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Napier Training School 3 Dec 1864

A Huge collection of transciptions from Hawkes Bay , Poverty Bay Newspaper
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine, and her wonderful team
Your Time has been appreciated and I am delighted to be allowed to put them on my site

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Papers Past Napier Training School 3 Dec 1864

According to public announcement, the annual examination of the pupils attending this scholl took place on Monday last, the 27th inst. The attendance of visitors was very large, including a large proportion of ladies, who seemed much interested in the proceedings. System of teaching and results pursued, and the care bestowed by Mr THOMSON, whose labours over the past two years have been more successful than anticipated. The branches which more particularly deserve remark, and which called for special commendations, were Scripture knowledge; Geography, Dictation, History, and General reading. The following is the list of the prizes- awarded according to daily making during the year:-
English Classes.
First and Senior History- First Prize- Master Samuel BEGG.

Third and Junior History- Ditto, Master Daniel RAMSDEN

Fourth Class.. First Prize, Miss Catherine HILL

Fifth Class...Ditto, Master Thomas CROSSE.

Sixth Class...Ditto,. John A GRANT

Seventh Class..Master James OLIVER

First Class..First Prize, Master R SUTHERLAND.

Second Class..Ditto..Master WM PARKER.

Third Class...Master Wm.CHARLTON.

Fourth Class..Ditto, Master Harry HODGSON

Fifth Class..Ditto, Miss Emily BEAZLEY.

Sixth Class...Ditto,Miss Minnie MILLER.

Boy's Class..First Prize, Master W.C.HODGSON(Same as Below??*Eds Comments)

Girl's Class..Ditto, Miss Janet COUPER.

First Class..First Prize, Master Samuel BEGG
Second Class..Ditto, Master Joseph CHICKEN

Grammar and Composition
First Class..First Prize, Master W.C.HODSON(Same as above??*)

Second Class..Ditto, Miss Janet COUPER.

Bible Class..First Prize, Master John GOLLAN

Testament Class..Ditto, Master Daniel RAMSDEN

Junior Testament Class..Ditto, Master Fenton LAMBERT.

Extra Prizes

Prize for beautiful and correct reading, Master Russell DUNCAN.

First Prize for highest number of duxes (81) and general
good conduct, Miss Elizabeth ROSS.

Second Prize for highest number of duxes (43), Miss Annie LINDSAY.

Prizxe for Industrial Work, Miss Elizabeth CROSSE.

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