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B.D.M from the NELSON/WESTCOAT areas.
complied by Nola Moses
ALLPORT, HENRY 4th child of Thomas & Jane Allport. married 14 year old ! Ann Smith 1st Jan 1857. They had 12 children Moutere residents.
ALLPORT, VERA marr Alexander Best in 1924. 4 children Nona Elsie..James Thomas..Marie May..Roy Alexander..
ASKEW, FLOSSIE b, 18th Nov 1876. marr Jack Owen Holyoake. Flossie d, 9th Sept 1986
ATMORE, HARRY born in Nelson 1870-1946 youngest of 11 children. marr Dorothy Annie Corrigan 1936 dau of James Randall Corrigan.
AUSTIN, ROGER TALBERT b, 19th feb 1931 at motueka ..son of Alan Talbert Austin & Lucy Ila Fowler..marr Vivenne Isobel Fleming 8th May 1965.
BANNAN, ARTHUR DOUGLAS b, 8th Jan 1924 son of George Adam Bannan & Mary Jane McKeough. He marr Betty Katherine Feary 30th March 1949 on the West Coast
BARLTROP, RICHARD marr Elizabeth Goodman 18th May 1881. Elizabeth died 6th Oct 1886 at Nelson
BARLTROP, ALICE widow of J.R Barltrop d, 3rd March 1920
BARLTROP, MARJORIE a dau of Alice & J.R died 27th Jan 1908 aged 13 .uried at Pangatotara.
BARROW, GEORGE b, 30th April 1833 in England. marr Harriett Grooby 23rd April 1862 at Motueka. Harriett d, 29th Sept 1898. George died, Sept 1900. Harriet d, 29th Sept 1898. both were buried at the Pangatotara Cemetery
BAY, ELLEN RITA b, 19th March 1941 at Nelson
BAY, MARGARET GRACE b, 11th sept 1942 at Collingwood.
BAY, PATRICIA ANN b, 22nd March 1946 at Takaka.
BEARD, ELIZA MIRENA marr henry grooby 9th June 1853
BENSEMANN, DOROTHY born 16th Nov 1910
BEST, AMY JANE died 27th feb 1913 aged 40
BEST, DANIEL drowned in the Appleby river in 1844
BEST, WILLIAM d, 7th March 1884 age 64
BEST, ELIZABETH d, 5th March 1902 age 77
BEST, THOMAS son of William. marr Helen Drummond 16th Jan 1872. they raised 9 children. In 15th Jan 1892 Thomas dropped dead at just 44 years old.some of their children were William b, 1873..Charles, b 1875( He marr Amy Jane Beardmore of Takaka.)..Alexander b, 1883 7 Sydney, b, 1887. They were all from the Moutere
BEST, ALEXANDER d, 31st Oct 1943. He was knocked off his bike by a Transport Truck & killed. He was 56. He had marr vera Allport in 1924 they raised 4 children
BIRD, CAMPBELL CATOR b, 28th feb 1889 at Wakefield son of William Leonard Bird & Mary Phoebe Cator. He marr Alma Gwendoline Fowler 30th April 1924 at Motueka. Campbell d, 6th Jan 1963 and is buried at Wakefield.
BIRD, MARIE PHOEBE b, 20th March at Spring Grove, Nelson marr John Edward 1950
BOND, ALICE JANE b, 1867-1956 school teacher dau of William Bond & Elizabeth Percy
BOSSLEMANN, WILLIAM 3 of his sons were, Wilhelm Ludwig Carl b, 1872..Heinrich Walter b, 1884..Frederich Johannes b, 1888. They were know as Bill, Jnr..Walter & Jack lived in the Moutere
BOSSLEMANN, WALTER d, 16th June 1966 age 81.Walters wife Sophie d, 5th Sept 1969 age 82 ..Walter & Sophies son ALLAN marr Shirley Blanche Single.....JACK d, 6th Oct 1968 aged 80.
BOWMAN, MARY & JAMES had 6 children they lived at the Moutere. James ran off with the wife of Gorden (Garden) Ingram leaving Mary(nee Drummond) to cope with 6 children.
BOYCE, WILLIAM d, 14th march 1895 aged 82 at Motueka
BOYES, JOHN b, 15th Feb 1810. d, 3rd April 1869 aged 59 buried at Pangatotara.
BRERETON, WILLIAM & oldest son , JOHN drowned in 1890
BRIETSTADT, HEINRICH (Harry) marr Emma Feary . Harry died at Reefton 25th June 1933
BRUNING, FREDERICK b, in Germany abt 1843 d, 27th March 1900 aged 58. from the Moutere
BRUNING, HENRY, born at Nelson 1844- 1916
BRUNING, CHARLES born at Waimea East 22nd July 1851--Aug 1934
BRYNE, PATRICK HENRY b, 17th March 1924 at Takaka. son of Henry Arthur Bryne & Ellen Dennehy. marr Marjorie Mayo McLaren (Sue) 11th June 1955
BURROWS, HAROLD STANLEY b, 21st July 1915. marr Rebecca Alice Fowler at Riwaka 11th Dec 1937
CHAPMAN, JAMES b, 28th June 1824. d, 8th Oct 1910 & wife Sleina b, 1st March 1830.d, 31st Aug 1906.
CHAPMAN, ARTHUR b, 25th Jan 1916 d, 24th dec 1918
CHAPMAN, FREDERICK b, 26th March 1871 d, 22nd Oct 1895. These Chapmans were buried at the Pangatotara Cemetery
CLARK, ISABELLA b, 17th Oct 1836 in England. marr Richard Norriss 12th Aug 1857 in Nelson.
COOK, SIDNEY JAMES (1859,or 60--1940) 3rd child of William & Ann Cook of Upper Moutere. marr Eugenie Fanny Desaunais (1863--1942)
COOK, EUGENE RONALD (1891--19510 son of Sidney marr Clara Evelyn McGaveston
COOK, ANNIE sister to Sidney
COOK, GEORGE EDWARD b, 1861 son of William & Ann Cook.
CORNISH, DOROTHY DOREEN b, 21st March 1916 . dau of Percy Albert Cornish & Elizabeth Low. She marr Kelvin John Ryan 6th April Greymouth
DAVEY, ELLEN died 1932 aged 82
DECK, RON his baby girl was drowned in a stream 1934
DENSE, EILEEN DORIS b, 10th April 1916. dau of Albert Martin Dense & Minnie Roigard. marr Harold Percy Feary 25th Nov 1935 on the West Coast
DRUMMOND, MARY d, 12th march 1878. Husband William remaried Barbara Smith from Motueka. They had 6 children John...Died age 1...Others were Ellen.,..Sarah...Barbara...Duncan & Marjorie. Williams 1st wife Mary had 4 children to him Alexander...William...Mary & Elizabeth. William died 22nd Aug 1909 age 83. The Moutere drummonds.
DRUMMOND, ELIZABETH marr William Best 1861 lived at Mahana and Moutere.
DRUMMOND, DANIEL son of above b, 23rd July 1862. James b, 23rd Dec 1863.. Alexander b, 1st March 1865.. John b, 21st Jan 1867
DYER, MARY JANE marr at Wakefield to Henry (Harry) Norriss 19th May 1887. She died at Murchison 2nd May 1944
ELLIS, JOHN 1817-1908 discovered gold at Collingwood.died at Collingwood in April 1908
ELLIS, CAROLINE (Williams) d, 25th July 1907 wife of john d, at Collingwood.
ERSKINE, ADA ROBERTA b, 25th april 1907 at Westport marr Theodore Norriss
EVANS, RAYMOND d, 19th Oct 1903..buried at Pangatotara.
EWERS, MATILDA LOUISA b, 1862, marr Edward Goodman 16th Aug 1859 at Motueka
FEARY, REX CHARLES b, 1902 at Stillwater, Greymouth. marr Mary Parker in 1934
FEARY, WILLIAM b, 1868 at Wakefield. marr Mary Glen 1896 and lived at Stillwater.
FITZHARRIS, BEVAN FRANCIS b, 7th Feb 1944 at Nelson marr Colleen Maree Johnston 23rd Oct 1965 at Blenheim.
FITZHARRIS, MICHAEL JOHN b, 28th Oct 1947 at Nelson marr Sheran Ann Spittal at Motueka 1971
FLOWER, ALICE d, 28th Nov 1940 she was marr to William Norriss
FOWLER, VIOLET b, 15th Sept 1880 at Riwaka. marr Harvey Clifton Jacka Holyoake. Violet died at Riwaka 30th July 1960
FOWLER, MURIEL IVY b, 10th July 1912 at Riwaka. marr Walter Stanley Drummond 12th July 1933 at Riwaka.
FOWLER, ASHLEY ROY b, 30th july 1892 at Riwaka marr Myra McLean 26th Aug 1911. Roy (Chook) died 27th Oct 1986
FOWLER, WINSOME b, 14th April 1931 at Nelson. Dau of Henry Arthur Douglas Fowler & Marjorie Ellen Trent..marr Roy Thornton Watson..2nd marr to Lauchlan Bain
FULLER, FRANCIS died at lower moutere 5th June 1909. He was marr to Frances Grooby april 14th 1868 at Motueka
FULLER, EMILY ELLEN b, 1873 at Pangatotara
GASGOIGNE, CHARLES MANNERS died Sept 1872 aged 66.
GIFFORD, THOMAS marr ELIZABETH WALLACE 29th Oct 1855. 9 children were born to them at the moutere. William, 1857. Mary Elizabeth 1859.Edwin,1861. Thomas Richard, 1863. Louisa, 1865. Henry, 1867. Charles, 1869. James Wallace, 1871. & Margaret 1873. Elizabeth died 11th June 1873 at the age of 36.. Thomas married again at Richmond in May 1875 to Keziah Gerrish. a dau , Alice May was born to them 10th Oct 1877. Thomas died 21st June 1889 aged 61. his wife Keziah died 10th March 1899 aged 60
GILDING, ELIZABETH marr James Grooby 30th june 1880 at Motueka. James died at Nelson 30th Oct 1933
GOODMAN, JOHN b, 1859 at Nelson died 5th May 1889
GOODMAN, WILLIAM HENRY died in June 1872 aged 6 months
GORDON, JAMES b, 31st July 1906 on the Coast. son of James Gordon & Ellen Davidson marr Margaret Emma Feary 27th April 1938 at Greymouth. James died 11th Oct 1983
GRAVES, JOSEPH SUMMERS marr Sarah Ann Grooby April 10th 1865 at Motueka
GRAVES, ELLEN FLORENCE dau of William d, June 3rd 1918
GRAVES, JOSEPH F d, 13th July 1904
GROOBY, JOHN d, Aug 13th 1894 aged 75.
GROOBY, GEORGE d, 12th April 1912 aged 84. His wife Elizabeth d, 23rd March 1868 aged 34.
GROOBY, THOMAS b, 25th feb 1833 died 19th May 1899. buried at Pangatotara.
GROOBY, ALFRED d, April 1902
GROOBY, EDWARD d, Dec 1880
GROOBY, SARAH d, July 1907
GROOBY, MARY d, July 1896
GROOBY, SARAH (nee Mowley) d, 7th Oct 1876 aged 88 at Pangatotara.
GROOBY, FRANCIS Snr drowned in 1858 aged 71
GROOBY, FRANCIS Jnr d, May 1899
GROOBY, ELIZABETH marr Henry Wratten July 31st 1878. She died Sept 9th 1885 aged 30
GROOM, WILLIAM 1882-1908 buried at the Moutere Hills Cemetery
GUY, JOHN, A marr Elizabeth Strachan 21st April 1886 at Ngtamoti
HAINES, STANLEY ROBERT b, 5th Sept 1936 at Greymouth
HARDING, GEORGE drowned in the Motueka River in 1872
HARDING, MARY JANE died at Pangatotara in Jan 1871 aged 6 months
HARVEY, HENRY THOMAS buried at sandy Bay Cemetery 19th feb 1953. Said to be the last person buried at this cemetery.
HARVEY, JOHN (1858-1938) worked as a farm-hand in Appleby, farmed at Riwaka, marr Rachel Hart (1872-1952) and worked in the Moutere. Retired to Nelson at age 68
HARVEY, GEORGE marr Eleanora Dora Bruning.
HARVEY , CHARLES marr Pheobe Ellen Henderson The Harveys all lived at the Moutere.
HARVEY, CORNELIA d, 29th Oct 1905 age 80
HARVEY, GEORGE d, 28th Oct 1909 age 83
HARVEY, SEFTON 1892-1970 marr Margaret Jane Hickey (1885--1965. They had 3 children Jeanie..Jim..& Eilee (Thawley)
HARVEY, CYRIL marr Lilian Winifred Bensemann (1903--1943)
HARVEY, MARION died age 72 in 1938
HARVEY, JAMES died 1949 age 88. Sefton & Cyril were their sons. all from the Moutere.
HASTE, ELMA b, 2nd June 1902 in Reefton . marr William Limm.
HASTE, EDITH b, 2nd Sept 1903 at Reefton. marr Leslie James McKendry 19th June 1928. HASTE, EDWIN b, 1st June 1905 at Stillwater, West Coast. marr Peggie Grix in ChCh. HASTE, EVELIN MAUD b, 16th Sept 1909 on the West Coast. marr Robert Calvert Simpson 23rd April 1928.
HOLLAND, MADLENA b, 20th July 1856 at Nelson. dau of Henry Holland & Lydia Hodgkinson. She marr Thomas Henry Feary 20th Sept 1877 at Wakefield. Madlena d, 20th Nov 1928
HOLMES, RICHARD 1886--1975 1st settled at Kumara worked as a smith and quarryman. Later worked at the Takaka Hill Quarry & met and Marr Violet Holyoake (1892-1977). The couple had twin daughters who died shortly after & 4 sons. Peter...Leslie...Bernard & Donald. Peter marr Nola Holdaway of Lower Moutere...Les marr Nraire Sixtus.
HOLMES, ELSIE marr Thomas Henry Feary. Elsie d, 15th Nov 1960 and is buried at Greymouth
HOULKER, JILLIAN ELAINE b, 17th May 1947 at Nelson. marr Gordon Henry Popplewell
INGLIS, ELIZABETH MARY b, 16th April 1885 at Riwaka. dau of Alexander Inglis & Selina Chapman. She marr Hughie Feary on the 20th july 1910 .Elizabeth died 16th June 1955 at Takaka
INGRAM, GARDEN (Gordon) born in Aberdeen 1858-1930 .arr N.Z 1881. His 1st wife ran off to Australia with a married man James Bowman. James Bowman left his wife Mary (nee Drummond) with 6 children to look after in the Moutere. Mr Ingram later marr (did he divorce or did his 1st wife die?) marr to Flora Agnes Matilda Cook ..dau of george Cook Riwaka
COOK, JAMES & JOHANNA settled at Riwaka. George & Ellen were their children. George( marr Janet Drummond).their 11th & youngest Child was the future Florence Ingram.
INWOOD, HENRY marr Sussanah Grooby 18th Jan 1858. Sussannah died 7th Oct 1919
INWOOD, RITA EVELYN dau of henry & Mary d, 3rd May 1904.
INWOOD, FANNY d, 13th June 1897 & ALBERT JAMES INWOOD d, 18th April 1903. both were buried at Pangatotara
JACKA, THOMAS b, 15th June 1821. 3rd child of Elizabeth & Thomas Jacka. his 1st wife died in 1848 and he marr Thomasina Banfield in 1849. They had 3 children Laura Ellen, Harvey Clifford and Ada. He was from Penzance, Cornwall.died 22nd Jan 1859. Thomasina d, 3rd April 1871. came out to N.Z with a brother Stephen Sincock Jacka.landed at Wellington in 1853 on the Admiral Greenfell.
JAMES, JOHN b, 1883 at Murchison marr Emily Gertrude Norriss. John died in Nelson 13th Nov 1956
JAMES, WALLACE MALCOLM b, 3rd Nov 1910 at Murchison. son of above. He died in April 1936
JAMES, ISABELLA ANNIE b, 25th Aug 1911 at Murchison marr at Nelson 10th May 1941 to Francis Martin Fitzharris (1912-1969) Isabella d, 26th June 1991 and is buried at Motueka.
JAMES, CECIL JOHN b, 4th Aug 1912 at Murchison died in 1962 at Wellington
JAMES, MARY LOUISA b, at Murchison in 1913 lived for 3 months.
JAMES, EMILY JANE b, 2nd sept 1918 at Nelson marr in Golden Bay to William Otto Bay 23rd Dec 1939. William died 2nd Sept 1981. He had been born 3rd Oct 1916
JENNINGS, FREDERICK marr Elizabeth grooby 6th Oct 1878 at Motueka
JENNINGS, MARGARET MARIA b, 10th dec 1859 d, 2nd July 1876. buried at Pangatotara
JOHNS, ELIZABETH (nee Canton) buried at Dovedale Oct 1893
JOSS, ALEXANDER The Joss family were from Scotland. They moved to Canada where Alec was born in Manitoba.They came 1st to Richmond where the father was knocked off his byclcle and killed by a drunken driver. Alec brought land at the Moutere. Im not sure of the years. mustof been after cars were introduced!
KENNING, THOMAS b, 14th Oct 1857 at Nelson . son of William Kenning & Lavinia Stanton. He marr Elizabeth Feary 8th April 1879 Thomas d, 21st Jan 1917
KENNING, ALBERTA b, 1st July 1881. marr Peter Strachan. She d, 12th dec 1950 at Reefton
KENNING, ALICE MARY b, 8th sep 1882. marr 16th May 1904 at Reefton to John Allan Stuart.
KENNING, HENRY ARTHUR b, 30th June 1915 at Hokitika marr Jean Thomson 8th April 1939
KENNING, WALTER d, 11th Jan 1974 at Greymouth.. He is buried at Hokitika.Walter was marr to Ethel Gibbins 10th March 1914. Ethel d, 1957
LAMBERTON, JANET b, 29th Jan 1883 at Greymouth. dau of Thomas Lamberton & Mary Green.She marr Percy Reuben Feary 25th Feb 1910. Janet d, 1st July 1959 at Greymouth
LIMM, RICHARD b, 20th April 1925 at Greymouth. marr Natalie Cooper 14th dec 1957
LIMMER, MARY ANNE dau of Stephen Limmer of Lower Moutere marr Joseph Hewetson in 1868.. their dau Eleanor marr Samuel Senior in 1871 Eleanor died 31st July 1884 aged 33 leaving 6 children. The following year her husband Samuel died
LINES, MILLIE BEATRICE b, 19th March 1921. dau of Arthur Lines & Constance Kidson. she marr Robert Lindsay Fowler 6th June 1941 at Motueka.
LOUDEN, JANET ( Jessie 1834--1915). marr Hubert Mead (1842-1924) in 1862. Theysettled in Old House Road, Moutere and later Motupiko Valley..
LOWE, CHARLES EDWARD marr Margaret Victoria Deck 1899. He d, 11th June 1959 at Lower Moutere. Margaret was dau of James & Alicia Deck.James Deck was a Lower Moutere School Teacher. Lowe diarys in the book " a versatile community"
LUGAR, ANNIE ELIZABETH b, 12th Feb 1873 dau of Charles Lugar & Mary Green (widow of George Gibbs). Annie marr Alfred Feary 20th April 1891 at ChCh .she died at Hokitika in 1956
LUNN, CHARLES marr Mary Ann Grooby 25th April 1860 at Motueka
MARTIN, JAMES d, 9th may 1859 at motueka
MARTIN , EMMA a dau of james d, 18th June 1861
MARTIN, HORACE a son of James d, 31st march 1864
MARTIN, SABINA wife of James. d, 8th May 1864. All were buried in the Pah St Cemetery, Motueka
MAYO, EGBERT JOHN b, 17th Nov 1858 at Lyttelton. sonof Gilbert Mayo & Mary Ann Bartlett.marr Eliza florence Fowler 11th feb 1882 at Ashburton. Egbert died at Nelson of Throat Cancer 23rd Sept 1919 he was a teacher at Motupiko 1902-08 and Foxhill 1908-13 They had 11 children
MAYO, CYRIL LYLE b,31st Jan 1889 at ChCh. marr Ada Constance Palmer at Foxhill 2nd March 1915. Cyril (Ben) d, 22nd Jan 1981. Ada d, 30th April 1967 at Wellington
MEAD, WILLIAM ( 1865--1948) 4th child of Hubert & Janet Mead.. They had a child, Hilda Mabel Mead who marr a Mr Thomas.
MESSENGER, VERNON HOWARD marr Eva Margaret McGirr 14th June 1934 at Greymouth
MILLS, HENRY died 14th Sept 1901. his wife was Louisa. They lived in Old House Road, Moutere
MOSES, KATHRYN LINDA d, 18th Aug 1959 aged 3 months. dau of Mana & Nola Moses
MUNTZ, MARY ELIZABETH b, 4th Feb 1931 at Richmond. marr Thomas Charles Lawlor 1953
McGAVESTON, ROBERT buried in the Pangatotara cemetery 30th July 1876
MvGAVESTON, MARY-ANNE buried in the Pangatotara Cemetery Sep 1876
McGIRR, FRANCIS PATRICK marr Eva Maude Willis at Greymouth 21st Sept 1910.
McGIRR, EGBERT JOHN b, 16th April 1918 at Greymouth . marr Irene Curnow 6th Feb 1951 at Greymouth. Bert d, 26th July 1990 at Greymouth.
McGIRR, GEORGE JOSEPH b, 30th Aug 1921 at Greymouth. marr Doreen Glayds Kenny 22nd Oct 1942 at Nelson. McKENDRY, NETTA LOUISE b, 15th Feb 1929 at Westport. marr John Francis Meaton 9th June 1951. He died in 1951 and she marr again to Kenneth Harold Gittings in 1960
McLAREN, HUGH BOYD b, 28th July 1884 at Nelson marr Alice Florence Mayo 23rd feb 1916 at Nelson. Hugh d, 24th Dec 1968.
McLAREN, HUGH BOYD Jnr b, 11th Feb 1917 .son of above. marr Patricia Joan Lisle 39th July 1949 at Nelson.
McLAREN, JEAN MAUD b, 20th Nov 1920 at Murchison marr Eric Louis Russell at Nelson 30th dec 1943.
McMILLAN, JOHN GEORGE b, 19th July 1887 at Hokitika. son of Robert McMillan & Marian Stewart. He marr Gladys Eleanor Feary 27th March 1937. John d, 23rd Sept 1962 at Hokitika.
NORRISS, JOHN DAVID b, 4th May 1858 at Nelson marr Fanny Grove 4th March 1885.
OLDHAM, JOHN ROBERT ROYDS b, 21st Feb 1933 at Nelson marr Nola Anne Blair 22nd Sept 1962
OSBOURNE, CATHERINE VIOLET b, 16th May 1927 .dau of George William Osbourne & Violet Cotter..She marr John Alexander Feary at Reefton 4th Jan 1949
PAHL, WILLIAM and ELIZABETH were parents of
PAHL, ANNA MARIA 1853--1944. there were 4 other children born before William & Elizabeth came out to N.Z. William & Elizabeth both died at Tadmor
PARKER, HORACE d, Oct 1867 at Motueka (Pah Street Cemetery.)
PARKER, HENRY d, Feb 1866 " " "
PAUL, ERNEST JOSEPH b, 20th June 1881. marr Edith feary on the West Coast in 1909. Ernest died 1st March 1968
PAUL, BASIL WILLIAM b, 20th June 1910 at Brunnerton, Greymouth marr Bertha Driscoll 8th March 1939 in Invercargill
PERRING, JAMES b, at Greymouth.. marr at Tasman to Lorna Marie White (b, Springburn 1914). they lived in Kumara and Moutere. James parents were John & Alice Perring who worked & died on the West Coast..
PERRY,WILLIAM GEORGE (1823--1925) & Hannah (nee Harvey 1834-1895) both were from Somerset in England. sailed from there March 1859 & arr Nelson 27th July 1859
PERRY, GEORGE (1870--1951) marr Mabel Violet Mytton (1877-1962). They had a adopted dau Dorothy and 6 more children. Marjorie.(Prestidge)..Arthur...Lionel...Hazel & twins Grace and Florence.
PHIPPS, DONALD RICHMOND b, 21st Feb 1914. son of Frederick George Phipps & Frances Jane Newport b at Richmond.
PHIPPS, HERBERT ASHLEY b, 19th July 1917 at Richmond. marr Patricia Ward 10th Oct 1945 at Nelson.
PLUMRIDGE, HARRIET buried in the Pangatotara Cemetery in May 1878
PLUMRIDGE, JAMES buried at Pangatotara in Oct 1874 aged 73
PRESTIDGE, HENRY b, at Upper Moutere 1862.
PRESTIDGE, MARY b, at Upper Moutere 1864 they were the children of Henry (1821-1919)& Mary (nee Baldwin 1821-1902) Prestidge
PRESTIDGE, GEORGE, JOHN, JOEL, HELEN & EDWIN also children of Henry & Mary, but born in England. George Prestidge died 22nd July 1930 aged 86.
PRESTIDGE, JOEL 1850--1941 marr Charlotte Gibbs of Wakefield. after her death he marr Mabel Green Between the 2 wifes he was to father 18 children Numerous descendants in Taranaki.
RAMMAGE, JOHN (4th son of George) marr Sarah Grooby 1st April 1873 at Hokitika
ROSE, JOHANNA CHARLOTTE 1848-1924 marr Thomas Hewetson 24th Jan 1864. They had 6 sons& 4 daughters. lived in the Moutere
ROWLING, ELIZABETH (nee Pascoe) d, 23rd Aug 1885.
ROWLING, THOMAS d, 20th June 1894
RYAN, CATHERINE PEARL b, 14th July 1913 at Blaketown, Greymouth marr William James Wylie 20th Feb 1937 at Greymouth. Catherine d, 17th Oct Nelson
RYAN, KELVIN JOHN b, 18th Nov 1919 at greymouth
SANGSTER, ALLAN b, 14th Feb 1930 at Takaka. marr Valerie Hazel Norriss 13th Aug 1955 at Nelson.
SCHILDHAUER, MINNIE died at the Motere 11th Sept 1922.
SCRIMGEOUR, CHARLES b, 19th Jan 1895 at Collingwood. marr Lorna Emily Fowler 6th April 1921 at Motueka. Charles was a son of William David & Annie May Field. He d, 5th June 1963 at Christchurch hospital where he & wife are buried in the Ruru Lawn Cemetery. Lorna d, 22nd Jan 1972
SCRIMGEOUR, WILLIAM HENRY (HARRY ,son of above) b, 31st July 1922 at Collingwood. marr Claire Vergurson 2nd feb 1949 at Nelson
SCRIMGEOUR, BARBARA MARIE b, 5th April 1932 at Collingwood marr John Spencer Vincent 22nd May 1958 at Nelson. John d, 21st July 1975He was the son of Spencer William Vincent & Margaret Elenor Ragg and was born at ChCh. John was also a Rev for the Anglican Church
SIMPSON, GORDON b, 6th Nov 1904 son of William McGregor Simpson & Jane McCauley. marr Konini Marie Mavis Fowler 17th Dec 1931 at Wakefield. Gordon d, 30th Aug 1978 and Konini marr John Archilbald James Glen in 1989
SINCLAIR, VIOLET b, 18th Sept 1918 at Motueka. dau of George Sinclair & Margaret Quayle. She marr Norman Fowler in 1936
SIXTUS, EMILY wife of A.F Sixtus. b, 7th Jan 1866. d, 5th July 1912 buried at Pangatotara
SKELTON, DAVID JOHN b, 31st May 1908 . marr Madlena Mary Feary 2nd June 1928 at Cobden.David d, 6th May 1989. he was from Ireland.
SLADEN, BARBARA b, 29th June 1945 at Richmond d, 15th May 1972
SONTGEN, JAMES b, 5th Sept 1906 marr Alice Alberta Willis 26th Dec 1929 at Greymouth .
STRACHAN, EDNA EILEEN b, 17th July 1907 marr Charles Free 28th June 1941 at Reefton. Edna d, 25th Aug 1987 at Reefton.
STUART, ELLEN MAY b, 13th Oct 1904 at Reefton marr James Henry Imms 15th May 1924.
STUART, KENNETH WILLIAM b, 21st Sept 1910 at Reefton.
SUMNERS, ELIZABETH b, 3rd Sept 1933. dau of James Sumners & Nellie Warlow. marr Reginald James Skelton 3rd June 1951 at Greymouth
SUTCLIFFE, SARAH wife of richard. died Nov 1886 aged 73
SUTCLIFFE, GEORGINA wife of John died July 1870 aged 27
SUTCLIFFE, JOHN WILLIAM Jnr died aged 2 days in July 1870
SUTHERLAND, MARY MARGARET b, 8th March 1896 at Ross, Westland. marr Thomas Seddon Willis 20th Feb 1921. Mary d, 16th June 1965 at Greymouth. Thomas d, 27th Oct 1961 at Greymouth
TALBOT, PHYLLIS b, 1857 at Moutere.
TALBOT, DANIELdied age 56 on 17th March 1880
TAYLOR, ELSIE b, in Biringham, England 29th May 1902 marr at Nelson to William Henry Norriss 15th Nov 1920. d, 28th Nov 1991. She arr in N.Z in 1906
TEECE, CHARLES d, 12th April 1910
TEECE, ANN died 6th July 1934 aged 78
THOMPSON, HENRY PLINCK born in Richmond 1855. was marr to Charlotte for more than 50 years lived in the moutere. died 11th August 1937 aged 82. 1 son Clarence was drowned in the "Marquette" WW1.... Charlotte died 17th feb 1944 aged 85.
THOMSON, SYBIL ALICE b, 29th June 1912. marr at Nelson to Owen Douglas Griffith 24th feb 1934
THOMSON, CLAUDIA KATHLEEN b, 23rd April 1916 at nelson marr William joseph Mher (b, at Bungee & d, at Millerton Mine, he was also a teacher)
TUCKER, MARIANNA buried at Pangatotara in Dec 1876
TURLEY, ALBERT NORRIS b, 26th Aug 1907 son of James Turley and Mary Brown. He marr Nola Jean Feary in Takaka 5th Aug 1944 . Albert died 20th Dec 1982
WARD, NORMA b, 29th June 1919 at nelson. marr Donald Richmond Phipps 19th Nov 1935 at Nelson.
WARD, REX b, 27th June 1922 at Nelson. marr Esther Elizabeth Delany at Nelson 23rd July 1940. Rex d, 20th Nov 1971 at Nelson.
WARD, JACK b, 6th Aug 1927 at nelson marr Winifred Eulalie Street 30th april 1955 at Nelson
WILLIS, PERCY GEORGE b, 16th Aug 1886.marr a Ann McGirr. Percy d, 18th Oct 1954 at Greymouth
WILLIS, MARGARET ANN b, 31st Dec 1917 .marr 1st Stanley Haines. (he died 1980) Margaret marr again to James Priest
WILLIS, FRANK PATRICK b, 31st July 1924 at Greymouth .marr Valma Margaret Dando 26th Feb 1965 at Greymouth .WILLIS, ARCHIE NORMAN b, 1895 at Stillwater, Greymouth marr Ruby May Thompson. Archie d, 1st Aug 1978.
WILLS, THOMAS died 14th feb 1902 his widow was Mary. Moutere Wills.
WRATTEN, HENRY marr Elizabeth Grooby 31st july 1878 at Pangatotara
WRATTEN, HERBERT son of Henry. drowned 18th Dec 1897
WRATTEN, ELIZA marr John Grooby 27th July 1865. She is said to have been murdered at Pangatotara Nov 28th 1896
WRATTEN, LLEWELLYN d, 25th Dec 1883
WRATTEN, ELIZABETH d, 9th Sept 1885
WRATTEN, BERTIE d,19th dec 1897
WRATTEN, NGARI d, 5th July 1927 aged 9 months
WRATTEN, WILLIAM d, 18th July 1937
WRATTEN, CLARA d, 19th Aug 1943. She was wife of William Wratten

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