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Nelson Government Gazette: 1871. p153.
Particulars of the Estates of Deceased Persons which have been placed under the charge of James Meacham BATHAM, Esq.
Curator of the Estates of Deceased Persons, during the month of October, 1871.
Colonial Residence
Supposed British/Foreign Res
Date Deceased
BARBOUR Alexander.
Moonlight Flat
Ayrshire, Scotland.
Sept. 29.1871.
PANAM Nicholas
Merton Town
Half ounce Creek. Greece
Aug. 3. 1871.
Merton Town
Half ounce Creek. Greece
Aug. 3. 1871
MORTON. Thomas
Lagoon Lead, Paroa, near Greymouth Mullylinn
near Derrylinn, Fermangh, Ire
Sept. 30th. 1871
HARRISON. Andrew William.
Ross. Co. Westland
not Known
April. 8th. 1871.
Hokitika. 15th Nov. 1871.
Members appointed for Board of Education, Greymouth & Hokitika Districts.
DRISCOLL Cornelius.
TENNANT. A. E. - County Sec.
Hokitika. 14th Nov. 1871.
Members resigned from Jone's Flat Drainage Board. Ross.
LAHMAN, H. H. Governor's Delegate.
Hokitika. 20th Nov. 1871.
Members appointed in place of above
GOW John.
Nelson Government Gazette: Feb. 16th. 1874. p26.
Leases Granted for goldmining purposes of Crown Land within the district of Nelson Southwest Goldfields.
signed: Alfred GREENFIELD Provincial Sec.
Inangahua District.
BUTLER. Patrick. and Others. Star of the West Co.
RANFT. Theodore. Reliance Co.
TRENNERY. John. Albion Co.
LYNCH. William. Try-Again Co.
BARROWMAN. Fergus. Never-too-Late Co.
MUNSON. J. W. Paragon Co.
McDOWELL. Charles. Homeward Bound Co.
HEATH. Henry. Reefton Co.
COX. Richard. Australian Co.
GRAHAM. Hugh. Duke of Edinburgh Co.
McINTOSH. Alexander. No. 2. Co.
KING. Gilbert. Inglewood Co.
BRENNAN. Patrick. Phoenix Co
COSGROVE. Henry. Enterprise Co.
FARRELLY. George. Black Ball Co.
Buller District: ADAMS. William. Giles Terrace.
Grey District: KERR David. and others. Try Again Terrace. Nelson Creek.
Grants Refused:
Inangahua District.
BREEN. A. and others. Morning Star Co.
GISSINGE. M. R. Impromptu Co.
Leases cancelled unless rents due are paid within fourteen days:
Wangapeka District.
BAILIE. John. and others.
O'BRIEN. W. and others.
EVERETT. Edward. and others.
GOULAND. P. C. and others.
POLLOCK. Robt. and others.
CALDWELL. John. and others.
MORRISON. Roderick. and others.
Nelson Government Gazette. April 22. 1874. p.49.
Gold mining Lease granted.
Golden Bay District.

THOMPSON. George. Lightband's Gully. Collingwood.

Gold Mining Lease Refused:
Inangahua District.
BUNTIN. Daniel. Southern Cross Co. " "
HARPER. S. G. Star of the East Co. Boatman's Creek
ALEXANDER. Hugh. Success Co. Italian Gully.
WALKER. Francis. Italian Gully Co. " "
McREDMOND. James. Maori Chief Co. Boatman's Creek.
Gold Mining Leases Granted.
Inangahua District.
CLIFFORD. Charles. Alabama Co.
ISAACS. David. National Co.
HARRIS. John. Hidden Treasure Co.
DAVIES. Louis. Golden Gate Co.
REEVES. Richard. Reefton City Co.
WALSH. J.G. Southern Cross Co.
TAYLOR. J. J. Eureka Co.
HANKIN. H. J. Ulster Co.
MONCRIEFF. Christopher. Bon Accord Co.
McLEAN. Wm. Great Western Co.
HANKIN. H. J. Onus Probandi Co.
EVANS. Wm. El Dorado Extended Co.
BENTLEY. J. J. Lucky Hit. Co.
AIKEN. J. I. Surprise Co.
BAKER. John. Excelsior Co.
BYRNE. Matthew. Terra Firma Co.
CLINTON. James. Rose of N.Z. Co.
De Las CARERAS. F. Cosmopolitan Co.
MORRIS. William. Inverness Co.
HANKIN. H.J. Golden Hope Co.
RAMSAY. Nicol. Great Extended Co.
PARRY. T.J. Golden Era Co.
MANNON. Francis. Wealth of Reefton Co.
TAYLOR. J.J. Excelsior Co.
ARCHER. W.B. Rock of Ages Co.
REEVES. Richard. Bright Smile Co.
ARMSTRONG. Peter. Boatman's Creek Co.
BYRNE. Matthew. Right Again Co.
MATTHEWS. William H. Britania Co.
BRENNAN. Patrick. Dauntless Co.
ANDERSON. Don Pedro. Golden Sovereign Co.
YOUNG. David. Erema Causis Co
TAPLEY. Robert. Larry's Creek Co.
Agricultural lease refused:

ORGAN. Michael. Secs: 201d, 201c, 202b, 203, Sq. 141, situated south side Buller River.
TEMPERLEY. John. Secs.: 9a, 14p. adjoining Town of Reefton.
SMITH. William Thomas. Secs: 9a,3r,33p. adjoining Town of Reefton
Agricultural Leases Cancelled:
Inangahua District.
Charles KIDSON:
Charles KANE:
Louis BETON:
Benjamin HILL:
Thomas WHITTA:
Thomas SYMONS:
Bryan McMAHON:
Robert HOPE:
Walton PELL:
George WALKER:
Theodore RANFT & A. HASSELL:
Richard DARCY:
William NAHR
David C. McGAHEY
Nelson & Foxhill Railway Tenders:
March 23. 1874.
BRAY Brothers. Nelson. (accepted)
McKIRDY. C. Wellington.
STRACHAN. W. Westport.
PELL. Walton. Westport.
BROWN. Samuel. Wellington.
SAUNDERS & O'MALLEY, Wellington.
SCOTT. John. Nelson.
Nelson Government Gazette. January 1874. p.10.
Gold Mining Leases Forfeited.
Inangahua District. 17th Jan. 1874.
BYRNE. John. and others
FITSIMMONS. H. and others.
DREW. James. and others.
TAPLEY. Robert and others.
McGUFFIE. James and others.
LEVERSAY. Silas. and others.
signed: Oswald CURTIS. Superintendent.
Applications for Leases Under Crown Land (Nelson) Leasing Acts. Received by the Commissioner of Crown Lands during the month of December 1873.
TRENNERY. John. Inangahua. Sec. 61, Sq.131.
GILMER. Hamilton Totara Flat. 156,157,70, part 71, Sq. 122.
H.H. J. ROSE. Upper Moutere. For portion of secs. no. 78,82,83, and adjoining land.
ASKEW. Wm. Sandy Bay. westward and southward of Sec.R8,Sq. 9.
BUSCH. Joseph. Aniseed Valley Hills. 41,42,43,44,45, Sq. 1.
McPHEE & OXLEY. Inangahua. Sec. 38. Sq. 131.
HOLMES. James. Totara Flat. Secs. 53, 54,57,59, Sq. 122.
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