHN had a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in Jan 1872
EXTON, CLIFF a coachdriver in the Collingwood area in the 1900s
EYLES,  BOB was 100 in 1991 must of been born 1891 at Woodstock where
FARRELL,  KEN and his father at the Owen sometime before the 1929 earthquake.
FAMA, vincenzo a pastrycook in Jan 1885
FELL,  Charles Yates  a Prominent Nelson Lawyer in 1874. Mayor of nelson1882--1887.
FELLOWES,  b, 1890 Takaka. died 9th Jan 1933
FERGUSON, HUGH at Collingwood in 1898
FISH,  H.J  in the area in 1866
FISHER,  THOMAS, R Insurance agent in 1866
FISHER, HARRY lived at "snake creek" Paturau in the 1900s. Still there in 1960s
FLEMING,  GEORGE sold carpet in 1888
FLETCHER,  WILLIAM a wine merchant in Jan 1873
FLETCHER, JOHN a Collingwood Accountant in 1884
FLETT,  JAMES owned a homestead and 130 acres, plus dwelling houses etc in Jan 1890. These were for sale.At Lower Moutere. (probably what is now known as Fletts Road. Also a Cemetery there)
FLOWER,  RICHARD issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
FLOWERS,  JOHN fined  10 s for drunkeness in 1866
FLOWERS, JAMES in the Collingwood area in the 1900s
FLOWERS, GEORGE at Paturau in the 1900s
FOLCKMANN,  E. in  the area in Jan 1873
FOLWELL, JOE died  inthe Collingwood area in 1906
FORFAR,  WILHELMINA of Upper Moutere dau of Fanny and William Forfar. she was born 1854
FOWLER, JOHN and his wife Mary had 12 children
FOX,  T.H offered 61 acres of land for sale at Stoke in 1889
FRANKLYN, WILLIAM.  headmaster at Sprin Grove in 1877. Later , moved  his family to Westport, where he was a warden of the Westport Goal.
FRANKLYN, ALICE MAUD b, 1863 marr Edwin Arnold of Wakefeild. She died in April 1935
FRANZEN, BURCHARD  importer  in 1888
GAITER,  FRANK  had 600 acres of hill country at the Owen . Left the district sometime after 1929.
GAFFEY,  JACK engine driver for the Nelson railways in 1915
GALBRAITH,  W.G shoemaker in 1873
GANNAWAY, J,W owned a 7 roomed house at Maitai in 1888
GARRARD,  J owned property in Jan 1885
GAY,  JOSEPH issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
GAY,  JOHN issued a carriage licence in Jan 1888
GIBBARD,  EDWARD a draper in Jan 1900
GIFFORD,  CHARLES 4th son of Isaac Gifford (of Marlborough) died 1881 aged 20. Buried at Riwaka.
GILBERT, W.C a Dental Surgeon in 1887,, still there in Jan 1890
GILBERT,  LEO fireman on the railways in 1915
GILES, FRANK mine manager ay Collingwood 1897
GILSTROM, CHARLIE at Collingwood in the 1870s
GIFFORD,  HANNAH  MARY b, 12th March 1854 at Appleby m,1884 died in April 1892
GLEDHILL,  GODFREY b, 23rd July 1859 at Appleby died 1862
GLEDHILL.  FRANCIS b, 6th Nov 1861 at Appleby died 1865
GOOD,  EDWARD, WM issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
GOOD,  WALTER in the area in Jan 1890
GORE,  J.G  a Plumber in 1866
GRANT,  ARCHIBALD  a resident of nelson Jan 1871.
GRANT,  SUSANNAH issued a cart licence in Jan 1888
GRANT,  ALEXANDER         "               "                   "
GRANT,  J.B born 15th May 1917 Lt in ww2
GRAHAM,  JOHN was issued a plumbers licence in Jan 1888
GRANVILLE, V. a Veterinary Surgeon in Jan 1889
GREEN,  CHARLES in the area in Jan 1890
GREENFEILD,  ALFRED a secretary at the Nelson Waterworks in Jan 1868
GREENWOOD  Family from Motueka.
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in Jan 1888
GRIFFITH, JOHN 1817-1892. John was from Wales and arr N.Z 1842 aged 22.
GULLY,  H,V was town clerk in Jan 1888
GULLY,  JOHN Esq a artist in 1900
GUNTHER, J a baker in Nelson in 1870
HAASE, J, L owned land at Grampian Hills in 1870
HAASE,  FRED issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
HACKETT,  T.R his estate was settled in Jan 1885
HADFIELD, F.B. died in Jan 1873 after a long and painful illness
HAGEN, JAMES . He arr from Ireland in 1842
HAINES, GUS in Collingwood in 1908
HAMILTON, THOMAS from Scotland. died at the age of 41 in 1910
HAMMOND, PETER died 1849 .buried at Spring Grove
HANSEN, FRED at Collingwood in 1907
HARLEY,  CHARLES in Nelson in 1869
HARDY,  ISAAC Carpenter and Undertaker in 1868
HARMAN,  A.J. selling Totara Posts  at Spring Grove in Jan 1873
HARMAN, ALFRED JAMES died age 65. He was marr to Jane Winter. Dau of William Winter and Harriett (Hunt)
HARPER,  GEORGE Land Commission Agent in Jan 1873
HARDY,  ISAAC Carpenter and Undertaker in 1868
HARGREAVES,  THOMAS  issued a cart licence in Jan 1888
HARGREAVES,  HENRY, F issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
HARGREAVES,  W a Butcher in 1866
HARGREAVES,  A.E clerk for  12 years from 1913--1925
HARKNESS,  JOSEPH, G in the area in 1887
HARLING,JOHN issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
HARLING,  CHARLES a Land Broker in Jan 1873
HARLEY,  THOMAS  HALSTED accused of stricking CHARLES MATTHEWS in Jan 1873
HARRIS EMILY, ELLEN, and FRANCES   all lived with their elderly father  1886-89
HARRIS,  JOHN-PORTER a Norwich insurance agent in Jan 1900
HART,  JAMES  a Draper in 1885
HARVEY, STEPHEN at Collingwood in 1898
HARVEY, GEORGE in Collingwood in 1908
HASTILOW, WILLIAM marr Mary Acton, They had 2 daughters
HEAPS,  Mrs WILLIAM  a son born 20th sept 1884...
HELPS, ALFRED  a Baliff in 1870
HEINE,  ANNA is 19  around the years 1875-78.eldest dau of a Lutheran Clergyman.lived Upper Moutere
HENLEY,  JIM engine driver for the nelson railways in 1915
HENMAN, JACK at Collingwood in 1898
HERDMAN,  MARGARET died 4th Nov 1869
HERRICK,  WILLIAM was selling 50 acres with a 7 roomed house and  farm buildings in Jan 1890
HIGGIN,  WINFIELD in the area in 1866
HIGGINS, ANN dau of William Higgins died 1848
HILL,THOMAS  b, in England died at Wakefeild. He was 30 when he arr in N.Z 1842
HINGSTON,  F.J a storekeeper in 1874. he was b in London in 1837 . he had 12 children.
HOBBS,  WALTER driver for the nelson railways in 1915 marr in Jan 1897
HOBHOUSE,  Bishop and wife MARY in Nelson Aug 1859
HODGSON,  GEORGE in the area in 1873
HOLDER,  FRANCIS had a Coach Service from Foxhill to Nelson in Jan 1868.
HOLLIS, THOMAS b, Nov 1850.d,April 1914. marr Emily Gertrude Grooby dau of Francis and Sarah Grooby..later, Emily marr William Lunn
HOLLYMAN,  JAMES issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888.also held funerals
HOLLYMAN,   ?  shot himself in 1889. he was from Gisborne. Inquest held at Wellington (any relation)
HONNYWILL, Rev  JOHN in the area in Jan 1890
HOOD, JAMES in Nelson in 1870
HOOPER,  GEORGE a Jeweller in Jan 1885
HOOPER,  THOMAS owned a small acreage in 1888
HOOPER,ELLEN MARIE b, Nov1845 marr Samuel Fittall and lived in Richmond. Ellens parents were Edwin and Eliza Hooper. She had 2 siblings.
HOWERSON,  MARY  ANN married JOSEPH  BRADCOCK in 28th Oct 1858 (same Joseph?)
HOULT, JOSEPH listed as the owner of Wakefeild land in 1855. Joseph Jnr as the owner of land in 88 valley.
HOUNSELL, HENRY  resident of nelson in 1869
HUDDLESTON,  MRS  FRED advertised for a housemaid in Jan 1869
HUGHES,  ANN  ISABELLA  b, 1830 married 1849 in Waimea-West
HUMPHRIES,  CAPT owned a 6 roomed house in jan 1889
HUNT,  JAMES operated a coach service between Richmond and Riwaka
HUNT,  THOMAS  in the area in sept 1884.
HUNTER,  WILLIAM his wife had a son Dec 31st 1872
HURSTHOUSE,  HELEN fled to nelson from her drunken husband in 1860.
INGRAM, GORDON from SpringGrove in Jan 1890. moved later to Richmond and Upper Moutere
IRVINE, SAMUEL from Ireland
IRVINE, ROBERT MITCHELL b, My 1872 at Nelson
IVES, JAMES a shoemaker in Wakefeild.marr Elizabeth Eden
JACKSON, BENJAMIN had a farm in Waimea West in 1855. He died in Nelson in April 1876
JACOBS,  JOHN  paperhanger in Jan 1889
JAMES,  LEVI held a goldming lease at Wangapeka in 1872
JELLYMAN,  ENOCH in the area in the 1870s
JERVIS,  J. owned land at Foxhill in Jan 1874 
JESSUP, J,E held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in Jan 1888
JESSOP,  W. from Hope. There in 1873
JONES,  G,W a Chimneysweep and Nightman in  1872
JONES, F.N  a saddler
JONES, OLIVER saddler at Brightwater
JOHNSON, FRANK In 1905 he was charged with stealing 5 bars of gold, valued at 350 pounds and was sentenced to 6 months with hard labour.
JOHNSTONE,  LAURENCE in the area in jan 1900
JORDAN, WILLIAM MARTIN b, Aug 1862 served as roadman for the Waimea County Council for 50 years.
KARSTENS, J,C,M Auctioneer in 1888
KELLY,  THOMAS owned a 4 bedroomed cottage in Jan 1889
KEMPTHORNE,  J.P sec for the St Andrews orphanage in Jan 1900
KENYON,  Mr  selling 70 fat sheep, a good trap  horse of 6 years at Dovedale in Jan 1886
KEON, PATRICK Barrister in Feb 1867
KING,  CHARLES a baker in 1870
KING,  GEORGE  a Watchmaker in 1888
KING,  JAMES  HENRIE went to court for Horse Stealing in Jan 1873
KINGDON,  ROGER, W, W. Solicitor in 1887,
KITCHING,  ARCHIBALD issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
KNAPP, JAMES died 1905 at nelson. his wife Eleanor (White) died 1909 at nelson
KNYVETT,  EDMUND Music Teacher in 1871.
LADLEY, WALTER postmaster at Spring Grove 1867
LAMBERT, S a timber merchant in 1888
LANE,  WILLIAM in Nelson in Jan 1869
LANGRIDGE,  J.J from Takaka in Jan 1900
LAST,  F  a Dentist in Jan 1868
LEDGER,  H.O a resident in 1887
LEECH, ALFRED wheelwright at Richmond in Jan 1869
LEECH, W.H a photographer in 1870
LEEBODY, ALEX at Paturau in 1906
LEVIEN,  ROBERT issued a kerosene licence in Jan 1888 was a J.P in 1890
LEVIEN, J.H a resident in 1872
LEVIEN,  GEORGE ,E a dentist in Jan 1890
LEWIS, CHARLES  road surveyor in Golden Bay 1894
LIMPUS,  ROBERT seaman on the steamer charles Edwards. taken to hospital after a accident on board in Jan 1875
LOADSBY,  D a Bootmaker in Jan 1874
LOCK,  WILLIAM in the area in Jan 1900
LOCKETT, JOHN in Nelson in jan 1869
LOCKYER,  WILLIAM issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
LONGBOTTOM,  MATTHEW Known as Mr Long died recently(. newspaper clipping of Jan 1875)
LOVEDAY brothers had stores in 1888
LUCAS,  JAMES  a Tailor in Jan 1875
LUNN,  THOMAS  sold a draught horse in Jan 1874
MABIN,  JOHN  R in Nelson in Jan 1868.still there in 1872
MADIGAN, PATRICK LACY and wife EMILY ( Holyoake) also dau Alice  buried at Riwaka cemetery.                               
MAGINNITY, A.T solicitor in 1891
MAIN,  FRED had a Billiards and boarding Place in Jan 1886
MALLETT,  HENRY held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in 1872
MANSON, JAMES in Takaka 1891.
MARSDEN,  THOMAS of Stoke died 21st Dec 1876
MARSH,  ROBERT  GEORGE eldest son of the late GEORGE MARSH (of Canterbury) married MARY  ANN ( MINNIE) THOMAS of Nelson on the 30th Jun 1887
MARSHALL,  THOMAS held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in jan 1872
MARTIN,  GEORGE, F sec for the Stoke Farmers Club in 1872
MARTIN,  CLARA engaged to Fred Greenwood in 1864
MARTINSON,  H a photographer in Jan 1886
MAY,  W.R from Richmond 1900
MAYO,  ANNIE died June 1892 aged 24 years. buried at Riwaka.
MEAD, ARNOLD in the Nelson area in 1910
MELLETT,  HENRY issued a carriage licence in Jan 1888
MELHUISH, R.T. storeowner in Jan 1890
MERCER,  MARY at Appleby died Sept 29th 1884 -5? aged (looks like either 40 or 49) wife of
MERCER,  J.C Bicyle agent in Jan 1885
MIDGLEY,  H. had a blacksmiths shop at Foxhill in 1875
MILES,  JOHN GEORGE a farmer at Springgrove in Jan 1869
MILLER,  WILLIAM Bricklayer and Plasterer in Jan 1890
MILLS,  THOMAS in Nelson Jan 1868
MIRFIN, W.C manager for the nelson City Gasworks in Jan 1874
MOFFATT, HENRY in Collingwood in the 1870s
MOORE, C.W a Builder in 1887
NESBIT,  OSWALD issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
NEWBURY,  J a Grocer in Jan 1887
NEWLAND, March 18th at her residence, Grove St, Nelson a Daughter.
NEWLOVE, brothers ..3 brothers were killed on the same day in Oct 1917. Their names are on a war memorial at Takaka.
NEWPORT,  JAMES  selling 525 acres of land near Foxhill in Jan 1869
NEWTON,  WILLIAM held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in 1872
NEWTON, THOMAS in Nelson in Dec 1870
NIGHTINGALE,  F. from Richmond in 1890
NORGATE,  H sec for the Stoke Public Library in Jan 1874
ORGAN, HARRY boot repairer
PAINTON, WILLIAM had a store at Wakefeild in 1865
PASCOE,  CHARLIE fireman for the nelson railways in 1915
PAINTON, W. from Wakefeild in Jan 1887
PARKINSON, EDMUND in Motueka May 1870
PENNEY,  JAMES issued a hackney carriage licence ln Jan 1888
PERCY,  JOHN a Sharebroker in Jan 1870
PERRY, ROBERT in Collingwood in the 1880s
PETTET,  THOMAS had a store in 1884
PETTIT,  GEORGE in the area in Sept 1884
PHARAZYN,  WILLIAM engaged to Fanny Greenwood in 1869
PHELAN,  PAT engine driver for the nelson railways in 1915
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM  in nelson 1867
PITT,  ALBERT in the area in Jan 1874. still there in 1882. still there in 1866
POLLOCK,  ROBERT held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in 1872
POTTON,  FRED came from ChCh to nelson in 1916 was a station master for the railways
POWELL,  JOHN owned a small Farm in Jan 1890
POYNTER  JOHN  Resident Magistrate in Jan 1868
PRATT,  JOHN a butcher in 1872
PROUSE, PERCY at Paturau in 1906
QUINTON, HARRY charged with stealing money from James Smith in Feb 1867.
RADFORD, On April 27th 1894, KATHLEEN infant daughter of Walter and Mary Radford. aged 10 months ( death Notice)
RAINE,  THOMAS owned a Villa on College Hill in 1888
RAWSON,  A.P Surveyor at Motueka in Jan 1890
RENTOUL  Brothers  shopkeepers in 1867.
RICHARDS, JOHN HENRY brought land at the mouth of the Paturau River in 1904.
RICHARDSON, RALPH legal profession  at Nelson 1870. also had land in the Maitai Valley
RICHARDSON, GEORGE WILLIAM marr Gertrude Knapp June 1906 at Nelson
RICHMOND,  LELY Maria Atkinson elderly mother at Nelson in May 1860
RICKETTS,  W. Spring Grove farmer in 1874
RILEY,  W.C from Collingwood in 1890
ROBERTS,  THOMAS issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
ROBERTSON, ALEX in Nelson in Dec 1870
ROBINSON,  S.G Sec for the Takaka Road board in Jan 1885
ROSE,  JAMES  was selling 500 sheep at Dovedale in 1887
ROSE,  ELISA  MARIA married JOHN  HENRY  BENSEMANN 6th May 1863 at Upper Moutere
ROSE, JOHN was a postmaster at Spring Grove 1873
ROUT,  W in the area in Jan 1885
RULE,  WILLIAM owned a 7 roomed dwelling in Jan 1889
RUFF,  ELIZABETH married WILLIAM  ASTLE 18th May 1865.
RUFFELL,  CHARLES,J issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
RUMBOLD,  R.T Fruiterer in Jan 1890
RUSS, LEONARD b, Sept 1889 at Waimea West
RUTHERFORD, JOHN wanting green flax in Jan 1890
SAXON,  J,B a surveyor IN 1888
SCAIFE,  A.A agent for fire insurance in Jan 1889
SCHROUDER, BILL Flax-worker  in 1906
SHEPHARD,  JOSEPH in the area in Jan 1874
SHOLTZ, A.F a coachbuilder in 1888
SIGLEY, JOSEPH ROBERT issued a Plumbers licence in Jan 1888
SIMPSON,  ROBERT  issued a hackney carriage licence in jan 1888
SIMPSON, On the 28th inst the wife of Mr James Simpson Jnr of a son ( Paper 1867)
SINCLAIR,  ANDREW  Auctioneer at Takaka in Jan 1885
SINCLAIR, MANSON in Nelson in 1870
SINCLAIR, DONALD legal profession 1870
SMALLBONE,  CHARLES NEVILLE D. 9th and youngest son of EDWIN and FRANCES SMALLBONE died  21st sept 1884 (newspaper clipping)
SMALLBONE, EDWIN In Nelson in 1867
SMITH,  STEPHEN registrar of dogs at Tadmor in 1889
SNODGRASS,  ROBERT sold Tea in 1888
SOMERVILLE, A.F.T sec for the Regatta Comittee in Jan 1886
SPEAR,  F a Optician in Jan 1885
SPENCER,  JOHN issued a carriage licence in Jan 1888
SQUIRES, WILLIAM.W a Coroner 1870.                                                                                         
STAGG, JIM worked in a flax mill at Paturau in 1903
STAFFORD,  H.H of Annesbrook in Jan 1873    
STANNARD, A  in Nelson 1888                                                                                                      
STANTON,  FANNY married WILLIAM  WELLS in 20th Nov 1856
STANTON, EDWARD fined  20s for drunkeness feb 4th 1867
STANTON, WILLIAM MOSES storekeeper on the Aorere goldfeilds
STAVERT,  WILLIAM a Auctioneer in 1872
STEMAN,  GEORGE selling property at the Baton in Jan 1890
STEEL,  JOHN was selling a farm and store at Motupipi in Jan 1868
STICK,  JOHN occupied a shop in Jan 1890
STONE,  S grocer in Motueka in Jan 1873
STRINGER,  THOMAS,H issued a Plumbers Licence in Jan 1888
SUTCLIFFE,  JOHN.W in the area in 1890
SUTTON,  WILLIAM issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
TATTON,  J.W Dentist in 1873
TAYLOR,  JOHN FIRMIN  his Estate was settled in 1888
TAYLOR, (death notice) On the 31st Jan, at his residence, Washington Valley Mr W Taylor Snr aged 60 years.
THOMAS,  GEORGE JNR issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
THOMAS,  RICHARD           "                              "                              "
THOMAS,  WILLIAM a Coach Builder in Jan 1873
THOMAS,  MARY  ANN married Robert Marsh 1887
THOMSON,  W ,MURRAY from Eves Valley in Jan 1873
THOMPSON,  ALEXANDER held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in 1872
TRUELOVE,  LEONARD                    "                        "                    "               "
TRASK,  FRANCIS Mayor of nelson 1890--1900
TREACHER,  JOHN  CHARLES only son of JOHN and GRACE TREACHER died age 1 year and 9 months  on Jan 1st 1885.
TRINGHAM,  C a Architect in Jan 1875
TRIPE,  C.A.D born 25th Mar 1920 at nelson, dairy farm-hand .served in ww2, wounded 23rd Apr 1945
TINGLE,  JAMES Bookseller in Jan 1867
TURNER, at CH CH (late of Nelson) Mr JOHN TURNER aged 46 years( death notice in the Feb 1867 paper)
TURNER, THOMAS a lighthouse keeper at Collingwood in 1914
USHER, T a shoemaker in 1868
VAUSE,  G.B Saddlemaker in Jan 1886
VERRY,  GEORGE held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in 1872
WALKER, WILLIAM fined 20s for drunkeness Feb 4th 1867
WALLACE,  MR and Mrs JAMES there in April 1873
WALCOTT,  R.B there in 1866
WARD,  THOMAS  selling fat Cattle in Jan 1875
WARD,  BEATRICE  married  GEORGE  BENNETT 22nd Jul 1891
WAGSTAFF,  JOHN held a goldmining lease at Wangapeka in Jan 1872
WATT,  PETER           "                                 "                        "                      "
WATTS, Mrs A  her estate was settled in 1889
WATSON,  JAMES got 3 months hard labour for embezzling money from J.H.Cock and Co in Jan 1889
WAKEFIELD,  SAMUEL in Nelson in Jan 1867
WAKEFIELD,  PERCY  Manager of the Rainy Creek Quartz-Mining Company in Jan 1873
WALMSEY,  B  cheif Postmaster in 1866
WASHBOURN, WILLIAM and sons ARTHUR and HARRY  prospecting for gold at Collingwood. wife Susannah left at Nelson short of money! this is Jan 1890
WEBLEY, JOSEPH Snr  his funereal was on the 23rd Sept 1884.
WEBLEY,  JOSEPH a resident in Jan 1873
WEBSTER,  MALCOLM issued a kerosene licence in Jan 1888
WEIR, ROBERT was fined for drunkenesss in Jan 1867
WELLS,  ALBERT  VINCENT b, 28th Oct 1881
WHEELER,  E offered 3 pounds for information on who poisoned his dog in Jan 1873
WHITE,  GEORGE died in Nelson in 1868.
WHITNEY,  GEORGE a Chimneysweep in Jan 1868
WHITING,  DAVID and wife MARY lived at Motueka in 1866.
WHITING,  GEORGE issued a hackney carriage licence in Jan 1888
WHITING,  ELIZABETH b, 3rd Apr 1866
WHITING,  EMMA died 21st Jun 1898
WHITTON,  W Master of the Brig Lunan in Jan 1875
WHYTE, EDWARD postmaster at Spring Grove in 1874
WILKIE,  WILLIAM in Nelson in Jan 1868. a Grocer in 1890
WILKIE,  JAMES a storekeeper in 1888
WIESENHAVERN,  OTTO a Tobacconist in March 1866
WILSON,  J.F dentist in Jan 1887
WILLSON,  JAMES a storekeeper in Richmond in Jan 1890
WIGGINS,  C in the area in Jan 1890
WIN,  ADA  BERTHA b, 12th Jun 1885 at Dovedale. married CLEMENT  MARTIN  BURNETT at Dovedale on 14th Jun 1911
WINTER, LEONI b, Oct 1902 at Takaka died 1988. married Albert Edward Woolf.
WILSON,  JAMES Manager of fire and Marine Insurance in 1890
WIMSETT, H had a small acreage in Jan 1887
WINSTONE, JOHN works inspector for the Aorere bridge at Rockville that was completed in May 1887
WINTER, Mrs James Winter of a son at Golden Bay Th ( Feb 1867 paper)
WINTER, GEORGE chairman of the Takaka County Council in 1922
WROUGHTON, Mrs selling 230 acres of land and a house at Pangatotara in Jan 1874
WYLIE, WILLIAM in Nelson in 1870
WYMOND, T.S  a Draper  in 1872. came from Ballarat                                                             .
YARRALL,  THOMAS, W issued a Plumbers licence in Jan 1888
YOUNG,  THOMSON a railway engine driver in 1875.
YOUNGER,  THOMAS  Sec for the Road Board
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