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ALFORD, ANN died 12th Oct 1929 at Nelson (married name was Excell)

BALL, TOM JACOBS died at Blenheim 30th March 1920

BALL, HENRY ADAM died at Blenheim 11th Jan 1906

BALL, EDWARD HENRY died at Blenheim 6th Nov 1919.

BALL, On sept 6th 1900 at her residence, Wasington Valley. in her 81sr year CATHERINE, relict of the late William Ball. Both late of Leicestershire, England " Her end was Peace"

BARNETT,CHARLES EDWARD s/o William and Sara Ann (Plumridge) d, 12-7-1943 aged 84.

(nee FOWLER) d/o Samuel and Jane d, 3-9-1929 aged 68 years.

BONNINGTON, ANNIE and baby daughter drowned in the Wairau river in 1906.

BROOKES, OWEN drowned in the Wairau river at the age of 10 in 1881

BURNETT, JOHN EDWARD Burial 21st Febuary 1877 at Nelson

BURNETT, ELIJAH ROBERT burial June 1933 at Dovedale.

CATE, NEHEMIAH died in the Nelson Hospital Jan 1868 aged 20 years.

CHAPMAN, ANN burial 9th July 1907 at Nelson.

CHAPMAN, SELINA died 15th May 1918 . Buried in the Riwaka Cemetery

(nee Fowler) d/o Samuel and Jane. d, 9-2-1924 aged 56 years.

CLARK, JAMES HENRY s/o David and Elizabeth d, 21-5-1918 aged 68 years buried  at Riwaka.

CLARK, ELIZABETH VICTORIA (nee LEWIS) d/o William and Elizabeth d,17-9-1909 aged 57.

DRUMMOND, DONALD drowned in 1850 and is buried in the Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington.

DRUMMOND, Mrs MARJORY wife of John Drummond passed away March 11th 1886 and is buried along side her husband in the Upper Moutere Cemetery

FEARY, ELIZABETH died 25th June 1913 ,buried at Reefton Cemetery

FOWLER, JOHN Snr died 24th april 1883  aged 91 years. buried at Riwaka.

Jnr died 3rd Nov 1912 aged 38 years. buried at Riwaka.

FROGGATT, GEORGE died 9th August 1937 in Rawene, N.Z

FRY, PERCY d, 15-8-1956 aged 88 years. buried at Riwaka

GLEDHILL, JAMES died 29th January 1880 in Waimea West, Nelson

died 12th Dec, 1879 in Waimea West, Nelson

GLEDHILL, THOMAS burial 28th June 1924 Tuamarina Cemetary, Blenheim.

GROBY, ELIZABETH burial 10th September 1885 at Pangatotara, Motueka.

GROVE, FANNY died at Wakapuaka, Nelson 10th Feb 1935. she was born 15th Aug 1935 and married to John David Norriss.

HENDRA, RALPH Snr died at the Wairau Hospital  6th August 1935 , buried at Blenheim.

wife of Ralph Snr died at the age of 58 on the 25th Jan, 1907 at Blenheim.

, died 22nd June 1921 at Wellington

HOLYOAKE, AT REST in the Riwaka Cemetery. Sacred to the memory of Richard Holyoake died Aug 30th 1893 aged 86. and his wife Eliza, died May 3rd 1912 aged 87."The only pioneers of this name to come to N.Z and settle in this Colony feb 6th 1843.."

HUGHES, ANN ISABELLA died 1903 buried in the Kaikoura Cemetery

INGLIS, ALEXANDER Burial 26th March 1920 at Riwaka, motueka

JOHNSTON, JOHN FRY died 6th Sept 1903 at greymouth.

died 16th Nov, 1930 at Te Awamutu.

died 19th July 1925  in Auckland.

drowned in the Awatere river in 1872.

and wife EMILY and daughter ALICE all buried in the Riwaka Cemetery. Patpick died 1913. Emily died 1932 and Alice died 1893
MAYO, ANNIE died June 1892 aged 24 years. Buried in the Riwaka Cemetery

NORRISS, JOHN DAVID died at Wakapuaka, Nelson  in16th july 1936. He was born  4th May 1858.

POOLE, JOSEPH CORNELIUS died 10th October 1924 in Kaikoura, N.Z

RADFORD, On April 27th 1894 KATHLEEN ,infant daughter of Walter and Mary Radford. aged 10 months

SATHERLEY, JOHN died in 1893 at Waimea West, Nelson

SMALLBONE, CHARLES NEVILLE 9th and youngest son of Edwin Frances Smallbone. died 21st Sept 1884. Notice in Nelson Paper

STEWART, WILLIAM ROBINSON died 23rd Febuary 1920 in Nelson.

STONE, ELLEN MYRTLE died 20th Nov 1918 in Carterton.

TAYLOR, On the 31st Jan,1867 at his residence, Washington Valley Mr W Taylor Snr aged 60 years

THORNE, MARGARET  MARY (nee Fowler) d/o Samuel and Jane d,10-2-1944 aged 78 years

TREACHER, JOHN CHARLES only son of Grace Treacher died age 1 year 9 months on Jan 1st 1885 (This was in the Nelson Paper)

TURNER, at ChristChurch Mr JOHN TURNER (late of nelson) aged 46 years. Feb 1867 newspaper

TUTBURY, ERIC CECIL s/o Cecil and Ann d,14-8-1975 aged 63 buried at Riwaka

TUTBURY, CLARA LOUISA (nee HOLYOAKE) d, 9-5-1953 aged 95. buried at Riwaka

WASKETT, FREDERICK drowned in the Wairau river in 1906.

WEBLEY, JOSEPH Snr. His funeral was on 23rd Sept 1884 ( Nelson Paper)

WHITING, EMMA died 21st June 1898
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